Mankind's Traitors

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  1. Callus was dreaming. A beautiful, vivid dream. That even six years couldn't tarnish.
    There was a chuckle, a laugh, and the sound of stumbling mistakes behind. It was a sound of joy, and Callus found himself grinning wide as a clear voice cut through the thick atmosphere, “Wait up, brother!”
    Callus raced through the treetops, his bare clawed feet clutching the slippery branches of his homeworld with ease as his hands grasped, launching her into the air. It was a wonderful feeling, the air rushing past skin, soft as silk and hair feathery and light.
    Another voice trilled through the air. Callus' own, soothing and clever, “Do it right and I won't have to!”The child behind him was young and resembled a Nai'via Spirit a lot more than he did, their facade of being kin a painful reminder to one who was not.
    A break in the trees fast approaches, brilliantly white in the sunlight. Callus didn't bother to pause as he launched himself out into thin air. There was an exhilarating sensation of falling before the brown haired halfling grabbed on to a branch that reached out to him, his descent leveled out while he raked down the trunk of the tree feet and hands digging deep. His feet swiftly but softly meeting the rich and moist soil below, a few blades of grass rubbing against his ankles gently His, child brother landed soon after, the young Spirit beaming in admiration. He was grinning with his willow gray eyes averted upward, “Callus, I still don't understand how you can be so fast when you’re part…”
    The dream abruptly ended and Callus' lavender orbs had fluttered awake into consciousness as the last word of his dream floated from the top of his mind to the tip of his tongue. Forming the bitter word, but it was barely a sound, “Human...”
    Callus blinked in the gloom, which seemed so dark after the visions of blinding sunlight. Snapping his eyes closed like the slamming of a door, as if he could bring the illusions back, as if he could escape the now. There was nowhere to hide. Nowhere to run.
    "Orion Prospect,Section 24, Cell #397. Callus Ki'Yeon." A dull voice read out over the voices of the inmates, making him emit a low and menacing growl, much like a feral animal. Luckily the person the tone had belonged to had been behind the steel door.
    Noisy inmates. They usually tended to dream, hallucinate, or just spout gibberish. The scowling half man had been trying to hear the hum.
    He can hear the hum. He really could. It's something that a lot of the inmates have debated through the talk and yells of others - probably because there's not much to discuss. The hum is what's believed to be the small electronic noise generated by the magnetic locks of each of our cells. Many inmates claim that the hum doesn't actually exist, others seem to think they can hear it. Whether the hum is actually there or if it's just their minds tricking them from insanity, is the real question.
    But Callus thinks he really does hear it. It's very, very faint and quite, probably why not everyone has heard it. His ears can pick up a lot because of his sensitive. But again, it could just be him going insane. Speaking of hearing, he had heard a couple guards talking earlier a ways away from my cell. He couldn't really explain how, but he could just tell they were talking about him. It was the way he was drawn to their conversation. They were talking about throwing him in The Lockbox, for processing and his continuous violence, he assumed. He'd been here for about 6 years if the scratches on the walls of his cell really mean anything anymore. Has his time really come? Would Callus be pulled apart, muscle by muscle, organ by organ, cell by cell? Maybe they'd boil him alive to test how long it took his flesh to melt?
    He couldn't say he was incredibly disappointed. At least he would be getting out of here. Maybe he had even come to welcome death?
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  2. Five years. Five very long years. That was alright, it gave Matthias all the time that he needed to meditate and practice in solitude. The guards of course would not give him his sword, but that fine too cause he could feel the residual weight in his hand and practice by memory alone.

    His breathing deepened even more. He was almost there, almost to flight. At least what he called flight, which was really just a title he gave leaving his physical body and becoming one with the cosmos. There in that emptiness he finally felt at peace and whole. Closer and closer, just a little more....


    ...That blasted humming. Everyday Matthias got so close to leaving his body, even if only for a moment, but as soon as he was the verge that was that damned humming. Some say they heard it, which was more likely than not true, said it was the sound their locks made; others said this humming didn't exist. Matthias knew it existed, but not just in the cell locks. The whole prison block hummed at random areas, probably locks and doors and all sorts of mechanical things.

