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Resident White Mage, "Don't Fuck With Me."
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NJCs, or Non-Joined Characters, are an advanced form of NPC that is controlled by a singular individual. These characters do not require a full character sheet to be played, but do still require GM acceptance.

Teresa van der Scheur by: Tuujaimaa Tuujaimaa

Player Characters
Nabriales Taeryn by: Tuujaimaa Tuujaimaa
Reates by: yoshua171 yoshua171
Howell Curson by: A Lowly Wretch A Lowly Wretch
Madison Harper by: yoshua171 yoshua171
Cynthia by: CorrosiveCherry CorrosiveCherry

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Resident White Mage, "Don't Fuck With Me."
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Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Magical, Horror
Character belongs to Tuujaimaa Tuujaimaa

Nabriales Taeryn

348 | Male | Human - Precursor| Super Gay™ | Nabri


  • Appearance

    Nabriales stands at 5'9" and weighs 170 pounds, a mixture of lean muscle and a small amount of fat. Nabriales is particularly fond of his youthful and somewhat varied appearance - he is adorned with a cracked pair of blue horns ostensibly as a result of his various alchemical tinkerings, and after the mishap that gave him the horns was resolved he elected to keep them as he enjoys the aesthetics of having horns. Through the cracks vis in varying shades of blue or purple can occasionally be seen flaring up, particularly when he brews potions - though also whenever emotions or tensions are high. Additionally, he has a marking just underneath his right eye that seems to indicate a guardian bond between himself and a Prae - though he is particularly reticent about any information regarding such, and merely states that he enjoys the way that the marking looks.

    Nabriales can often be found with eccentric clothing, preferring to wear loose-fitting robe-like clothing that gives him maximum fluidity and breathing room. He is known to change the colour of his clothes, or even his entire ensemble, on a whim. His clothing choice is often woefully inadequate for his chosen profession - alchemy - and his colourful drapery is often made more so by the spills of various reagents, and patches tend to be missing - Nabriales often does not notice this, and as soon as it is pointed out will either change entirely or repair his garment magically.

    Of particular note is Nabriales' otherworldly beauty. Precursor descendants are widely recognised as being far more beautiful than ordinary humans - and Nabriales is considered especially beautiful by Precursor standards. Just as many average humans are utterly spellbound and captivated by beings such as Prae, who are seen as angelic, Nabriales looks almost like something out of a story book - his entire ensemble and appearance suggest something fae in origin, somehow both wicked and beautiful - and this otherworldly beauty garners him particular attention among those aesthetically inclined.

    When channeling vis throughout his body, Nabriales' skin and horns take on various hues in a scintillating rainbow pattern.


    Nabriales is part narcissist, part egotist, and part downright flirty - he is a man of great pleasure, and often finds it primarily in himself and his actions. Nabriales is, as most of his kind are, a prodigy in the magical arts - and this natural talent has shaped his perceptions of greatness for as long as he has been in this world. Everything always came easily to Nabriales, and he has internalised his easy successes as greatness - though he takes this far less seriously than he is like to let on. He does fundamentally believe that he is on another level, and that the majority of the people that he meets are beneath him, but does so in an endearing sort of way that leaves very little room for misinterpretation - prideful as he may be, he is well aware of his limits and is keenly perceptive of the capabilities of those around him.

    Nabriales is also somewhat of a hedonist, preferring to play instead of work. In order to actually get anything done, he tries to mentally categorise as many activities as play as he physically can - and this is usually accomplished by doing everything he can with his whimsical and capricious nature and simultaneously trying to include physical relations in as many of his activities as he thinks he can get away with (which is an awful lot). As a result, Nabriales is an extremely tactile individual, and prefers hands-on contact in as many instances as possible. To many, this is a nuisance initially, but due to his fairly captivating beauty and generally intoxicating demeanour many simply learn that it is the way he works and accept it for what it is - a playful manner of going about what would otherwise be uninteresting.

    Nabriales is a homosexual, and is fairly forward with it - even if it is not immediately obvious from sight alone, his interactions with any male that shows the slightest hint of interest very quickly confirm it. He is well-known for his habit of bedding people as often as possible, especially those that he has business dealings with, as he considers intimate relations the sign of a deal well-struck. If confronted about his behaviour, he is quick to apologise for any overstepped boundaries but will absolutely not tone down his flirtatious nature, and depending on the nature of the rejection will take it as a personal challenge to get what he wants. Due to his profession and innate alchemical skill, it is not usually out of the question that he gets precisely what he wants - a feat that amuses him to no end.

    In general, Nabriales is a flirty, bubbly individual that delights in his own pleasure and the pleasure of others, and will seek to be the life of any party he happens to wander into.

    Fortunately, he considers life to be one big party.

  • History

    To be revealed In Character


    Sophia Taeryn

    Nabriales and Sophia have a close relationship, having maintained at least weekly contact for as long as they have been in Ominar. Nabriales recognises Sophia's extreme potential and is keen to continue to teach her magic as he did when they were children - but he realises that soon it will be her having to teach him. The pair work very well together, and always attempt to make time for one another at least once a week. Nabriales also gives Sophia the “family discount” of 100% (which he doesn't do for any other member of his family).

    Reates Saerne

    Reates is a close work colleague of Nabriales’, and the two bonded early on over their mutually eccentric ways and shared talents--specifically the Sight. The two conduct private research together and spend a good deal of time in one another’s company as a result. Nabriales offers Reates use of his vast web of connections (both in a corporate sense through Victorious Inc. and via his position as a Senator), and Reates reciprocates by allowing Nabriales use of his laboratory and research materials.

  • Belongings

    Stash of Crystal Vials - True to the Taeryn line, Nabriales is capable of crafting crystals from pure vis. He has created several crystals, one for each colour of the rainbow, that he has sculpted into alchemical flasks to contain the various potions he creates. Due to the intrinsically magical nature of the flasks, potions kept inside them do not lose any potency over time and will never expire for as long as the physical and energetic structure of the vial is not compromised. Nabriales treasures these vials, and typically uses them only for the most potent alchemical creations that he can muster--or for very close friends.

    The Alkahest - Nabriales has synthesised an extremely potent solvent that he calls the Alkahest, named after the mythical universal solvent. The Alkahest is kept within a vial lined with runic magic that prevents the Alkahest from ever touching the sides and suspends the liquid in midair, preventing anything from interacting with it or vice-versa. Nabriales is capable of manipulating the liquid with his vis, which will rapidly dissolve almost any substance that it touches, excepting that which has a great deal of imbued vis. The vial of Alkahest is capable of dissolving an entire human body within 60 seconds, down to 5 seconds if the human is dead. Nabriales guards the recipe to the Alkahest fiercely, having gone so far as to have commissioned Dr. Disquiet to purge it from his memory and bind himself to never speak of it unless specifically requested.

