Mankind's Traitors

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    Our name, is many.
    We are the children of two worlds, complex by nature.
    We are branded what we are, by our anomalies.
    We know what to believe, in a perpetual galaxy without faith.
    We find ourselves in perpetual ruin at the hands of mankind,
    because we are inferior to them.
    We destroy ill odds, and favor brute force to make it all balance out.
    We are infinite survivors.
    Our name, is many.
    And we are traitors to mankind.

    The Setup
    It is the year 2324, and Mankind's reach and influence has spread like a disease throughout the galaxy. A huge coalition of Mankind, and strong allies rule under an iron and unforgiving fist. Many worlds have succumbed to the rule of Man, operating with strong technology and occupational force to keep alien inhabitants bent to their will.

    The beginning of our story takes place at the infamous Orion Prospect prison-extermination space station. The equivalent of a death row for the worst of extraterrestrial entities, as deemed by Mankind. Those who are unlucky enough to not be gunned down by the corrupt Mankind Coalition, make it to Orion Prospect for processing. Some die in their cells of starvation, being forgotten and never executed. Some die by being whisked out of the airlock for Human recreational purposes. No matter what is your fate, Orion Prospect is a death sentence.

    Our heroes (if you could call them such) are kept in section 24 - designed for the processing and examination of human-extraterrestrial hybrids. Highly outlawed, the Mankind Coalition captures hybrids between humans and aliens, as well as outlawing with any tampering with humanity's genetic structure. Section 24 is said to be the most gruesome area of Orion Prospect, in that it is the only section where inmates are possibly examined and dissected for scientific purposes before extermination. Any cross breed of human and interplanetary species is forbidden, and immediately punishable by death.

    Character Sheets
    Like italicized above, all players must submit a brief statement about their character, in this format:
    My name is [Character Name].

    I am a child of two worlds : Earth and [Second Species Homeworld Here].
    I am marked [Physical feature most revealing of cross-species].
    I [Brief sentence detailing something about your character's personality].
    I [Brief sentence detailing attitude towards others, or Mankind specifically].
    I [Brief sentence detailing preferred combat attitude].
    I will [verb].
    My name is [Character Name],
    And I am a traitor to Mankind.

    Aside from that, a character sheet needs to be filled out:
    Age: (Describe stage in life, rather than age in years, which is a human way of measuring age. Ex. Young, Old, Adolescent, Infantile, Ancient)
    2nd Race: (Apart from human, which is required, please state the name of your second parenthood race)
    2nd Race's Homeworld: (If no specific "homeworld" is designated, please rename this to "planet of origin" and name the planet accordingly.)
    Personality:(Give your character a depth, I love the extraordinary.)
    Brief Description of Race: (No Cat People, or Feline-like Aliens. The reason here is, that usually the "cat people" idea is too easy of a way out of this one. I encourage / require that you be more creative by making your own race or a different one than the incredibly overused "cat-like" character. Give a brief description of your race's physical features, background, attitudes, and other information you deem important.)
    How long have you been in Orion Prospect? (In Earth time, if necessary)
    Appearance (Physical):
    Appearance (Apparel):
    Weapons of Choice: (Rather than be a specific model, this is the future, you are welcome to choose a category of weapons. Ex. Pistols, Rifles, Submachine Guns, Knives.
    And that's all for your submission application!
    Our story begins by briefly meeting our characters in section 24 of Orion Prospect as prisoners as they wait to be processed. A malfunction of a prisoner transport's navigation system causes it to crash into the station, which gives our characters the opportunity for escape. Our beginning plot will be a "Space Prison" break, by finding a way off the space station, probably by a Prison Transport of some kind. Beyond that, we will be continuously fighting for our lives and freeing worlds from mankind's grip to allow freedom and culture. That is the basic, however I'm an open Rper and idea are loved as long as they do not stray from the plot line.