    He could not hold it in any longer, "Damn it!" Matthias' anger burst from his failure to reach his place of peace. He Smashed a rock-like fist into the side of his cell, denting the metal just a little. He took a look around the room remembering the last five years, studied shallowly the myriad of dents he had made. So many and each one deeper than the last.

    Guards' Foot steps coming. He laughed a little, coming to tell him to not hit his cell and settle down. Been happening the same way for as long as he has been here. "Prison Section 24, Cell# 527, Matthias."

    "Yeah? What of it?" He said thick with sarcasm.

    "You know what! Stop hitting the prisons walls and settle down!" Said one guard.

    He was just close enough to the cell door. Matthias ran up faster than they could react, and stared at the guards with his cerulean eyes that screamed violent insanity. "Watch yourself, guard dog. If I get out of this cell I am coming after you. hehehehe."

    The guards, visibly shaken, retorted, "You are never getting out of that cell until they see fit to kill your human killing, Halfling ass." And the they walked away.

    "Maybe," Whispered Matthias, "but yet again, maybe not." he chuckled to himself. His meditation had given him one good thing, a feel that things were drastically going to change soon, but of course that was just a felling.
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  3. I dropped low in the tall grass in the windy plain. I watched as someone came closer, smiling. I growled at the figure, flashing mypointed teeth. "Run." Isaid, threatening the human. Then, everything went black. Areiz sat up quickly."Just a dream."she muttered, sitting up and rubbing her dark eyes with her white knuckles. She looked around the room and winced as the blasted humming started up."I wish that would just shut up."She mumbled, laying back down with a -clang- and started tracing the ceiling joints with her eyes.It's so annoying..echoing in my head.. A low growl escaped from her throat.
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  4. How many years have passed since Nolan was imprisoned in this facility? No idea. It wasn't the first time he didn't pay attention to time. Heck, he didn't even care about how old he was by now.
    What he did care for was his situation though. His cell was too sturdy to be torn down with his bare hands. There is no way to get his hands on a key card. And even if he would get out of his cell, there are at least 4 guards that have his cell in their range of sight and sound.

    Tough luck. But that didn't mean he was just sitting idle in his cell. Besides doing a routine PE routine on each day, he kept his body in shape, and even managed to increase his stamina to a certain level. His most important task though was to remember each and every corner of this place.

    Whenever he was taken to "testing", where he was just dragged to to see how much pain and force his body could withstand, he remembered the way and anything that was on it's way. He knew where the weapons, and the prisoners belongings were stored.

    There was nothing he could do though... yet. Something in his bones just makes him feel like something will happen very soon.
    This sense has never disappointed him so his mood was better in the last few days. After all, he knew that the time for payback was about to come.
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  5. *Click, click, click...*
    The sound of a tongue echoed through the prison. It was probably annoying to some, but he didn't care. It was important. He stopped for a while sometimes, but continued a while later. It had a purpose. He was planning. Every click, he listened to the echos, making an internal map of thd prospect. It wasn't perfect, but it was useful.

    He sat back on his chair,and turned his head towards the ceiling to think. It was really all else he could do, it was so boring there. He listen to the hum. Only a few could hear it, as he gathered. He quietly hummed to himself, trying to get to the same frequency. There was something to it. Something important about it.

    A guard passed. He went up to the bars, attempting to speak with him. "Excuse me sir, don't mean to interupt your day but- could you tell me where that humming is coming from?" He asked in a strangly friendly tone.

    "Hum? What are you talking about, you halfling? Ugh, I don't have time to talk with your kind!" He said, starting to walk off.

    The Ambassador sighed, before talking again. "Why do you hate us so much?" He asked.

    The guard stopped dead in his tracks, and turned. He spoke as he walked up to the cell. "Cause you're a bunch of mutants. Discusting mistakes. Never ment to be." He spat. "You're all little theives, whk came to our planet, and took our genetic code, and mixed it with your own."