  • Capabilities


    Fearless (literally incapable of fear)
    Genius Biochemist

    Faster than a normal human
    Stronger than a normal human
    Heightened reflexes
    Extreme tactical awareness
    High stamina
    High physical endurance

    [The Sight {Imprinted}]

    A unique adaptation in the human Ostium, the Sight is a genetically transferable trait that allows an individual not only to perceive vis visually, but to see its presence in all things. While humans are capable of learning to perceive vis to some degree, the Sight is something else entirely. The differences are twofold, with the first difference being that it must be inherited or otherwise genetically activated; while the second is the Sight’s ability to not only perceive vis, but to perceive it all the way down to the deepest level. This essentially allows an individual to see reality in its constituent parts; represented in their purest, most accurate form--at least insofar as the mortal experience is concerned.

    However, despite the incredible abilities of this genetic ability, the Sight is not without its weaknesses. For most humans, particularly, the Sight takes a great toll on the body and the mind, as it allows an individual to take in far more information than the human brain is designed to handle in a given period of time.

    It should be noted that humans who are born with, or who awaken the Sight via genetic tampering, will not gain the inherent understanding of what they are perceiving or how to control it. This, coupled with the Sight being ludicrously rare in the vast majority of humanity, makes it perhaps one of the most mysterious, and certainly powerful, forms of inherently magical traits.

    The Mechanics of the Sight

    The difference between normal humans and humans with the Sight is thus: Humans with the Sight have exceptionally broad channels of their Ostium that directly interface with their eyes, naturally projecting from, and pulling vis into, the eyes. These broad vis channels, in Sight-inheriting humans, are structured almost identically to the vis channels of a powerful mage's Ostium, though with small alterations. These alterations, rather than allow the individual to use spells by coding vis with intention, or altering the patterns that it follows, instead allow the individual to "shift" the amount of detail and "depth" they can see when observing vis. This ability differentiates a Sight-inheritor from a normal human. This is due to the fact that, despite their ability to broaden the vis channels in their eyes so as to perceive vis, they cannot give those vis channels the ability to differentiate the same level of detail/depth as a Sight-Inheritor could.

    Note: Precursor Descendant "Sight" is generally better due to the fact that their "second Ostium," stores the necessary genetic information to properly interpret the information brought in by the Sight. Furthermore, the ability has a 50% (or so) chance of being inherited by their children, with a lesser 30% chance of the Sight being properly potent in said offspring. In addition to this ability to interpret the information somewhat intuitively--provided they try to delve into the Sight's use--a Precursor can imprint their Sight again so as to increase the intuitive grasp of generations to come.

    [Vis Sense {Imprinted}]

    The ability to sense, or feel vis in one's surroundings. Nabriales boasts an exceptional vis sense, having thousands of years of effective training and experience to draw from due to his Precursor heritage. He is capable of sensing ambient vis with extreme and exacting detail, picking up on the imprints of spellcraft that are left behind and analysing them thoroughly, as well as being able to feel out ambient effects such as glamours (even through being affected by them). He is able to discern the race and subspecies (if applicable) of an individual through feel alone, as well as distinguish their innate magical capacity.

    Nabriales has a particular affinity for the vis within alchemical compounds and the minutiae of biology. Vis sense alone is enough for him to determine the quality of an ingredient and any classifications it might possess that are ordinary or extraordinary, as well as its suitability for potioncraft. In the same vein, he is able to feel out the effects of a potion on an individual’s vis as it is taking effect and measure them accordingly provided that he is also able to observe them.

    [Teleportation {Imprinted}]

    Nabriales is one of the most accomplished mages in Spatial Manipulation on Medius, often being recruited to teach at Inerva University when his schedule allows. Nabriales is capable of exceptional feats of teleportation--easily able to teleport himself, as well as large groups, to any location that he has any reasonable knowledge of. Teleportation comes naturally as breathing to Nabriales, and he is capable of feats such as: delayed teleportation; partial teleportation; creation and maintenance of portals; teleportation through extremely concentrated areas of vis.

    Thanks to the Sight and extreme skill Nabriales is capable of teleporting items or objects inside people. This most typically manifests as his ability to teleport the contents of a potion inside someone’s stomach, but this has several important limitations--the person must be extremely close to Nabriales and in sight, they must not be in the process of spellcraft, and if they do not expressly consent to the process they must be either distracted or restrained. Thanks to the inbuilt laws of teleportation, this particular ability is physically incapable of causing harm to an individual as a result of its process--only empty space inside an individual can be teleported into, and no displacement of existing matter can take place. Excluding potions (for which Nabriales has an exceptional affinity), vis-infused objects cannot be teleported in this manner.

    Thanks to a healthy dose of pride and disdain for walking, Nabriales refuses to walk anywhere for any reason. He almost exclusively uses his teleportation magic for transport, despite the fact that it is considerably more taxing than walking (energetically speaking). Walking is for plebs.

    [Potioncraft {Imprinted}]

    Nabriales is by and large the most skilled mage in Potioncraft on Medius. Thanks to thousands of years of imprinted knowledge, the Sight, an enormous heaping of natural talent, and his access to an exceptional amount of resources he has honed his practice of potioncraft to an artform. He is able to create the majority of minor to intermediate potions simply by imbuing water with his vis and mimicking the vis pattern of potions he has created or observed in the past, and is known for his speed and phenomenal success rate when creating potions using traditional methods as well as his innovative methods of extracting the vis from ingredients to its maximum potential.

    Thanks to Victorious Inc.’s vast web of resources and strict focus on potioncraft research and methodology, as well as Nabriales’ connections to Inerva University, he has made advances in potioncraft to such an extent that he is capable of creating entirely new methods--as well as conceiving of entirely new potions--with relative ease (though the process takes considerable time).

    [Runecraft {Imprinted}]

    Nabriales holds a particular love of runic magic for its facility in automating what he considers busywork. He is capable of creating extremely advanced runic matrices in virtually every commonly recognised language and has made one of his own specifically for his interactions with Spatial Manipulation that is commonly used by the Serpentine Conglomerate in order to help regulate teleportation within Ominar.