    My Callus Ki'yeon (open)

    My Name, is Callus.
    I Am a Child of Two Worlds: Earth, and Cyathan.
    I Am Marked by my Tattoos and My Eyes.
    I try to Believe, but Sometimes all the Proof in the world doesn't make a Difference.
    I Favor Ill Odds, and Brute Force.
    I will Stand Above Them All.
    My Name Is Callus,
    And I am a Traitor to Mankind.
    Name: Callus Ki'yeon
    Age: Young-Adult
    2nd Race: Nai'via Spirits
    2nd Race's Homeworld: Cyathan
    Personality: Usually quiet and observant. Always honest, though whether it’s brutally or politely differs.Callus is described as an emotionless, detached, rude and sarcastic man. He is quite cruel and scornful, unmerciful to anyone and everyone he comes in contact with.He is rarely ever seen smiling or even showing compassion toward anyone which makes him the perfect weapon for the kill. . Callus doesn't care what people think of him, he’ll admit to using them. He’s rather cold and is extremely strong and gets into a lot of fights from his violent behavior but has never been known to lose a fight. Underneath it all he can be rather charming,when he's feeling extremely happy, which is very rare for his type. His kind nature has it way of shining through his crunchy exterior.

    Brief Description of Race: The people of Cyathan are known to human kind mainly as the Nai'via Spirits. Named as such for their ancient and lethal technology, seeing as they prefer to stay on top of the warfare chain. Though they are a tactical force to be reckoned with, they are extraordinarily adept at fleeing. Their bones are reinforced with naturally occurring carbon. Their statures compared to humans are quite petite, though there are rare cases in which they are almost as equivalent. Spirits are very light and fleet on their feet, their reaction time is lightning quick, and they have agility to match. However, by no means are they weak physically.
    The only offensive aspect of a Spirit’s physical appearance is the thin blades that occur on the outsides of their arms. Made of the same substance as their bones (carbon) these blades are extremely sharp, and very flexible. They can be broken off like dead skin, and will grow back quickly.Spirits also have a unique hand to hand fighting technique that was taken from over a million years of study.
    The Spirit people are not generally considered very developed. They are master “alchemists”, and supply the galaxies with a vast majority of healing substances and poisons. Their secrets are well guarded in tomes and memory strands which they extract from the dying Elders in their race.
    The Cythanian are known for many of there bizarre and ancient traditions, but one of the most easily recognized are the tribal markings tattooed into the male and sometimes female. These markings are written in the script of their gods and are said to hold the very secrets of their kind , this has never been proven.
    Cyathan is a very humid and warm place, but its orbit strays so wide around the star that temperatures plummet far below the norm, making Spirits resistant to both temperature extremes. It took the humans a long time before the humans even saw that Spirits existed, but when they found out, the planet was easily over taken.
    Other physical features of Spirits include shimmering eyes of all hues, usually gray and dim as so not to shine under sunlight. Hair comes in all shades, usually light colors, streaked through with darker highlights.
    How long have you been in Orion Prospect? Roughly six or seven years.
    Appearance (Physical): Callus stands at a safe “5'7”. He has eyes the color of hued lavender, with long, waist length hair the sickening color of chestnut brown. His skin is a light tan, and slightly contrasting with his fanged teeth, that seem almost as if inlaid with pearl. His frame is thin and long, and on the exterior, looks very similar to his human counterpart. Abstract markings running from the right side of his face, down his entire right side, neck, shoulder, and chest in the purest of black.
    Appearance (Apparel): Often he is in more heavy duty clothing for the concealment of weapons. Though he is dress more lightly as of his current position. He is currently found in a black V cut long sleeved shirt, and darkened brown well-fitted combat pants. His feet fitted down with size ten regular issue inmate boots. Callus wears a silver necklace around his neck in shape of a abstracted key constantly, with his finger less glove wrapped hands.
    Weapons of Choice: Callus is more adapt with his hands than guns. But he will use a variety of knifes and daggers in which he will be pleased with for a time. However, for the pinched situations he has his pistol. It is chambered for a 6.8mm round- one typically used in military grade rifles.

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  2. So when you say planets you mean the ones we all know and love, right? Does Pluto?
  3. Yes all the ones we know, even Pluto. However I am allowing the imaginations of places you create with the mind, it gives an edge and insight as we or you may travel there once or twice through the Rp and it being your specific home-world you will be the most knowledgeable of it.
  4. My name is the Ambassador

    I am a child of two worlds : Earth and Auntiare.
    I am marked by pointed ears.
    I hide a demeanor of joy and childishness in front of my dark and sad nature.
    I am bring joy to some, I bring fear to others.
    I end the battle using anything in the universe I can against the other.
    I will remember.
    My name is the Ambassador,
    I am a traitor to mankind.

    Name: His true name is unknown by anyone, even him, but he is known as the Ambassador.