    The Ambassador looked down, pondering his words of hate, before looking up, and quietly replying, "And you're the theives who came to so many other planets, and took everything."
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  6. After a few annoyed minutes, Areiz got up and paced her room, something she did when she was annoyed. She began counting. One two three four five six seven.. She thought to herself. She did this to calm herself, she didn't know why it worked.
  7. It was never quiet in this place. There was always the murmurs and cries of those locked in cells around him. If ever silence fell, it would mean something terrible had gone very very wrong. Or very right, depending on the views of their captors. Human, all of them human. Xenophobic to the point of hating anything that had seemingly stolen a part of them. He was part human. He was hated for it. Not by his family, oh no. He was a decent hunter and didn't hinder them. They loved him as much as a Syntherian could love one another. Humans hated that he had humanity, that he was like them. And he hated his human self, for giving him the ability to hate and hurt and feel.

    A low tone rung from his lips, dying down into a hiss. He was tired of being locked in this tiny cell. The metal was too cold and the air too dry. He needed the jungles of Sethoes, to feel the rain on his skin and the heat beating down, the wind against his face as he raced through the trees, pouncing and biting into a Mamnesta. He needed to be free. His fist struck at the wall of his cell, the loud clank of metal startling the occupants next door, the chatter growing in pitch and loudness. The small glimmer defiance died as the noise bore on. This was not a place that escape would be easy. It would take a miracle to even make it past the guards, let alone somehow break through his cell.

