Many ideas!!!

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I've been reading through my old roleplays and stories and want to start some of them up again.

Idea 1:
[DASH=Need one character, doesn't matter male or female. Basically, this is a vampire or werewolf finding their mate, who is human, and debating whether or not to take them from the human world into their own. No real plot, other than that.][/DASH]

Idea 2:
[DASH=A boy -
Loud, outgoing

A girl -
Shy, quiet

The boy and girl had grown up in the same small town, neighbors to each other nearly all of their lives.

The boy -
Nine years old

The girl -
Seven years old

The two played with each other every chance they could. As they grew up, they grew to love each other.

The boy -
Not innocent in the least

The girl -
As innocent as an angel

The boy had issues with his temper and would become violent when he was pushed over his limit.

The girl was calm and did her best to sooth him when his temper took control.

He only listened to her when his anger got the best of him. She was an understanding person and could always calm him down.

His dad moved one day, when they were still little, and took his son. The boy never knew; he didn't have a chance to tell the girl goodbye.

The girl was heartbroken. She went looking for him all over town, thinking he was playing a trick on her. She looked for weeks before she gave up.

She still waits for him, trying to be patient as she waits.][/DASH]

Idea 3:
[DASH=Some random Loveless-based roleplay. No real plot in mind. Just thought it'd be interesting.][/DASH]

Idea 4:
[DASH=[SIZE=1]A boy has lived in the same town for years. Around his seventeenth birthday, a girl moves into his town. This boy is a womanizer, so of course, this new girl catches his eye. Then, as he's sitting with her, he realizes how different she is from the rest of the girls.[/SIZE]

She's modest, kind, and easily embarassed. She's not so demanding as the other girls. At first, he thinks this makes the girl "easy", then he sees that she's not looking for anything physical. In fact, she's not looking for a boyfriend at all. She mainly just wants to read and draw. For some reason, this makes the boy angry, so he slams his hands on the desk and moves to one of his "usual" girls.

The girl, not knowing why the boy is so angry, chooses to ignore him, which makes him even more angry. What is with this girl!? he thinks. All she does is read and draw; why isn't she interested?][/DASH]

That's it for now. I will add more later. Let me know if you're interested in any of these, either by PM or by posting below.
I"m kind of intrested in your idea if your looking to Rp right away ^.^
o-o Only one of my ideas showed up!? That's weird...

But yes!!! :D

Also, there is another idea, will add to first post after this:

:: A girl is living with her cat. One day, the cat reveals his true form as a vampire. ::
Just thought it sounded interesting :)
That does sound interesting. I'm up for that.
Well, let me know which one you want to do, or both, and I'll set up a thread :)