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  1. Hi there all, I know that if you are looking in here you aren't here to read me yammer on and on about myself and how I need a one on one role play or anything like that. :3 You are here to see if the roleplay ideas I have are interesting for you. So here are a few that I've been REALLY wanting to play recently but since i didn't belong to a community like this I didn't really have anyone to rp them with. Before I go into the MANY plots I have stewing in my brain I will point out that ALL OF THEM are customizable. I wrote most of them in first person point of view because that was my style back then when I first came up with them:

    a) I’ve been assigned to protect our princess at any and all costs. If it is my life that must be paid, I shall not hesitate to allow it, if it is to bring her to safety. She is unaware of my intentions. She is also unaware of the power that she holds, and the status that she was given at birth, before she was sent to this new world, Earth.


    b)I was a spirit. My first life on earth was not easy, and I was not treated as a girl should be by her parents. I died because of that treatment one day, at the age of thirteen.From a sort of afterlife, I comforted my one friend and watched over her as I lost my way in the shadows that were the afterlife. One day, another spirit came to visit me in my gloom and told me that there was another way to get a new life—a new chance at a life that I should have had. It had after all been fifteen years since I had died, though my soul looked barely over the age of 15. In order to become human again, one had to make a tortured soul realize their mistakes and accept them before it ate them. I was reluctant to leave the afterlife. I wasn’t hurting here, but at the same time I wanted to live again. And so, the next day I let the stranger take me to my ‘tortured soul’—the (man/woman) I was supposed to help. (THIS ONE CAN BE CHANGED TO SUIT THE CHARACTER)


    c) I am a married mother. I am successful in my job as a skate instructor. I have two beautiful, healthy children, one thirteen and the other eight. Each likes to skate, and I love them to death. My husband is kind and strong, and helps with everything I do. My life is perfect. Except now, I’ve woken up this morning, to find people around me, telling me that it was all a dream. And that I have no kids. And that I’m not married. And that I’m 18 years old. I had been in a coma from a car wreck.


    d)Feudal Japan. That is when I live. It is not a perfect time, but it is simple. I learned to protect others, using a sword and the teachings of my father. He was a general in the army for quite a long time, and knew many different sword techniques. I know bits and pieces of different styles, but I have yet to find one that I wish to pursue fully. Well, just the other day, my father was approached by members of the new imperialist army. They drew their swords to him, and so we ran. Father had no choice but to kill the men, they just wouldn’t leave… And so now, we continue to run. Every day, I fear now. Why did the officers come after my father? Is there a way that we can stay in one place and be a normal family again, just me and him? Can I actually give anyone my father’s name? Or is it possible that I just can’t trust anyone anymore? Not even the sweet (male/female) that I met in our latest town?


    e) Warlocks and witches are real. No one seems to remember it, but there was a time far back when they were in every society, and under every roof. They were scholars and doctors, (of both law and medicine), and they were teachers. However, both before and after the incidents of Salem, both witches and warlocks began to disappear. They dulled their senses, and eventually just seemed to fade away … But even now, the ability of witches and warlocks floats among a few lucky (or unlucky) humans. Upon their eighteenth birthday, those humans seem to send out a signal, or give off an aura of magic. That calls out to a specific half-human creature to guide them and help them train. Normally, a witch or warlock knows of their abilities, and is told by their parents. In modern-day society, however, ignorance is taught in order for one to become “an adult”. There are many who will get an unexpected surprise on their eighteenth birthday, whether they wish it or not.


    f)Vampires are real, and are now excepted into the normal society of the world. Blood is sold at bars, hospitals, and other lucky places that vampires visit. Even though there is a overall acceptance, there are a few who still despise, hate, and fear the vampires existence. Now someone is going around murdering sympathizers of vampires, and it's getting blamed on vampires. One person[Maybe a female] decides to join up with a unhappy, human-hating vampire who wants revenge after one of the few humans who had gotten to know him, and love him, gets killed by the same murderer.


    g) Twisted in the mind is the only way to explain this young man. Born in the slums of a big town, raised in a dope addicts home, learning nothing but bad habits, and the occasional murder. Now he's joined the work of hunting down vampires, werewolves, and other creatures that threaten to tear the world he lives in apart, just to get away from a controlling ex-boyfriend. He is partnered up with a happy-go-lucky kid who soon finds it very hard to make his partner happy, and starts to lose his way in what he's fighting for. Three weeks before their first break, the young man is killed by an unknown enemy. Now, five years later, the man is saddled with another partner, this one not so happy, and he learns once again to treat people with respect, or face the consequences. [Current Partner may be whatever gender you want]


    h)A girl who watches her life go down the drain; seeing her sister leave her to get a better life for herself in Ireland and her parents having a fight that leaves her with a mark from her father who won. That is until she meets a guy from the Academy of the Rose, a school for abnormals such as vampires, superhumans, mages, werewolves, and any other human sub-species like that. He knows they can't be together but can't stop seeing this girl even though he tries. She can't let him leave her though even if he wanted too when he is the only thing in her life that she won't watch go to the dogs....


    i) A vampire moved in on my left. Two months later, another one moved into the apartment above me. The next week their brother moved into the home in front of me. Normal? I hope not! I am only one human girl. If they get hungry... Will they come after me? (This one requires doubling up :D Two characters each. )

    Now that you've read this I ask you to either pm me with an idea you would like to rp about, or one of these above. ^^ Either way you can find what I like to play/characters I like to play, etc on my roleplay resume. HAPPY ROLEPLAYS TO YOU ALL!
  2. Options A) and D) intrigued me.