    A guard walked past, eyes meeting the black orbs of V in a cold stare down. There was no exchange of words, no witty remarks, just a simple look that conveyed all the hate that each had towards the other. And then he had moved on, leaving V to his thoughts and the ever present chatter.
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  8. "Hold still, you stupid--AGH!" screamed a prison guard as he was sent flying through the cell door.
    "Alright, LT, you're up... And actually get the sedative into him, not yourself again!" shouted the commanding officer.
    He stepped forward carefully, Caim examined his hands and feet for signs of attack. He was rated one of the more violent of prisoners in Orion Prospect. Dodging his foes would have been easier if his body wasn't bound by the many restrictions he bares. Kinetic Shock collar to tap into his DNA and disable his inhuman strength, natural cloaking, and senses. His arms were bound behind his back with titanium bracers, using magnetic waves to keep them sealed. All he had left to defend himself with were his legs, and his head... which still proved a flaw for the guards right about now.
    "Alright, easy does it... You can do this, LT...", he whispered to himself. Two steps from Caim he lunged for him. Caim dodged to his right and kicked the side of his knee, shattering the cap and dislocating it. Quickly he raised his other leg and met his toes to the guards chin, then the bottom of his boot to his cheek and kicked him into the wall. He mumbled in pain for nearly half a minute before passing out cold.
    "Oh, Goddamn it!", shouted the second guard. Just as he drew his riot stick, three other guards pulled up to his rear. One to the front grabbed his arm and stopped him from attacking. "Don't waste your breath, he's needed in medical bay.... Prepped for surgery." he whispered.
    "Prison Section 24, Cell# 390. Caim." Read off a voice hidden in the group. The previous guard yanked his forearm from his grip and walked away. Caim on the other hand heard every word, and accepted his fate. Nhilus were soldier through and through; death by fighting, in any shape or form, was an honor. He relaxed as the guards flooded his room and pushed him from his cell. They gathered in a diamond formation around him, one to his rear struck the back of his leg with his riot stick, causing him to nearly collapse. "Get moving", he uttered, and like a slave, Caim followed. For as long as he's been in this place, this blackened cave of violence and madness, he never imagined death by the scalpel. In fact.. even now it was a vision, due to a strange sense of luck. Something felt... wrong.
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  9. Prisoner Transport #17, OP "Fleming", Proximity to Orion Prospect
    "Hey Pierce, Jerry's got the ancient CD player to work! Come back and look at this!" A voice yelled from behind the plated door of the cockpit.
    "I'm supposed to be here in the cockpit until we dock."
    "Did you already lock in the coordinates?"
    "Then let the autopilots do it. You've already locked it in, you don't do anything but sit on your ass anyways."
    Pierce pressed a button on the cockpit's control panel, which was flashing all over the place with lights flickering on and off and a small computer screen in the center. The cockpit door opened, and Pierce turned around in his chair to face Cole.
    "Alright, but if we die, I'm gonna blame you."
    Cole laughed.
    "Yea ok, you can kick my ass in the great beyond." Peirce joked rolling those eyes of his.
    They both went through the hatchway, with the door shutting behind them. Jerry's ancient CD player started playing "What a Wonderful World" by Louis Armstrong. Almost immediately after the song started to play, the small computer screen flicked to life with green text scrolling across the screen.
    ----------~~~>ENTER NEW COORDINATES
    The CD player continued to play music heard throughout the transport.
    "I see trees of green,
    Red roses too,
    I see them bloom,
    For me and you
    And I think to myself....what a wonderful world."
    The computer continued to flicker, a red square appearing in the lower right corner.
    ----------~~~>TERMINAL VELOCITY
    ----------~~~>ENTER NEW COORDINATES
    "I see skys of blue,
    And clouds of white,
    The bright blessed day,
    The dark sacred night."
    ----------~~~>TERMINAL VELOCITY
    ----------~~~>TERMINAL VELOCITY
    "And I think to myself, what a wonderful wor-"
    The transport then rammed into the hull of Orion Prospect, a horrible sound of screeching pipes and metal tearing metal, sparks and explosions shook the insides. Outside, there was little spectacular to watch as the vacuum of space silenced the horrid screams and swallowed the flames as soon as it left the station.
    Inside the station, a long constant bell-ringing alarm sounded once you could hear it through the explosion and the horrid screech.
    Callus knew he could no longer taste the sweet fruit from the meadow, only their blood as they choke their final breath staring straight into the eyes of an evil darker than their own. The innocence he once held will be justified, the Eldars will be made proud and wash him of his sins.
    EMERGENCY SHUT DOWN IN SECTION 24. SYSTEM REBOOT IN TEN MINUTES.” The security system sang to delightful ears.
    Callus nearly jumped out of his skin when undesired and dull filled voice continued to pierce the darkness, too loud, too close. Callus felt the instinctive desire to flee, but to where? It didn't matter, he felt it was time to get the hell out of here but Callus was trembling. He held his hand out on front of his face and saw the tan skin waver in the darkness. When had he become so easily excited? When had the instinct for survival become a deep, restricting phobia?
    Callus finally managed to calm himself down, and wondered if he should investigate the noise when there came a sound like no other. It was a wrenching sound, a screaming that drilled into the ears and made Callus cringe. The screeching would not stop, filling the air with the terrible noise until Callus was driven to the floor, his own groans of pain lost amid the chaos.
    After the screeching subsided, he watched as his seemingly void cell grew even darker - only moments before the corridor cast a light red that baked through the window onto his cell. Callus groaned, wondering how long he would have to deal with the shrill sound of the alarm. Then he noticed the light lancing in the room. No. Cautiously, Callus padded to the door. A light tan hand reached out, and shoved lightly scraping it with his clawed hands. He'd felt the cool steel fly effortlessly outward, as if it was gliding --The door fairly fell off its hinges, landing with a loud thump and made Callus smile like the jack 'o lantern as the corridor was revealed to him.
    Under his flesh his blood pumped as fast has his heart. He could barely dare to contain himself. Was he dreaming? Is it a joke by the guards? Callus took a few nervous steps out into the corridor, and his legs briefly felt weak, before he got it all together. The young man hadn't felt this energetic in a long time. He knew the blasted power would go out soon and the darkness would cover any action that was committed by inmate or guard. It began so slow...Gun shots started ringing throughout the corridors, screams of agony holding that final shred of terror, it was going to be a massacre, inmates against inmates and inmates against guards..
