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  1. This is a Zombie apocalyptic rp, I've been planning this for a very very long time. You can be who you want, human, vampire, shapshifter, etc. You can also use magic if you want as well. My character, is a Hybrid, a half human, half demon and a half Vampire who can use magic. The first of it's kind. Don't God Mod your characters! Don't put any Diseases on your character especially if you're wanting to be a dragon *hint* *hint*. You can be who you want. Their will be blood, gore, mature language, romance, steamy scenes that will fade to black. SO if you don't like that then sorry, this isn't for you. Oh and don't be all Mr. I'm A Badass And I'll Take Over This Shit type of guy, if so don't bother. Now, lets get started :)

    The year is 2021, in December of 2019 our world was destroyed by Nukes from Russia and North Korea but mainly North Korea, them bastards. They unleashed toxins around the world, that was bought from Syria and whom still aids them, at this time. I don't know how long it's been but I've been out for I don't know how long. I'm only woke up in the Military. I came across a few encounters but that's it. IS anyone out their?

    March 21, 2021, day 562.

    I've lost nearly half my food. If anyone finds this, Tell me mom...I love them. They've gotten stronger, faster, smarter. I don't know how but they have. I've set up traps and the like. I can't find anymore survivors...I've been at this radio for fucking ever. Will someone answer me!

    Now, I need quite a lot of people to play this. I'd like to have nearly a equal amount of females and males, maybe a little more females than males, but not to much.
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