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  1. So recently I've taken up cartography as a hobby and I decided to try some fantasy maps because yay world building! Anyways I'm posting this here because I thought about creating a spot in the media shops but I'm not sure if I'm even good enough that anyone would want anything from me. (They would be free or donations) So I decided to post here for some critiques and advice before I set up a shop.
    Here's the only one I have so far: Map (3)
    It's not got any town names yet because I'm actually designing it for a roleplay I'm writing up.
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  2. I know this is super late but that's actually really nice looking. I'm a little envious.
    My only suggestion would be to give the compass a little more room to breathe. A piece of it is cropped off right now. Perhaps add more ocean or relocate it to the lower right corner.

    And I kind of like the map how it is now, but it's a little flat looking. You have some topography but mostly it's just flat space, so maybe flesh out the texture a little more? I'm not sure how to word that. I don't know much about cartography.

    I just wanted to comment because nobody else has and I really liked it, so, there you go. XD