    Age: Ancient

    2nd Race: Talium

    2nd Race's Homeworld: Auntiare (Än-te-ar-ay)

    Personality: The Ambassator usually has a demenor of a eccentric, optimistic and energetic man. However, he can become a dark, vengeful and scary person. This is rare, and he usually becomes like this when lives are lost, but he soon becomes optimistic. He is extremely smart with seemingly trivial knowledge. He perfers ending conflicts in one or more great move, rather than multiple small moves (For example, drowning an army rather than fighting all of them).

    He judges people for who they are, rather than what they are. He likes to talk rather than/before a fight. He is extremly good at investigating, putting things together, etc. He is good at getting around, and is good at getting out of trouble.

    Description of race: Taliums are very much like Humans (Appearantly it's a very good design.) Except for their ears, small differences in organs, and Taliums grow to be over 2000 years old, and have a very, very good immune system. They heal faster, don't get cancer, liquids are very balanced. A big difference is that if they get poisoned, all blood goes to two sacks called Tylithieds, located near their back that filters all the poison.

    When born, they are told their names, and then given a title to be known by. Should they ever remember their names somehow and say it, it would calm down any person around them.

    The race was very advanced-one of the great civilizations of the universe. They learned to balance technology and nature. They could heal all sickness. No one went hungry. The world was unified. But there was another race. A horrible race that wished the destruction of the universe. The only thing standing in the way of the Daxet and their wish was the Taliums.

    A war waged for 100 years, before finally, the Daxet were defeated-at a price. Both worlds turned to mere dust. The universe continued, unaware of their savior, who had given everything they had. The only left was the half-human the Ambassador, hidden away on Earth.

    How long have you been in the Orion Prospect?: Less than 7 months

    Apperance (Physical): He looks in human terms to be around 30. He has dark brown hair, eyes of the same color. His ears are a bit pointy, but can be ignored. He is about 6'9" and has tan skin and a broad chin.

    Apperance (Apparel) Normally he wears a blue suit with a red tie, and a brown trench coat.

    Weapons of choice: He carries with him Ion rod, which can manipulate things around him. Not suitable for attack though. He is good with a sword, or something in that category.

    (Whew! I finally finished!)
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  5. My name is Matthias.