    I was wondering about A – it would be interesting if the princess was sent on some quest as a pawn, while simultaneously bearing enormous importance and serious plans of her own to solve some sort of problem. It would also be quite interesting, unless you intended to RP the princess, that neither you nor me would actually RP her … we just interact with her as a shady third character. Of course we'd both have to flesh out her character (or if you have a fixed idea, you can totally do that yourself, I don't mind at all) so we don't write contradicting things about her, and that might be a bit complicated, but I think it'd be a pretty awesome experiment to protect and accompany a girl whom nobody truly knows personally, whose motives are as disguised as how clearly she sees the motives of others, especially those controlling her… If this is ok with you, and we take up this proposition, the other char I'd like to be would be a relative of the princess – the closeness of relation matters little to me, I'd be as happy RPing her twin as her cousin twice removed. Though I prefer it be someone under 35.

    About D – could we involve some elements of ancient Chinese/Korean culture as well? While my best RL friend is obsessed with Japan and seems to know everything about it, while I wouldn't call myself badly informed, I don't know if I am knowledgeable enough to RP a character traveling through the country, with all the details and clothes and foods and cultural taboos and foreign words… In other words, the vaguer the accuracy necessary for the RP, the easier it would be for me to slide in comfortably. Still, I'm definitely gonna do some research on ancient Asia if you want to do Option D with me!

    These are all great ideas. I've just been involved in many RPs lately so I chose the top 2 that interested me. Especially reading on your Roleplayer Resumé you were most interested in romance fantasy.

    I can play both a guy or girl, I honestly don't care!
  3. Hi there Abracadabra :), thanks for stopping by and showing an interest in the ideas I have here.

    First off option a) I actually had done all of these so that they could be customized however we wanted to do them. I like your idea of using two characters that are not the princess instead of doing the princess and the protector. :D It's unique and before I hadn't thought about it. The idea when I originally wrote it was to have a girl that was freshly from Earth appear in a town and the man that was to protect her had been given the training to recognize her and protect her until she reunited with her parents (true parents the King and Queen) because of some prophecy or some such thing. :) But I like your idea better if you ask me.

    D) I actually only know the mere basics about Japanese culture and lifestyle during those times so it would have been very... unrealistic probably if I did this one anyway. ^^ I think I took this idea more from the anime Rurouni Kenshin than anything else though it wouldn't be a fandom roleplay unless someone else wanted it to be.

    I'm happy with both of these so if you want to choose I'll be very happy to do either.

  4. Oh awesome, I'm flattered! Thing is, I just launched an epic fantasy war RPG that will be consuming a lot of time, and there are about 3 other RPs I'm planning on investing a lot of time in currently, so I think I'll opt for just Option A for now, if that's what you would also prefer. At another time when I'm less swamped, I'd love to engage in other OnexOnes with you, you sound really creative and nice! :D Can't wait to get started!
  5. I find f somewhat interesting, but probably not in the way you want, as I would want to play the murderer killing vampires and vampire sympathizers.
  6. You needn't worry I run a cross stiching business and I've just gotten two commissions that need to be done by next weekend (Before Christmas) and I'm in a few roleplays myself. Would you like to start it or should I?

    That actually... would be a very interesting idea. :O Do you mean like the murder is among the sympathizers plotting/picking his/her next victim(s)?
  7. I imagine you'd do a better job of introducing the characters, since they're of your own imagination. Plus I still need to flesh out mine. But of course, if you'd rather I start, can do! Would you like me to write a CS or some sort of basic char application, or is it a jump-in?
  8. @Abracadabra

    I'll post the link to the thread in here later today. :) If you want, I do not mind bio-sheets at all, in fact I love them, but if you just want to jump in that's fine too. :) Just want to double check: you are playing a relative to the princess, or are you playing one of the protectors? I got kind of confused there and I will need to know who I'm to play. :3 (Sorry, rough night last night has made me kind of befuddled this morning)
  9. That... wasn't what I had in mind. Although it's not impossible, I suppose. My idea for the killer was someone very methodical, calculating, and dedicated, like a mix of The Operative from Serenity and Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men. So I thought that he would be someone outside the circle of vampires/vampire sympathizers, but I guess it's not entirely unlikely that he would have worked his way into the circle. He would primarily kill vampires, and then what sympathizers he feels are beyond saving.
  10. OH(!), then what was our idea? :D That we follow the murder rather than the others?
  11. I suppose. To be honest I'm not too sure about how to go about the RP like that, how the story would go. That was just my response to that idea, that in that story I'd like to be the killer.
  12. I'm sure there would be a way to have the killer a part, mayhap have it be the killer and someone he is trying to persuade that vampire's are evil or a kidnapped person, or something. It would be interesting to follow that line instead. :)
  13. I'm interested in E if I can be the one that notice on her/his 18th birthday what she/he is (don't think I will be able to play the other role, that's why xD ahha)
  14. I wouldn't mind playing the half-human tutor at all :D In fact I'd prefer it. It'd be fun/ny~
  15. WAI :D want me to write the first post or do you want to do it?
    Something more I need to know about the roleplay before we start ? ^^
  16. Nope, and I would love if you would do the first post. :) I have to get ready for the day and flesh out a character :D
  17. Oki doki ^^
    Do you have a name for the rp or should I make one up? xD
  18. Go ahead and name it if you wish.

    Oh! One question though :) Would you like the half-human to be male or female? I'm up for playing either.
  19. It doesn't matter to me if you are playing female or male ^^
    I plan on doing my character a female :9
  20. Then I'll do a male. Now just to figure out what he should be. >:3