Many plots! No one to use them with.

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  1. Hello! I'm Akumulosis! Or if you can find a shorter version that I like you can call me that :3. Anyways! I have a lot of things that I am interested in doing, but I can't do them with nobody D: Chances are there will be romance involved!


    Any race x Any race
    Female Gnome x Male (insert race here)
    Star Wars
    Ashoka x Anakin

    Pilot x Pilot

    Original Plots:

    Gamer/ Nerdy Girl x Athlete
    Assassin x Contracted Target
    Princess x Knight
    Blind Servant/Slave x Master
    Demon x Angel
    Wizard x Sorceress
    Human/Dragon Hybrid x Neko

    And feel free to shoot me a pm with any other ideas you may have!
  2. Nice! Shoot me a pm and we can discuss it!
  3. Quick question:
    Something like Lezard and Mystina (Valkyrie Profile)?
  4. Er...No clue what that is, but based of the pictures on google, sure!...xD
  5. Never played Valkyrie Profile? There are three games of this franchise, to this moment: Lenneth (PSOne and PSP), Silmeria (PS2) and Covenant of the Plume (NDS). Lezard Valeth is a high-class mage who strives to do some nasty things to the Valkyrie Lenneth, and his rival while in the magical academy was Mystina; they ruse don't end well, as [BCOLOR=#000000]he kills her while she was trying a new dream machine...[/BCOLOR]
  6. Oh...I was thinking more of a slow forming pairing, not that at all xD
  7. Ok, then.
  8. So do you want to Rp? Or no? @Atmo
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  9. Yo ho, a question or so.

    By original plots, do you mean that you have an ACTUAL plot in mind? Or just that you're willing to think up something original for those?
  10. Yes, I have an idea for each of them, just waiting till someone wants to do one that I tell them.
  11. Hm...alright, what do you have planned for your Princess + Knight RP? How much plot is there going to be in relation to fluffy romance-y stuff? And is this inherently going to be a Medieval thing? Or can you put a Sci-Fi spin to it as well?
  12. I was planning on it being medieval. @ERode


    The Knight's Family has guarded the Royals for generations, never loosing their loyalty or forgetting their duty. The youngest sibling in the current generation of the family, is assigned to protect the Princess, but after an invasion of the castle they flee, leaving them wandering aimelessly through the woods...I have others that I can think up too.
  13. Mm, I was thinking more of a sci-fi spin, because I like muh lightsabers and muh psychic powas and dem hypersonic motorcycles, if that's alright with you.
  14. @ERode Sounds good to me. Shall we discuss it over PM?
  15. I was just curious, as I'm not into Romance kind of roleplays.
  16. Want to do a wizard X sorceress or maybe a Wolf Halfling X Mouse Halfling (Like, fluffies, but its more of the animal aspect.)
  17. I like the blind servant/slave and master idea :)
  18. Awesome! Send me a PM.
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