    I am a child of two worlds : Earth and Caras
    I am marked by height.
    I fend for myself.
    I despise the world of Man
    I attack with speed and without mercy.
    I will live.
    My name is Matthias,
    And I am a traitor to Mankind.
    Name: Matthias Lanier
    Age: Adulthood
    2nd Race: Carasian
    2nd Race's Homeworld: Caras
    Personality: Matthias was born on Earth and neglected knowledge and heritage of his other planet, Caras. He grew up in a pretty normal spectrum, at least as an one how was completely human would. A Father and Mother, a house, and friends, however Matthias only seemed to get into physical fights wherever he went. His father, who was human, did not understand this insatiable need to fight and be better than his opponent. His mother on the other hand understood why he fought but seemed to be distressed; almost as if hoping that being half-earthling and being raised on Earth would repress any desire for violence. It seemed that just the opposite happened
    As Matthias moved into his teenage years, his violence did not wane; in fact it seemed to have only grown. Now, though, the kids started to fight back with just as much ferocity. This only pushed Matthias to fight more and to fight with speed, precision, and knowledge of fighting arts. So, he went out finding different masters here and there, learning all that he could in several fighting styles, never really being immersed in any one kind. Then one day he found himself in a dojo that taught Iaido. Not that he knew what that was but he liked it, the swords, the forms, the two-person sets. It was then he started his path of the sword.
    Everyday he practiced with his Iato. Everyday he got better and better. He even still practiced all the empty hand forms he had learned, but the sword was his calling. It seemed to his father an unnatural ability but he ignored his sons fervent practicing and fighting, maybe hoping that it would just dissipate from his child's mind one day. But, no that would not happen, not with this child.
    Matthias had been practicing for just under ten years now, and was a few years into to human young adulthood. He was the best in his sword class, only his master was better, but only by a hair. Over the recent years, Matthias has learned to distrust, shun, and hate the human world only be able to stand those in his class but barely. He had found meditation and incense a great help for his practicing and fight, learning to become detached from his actions and fights making him a great fighter, even though he still couldn't break the habit of smile devilishly when in the heat of battle. Meditation was also good for helping cope with the world that he was forced into, but he was coming to accept Earth even though he still felt a heritage missing.
    It was one fateful night he had come to the home of his parents to have dinner with them, not that he wanted to but his mother did and he could not say "no." He had come early to help set up. He came through the door and there were his parents fighting. He couldn't make out what the fight was about; something about aliens, him and his mother. Without warning his father slapped his mother down for something said that Matthias didn't hear; he was too engrossed in shock. When he had realized what his father had done, Matthias pounced on his own father and slew him with his bare hands. His cold eyes felt now qualms or fears and his lip curved into an evil smile, reveling in the death that he was causing. His father was dead, no breath left in him. He looked at his mother and only say fear in her eyes directed at her son. No not her son, her eye said, not the one that she tried to teach not to fight. No, she looked upon him as a murderer and fiend. Some where inside of him, Matthias had a voice saying to him, she should understand his violence, she should know what he is and why he had attacked, but he seemed a stranger to her. He became angry and without thinking he slew her as well.
    When Matthias had seen what he had done to his only family, he broke out grabbed a sword he had left at his parents' house and rampaged through out the city killing at whim with swift action and without remorse. Now he is in prison waiting for death, all the while hating humans, how they act, and how they corrupt.
    Brief Description of Race: Carasians- a race of humanoid individuals that are on average seven to seven and a half feet tall. Skin ranges rom bright to dark. They wear their hair extremely long never cutting it that is naturally bright in color. Their faces are long and serious and when they smile it is disconcerting. Eyes come in hues from cerulean blue to bright violet. Their ears are long as well coming to a sharp point that, which makes their hearing impeccable. Their martial prowess is second to know and their knowledge of the sword in all facets is incomprehensible. They are a race of fighters; they fight wars just to fight them to see who is better and duels run amuck through out the planet.
    How long have you been in Orion Prospect?: Coming up to Five Earth years.
    Appearance (Physical): Dark_Elf_male_by_kerembeyit.jpg
    Appearance (Apparel): cheap%20Armani%20men%20suits-08.jpg img-thing.jpg
    Weapons of Choice: Cipher's Katana.jpg
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  6. I would love to join, but I will have to post a CS tomorrow =)
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  7. I finally have my character sheet up, he is at the bottom as an example, if you'd like to modify anything before we decide to begin.
    [MENTION=5121]iForgot[/MENTION] : The Ambassador is accepted! His name brings back some catastrophic and fun memories!
    [MENTION=5101]Meister Thricehaven[/MENTION] : Matthias is also accepted!
    [MENTION=4460]Silver[/MENTION] Jae: Of course, I'd love to have you aboard!
  8. My name is V.
    I am a child of two worlds : Earth and Sethoes
    I am marked by blue skin and large, black eyes.
    I am untamed and wild
    I strike terror into the hearts of man
    I will tear you apart
    I will avenge
    My name is V
    And I am a traitor to Mankind.

    Name: There are no words to translate Syntherian names. He will answer to V.

    Age: Adolescence

    2nd Race: Syntherian

    2nd Race's Homeworld: Sethoes

    Personality: V, while being a half-breed, has the mindset of a very typical Syntherian. He would be considered unemotional, even robotic, by many sentient beings. This is untrue, V does have feelings, but they are no where near that of, say, a human. Where a man might feel elation or depression, V will be content or disappointed. His species is very limited in it's expression. To see V smile is almost unheard of. However, when joined with a host body, it is the exact opposite. His emotions will be heightened and erratic, causing bursts of laughter and tears at the smallest of things, as the Syntherian is not used to dealing with such strong feelings.

    Brief Description of Race: Mankind has very little knowledge of the Syntherian people, as communication between the two species has been difficult, with Syntherian language being half sung. What humans do know of the Syntherians is worrisome. Syntherians come from the planet Sethoes, orbiting the star Vulfuhre. Vulfuhre burns bright and hot, mixing with Sethoes atmosphere to create a stiflingly humid climate. As such, most life, including the Syntherians, are nocturnal, coming out in the cooler nights to go about their lives. Sethoes is a beautiful planet, its flora and fauna covered in differing patterns of light and colour. While many of the creatures in Sethoes are colourblind, the patterns of light help them identify different species.

    The Syntherian's would be described as tribal by many, but if one were to look closer, it would become apparent that some outside force has brought enlightenment to them. The Syntherian still retain the nature of a predator and have yet to lose the claws and fangs of an animal, yet have a developed language, are able to use tools, and have a startling understanding of mathematics and writing not seen in primitive cultures. However, most people tend to focus on the Syntherians' strange abilities. Syntherian have the ability to enter a host body and connect their nervous system with the host,essentially taking control of the body. This helps them in their hunting, but they are able to use this ability on any sentient, organic species.

