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  1. Hello! My name is Alex and I am looking for a one on one RP partner. I like long posts that have a lot to reply to and in depth characters and character arcs. Please PM me if you're interested! I'd love to RP over email- I can easily reply on my phone or during times that I cannot get to Iwaku this way. However, it is not a requirement.


    Here is what I'm looking for...


    I'll admit it, the Marauders have been an obsession of mine since the 7th book came out and I delved into FanFiction. The Marauders are amazing! Also, I absolutely adore Lily Evans and James Potter. I love sass!

    Next Gen (Harry Potter)

    NextGen is a fairly new fandom for me, but I'm excited to get into it. My plot idea for this one is this: James Sirius Potter discovers a curse on his family- dating back to getting the invisibility cloak from Death- that explains why the Potter's die so early.

    Fairy Tail

    Now, I'm still on Season 2 of Fairy Tail but I love the universe it is in and I love the characters! I'd love to play Natsu or his love interest (I'm totally cool with his love interest being Lucy, however I do love their friendship as well.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Angel

    SPOILERS: So at the end of the TV series,
    Willow unlocks the potential in all potential slayers
    . I would want to play potential slayers making their own version of the Scoobies. The characters from Buffy and Angel would play cameos, but the focus would be OC's. I'd be open to having characters that are the children of any of the scoobies or the members of Angel Investigations.

    Madoka Magica

    Oh my god Madoka Magica is so amazing and so messed up all at once. I'd want to focus on a bunch of girls, 19-23 years of age, that are all Magical Girls. It would almost be slice of lift, but I would want to build up to boom fight forcing the characters to all band together, even if they were worried about things like turf wars. I'd love to have some funny- keeping magical powers a secret for college girls with roommates or still living with their parents. Plus,any relationship with significant others would be difficult as well.

    Sword Art Online

    They got past the 100th floor years ago but they were never released from SAO. While no one back home determined how to set them free, but they were able to connect to other VRMMORPG's. There has been a rumor recently that there is a way out, but everyone has accepted and grown accustomed to life online.

    Lost Girl

    No real idea on plot, but I do love the world!

    Merlin BBC

    Ah Merlin, if we did this I would definitely want to play Merlin. Anyway, for this I'd want to, at any point in the series, start our RP with Arthur finding out that Merlin has magic. Canon pairings and evilness/goodness (though Mordred can change). It's been played out, but what can I say, it looks like fun.

    This is an AU based on a story I'm posting to FictionPress right now. (Link) This is a highly advanced world with a very strong government. (Strong meaning they choose everything about your life, they put a tattoo identifying you and restrict clothing to ensure it will always be seen, etc.) As always, in a world like this there is someone or something put down. That something is the Supernatural race created generations ago as a birth defect due to a faulty contraceptive pill.

    This is something I have actually done before, a company or government program took in a bunch of babies after messing with their DNA while they were still in the womb. They're in their early 20's now and still live in captivity full time. In an effort to make more from their investment the program is starting to send them out on jobs. Additionally, they can and will sell their 'products' to the right bidder. This is less plot and more world creation.

    This is kind of a universe build, I'm working on a plot but nothing definitive as of yet.
    The idea with this AU is that dragons are actually humanoid other than wings that are generally kept within their bodies, the only proof of them being tattoo like markings on their shoulders. They are part of small groups, called guilds, and live both as dragons and humans. Dragons have fire powers and can do magic by carving spells into their skin.Also of note, they lose their power when they have sex with a human, however if they have kids through that those kids will be full dragons. The plot on this is post apocalyptic- dragons had always been a secret until a rival gang of dragons successfully broke down the world order. Now the world is filled with gossip and misinformation regarding dragons. In a world turned to anarchy, you would think that having super strength and extra powers would be helpful, but fear and anger has made it more dangerous.

