Marali Islands (IC)

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  1. A vicous storm rips across the sea one dreary night in the colonial era. the seas churn and often onto deck. Lightning arcs through the air as violent winds crash into the sails and with the waves send it to an unknown group of islands and crashes into one of them. The noise was loud enough for a mysterious figure to begin approaching and investigate this new thing tha happened up on the beach.
  2. Though she couldn't make out which island it was , she knew it was certainly an island which they had landed on. Shouts of turmoil and chaos sounded behind her as other people had tried too piece together where they were or how to avoid the flithy savages. Emerson sighed as she separated herself from the crowd looking around the beautiful beach that she had seen. Sliding her red hood off her head she looked around her red curley hair blowing in the soft winds as she breathed in the air. "Well at least its a different area..." She said trying to be positive and completely forget the idea that they were lost.
  3. The island's sky is still cloudy and rainy with winds howling and while some were concerned with any existence of "savages." most were trying top salvage stuff and people from the ship and figure out where they were. meanwhile a figure reveals herself curious, dressed in minimal fur with her a staff and spear in defensive position. but seems to investigate and help but has no clue what they were speaking. it was no dialect of Adrala's people and she could at least recognize them. she often gathered with other shamans at times to try and decern the will of the spirits.
  4. As she walked a little further Emerson had seen another figure reveal herself. She tilted her head in confusion but looked back at the other people trying to make homes for the night. But she was curious, and when Emerson was curious she went to go check it out. Walking up to the figure she made sure not to get to close but still close enough so ythey could both see each other. "Do you live here?" She had asked her voice soft but still raspy from her not talking in so long.
  5. Adrala gives her a confused look. she could tell she was trying to address her but she didn't speak the same tongue. "I don't understand your tongue. which tribe are you? what is that great sea carrier?" she said in her people's tongue which was pretty far from English. She would use a common tongue spell but couldn't exactly remember the proper chant. while a minor spell the wrong chant could cause the spirits to misinterpret and cauuse for her fellow people confusing and/or very funny results.
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  6. "Oh...your native..." She bit her lip thinking as she tried to remember the things her mother taught her when she was younger. Coming up with a blank thought she sighed as she tried to think of another idea. "Man where is my father when I actually need him" but then something had hit her, it was a memory of her mother trying to teach her the tounge of the native people. "My name is Emerson...and yours?" Though that was all she could think of at the moment she knew that she had prounced each wording right of her introducing herself in the tounge the woman could understand.
  7. The language was really grateing on the ears but whatever tongue she learned beyond the seas it was close enought to get the point across. winceing from the a for mentioned ear grating effect says "Adrala. Hunts Mistress of the Viranas Tribe." she says still in her tongue "Do you require aid?" she asks looking at the state they all were in. @Kathrine
  8. She tried to remember some of the words that her mother taught her to put something together in a sentance. "No...." She paused trying to think of what to say next as she bite her lip deep in thought. "We are fine but....we need shelter for the time" she couldn't finosh the sentance as sher head started to hurt from her pulling old memories from the back of her mind.
  9. nods and motions for them to follow her to the village which is quite a hike inland and deep in the jungle. when they reach the area there are a bunch of vines and planks tied to some vines on the floor or hanging towards it. quickly with ease she heads up the vines towards the village which is built around and into the trees. it seems somewhat crude but rather impressively done. almost as if it were done with the aid of magic. @Kathrine
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