    Callus knew there was a transport ship here just sitting there for him to activate and get the hell out of here, he had heard the guard talking about it getting sent off in a few days to pick up more mutants. The sound of footsteps caught his ear, with a dull metallic clinking that had to be guard firearms, he heard the sounds of running guards dull away in the left direction. Something was off, but he was too excited to accept what it was. He crouched to the floor behind the wall of his cell, the passed by cautiously aiming their guns recklessly around at almost nothing. As the two guards ambled by Callus stepped out behind them, grabbing one's head and breaking his neck, the crack almost too satisfying. The other screamed but was too slow to react, as Callus began beating his face into the floor painting it a dark red. Not that anyone would see it clearly. He grabbed one of the deceased's guns and combat knife. It wasn't like his weapons in which they had kept in the warden's office as trophies—speaking of which he may have to take a detour and stop by there and grab the activation key for the Transporter.
    There was that same voice now it was panicked,”CONTAIN THE SPECIMEN! KILL THEM ONLY IF NECESSARY!
    The guards were going to kill everyone in this section once other halflings noticed the doors had been open, not every section had been so lucky, they were still locked in their cages and Callus had no intent to help them whatsoever.
    Callus darted for the opposite direction that the guards had dissipated from. Cells started opening, first cautiously, then furiously with dozens of half human freaks jumping out and making for the opposite direction he was going. The damn fools, they should just leave while they had the chance, though they probably had went feral and crazy from being in their cells so long or so short. Some probably sought revenge.
    However, that would get them shot down like game for the hunt. Guards thought they couldn't fear a prisoner, they thought they had the perfect gun to catch their prey with. Eating off the golden plates fashioned, with sharpened knives that had a sharp toothed grin. But the hunter now has become the game, and the game can’t turn the tables on these predators. Predators that should have never existed.
    Callus wouldn't bother correcting anybody. If he was going to run, he'd stand a better chance without dozens of inmates going in hus same direction. And with guards somewhere in that direction, he knew he was greater off not running towards certain death.
    In his time moving through the warm he was thrusted against the wall and scratched across the chest, his retaliation a fist to this halfling's throat. He swiftly moved away, and hugged close to the wall to avoid further and unnecessary contact with anyone. The roars, screams and gunshots were now all one could hear. The young Spirit could taste the blood in the air..Man had created monsters out of these people by harming them, worlds and their families. Noone here for a crime, that was Section 23 and 22.
    Man’s wings from their Christ have been struck down and plucked for the picking just be eaten by a those they brought tortious harm to...It was going to be an extreme bloodbath and it would stain the floors and walls, while death would decorate faces.
    Halflings shot down like food for grumbling bellies, whereas human blood drained for the cracked parched throats of fellow inmates to quench their thirst for their final revenge. Callus' revenge would be free his world from the human's grip by taking it to the source of the problem.. he just had to find out who was the source.
    He began to pray loudly it was imperative he pray for his on coming sins,”Nai'via Eldar be my Everlasting Spirit, guide me through the storm of man’s wrath.Punish me in another fashion..”There was a loud and agitated growl in front of him it made him pause in movement. The Beast, the guard dog of this entire facility, his glowing red regard sniffing out the for fear, as his dark boots smacked the cold tiled they trailed across as he if awaiting the command to attack. A grin so enormous you could see his sharpened teeth, those crimson pooled eyes shattering the existence you thought you had. Callus continued to pray knowing the huge man wouldn't make a move unless he did,”Bathe me in the bloody waters and drown my sins in the depths.Help me climb the stairway to life further from the ladder to death. His presence was only pushing Callus to act, the beast huffing a puffing in his face his foul breath agitating. Though the spirit was not ready to quite show it, he couldn't help but give him that soulless martyr's grin, the younger man's deep hued lavender orbs devouring the big man’s gaze, his shadow squeezing the anger out of him. Callus was not only praying he was calculating how he would go about disposing of the altered human in his way.
    Give me peace from the sparking war, and eat the flesh of my enemies. Rid me from the wicked deeds and give me honor to die with.Bring my soul before the Amezia and wipe away my burning tears.Callus began to pray even louder, still standing before the animal of a man who was ready to attack at any move made.Callus could tell he was infuriated by the lack of terror pouring off his form, the pleasured grin had been wiped off his face.
    Allow me to step into the spring of the reborn and start anew.Let me face the Nivanian and be his sacrifice for the day.Eldar be my guide and take me as your youngling. Nai'via Eldar gives me ease as I part...”He bellowed as he right dodged a well centered strike at his face, his hand coming across forcefully on the left side of the genetically altered human's face. As if he were not fazed Callus was grabbed and thrown into the steel wall, quickly regrouping but holding his shoulder from the impact. This man was too big to fight up close and he wore a bullet proof body suit. With the exception of his face . Unless someone attacked him from behind and cut the straps to his body suit. It was the only way to really kill a man like him without his armor. But... his neck was uncovered,” From your teachings...”He muttered as he was charged at, in his fear of being crushed he slide to the right of the big man quickly standing up and whirled around aiming the M-4 carbine at his head and neck pulling the trigger.
    Watching him fall to the floor with holes drilled through his face and neck, he began to move on hoping good and well he could find the way to Dr. Elstand's office. He was the one above all personnel and staff here, and he had information. But he also was two floors up.
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  10. Caim huffed with a strange tingle in his bones, for he couldn't shake the feeling that something was going to take place. It lingered on a feeling of luck trimmed with chance. His train of thought was soon interrupted as the base of a guard's club met his shoulder in a hard thrust. He looked back, and snarled.