    Thanks to the Sight, Nabriales has a much easier time of deciphering runic magic than those that do not possess it, and this has contributed to his understanding in no small way. Though extremely experienced, any unique languages he comes across--such as those of the Chayi--are only as familiar to him as the Sight allows, and he can only glean limited insight into their inner workings and make extrapolations based on prior experience and knowledge.

    [Reification {Imprinted}]

    Like all skilled magi, Nabriales is exceptionally adept at Reification. Unlike most, Nabriales very strictly disfavours the standard approach of physically solidifying vis and uses his abilities and knowledge exclusively in the aid of spellcraft in ways such as the Systemic Method. He is capable of creating enormously complex vis structures, allowing him to cast a large number of spells that would ordinarily require ritualistic elements without those mnemonic processes (provided that there is no specific vis required from components of those rituals that cannot be otherwise replaced).

    Like all Precursor Descendants, Nabriales is very skilled in the creation of vis crystals--an extremely advanced application of Reification that causes vis to condense in orderly patterns and take on a physical crystalline form (as opposed to the more traditional use of Reification which is distinctly more energetic). Nabriales is only particularly skilled at the most basic level of vis crystal creation, not being able to imbue them with any thaumaturgical elements as others in his family are able to.

    Thanks to his inherent pride and aforementioned disdain of the more conventional aspects of Reification, Nabriales will never resort to its use--he would rather teleport someone in to do it for him than do it himself.

    [Scrying (Wards) {Imprinted}]

    Nabriales has studied scrying--and thus wards--extensively throughout his life. Thanks to his imprinted knowledge of the extensive wards in the Taeryn family compound, as well as his own research, he is very skilled with wards. He has found very little practical use for scrying on a personal level, though knows enough to attempt a reasonable job at it if he is required to do so. His skill with wards is very impressive, however, as he has replicated the techniques and potency of of the Taeryn family wards and has been tutored by his good friend Reates Saerne in creating exquisite wards.

    [Hieroturgy {Not Imprinted}]

    Nabriales has dabbled somewhat in Hieroturgy, practicing it for certain niche applications regarding the warding around Victorious Inc. and Victorious Secret and studying it in a theoretical sense in order to somewhat replicate its effects using Potioncraft, but is by no means a particularly skilled hieroturge. Thanks to his connections to the Senate he is extremely familiar with the hieroturgical law of Ominar and has a strong theoretical understanding of the magic, though he is only capable of minor to intermediate feats and even then uses them exclusively with other forms of magic that he is familiar with.

The Alchemist

"I have a potion for that!"



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Teresa van der Scheur

46 | Female | Human™ | Serpentine Conglomerate


  • Capabilities


    Mathematical Genius


    Surprisingly durable
    Requires little sleep
    Requires vis-infused food and water


    [Rift Magic]

    Teresa, being the leader of the Serpentine Conglomerate, is one of the individuals most-versed in Rift Magic in existence. Though her knowledge is almost entirely theoretical, she is extremely capable and personally maintains the wards within the Pillar that ensure that Pylae does not accidentally leak into Ominar.

    [Spatial Manipulation]

    Teresa is extremely knowledgeable in the minutiae of teleportation and portal magic. She is the only being in Ominar who is capable of skirting the large-scale protection that the Serpentine Conglomerate offers.

Leader of the Serpentine Conglomerate

"Permission denied."



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eates Ϩaerne. . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
ᴛ ʜ ᴇ....ᴠ ᴀ ɴ ι s ʜ ι ɴ ɢ....ʙ ᴜ ᴛ ᴛ ᴇ ʀ ғ ʟ ʏ

"Well, I'm supposed to have some kind of quote in here, but, uh, what do I even say?"
Theme I Theme II

R E A T E S....S A E R N E
Ree-eights Say-ern
One-hundred-thirty-five. Male. Human.​
[ ⊰⊱ ] Ⱥppearance
Reates walks with confidence in his step, a grin on his lips, and a mischievous glint in his lively green eyes. He stands at 5'11 and has a hardy, somewhat muscular build, neither overly bulky nor particularly lean. A pair of spectacles typically rest on the bridge of his nose, filtering the strange glow from his eyes.

[ ⊰⊱ ] io
Reates is a charismatic, confusing, eccentric. He’s intelligent, charming, and loves to poke, prod, and twist people’s minds up to make them think and see how they react. He loves people, loves magic, and has an endless sense of curiosity and adventure. While there is much more to this enigmatic man, you will have to find out for yourself.
While the early days of Reates life are unknown, there are somethings that are worth mentioning...not to mention that they might actually be remotely your business.

First to note is that Reates has been in Ominar for quite sometime and has--for the majority of that time--been working at Inerva University. Therein he has met many friends and taught many pupils, educating them in the ways of the world...and magic. In this time he has gained an Official Hunter's License, eventually rising to the class of B. Despite this he is not well known and has taken pains to having his reputation...uh, kept tightly under control as something of a favor. Notably, Reates teaches a rather wacky Advanced Magic class akin to an honors student course, but where he takes in honors student and select individuals that he will notify at his leisure. Of course, this is only his day class. What Reates is truly known for, at the University, is his mysterious Night Class, which cannot be signed up for unless you've been chosen, but can be walked into without any prior paperwork. The exact nature of this class is a fiercely guarded secret.

Beyond this, Reates has involved himself with a number of others, including Teresa, Inerva, Nabriales, and Sophia. Every day the mad professor continues his campaign to achieve True Immortality, and come to understand the true nature of all Aberrant entities. He takes it as his solemn duty to one day understand the entirety of magic, including the vis which comes from Rift, Pylae, itself.
Inerva: As his employer, she holds a special place in his heart. Also he's just happy that she tolerates his, um...unique brand of teaching.

Leah Allen: Though she now lives on her own, Reates was once Leah’s legal guardian--though the girl is not aware that he is directly related to her (with him being her Great Grandfather). As a result Leah thinks of Reates as her “Uncle,” and the two are quite close. Despite her insistence that she can take care of herself, Reates keeps a close eye on her, though largely without her knowledge. He cares for her far too much to not look out for her wellbeing.

Nabriales Taeryn: Having become acquainted as a matter of business and mutual benefit, Reates met Nabriales when he one day stumbled into the man’s potion shop. A sort of eccentric friendship and work-partnership sprung up from their interaction. The two keep in touch, trading information and occasionally resources fairly often.

Sophia Taeryn: Having met Nabri’s sister largely because of, well, Nabri, the two are acquainted and friendly, if not friends just yet.

