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    Yo! My name is Mao, and I am a digital artist. You can find my SFW gallery here.
    I'll throw some samples up here first, and then I'll get to the details of commission information!​
    SMALL 1.jpg Small 2.jpg Small 4.jpg
    Small 5.jpg Small 6.jpg Small 7.jpg
    Small 8.jpg Small 9.jpg Deer Girl Colored.png
    SMALL 3.jpg

    The Prices
    Digital Art:
    • Sketch - $10
    • Line Art - $15
    • Color - $25
    • Animation - $20-100 (Depends on Complexity)
    • Additional Character(s) - +$5
    • Simple Background - +$5
    • Complex Background - +$10
    The System:
    1. You pm me, or post in this thread requesting a commission. If requesting a sketch, you will pay me at this time. (If requesting line art, color, or animation, hold tight, your time will come.)
    2. I sketch the concept, and show you. If you requested a sketch, we're done! If you requested color or animation, here is where you pay me!
    3. I finish the linart/color/animation, and send you the finished product. At this time, I will ask you if everything is satisfactory, and if it is, I ask for permission to post to either Deviantart, Tumblr, pixiv, or all three.
    Additional Notes:
    • Like the others, as long as I make sales for the month, I will donate $5 to Iwaku on a monthly basis.
    • I do draw NSFW art. For samples, please pm me! I will only draw for people who are over 18, of course.
    • I only accept paypal payments.
    I am super open to pretty much anything, including haggling or trades, so do not hesitate to ask me!