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  1. Ladies, Gentlemen, or whoever you may identify as,

    A. General Informations

    - RULES -
    I'm not very exigent, but I do have three.​

    1. Be respectful - It seems obvious, but please.
    2. Communicate - If we don't talk from time to time (about the plot, our characters, etc) I'll feel like I'm writing with a robot, which is far from motivating or inspiring.
    3. Be honest with me - You don't know what to answer? You don't like something my character just did/said? You don't want to continue? TELL ME! I won't get mad, I'll edit my post or say good bye.

    Length - I can write a paragraph as well as I can write twelve. I will most often mirror what you offer me, although I do prefer quality over quantity. I don't like to ramble or repeat myself just to occupy space, and sometimes quick dialogs or interaction need shorter posts. Still, length has never been an issue before.

    Style - My style is very versatile. It can be simple, oral and relaxed just like it can get sophisticated and complex. That being said, it is rare for it to vary within the same rp - once I've settled on a register, I like to keep it as consistent as I can. Either we'll discuss it or I'll adapt myself to yours.

    Grammar - Although English is not my native language, I've studied it for a while and am now living in the UK, so I'd consider my grammar to be quite good. Apart from some technical syntaxes, the only mistakes you should see from me would be due to typos or lack of sleep.

    Plotting / Conversation - I love creating stories and plotting them with my partner. I also love talking about the rp - our reactions to the latest events, our characters, their relationship and in which direction we're going.

    Drawing - It's not systematic, but I often draw characters or scenes I particularly enjoyed.

    Sex - For 18+ only, sorry teen members. I can and enjoy role-playing sex although it is never an imperative. I am pretty open-minded, so we could discuss kinks together. Fading to Black is also possible should you want a sexual romance but are uncomfortable writing smut/a teen member.

    Time to answer - It depends on my schedule, my work etc. From 1-10 days under normal circumstances. But rest assured that I keep record of all my unanswered rps and always answer first to the one that's been waiting the longest.

    - WHAT AM I LOOKING FOR? - (open)

    - creative
    - friendly
    - who I can talk to
    - who wants to write something original
    - who can handle writing different moods
    - who won't bug me with how long I take to answer

    Bonus point if:
    - You want to write something complex, psychologically and/or stylistically
    - You're in for some smut (18+ only)
    - You play queer characters (lgbt+, non binaries, etc)​

    B. Building a plot together
    - GENRES -
    Yes -
    Adventure, Sci-Fi, Original Fantasy, Thriller, Historical
    If the plot is good/original -
    Slice of Life, Classic Fantasy (Urban, Heroic...), Fandom (using original characters - ask for a fandom list)
    No -
    Furries, Medieval, Fandom (using canon characters)


    LOVES (open)

    Character Traits (Your character does NOT need all of these traits for me to love them. These are but suggestions. I'll most often always love a well-constructed, balanced character.)
    - Originality
    - Intelligence, Wit
    - Complexity, Realism
    - Grey Morals (neither black or white, good or bad, but a meddle of the two)
    - Maturity
    - Strength
    - Independence

    - Original World/Universe (an alternate version of our society, a new society...)
    - Dream worlds (Alice in Wonderland or Black Rock Shooter style, the environment as a use for symbolism)
    - An unknown world to discover
    - Dictatorships, Dystopias
    - 19th Century
    - Ancient Greece

    Plot Devices:
    - Character Development
    - Internal Conflicts (such as dilemmas), particularly because of an illegal or socially frowned upon desire/attraction
    - Conflicts between characters
    - Slow Burn romance
    - Escaping (from a society, a prison, one's life...)
    - Humor, wit, characters teasing each other
    - Mental Illnesses
    - Enigmas, mysteries
    - Deep Friendships
    - Romance
    - Smut
    - Hurt/Comfort​

    DISLIKES (open)

    It's so easy to understand, I don't even need sections. Two words will suffice:

    Let's write something original - an original plot with original characters in an original setting.
    But this isn't about making your character perfect. In fact, the more you'll make efforts for me to like them, be impressed by them, pity them, etc: I WILL NOT. It will annoy me. Build an INTERESTING character, a realistic one I'll want to know more about, and I'll feel all these things naturally.​