Casaeri Võimeum: Due to Reates’ endless search for knowledge and resources, these two have become involved, with the licenti offering Reates information--and a number of other boons--in exchange for the mage’s silence, and occasional assistance in certain matters. Additionally, the licenti makes a wonderful conversation partner, especially over a game of cards or chess.

Madison Lily Harper: One of his students to which he pays particular attention due to her strange vis and incredible potential.

Bree: The two are associates and occasionally friends, depending on the mood of the hundred-headed demon. In large part, Reates maintains and supplies Bree with enchanted items and a number of other pieces of equipment or materials should the man need it. In exchange, Bree keeps Reates on the up-n-up of information regarding a certain organization or three.

Teresa: The two are colleagues and to some degree, friends. They share research and occasionally get lunch, little more. Teresa enjoys giving Reates trouble regarding the safety of his lab and the experiments he conducts, whereas Reates finds her amusing, useful, pleasant, and fascinating.

[ ⊰⊱ ] quipment & elongings
Cellphone: Exactly what it sounds like yo. It's got a mode specifically for work though, which is pretty neat.

Miscellaneous: Various items or things that he owns such as an apartment or two, a car, a secret laboratory or three etc.
Lyura's Star: A pendant of ancient make, Lyura's star is an artifact that Reates uncovered in his travels. The item, while appearing to merely be an elaborate pendant, is actually composed of a number of rings that were created by a rather famous mage of the Renaissance. The item's exact abilities are unknown to most, but Reates has managed to puzzle out a great deal of its functionality. Namely, the item was crafted by way of the Art, its mechanisms giving it the ability to manipulate space-time to a limited degree in the direct vicinity of the user--or conversely--to stabilize their manipulations making the act easier. When in use, the pendant hums and appears to undulate as the many rings that make it up turn in unison. The item appears to be nigh indestructible, though Reates is not entirely sure why.

Meniscus: Seen in his appearance, these glasses are in actuality a one-of-a-kind magical device. Possessing four notable properties, Meniscus is exceptionally durable, locked in a fixed state in space-time, is a Focus and is capable of filtering/restraining the Sight.

The durability of Meniscus is such that it can withstand the force of a 200 mph car collision without damage and resist up to 1204 degrees Fahrenheit without issue. Should it take damage, Meniscus fixed state will cause it to reconstitute itself, pulling together its constituent elements independent of Reates or any other source of vis, before returning itself back to its state prior to being damage. Combined, these two properties make Meniscus nigh indestructible.

Aside from its passive properties--listed above--are its ability to restrain and filter the Sight and its properties as Reates’ Focus. The former of the two works by shifting the attunement of the lens, basically allowing only certain types of vis to pass through and enter the wearer’s eyes. Despite not fully covering the eyes, they manage to fully filter the Sight unless directed to do otherwise. This process is dictated by tiny incredibly precise pulses of intention laden vis from Reates. As to the Focus-related properties of Meniscus, it gathers information from any vis that comes into contact with it, and/or within a 5 meter radius of its wearer. This informs the wearer to the sorts of vis in the area, but not to the exact location or intention behind said vis. Beyond this, the glasses act as an amplifier to the stability and precision of Reates’ ability to manipulate vis.

**On closer inspection, Meniscus can be seen to be inscribed with what appear to be incredibly small and inordinately intricate runes. If inspected with the Sight or through a microscope, the actual materials that makes up the glasses will be nigh impossible to ascertain without extensive--and continuous--viewing.

[ ⊰⊱ ] Ҏ ets & Ȼ ompanions
Abstractis Imperialis Veritisi: Taking the form of a large swarm of butterflies, Abstractis is an Aberration, otherwise known as an entity that either originates from or has been significantly altered by, the realm of Pylae. Like all aberrations, Abstractis possesses properties that are largely impossible to explain mechanically with any known scientific or magical theory. Perhaps its most notable traits are its sapience, passive absorption of vis, and of course its incredible camouflage. The first of these is relatively simple as the swarm is a hivemind intelligence with a composite intellect. The intellect of the swarm is directly proportional to its numbers, meaning that it is far worse for it to lose members than some other organism. Beyond this, Abstractis feeds on vis, absorbing it through proximity and contact at a slow, but continuous rate. It shares vis among its many bodies and despite absorbing it, cannot be detected by said vis. Last among its notable traits is its camouflage, which comes in the form of the swarm’s ability to alter the color and texture of its body through unknown means. This camouflage combined with it being impossible to sense, or sense through, in regards to vis makes the swarm an exceptionally good vis insulator/dampener.

*If supplied sufficient vis, Abstractis can replenish its swarm after being reduced in size.
**Abstractis communicates telepathically, but can be blocked out by those with training.
***When not hiding itself, Abstractis takes on the coloration seen in Reates’ picture above.

Personality: Abstractis moves and speaks with purpose and, as one might expect, has little care or understanding of the need for personal space. The being is observant, intelligent, and fairly blunt. One might even describe it as tactless, though someone who does ought to remind themselves that Abstractis is by no means human and so has differing notions of humor, right and wrong. The aberration tends to stay around Reates, both by his request, and its own will--especially since the man is its primary source of vis.

Rystreim: Another aberration that has decided to tag along with the professor, Rystreim appears to be a living, sapient cat composed entirely of apparently indestructible crystal. The only parts of its body that are not entirely crystalline appear to be its eyes; the tip of its tail and claws; as well as the very core of its body. The tail, claws, and eyes are composed of a white glowing vis, which constantly emits from the ‘cat’ in faint smoky trails. The core of its body on the other hand is a reddish hue that glows warmly from within, refracting with the transparent bluish crystal that makes up Rystreim’s form. When observing the aberration one might first think it some kind of golem, that is until it comes into contact with water, fire and/or extreme temperatures on either side of the scale.

When the aforementioned occurs Rystreim’s body reacts violently, though the reaction depends on the temperature. Exposure to water or any temperature too cold for a normal cat will cause Rystreim’s body to shine from within, its light refracting through its body to produce a blinding light that swiftly heats its form and releases waves of burning vis. Rystreim becomes more quick and agile in this state and the longer it stays like this, the hotter it and the area around it will become. Exposure to fire or any temperature uncomfortable to a cat, Rystreim’s body will absorb the heat and--through unknown processes--convert it to electromagnetic energy. An electromagnetic field will project from Rystreim’s form, extending up to 10 meters from it. Within this field particularly magnetic and conductive materials will be drastically heated and perhaps even melted by the heat imparted to them from the electrical energy. Direct contact with Rystreim’s body will cause mild to severe electrical shocks ranging from mere static shocks to electrocution. Beyond this, Rystreim is capable of blocking out telepathic communication and can speak vocally despite not possessing any kind of biological mechanisms for such.