    How long have you been in Orion Prospect?: Since he was a young child. It has been many years.

    Appearance (Physical):V is a bipedal, though his limbs are elongated compared with his torso. His thinness would give one the impression that he's starving, and while Syntherians are already relatively scrawny in comparison to a human, V is starving. V's eyes seem all black, as the pupil is in a constant state of dilation, evolved from a primarily nocturnal life. If needed, he has a second eyelid that acts as a light filter for daytime travel. However, the most startling thing about V is his fingers, or what stand in for them. The actual fingers are small stubs that barely protrude from the palm, however the hard carbon claws that extend from them are incredibly long, designed for nimble precision, and vicious attacks. V's skin is a deep blue, faintly shimmering and glowing in the dark. His black hair is cut short, uneven and messy, as if he did it himself.

    Appearance (Apparel): V is dressed in simple black shorts and a long black vest. He has no shoes.

    Weapons of Choice: Using weapons is difficult for V. He's much more adept with his own body, and will cause some damage.
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  9. ....V is accepted Lulu. * is still jealous of you.*
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  10. My name is Areiacio Terramaltic
    I am a child of two worlds : Earth and Ixenon.
    I am marked by a black stripe down my left arm and my dark red eyes...
    I am loyal and determined.
    I am careful and watchful, hating mankind.
    I usually stay in the shadows, attacking when I feel endangered.
    I will survive.
    My name is Areiacio Terramaltic,
    And I am a traitor to Mankind.

    Name: I am Areiacio Terramaltic, but I go by Areiz.
    Age: Adolescent.
    2nd Race: Ixenonals
    2nd Race's Homeworld: Ixenon
    Personality: Loyal to those who gain my trust, I am very sweet and protective. Those who I don't know I am suspicious and watchful of. If I feel threatened, I hiss and show my teeth. I love my string bracelet, which was given to me by my parents to resemble my difference.
    Brief Description of Race: Ixenonals are a species of people with white skin and red eyes. They have no ears and slitted pupils. Their eyes are usually red, and rarely an Ixenonal is born with black eyes. Those born with black eyes are usually very inquisitive and most of them are blind or have vision problems. They are very dangerous and are independent beings, so beware the Ixenonals. Ixenonals where mostly the only inhabitants on Ixenon until humans started exploring space, then species started popping up all over Ixenon, making Ixenonals more independent and vicious. Most Ixenonals are very untrusting, finding it very hard to trust others. They are also very independent creatures and keep their safety above those they don't trust. If they do trust the person, they become loyal and that person becomes their top safety priority.
    How long have you been in Orion Prospect? I have been in the Orion Prospect for about 10 human years so far.
    Appearance (Physical): Standing at 5'4'', I have an athletic build that adds to my speed and my agility. I have very sharp teeth and my nails are pointed. My skin is a snow white and my eyes are a very dark red, almost black. I have trouble seeing in bright lights, but when it is dark I see perfectly. I have slitted pupils and I have a black stripe on my left that goes to my elbow, then two dots, then the line continues to my wrist. I have jet black hair that is usually kept short.
    Appearance (Apparel): She wears a navy blue shirt and a black hoodie, the hood almost always over her head to cover her sensitive ears. She wears a pair of loose jeans and a pair of tennis shoes. I also wear a string bracelet on my left arm that I never take off
    Weapons of Choice: Knives and her natural defenses, but she will use a rifle when it is necessary.
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  12. My name is Nolan Veel.
    I am a child of two worlds : Earth and Kajir.
    I am marked by the blue lines that resemble "tattoos", which form a connected X on my front and back.
    I am the calm before the storm.
    I will make allies with those who have the same goals, and crush those who choose to be fiends.
    I will slash you apart if you get too close, and watch your body fall to my gun as you try to run away.
    I will fight.
    My name is Nolan Veel,
    And I am a traitor to Mankind.