    - PLOTS -

    Genre: Fantasy
    Setting: Alternate, urban universe
    Craving: ♥♥♥
    Difficulty: ♠♠♠♠
    Emotionless (open)
    In this world, humanity is completely emotionless. They are solely guided by reason, and their goals are to achieve perfection in their occupation, society, and knowledge. Your character, however, starts around puberty to feel something. One emotion (whichever you choose). Naturally, YC is extremely confused. Their family sends him to a hospital, trying to understand the meaning behind this strange illness, in vain. When all hope seems lost, YC is transferred to a mental Asylum where xe is likely to spend the rest of his days - there xe meets my character, who too, feels an emotion - anger. All of a sudden, YC is now able to feel anger too, and mine YC's primary emotion.
    They realize that there are many more feelings lost in the corner of the world, and settle to escape on a quest to find their keepers.

    Genre: Adventure
    Setting: Post-Apocalyptic
    Craving: ♥♥
    Difficulty: ♠♠
    A world to explore (open)
    WW3 has ravaged the world and most of humanity. Your character lives in a secluded community that managed to survive, but most of the world's history, culture, and scientific knowledge has been lost. They think that there is no human left in the world, but YC is not convinced, and though the village is comfortable and utopian, is way too curious to stay in the dark. One day, xe decides to leave to explore the world, hoping to find out more regarding its past. On xer way, xe meets my character. (If you want to know more about this plot, feel free to ask)

    Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Adventure
    Setting: Partly Reality (which can be Historical, Modern or SF), Partly a Dream world
    Craving: ♥♥
    Difficulty: ♠♠♠
    A Mid-Summer's Nightmare (open)
    Your character and mine have had strange dreams lately, dreams of a world unknown to them where the rules of reasons are defied. In these nightmares, they are together, and utterly lost. They both have become scared of falling asleep because of how utterly terrifying this night world is, and they have no idea how to get out of it. Things get even stranger when they meet, although both thought the other to be entirely fictional. There are some complex enigmas to be solved to be freed of those dreams, linked to their dark past and sinful secrets. To sleep peacefully ever again, they'll have to face and understand them like they never dared to before.

    Genre: Action
    Setting: Historical or Dystopian
    Difficulty: ♠♠
    Do you hear the people sing (open)
    It's revolution time! The government is corrupt, over-powered, and this does not please our characters. From complex schemes and power-play to open battles. Bonus point if the line between right and wrong turns out to be much more blurry than the good guys rebelling against the forces of evil. Could also be a rebel and a member of the government.

    Genre: Super Hero
    Setting: Urban fantasy
    Craving: ♥♥♥
    Good guy gone bad (open)
    This is still sketchy, but the idea is that A, a super hero (necessarily a man) meets B, a criminal (boy, girl, non-binary - doesn't matter). Now B is not a villain with a heart, a robin hood in disguise - he is evil. Yet something happens to A (the loss of someone he was close to, of a family member, something he discovered about society) that will destroy him and draw him to B's destructive and amoral lifestyle, making the hero turn into a villain himself.

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  2. *slow clap* very organized. Do you roleplay through PMs or threads?
  3. Thank you, thank you.
    I truthfully don't mind either way. :)
  4. Hello! I'd be really interested in doing "Do You Hear The People Sing"!

    PM me? :3
  5. I really like Emotionless. I think it'd be cool to have a character that feels sadness and expresses it through art. Perhaps there is little art or music, it's all mathematical if it does exist.

    Also cool with lgtb.
  6. That sounds really good! Why don't you send me a pm so that we can discuss it a bit?
  7. A Mid-Summer's nightmare sounds cool! I would like to talk and develop the plot further if it's still free.

    Also i'm Pansexual so I tend to make my characters bi/pan so lgbt is cool with me.
  8. A World to Explore or Good Guy Gone Bad look interesting, if you're still looking for partners. (As a side note, I like/appreciate how much you include nonbinary people.)
  9. Ohh, you've caught my interest! I can't do smut with you since I'm a teen member, but if that's OK with you I would be interested in Emotionless or A Midsummer's Nightmare. ^-^
  10. Bump! Still open :)
  11. Hi :) I have a plot that I would love to try to do with someone and you seem like the type of person I am looking for to try the plot out with. If you are interested in hearing what it is, message me.
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