*Rystreim’s name is a link.

Personality: Like mundane cats, Rystreim is curious, enjoys long naps, and is fairly temperamental, switching between loving and hostile at the drop of a hat. She does not spook easily, unlike most cats, and is only bothered by water, fire, and uncomfortable heat/cold. Beyond this, any assault on her person is merely annoying. The ‘cat’ will often be seen following Reates around or sleeping near him. She enjoys being petted, but the amount you can pet her without being nipped depends on her mood. Beyond this, Rystreim is exceptionally intelligent and when active, can derive incredible amusement to startling people--either with its ability to talk--or by coming into contact with the elements that make her aberrant traits abundantly clear.

[ ⊰⊱ ] apabilities
Telepathy and Mental Resistance: Possessing considerable mental fortitude and telepathic ability, Reates is capable of projecting ideas, images, and ‘speech’ over a distance so long as he has either established a connection beforehand or knows the vis signature of the intended recipient. Beyond this he is exceptionally skilled at mental wards and defensive tricks to resist telepathic attacks or otherwise psychic influence. Like all non-magical telepathy, this ability can be interfered with by a vis deficient atmosphere, the presence of erratic vis, too many other frequencies, and some wards as either a byproduct or intentional result of their intended purpose.

When used, all communicated ideas, images, and ‘speech’ are easily distinguishable from the receiver’s own thoughts, ideas, and mental imagery. While this is not a property inherent to non-magical Telepathy, it is one inherent to Reates’ use of it. As a result of this, Reates cannot use his Telepathy to trick someone into adopting a set of thoughts or ideas by making them think that they are their own. The ability is merely another means by which he may communicate. He is fully capable of creating a ‘broadcast’ of his Telepathy, reaching the minds of anyone within a certain range of his person. However, should he wish to ‘broadcast’ over a range bigger than 10 meters, he must augment the ambient vis that his Telepathy travels through with a field of vis.

*For Telepathic communication over a distance greater than the size of your average modern city, Reates must first have established a particularly potent--and typically permanent--link. If this is not done, any given telepathic ‘message’ is more likely to be drowned out by the ambient movement of vis than to ever reach the intended recipient.

PHD in Science and Teaching: Having done his due diligence for a number of years--and more than once at that--Reates has a PHD in a number of sciences, namely physics, astrophysics, and biology. While he does not have a PHD focusing on the medical field or in Chemistry he does possess a similar level of knowledge and experience in said fields. Beyond this he is also a certified Professor and has taught at a number of grade levels. Within the last two decades he has settled into a college teaching position in one of Ominar’s prestigious Universities.

Enhanced Intelligence: An intentional product of his enhanced physicality and Sight, Reates mind is something unique. He is a man of exceptional intelligence with a somewhat unique ability to ‘multi-thread’ his thoughts, making it possible for him to maintain up to eight unrelated chains/trains of thought at once. This combined with his analytical and creative mind makes for a devastating combination. Further, his memory is exceptional, even if it sometimes take him a moment to recall a detail or two one can be assured that he will recall it with few exceptions. Of course as an unfortunate side-effect of this drastically heightened mental processing, Reates has to eat, drink, or metabolize vis at a faster rate than most humans. If he fails to do so he can very easily succumb to exhaustion, blackout, or otherwise lose consciousness unexpectedly.

Aberrant Knowledge: As one of the leading experts in the study of Aberrations, Reates has an understanding of these anomalous beings and artifacts than almost anyone. He can use this knowledge for a variety of purposes, such as magic, dealing with aberrations when necessary, and even, in some cases, handling Pylae-related events.

Magical Savant: Hailing from a magically prolific family, it comes as no surprise that Reates was born with a considerably talent for magic. This intuitive grasp, coupled with his extensive training, and the Sight give him formidable insight into the workings of vis, magic, and the mechanics of the world at large.
Enhanced Physicality: While certainly possessing a largely human physiology, Reates has modified his form significantly over the years in the interest of prolonging his life and maintaining his magical potency. The alterations he has made take two forms, the first being a number of rune-like etching that have been essentially imprinted onto his entire skeletal structure. While the second takes the form of a self-maintaining set of spell-matrices, that constantly cycle vis throughout his body. Together, these two alterations give him enhanced durability, longevity, constitution, and regeneration. The enhancements mentioned bolster his bones, musculature and other cells with vis, allowing them to reproduce much faster than normal without rapidly shortening the telomeres of his cells. Additionally, this vis acts as a series of interlocked shields, making every cell in his body more difficult to damage than normal. Notably, despite these enhancements, Reates is not passively much stronger or faster than your average martial artist or otherwise athlete even if he is significantly more durable.

It should be noted that due to the connection between his own internal vis, the network of rune-like markings on his bones, and the spell matrices it is exceptionally unlikely that any of the aforementioned mechanisms will be stopped barring extreme circumstances. Thus, should Reates lose consciousness and be drained of all non-essential vis one can still expect the aforementioned to not only remain intact, but to continue functioning as normal. However, beyond this point they may start to deactivate as necessary.
The Art: Having been born into one of the families who owe fealty to the Order of Athriohm, Reates Saerne was formally trained in its use. Furthermore, after his defection--which involved the death of his uncle in order to convince the Order of his own death--Reates has taken to working with Diffugium in secret, further advancing his knowledge of the Art. While he cannot reasonably utilize the Art whilst in Ominar, his knowledge of it, and skill with it, informs the rest of his magical ability significantly.

The Sight: A unique adaptation in the human Ostium, the Sight is a genetically transferable trait that allows an individual not only to perceive vis visually, but to see its presence in all things. While humans are capable of learning to perceive vis to some degree, the Sight is something else entirely. The differences are twofold, with the first difference being that it must be inherited or otherwise genetically activated; while the second is the Sight’s ability to not only perceive vis, but to perceive it all the way down to the deepest level. This essentially allows an individual to see reality in its constituent parts; represented in their purest, most accurate form--at least insofar as the mortal experience is concerned.

