Many, many Fandom pairings!

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  1. Who are you? (open)
    Who are you?
    I'm Axy! I'm a student who is studying science. I've been roleplaying since I was in my young teen age. I am studying a lot but when I'm not I'll be; Roleplaying, reading, playing the piano or sleeping. My main passions are astrophysics, music, forensic science, Roleplaying and modern history.

    Roleplay info (open)

    About your roleplay?
    I sometimes take ages to reply. If you expect speed of light, I can only offer once a day if I end up with loads of partners. I usually prefer MxM, except for some plots. I'm very diverse and there are only like, three types of character I won't play. I love OOC chat! Discussing characters, plot ways and our lives is the best way to make friends! I love writing, so about 1-4 paragraphs is what I prefer. I will literally cry if I plot a RP out with you and you just disappear. Don't do this to Ax :c.
    Need more info? Check out my resume!

    (Blue: My role. *: Craving.)
    Hannibal x Will
    Hannibal x (Male)OC
    Will x (Male)OC

    Sherlock x John
    Sherlock x Moriarty **
    Moriarty x John
    John x (Male)OC
    Moriarty x (Male)OC
    Sherlock x Greg

    Star Trek [TOS]:
    Bones x Jim
    Bones x Spock
    Jim x Spock

    The Walking dead [1-4]:
    Daryl x (Male)OC *
    Glenn x (Female)OC *
    Daryl x Glenn
    Maggie x OC
    Sasha x (Female)OC
    Rick x Daryl
    OC x OC

    Doctor Who:
    Ten x Master
    x Osgood
    Missy x (Female/Male)OC
    Danny x (Female)OC

    Person of Interest:
    Reese x Finch
    Root x Shaw

    Jurassic Park**:
    OC x OC

    Deb x (Female)OC
    Lundy x Deb
    x Brian *

    Jack x OC
    x Tony **
    Chloe x OC
    Jack x Chloe
    Bill x Choe
    x Chase *
    Tony x (Male/Female)OC
    George x (Female)OC **
    Michelle x (Female)OC

    Kingsman [The 2014 movie]***:
    Harry x Eggsy
    Eggsy x Charlie
    Roxy x (Female)OC
    x (Male)OC
    Eggsy x (Male)OC

    Alright, If you see a pairing you like, don't hesitate to message me!
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