    "Eye's forward, freak!", he scowled, shoving Caim three paces a head and into the front guard.

    "Oh, you want some!?" he shouted, grabbing Caim by the throat. He draw back a jab, while his friend held him by the bracers. As the fist came flying, he strafed his torso left of the punch, lifting his bracers to catch it. The metal 'dinged' as his flesh met steel. "son of a--!" he groaned, shaking his hand. The two rear guards came towards him in a charge, swiftly he leaped over his cuffs, then swung his arms backwards like a bat. Just in time they made contact with his bracers, one fell down on his back, the other flipped completely over on his face. Embarrassing considering they were the top of the line.

    They quickly shook back from their wounds, the first being the commanding officer. His broken fist came into Caim's knee, making him drop on his other. All three drew their firearms and aimed at him, it was over in their minds... But thanks to what happened next, so it was in Caim's mind as well.

    The lights went out, blackening the corridor in deep shadow, followed by a quake in the complex. A chance of luck had happened... now the guards needed the same.

    His bracers and neck-hold made a click as they deactivated from the power outage, then a loud 'clank' as they hit the walkway. As the weight of his shackles were lifted, his eyes changed yellow with slanted irises. His right hand ejected his glaive, quickly he brought it up between a guard's legs and sliced him in half. His movements shifted and he slashed backwards, lopping off the second guard's head, then followed through the movement and released his glaive. It spun like a speeding bullet and stopped once it met the fleshy target, the last guard's skull. As red lights began to flash Caim dashed past the fallen bodies, grabbing his blade as he fled.

    Today was a new day.
  11. Areiz jumped to her feet as the lights went out. She could feel the adrenaline pump through her veins as a red light flashed and a buzzing from somewhere stopped. Her eyes adjusted to the darkness almost immediately and she let out a satisfied growl, seeing the humans running around. "Finally." She muttered as she walked up to the door and kicked it, slipping past several halflings before running full-out in the opposite direction. She wasn't staying here, that was a stupid mistake. I'm not giving up a chance to go home, to escape this place. She thought to herself, biting a guard's neck as he tried to hit her. "Back off." She growled as he started bleeding badly from her razor-sharp teeth and he dropped to the floor. She continued running, everything blurring as she passed by. Her hood flipped back off her head as she ran and her snow white hair almost glowing in the darkness, the white a stark contrast in the almost pitch-black halls.
  12. The door was open. There was nothing to stop Matthias from leaving the square of confinement. He stepped outside, stretched and looked around. Guards going crazy trying to contain or kill any escapees. It was madness and it was great.

    From the corner of his eye, Matthias saw his favorite two guard dogs killing an innocent mutant. They would say non compliance with a direct order. Who cared though it wasn't him and it would never be him. But it will be the guards. He walked up behind one of them and breathed upon it neck.

    "Told you I was going to kill you when i got out of my cage. hehehehe."

    The guards violently straightened from Matthias' voice. "What the hell!?" Screamed the guard as he rose his weapon in preparation the take Matthias down. Too late though; Matthias grabbed the guard's arm, twisted it and and threw his free elbow into the held arm's joint. It broke clean and with a satisfying snap. The guard screamed in pain as Matthias grabbed him by the throat and slammed him several times against the wall. The body, for that was all that is was now, slumped to the ground.

    The other guard could do nothing, he was stunned from fear. His entire body was rigid, well except his bladder. Matthias took a little more mercy on this guard, more out of disgust than care, he kicked him in the stomach sending the guard flying to the nearest wall. Matthias ran and punched him in the face harder than a human face could bare to handle. It was unknown if the guard had survived, did not actually matter either, but if he had he would never be the same.

    Matthias, not knowing where to go, ran up the stairs. He had a feeling that good things would happen if he ran up, as well up was such a positive direction.