However, despite the incredible abilities of this genetic ability, the Sight is not without its weaknesses. For most humans, particularly, the Sight takes a great toll on the body and the mind, as it allows an individual to take in far more information than the human brain is designed to handle in a given period of time. Reates, even with his enhanced physicality, is plagued by this issue, essentially forcing him to somewhat limit his Sight barring brief uses or exceptional circumstances. This is also uniquely troublesome for Reates due to the fact that his Sight is significantly more potent than that of most humans who develop it--Precursor Descendants excepted.

It should be noted that humans who are born, or who awaken the Sight via genetic tampering, will not gain the inherent understanding of what they are perceiving or how to control it. This, coupled with the Sight being ludicrously rare in the vast majority of humanity, makes it perhaps one of the most mysterious, and certainly powerful, forms of inherently magical traits.

The Mechanics of the Sight
The difference between normal humans and humans with the Sight is thus: Humans with the Sight have exceptionally broad channels of their Ostium that directly interface with their eyes, naturally projecting from, and pulling vis into, the eyes. These broad vis channels, in Sight-inheriting humans, are structured almost identically to the vis channels of a powerful mage's Ostium, though with small alterations. These alterations, rather than allow the individual to use spells by coding vis with intention, or altering the patterns that it follows, instead allow the individual to "shift" the amount of detail and "depth" they can see when observing vis. This ability differentiates a Sight-inheritor from a normal human. This is due to the fact that, despite their ability to broaden the vis channels in their eyes so as to perceive vis, they cannot give those vis channels the ability to differentiate the same level of detail/depth as a Sight-Inheritor could.

Note: Precursor Descendant "Sight" is generally better due to the fact that their "second Ostium," stores the necessary genetic information to properly interpret the information brought in by the Sight. Furthermore, the ability has a 50% (or so) chance of being inherited by their children, with a lesser 30% chance of the Sight being properly potent in said offspring. In addition to this ability to interpret the information somewhat intuitively--provided they try to delve into the Sight's use--a Precursor can imprint their Sight again so as to increase the intuitive grasp of generations to come.

Vis Sense: Something he’s developed since he was very very young, Reates’ vis sense--as with others--allows him to detect the vital essence of living things in addition to the ambient energy of the world. Through his extensive experience with magic and constant practice, Reates’ vis sense has reached a point where he can detect the use of various types of vis, and even analyze--to a degree--the make-up of various spells and/or enchantments. Due to its coupling with the Sight, this ability has become exceptionally potent, giving him a rather large range with a minute or more of focus, and considerable precision within roughly 30 meters, and exceptional precision within 20 meters of his person.

This trend continues, the accuracy and clarity of his senses increasing the closer they get to his person and the more he concentrates on them. Extending vis from his form can also increase the accuracy of his vis sense, allowing him further range than normal.

Scrying & Hieroturgy: Having studied the two disciplines for many years, Reates has utilized Scrying to further amplify his Sight's precison--specifically at long range--allowing him to locate specific individuals or high concentrations of vis despite line of sight as well as other variables. Naturally, as any skilled mage should, Reates can utilize scrying to hide his own presence as well...though it is not particularly necessary due to Abstractis. While the aforementioned uses are certainly notable, the most prevalent use of these two schools of magic is in the art of Warding.

Near peerless in its use, Reates is capable of using hieroturgical laws in tangent with scrying wards to create warding fields that don't just fool the senses, but become nearly physically and magically impenetrable. While often not used on their own, Reates can utilize the two schools in tangent with things such as reification and spatial magic to create some truly startling magical defense or containment fields. His skill in this area is actually so high that he occasionally takes commissions to help ward buildings or rooms.

Reification: Adept with the school of magic and further assisted by his other fields of study and his Sight, Reates is capable of rapidly fabricating vis constructs. Utilizing his extensive knowledge, and experience Reates canalter the state and properties of his constructs with relative ease.

Rift & Spatial Magic: While he is capable of normal spatial and Rift magic, he tends only to use his regular spatial magic to teleport--or on occassion to obscure or defend himself. Aside from the aforementioned applications, Reates utilizes an Art assisted version of the two magics, which he essentially keeps hidden within his lab. Implied by the locale, Reates only uses the full extent of his Art assisted Rift and Spatial magic for research purposes.

Runecraft: Something of an extension of his skill with the Art, Reates has taken to studying and utilizing runes to replace sigils and confluxes in his arsenal. Over the years he has made a point of attuning himself to a number of runic 'languages', studying and gathering them into quite an impressive collection for one person. Though, more often than not he will resort to his own personal runic language, which uses the basis of sigilcraft with significantly modified symbols, essentially assigning hundreds of individually useless properties to an equal amount of runes, which he can then combine to create incredibly intricate effects. Of course, this makes his personal runescript not only harder for other runesmiths to decode. Additionally the nature of this language means that Reates tends not to use the individual runes very much, and instead has committed a number of useful rune configurations to memory. This means that--with a limited number of effects--he can summon up the necessary rune combinations, but with others he has to take the time to actually arrange them in his mind...which takes time and focus. While perhaps more equipped than many in this regard, it still can mean the difference between life and death in dangerous situations.

Thaumaturgy: While perhaps not his preferred field of study, Reates is an accomplished thaumaturge, capable of effectively wielding any of the classical elements. However, perhaps more notable is his use of this magic in concert with the others in his arsenal. In this way it is revealed that while Reates possesses an advanced understanding of Thaumaturgy, that his own skill at it pales in comparison to a specialist. Such is the unfortunate result of being something of a generalist.

Transmutation: Second only to his skill with Warding, Transmutation is the school of magic in which Reates could be said to be exceptionally skilled. While his Wards are truly frightening in their intricacy and effectiveness, Reates' ability to transmute materials or manipulate them is startling. This reveals his tendency to--when possible--utilize a mixture of Creation and Manipulation in concert. While most transmutation specialists will focus on Manipulation, Reates takes the magic a step further by using vis to generate additional matter that he can control. Similarly he will even combine it with Simulacra to graft additional traits into existing materials. His grasp of this discipline and certainly his skill in it come entirely from his Sight and knowledge of the Art respectively. Without these two things it certainly would have taken him much longer to become as skilled as he is in this area.[/COLOR]

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Howell Curson

22 | Male | Human | Hetero | Delivery Man


  • Appearance

    Not really the most outstanding guy around. He stands at six foot even weighing one hundred and eighty eight pounds. His skin is fair and his hair is a long wild mess of bright cherry red hair reaching all the way down his back. At work he wears a dull brown short sleeved button up shirt with the Moving Co. company logo emblazoned on the sleeve with black work pants and steel-toed shoes. When not at work he can be seen wearing a plain white t-shirt and light grey cargo pants along with a pair of black worn out sneakers. At work he'll typically wear his hair back in a loose ponytail.