    Name: Nolan Veel
    Age: Adolescent
    2nd Race: Tenno. A race that is almost identical to the humans. They have a higher technology though and managed to unlock the secret about Human Augmentation long before the humans. Brain Augmentations, which boost the brain's subconscious processing power, are currently only known by them
    Planet of Origin: Kajir
    Personality: Being half Tenno and Human allows Nolan to see some things different. He acts only after thinking for a short moment, which is probably a good choice. Should things not go as planned though, he may loose focus for a short moment.
    He never understood why the Tenno don't fight the Human Empire back and hide instead, so he chose to go and do at least something. Because of this, he can be considered a hot head with a cool mind.
    Brief Description of Race: The Tenno are a race of thinkers and philosophers, which do know how to defend themselves with superior technology though. Their Humanoid bodies are almost exact copies of the human ones, but there is one big difference. Augmentations.
    The Tenno discovered how to boost their body's and brain's abilities without sacrificing much for it in return.
    Thanks to this, they surpass the human body in many ways, but lack the knowledge of how difficult normal humans take on problems. If their Augmentations somehow are disabled, they can find themselves at a big disadvantage.
    Luckily, this can't be done easily. Even the EMP of a nuclear weapon has not enough power.
    How long have you been in Orion Prospect?: Unknown. He doesn't pay attention to time.
    Appearance (Physical): Height 1,8 M
    Weight: 90,5 KG
    Well trained body.
    Thanks to certain augmentations, he can lift things that are 4 times heavier then him and throw them over a distance around 10M.
    For short durations, he can boost his reaction time to astronomic levels, making the world look for him like everything is in slow motion.
    His Brain can boost his moving speed, but comes at a price. He burns his Stamina up too quick, so he can not use it all the time.
    Appearance (Apparel) (open)

    Weapons of Choice: A sword for close combat, and a handgun for mid-long range combat.
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  13. Dear Nova, your character is accepted to play in this contrive.
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  14. My name is Caim
    I am a child of two worlds: Earth and Vaccius
    I am marked by my right arm, and soon to be my entire body.
    I am the quiet, cold touch of death.
    I will salvage this world's fallen and restore its humanity the best I am able.
    I will look into your eyes as you die by my glaive, and listen to you cry as I stalk you from the dark.
    I will survive.
    My name is Caim,
    And I am a traitor to mankind.
    Name: Caim
    Age: Young-Adult, possibly eighteen.
    2nd Race: Caim's mother was a Nhilus, a race of humanoid reptiles with a variety of abilities. They have unnatural connections with Earth's reptiles and amphibians, their abilities, with others behind the veil.
    Planet of Origin: Earth
    Personality: Caim's inhuman race are a military strict people. They value those who can fight, but also value the wise and philosophical. While his human side, any one of different character is unique: difference is bliss. He possesses the quality of both sides. The Nhilius in him embodies his character as a serious, strong-willed, soldier. While his human blood allows him to be charismatic, enthusiastic, and mostly understand both perspectives. Being both man and alien allows him to truly understand what humanity means. How freedom to coexist is not to lay down on an examination table, like a slab of meat. Caim is a fighter, an a assassin of the black.
    Brief Description of Race: Nhilus is the definition of a perfect soldier. They show little to no emotion, make rational and irrational decisions with unparalleled philosophy. Humanity remains either neck-n-neck or a step behind. Five years before Caim's birth, the Hiskin War took place and held for ten years until humans retreated. They posses the most advanced weapon systems, equipment, and tactician systems. They constantly trade goods with Taliums to advance their position in the food chain.
    They're one of the many races to combine their natural abilities with military combat. Like lizards, they can regenerate limbs/heal at an extreme rate. They are quick on their feet, and as agile as a basilisk. Their skin has the ability to absorb ambient light, and turn themselves thoroughly invisible--but still subject to noise. A strong sense of smell and hearing renders them nearly the perfect infiltrators. They can be in and out of a bad scenario as if they were never there.
    How long have you been in Orion Prospect: Caim has lived among these grounds for nearly ten years, causing trouble for local authorities in secrecy as an anonymous vigilante. With help from his mother's network, and his natural skills, he's been careful of the world's eyes. Local photos take of him on camera have only managed to snap images of his membrane mask.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Weapon of Choice: Hybrid Flesh Glaive(See Appearance) and Nhilus Tech Energy Sword.
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  15. Lol....real cute. darling. Accepted.
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  16. >.< I am waiting for everyone to get their posts in..
  17. If not everyone replies in 2 days, could you move the story? Maybe they just don't know what to post yet. If the story moves, "Action and Reaction" kicks in and they should get more active.
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  18. I can surely do so, Nova. There are also just some who are a little busy but we can move forward in two days.
  19. Yep. Nova's got a good idea there