    So this one is a witch/warlock deal. There is a Coven and a Clan that have been at war for centuries. The thing is, the Coven's mothers didn't ever tell them they were witches. When they would have is college, but their mothers died a month before it started. When they go off to college and the Clan starts attacking them, they begin to realize the issue. Once the Clan realizes the Coven doesn't know anything, they try to back off, but their fathers tell them to use this as an opportunity to finally wipe out the Coven, which causes the Clan to second guess their fathers. They end up leaving their clan and making a Guild with the Coven, now under attack by the Clan and their allies, as well as witch hunters and anyone who opposes the concept of a Guild (magic has been practiced segregated by gender for centuries). Also, big shock, there is romance.​

    This is an RP that has been sent to the graveyard that I started forever ago. The formatting on the site has changed since, but you can find all of the information on it here.
    Block Out
    This can also work as a group RP, I think I'm going to test that out too....
    One day, in a small college town, the sun goes down and never comes up. The students and teachers wake up to find a magical barrier surrounding the town, blocking the sun's rays. With no sun to keep them at bay, all of the untold creepy crawlys of the world come out. National Guard comes in to deliver food and calm, but as temperatures spike lower than they have ever been before, it becomes imperative to find a solution.​

    There are even more fandoms I know things about and I'm open to more original roleplays. Please PM or email me if you're interested!
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  2. I've got some likes, but I'm still looking for a onexone partner. :) I really want to do Fairy Tail to the dragon original stories. PM or email ( me if you're interested!!!
  3. That's the most interesting HP idea I've seen in years
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  4. OH MY GOD REALLY?!? Yes! I'd love to do this RP, the concept for the plot has been playing around in my head for years I've just never got the pen to paper. (Or, fingers to keyboard.)

    Is this something you want to PM/email about?
  5. I would LOOOOVE to do the Fairy Tail one ... one of my favourite animes. ♡_______♡

    The dragon one is also very appealing to me!
  6. Fairy Tail would be awesome, I'm watching it right now so I'm super into it. With Fairy Tail I want to go off script though because I want to avoid spoilers.

    The Dragon one would be pretty fantastic too, I actually developed the dragons for another RP and as I got more into them I realized they were their own RP/ story. It would be kinda post apocalyptic, kinda medieval. They don't have things like gas or electricity in mass supply, so they have horses and stuff. Some cities do, bu tit is city wide and rudimentary compared to what we have IRL. I've also imagined that dragons can become mages by burning/scaring spells on their bodies. This isn't exclusive to dragons, so the world would have magic too. However, I imagine it would be distrusted like dragons. Not as much, because quite frankly they need it, but still. I've thought a lot about this world, so it's really fleshed out.
  7. I am so into these ideas!!

    Medieval fantasy settings are my absolute bread and butter.

    The dragons can become anthropomorphic so to speak??
  8. Yay!

    If so then the dragon setting is great, it has some tech but if and when they travel it's medieval. Yes, they would be. They'd look just like humans except they would have wing markings on their shoulders like this:

    EDIT: As part of character sheets, every dragon has their own wings, like finger prints.
    Also, if they were mages then they would have spells carved/scarred/tattooed on their bodies.

    Dragons in this world can turn into dragons that we know of, and their size is proportionate to their age. It is possible to be very powerful and very small and very weak and very large. Many/most at full grown are the size of a large horse. They can also transform just their wings, and their eyesight/ strength/ fire abilities stay with them in human form. Also, some dragons have eyes that make it clear they are not human, but with mages becoming more popular it's not a dead giveaway. No one but dragons have the wings though.
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  9. Love this idea so much. Would you be okay with a multiple magick wielding dragon? I have a character in mind that would use both water and fire magick o:
  10. Dragons are generally exclusively fire, even when they are a mage. It's kind of their weakness. However, if your character used magical tools that would work. Really, to do both, you could do a mage character. Mages can do any of that stuff , they just aren't dragons. So they don't transform or have wings. Also, dragons can't really run out of fire and they can do more with it. To put it, dragons live and breath fire and mages use it.
  11. Okay, I understand the dynamic C:

    I've been wanted to create a dragon character for so long now that I think this time would be a great way to finally do it. Would you want to switch to PM? I don't want to flood your thread!
  12. Actually, yes, haha. I didn't yesterday because I was fairly busy, and I'm just now getting a moment today.
  13. I've added in a new original RP idea, called Block Out, if anyone is interested.
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