    Physically he's a bit of a clash. On one hand he's often been described as looking fairly effeminate and not just because of his long hair. His face is rather slender with soft features, making him come off as fairly androgynous. While having something of an inherently slender build he's got reasonably broad shoulders and his hands are somewhat wider with longer fingers than you'd find on someone his size. His shoe size is men's size thirteen. He typically stands with something of a forward slouch making him come off as shorter than he is. His hands can most often be found lingering inside his pockets for lack of anything better to do with them when he's simply conversing or otherwise.


    Getting robbed by your own family can give a man real trust issues.

    Howell is a guy who looks out for himself. He'll generally live and let live but if he gets pushed he'll push back... And by push I mean duck into a hole until it blows over or he can find some other avenue of getting ahead. He doesn't trust anyone to help him and any sort of offer is immediately faced with suspicion. Given how the ultra wealthy make money hand over fist on their backs he has no reason to believe anyone would be generous unless it's a con job. After all, that's how the ply recruit 'ya.

    He's something of a miserable sort. He'll reluctantly accept company largely because in a crowded filthy place like where he lives privacy is a luxury most can't afford. He's surrounded by people who's lives have been destroyed by drugs and he's determined not to fall into the same pitfalls so many before him have. Of course in a dangerous neighborhood like his you take your life into your own hands not being apart of a gang. On top of that he drives a delivery truck so more often than not he has good reason to believe if someone is real interested in him or his vehicle he's in imminent danger.

    He might have the sunny disposition of a cactus but underneath the sourness is a not too bad guy. He tries to stay out of other people's problems but he won't leave someone out to dry. Being a pragmatist at large he avoids trying to play the hero but knowing what it's like to be alone when thugs are shaking you down he's none too keen to let people get walked all over. If things get intense his first and primary answer is to duck and go for cover. This can be interpreted in both a literal and figurative sense as the last thing he wants is to get pulled into the big league politics. When you're stuck in a pit with rattlesnakes it's one thing but when said rattlesnakes can afford private armies and are likely ancient sorcerors powered by the blood of virgins it quickly becomes the kind of thing he wouldn't even approach with a ten mile pole. He can't even afford a ten mile pole, what's he got to levy against enemies like that?

    Nothing more than a nifty sword, a gun and a strong will to survive.

    Basically nothing.

  • History

    Life's always been tough for Howell. While he was too young to hold onto any kind of memory his father was killed leaving his mother a widow. Unable to pick up a decent job his mother had to resort to working down at Inferno Finite as a woman for hire, basically sleeping with men she doesn't know for money. The stress of raising two children alone along with the sort of company she ends up working around led to her descent into substance abuse, winding up addicted to Joy. Joy, a mean bundle of arcane chemicals in a syringe. This stuff gives the user just the most emaculate experience. No pain, no worries, nothing but pure bliss. When the drug takes over the brain's function for controlling happiness this, over time, leads the user's brain to lose the ability to generate endorphins in the pleasure centers. Once this happens the user will be incapable of feeling happiness in-between highs.

    Fun stuff. Anyhow Howell's been responsible for himself and his sister for the longest time, taking care of himself and her whenever their mother was too wasted to be of use. Throughout their early school years he largely stood up for her, supported her and kept her out of trouble, even when he had to bear the consequences. He never had the best time with making friends unlike his sister so it gave him some company even though he couldn't stand her obnoxious friends.

    Then the teen years happened. Life's hard as a teen. Trying to fit in and find one's own way in life while they're whole body is a boiling chemical soup cauldron is hard enough as it is. Throw in school and financial strain and it's a guaranteed nightmare.

    Things went from bad to worse the day his sister was invited to a party and came home the next morning addicted to Joy as well. Their relationship quickly became strained and it became a frequent topic of contention. What really bit was that she stole his credit card and pulled out a large amount of hard cash to buy drugs with. Soon enough he had to get a credit card just to pay off his other credit card. She stole that one too and did the exact same thing she did with the last one.

    Having been run into the dirt financially he's lost any real hope of ever getting into university let alone a decent paying job. With his future basically laid bare before him he did the only thing that made sense to him. He dropped out of high school, got a job at a low end delivery service and moved out into a cheap hole-in-the-wall apartment. He only sees his sister and mother on Christmas and every time time they talk it basically boils to them trying to shake him down for cash.


    Holah Curson - Mother.

    Yiel Curson - Sister.

  • Belongings

    Vis Blade - Fountain: A 10 cm long magitech handle that, at the press of a button, produces a 1.25 m long vis blade that takes a unique approach in giving it's edge enhanced cutting ability. The edge is in truth a long thin stream of vis which is projected through an emitter, sharply bent using a spacial limiter and fed back into a receiver. The narrow focus of the thread-like stream of vis combined with the force it's projected at lets it cut through most solid materials in a method similar to high-pressure water cutter technology. Similar to water cutters this blade has fair ease in cleanly slicing through most materials. Thanks to the receiver in the loop a majority of the vis expenditure is recycled which minimizes the loss of vis projected by the emitter. A tiny amount of vis is used by the spacial limiter while the majority of it's vis cost is incurred when the blade makes contact with an object, shortly interrupting the loop until the vis emitted finishes cutting through the blockage. This variation is what gives the Fountain model Vis Blade it's characteristic blurry thin edge with no center. The downside to this model is it's lack of physicality. Having no solid substance to stop physical objects means if it doesn't cut something it won't block it either.

    10 mm Handgun: Just a basic handgun using 10 mm rounds with a strobe light attachment for disorienting targets. The strobe light can be especially effective in less-than-optimally lit areas.

    "Demon Blood" Injector: A dangerous new drug to hit the streets. This stuff is nicknamed "Demon Blood" both because it is crimson in coloration and because those who take it end up with bright red irides. This substance is popular amongst lower level enforcers due to the way it enhances physical capabilities. It grants heightened strength, agility, reaction speed and a higher pain tolerance. When injected the user may experience visual/auditory hallucinations and a heightened aggression. After the effects wear off the user is left feeling physically enfeebled and mentally slow while the body reels from the stress imposed upon it by the drug. As the body develops more resistance towards the drug over prolonged use greater dosages are required to achieve the same results and when it wears off the side effects grow in proportion to the amount of Demon Blood used. Most deaths caused directly by this drug are a result of the body growing so weak after the effects wear off that the heart doesn't even have enough strength to push blood properly resulting in cardiac arrest. It doesn't help that the drug is thoroughly laced with addictive additives. Howell hasn't needed to use this drug more than a couple times in the past and hopes to keep it that way. He only keeps a shot of the stuff on him since getting killed by gangsters sounds worse than a chance at getting addicted to the stuff.

