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  1. Thank you for reading, I try to update frequently. Last update: 6 May 2014

    I'm open to a lot. I am not good at playing guys, so I prefer playing females, or if doubling I can do both a male and a female character at the same time.

    If you are not as good as playing guys, just like me, I don't mind a non-romance RP either. I have a few listed down below that could be non-romantic. I don't mind more mature roleplays either, but these are mainly just general ideas that can go either way.

    Example ideas I have on hand:
    A girl is brought to a (perhaps ruthless) vampire to be his servant girl. (In this case, biting doesn't turn you, it takes a bit of magic to do that.) (If doubling: she learns the ropes from another servant girl, and his best friend is also a vampire that likes to drop by a lot, whatever.)

    Fairytale based 1x1 many types can be done here

    Two people fall in love, not knowing they are supposed to be sworn enemies of each other.

    An arranged marriage is made to align two countries. Only the couple that is to marry have no interest in each other.

    A female demon(my character) is captured during a fight and held as war prisoner/maid in an angelic household.

    Sailor Moon inspired 1x1. Basically we roleplay various senshi in various situations. Preferably not the original ones but their children or maybe even grandchildren. (This could also be done in a group of course)

    Pirates. (Various options available. Both characters are on the same side, or one takes the other as captive after raiding a ship or town)

    Got more ideas, but that would be a very long list... Hehe
    Anyone interested? If not I've got this list that you can look through.

    Typical magical girl/guy stuff (think sailor moon)
    (all this can obviously be mixed and matched)
    More options are possible, but this is where my brain kind of gave up. Got an idea, I'd love to hear it.

    Further options to choose from:
    Romance/no romance/possible romance on the side
    Magic/no magic
    Traveling/mostly in one area
    School centered/work centered/free time
    Modern day/fantasy days/past
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  2. I'm very interested in many of your suggestions (1, 4, 5 & 7 the most) and I'd like to roleplay with you!
  3. Oh how wonderful, is there any one of those 4 that appeal to you the most? Shoot me a PM if you want, so we can discuss it further. :)
  4. *nudge* I still have quite a few that I'd love to do, anyone interested?
  5. I'd be interested in 6 or 8 or both :)
  6. Well I don't think both, as in infused into the same RP, would work for me :P.
    But sure, I'm not doing either one with anyone, so my level of which has my preference is equal towards both.
  7. I meant both as separate RPs, but we can merge if you want, for example: you're a new sailor scout and I'm a samurai and we kill demons XD
  8. haha yeah no, merging is definitely not going to work for me :P

    How about we maybe start with one of them, and see if we later on have time/interest in adding a second one to roleplay?
  9. good we can test our RP chemistry XD
    would you start one at your choice with me in PMs?
  10. Well as I said I really don't have a specific preference towards either one. I'll PM you to take it from there.
  11. I'm definitely still open for more roleplays, if nothing specific on the list appeals, just tell me, I might have a few other ideas that we could otherwise try!
  12. If you're still taking people, 1, 2, or 3, perhaps with doubling?
  13. At the moment #2 has my fancy a little bit more than the other two, if you have any ideas or so regarding that one, feel free to PM me, or if you don't yet we can work something out together :)
  14. I would be interested in taking the fourth concept somewhere, if you want one more partner. ^^
  15. Sure, I wouldn't mind doing that one if you're up for it. Care to discus details over PM or so?
  16. I PM'd you. ^^
  17. Hello, are you still looking for partners for these roleplays?
  18. What do you have in mind? :)
  19. Seriously interested in the 1st idea. ^_^
    Always wanted to play a ruthless Vampiric male.
    I'd prefer doubling, though.
    I hope that's alright?
    Look forward to hearing from you.
  20. Hello there, option four would be interesting to do with absolutely no chemistry between the characters, with them getting their own romance each from their own side and getting to be friends while helping the other hide their 'indiscretes relationships' from the public. Would you be interested in that?
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