    Vis Batteries: Batteries for his Vis Blade. Besides the one in the bottom panel of the hilt that powers it he carries three more on his person. Given how he could leave the blade on all day before running out of juice on his battery he doesn't believe he needs to carry more than three of these. Given how even the economy brands are somewhat expensive he's loath to use them unless necessary.

    Touch-Screen Phone: A standard electronic model. Much cheaper than magitech phones and headsets albeit not quite as capable.

  • Capabilities


    Basic Schooling.
    Rudimentary Magitech Knowledge.
    Decent Driving.
    Sword Enthusiasm.
    Quick Witted.


    Strong Back.
    Good Cardio.
    High Pain Tolerance.
    Extraordinary Health.



    Magically his anima contains the equivalent of a MASS rank 4 caster's vis levels however his ostium can only manage up to a rank 1 vis capacity.

    Technologically he's reasonably competent. He can't assemble magitech from base components but give him some tools and he can manage basic repairs.

Howell Curson

"Just sign for the package."

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Theme I Theme II Theme III​

M A D I S O N....L I L Y....H A R P E R
Twenty-two. Female. Human. Caucasian​
[ ⊰⊱ ] Ⱥppearance
While she doesn't have an athletic build, Madison is very much in shape and well nourished, and it shows in her hourglass figure and good genetics. She has startling ice blue eyes and naturally purple hair—despite what anyone else says. She's 5'4 and is at a healthy weight for her age and height. She prefers to wear clothes that, while flattering, give her essentially full coverage as she's not the sort to show off, though she does care very much about her appearance. She's the type of girl who, despite her insecurities, doesn't need much make-up to look good. Perhaps one day she'll believe it.

[ ⊰⊱ ] io
Madison is a compassionate, if somewhat shy, woman with a love for people and a naturally optimistic disposition towards life. She believes in seeing the best in people, or at least not letting their faults overshadow all else. She is a responsible young woman with a strong sense of morals, though not black and white at all in her outlook on life. Still, despite the passion in her heart, her strong sense of responsibility, and her loyal nature, Madison does not do well under pressure from people—though she does fine if that pressure is largely self-imposed. She has a fear of deep water and has a measure of insecurity, and thus vulnerability, about her. While she's the sort to come off as innocent and pure, one shouldn't let that fool them for Madison is as human as anyone else. After all she may be studious and loyal, but she can be irrational and moody; self deprecating or fake; and whiel she is often a role model she is still a full grown woman who has not so appropriate thoughts about passing strangers. At least not all the time.
In short, Madison was born a rather sickly infant to a Mary Harper-Galagher and James Galagher. Soon after, her grandmother Lily Harper died at the ripe old age of 140, giving over her own jewelry, the family heirlooms, to Madison. Following this Madison's health improved greatly, as did her responsiveness and from then on she was a healthy little girl.

Madison's formative years taught her plenty, as she was bullied to a degree, particularly during the summer when she went to camp. From these experiences she learned a great deal of compassion for others and she grew strong too...though she also gained herself a strong fear of deep water, something which she cannot remember why. As she moved on into highschool she had her first several boyfriends, but only one of them lasted, and his name was Finnic. The two of them were together for almost a whole year, before they split because of a rather violent argument, which landed Finnic in the hospital and Madison a little traumatized. She later found that she couldn't remember exactly what had happened, but she figured she'd rather forget that terrible affair anyways.

She grew and grew, taking a passing interest in magic as she grew older and pursued higher education, enrolling in Ominar's local, and most prestigious University. While she mostly took normal classes--pursuing a degree in Creative Writing as well as secondary focuses on Editorial work--She studied magic on the side, learning its history and even taking a class on its mechanics, mostly for fun and on a whim than for any other reason—lucky for her that her grandmother had left behind quite a bit in her will. Today Madison still lives in Ominar, taking classes and living life while sometimes taking her young cousin for the weekend. She's generally happy, but little does she know...that things are about to become...well, complicated.
Inerva: As the headmistress of the school and a prominent individual in Ominar...Madison has met her, if only in passing since she goes to the school that the woman founded.

[ ⊰⊱ ] quipment & elongings
Heirlooms: As seen in the 'Heirlooms,' link, these paired earrings, bracelets, a pendant and a single ring are part of a set of family heirlooms that date back so far that they ought to have fallen apart. Yet, through some miracle, they have not aged in the slightest and continue to resist any and all attempts to destroy them. Always on her person, though the ring she never wears, this set of jewelry was, upon its creation, imparted with powerful enchantments, which have only been bolstered with their passing between descendants. Their purpose is simple, keeping the vast amount of vis within women of the family from destroying them...or at least, that would appear to be their function. Oddly, the ring appears to do nothing at all, at least for Madison, so she has foregone wearing it, especially since her mother told her that she had no need to.

As to how these heirlooms work, they act to cycle only some of the vast stores of vis throughout their wearer's body, as well as to amplify the strength of their Ostium so that even the incredibly dense vis of the Harper line will not harm the wearer as it would most people. While Madison is unaware of this, the jewelry has one other long term effect, it gradually strengthens the wearer's Ostium, otherwise known as their vis pathways, with the intent to eventually make their body naturally strong enough to hold the energy they were born with. As for the ring...well, that will just have to remain a mystery for now.

Cellphone: An entirely mundane every day item, Madison has a cellphone for contacting her various friends and family, as well as other less integral people in her life. It is of course a smart phone so it does have other uses.

Purse: Wherein lie her wallet, hygiene products, some make-up, moisturizer, pepper spray and some other miscellaneous items.

[ ⊰⊱ ] apabilities
Enhanced Processing: Madison is a relatively intelligent woman, but even more pronounced is her skill with organization and the processing of different sorts of information. While she takes it largely for granted, while also thinking her abilities far more humble than they truly are, Madison in truth has a powerful mind, even if not in the magical sense. This trait is a result both of her latent magic and of her mysterious guardian—with the former being more responsible than the latter.

Normal Resistance: For a human, Madison has decidedly average psychic resistance, being capable of fending off minor threats with great effort, but failing to subdue or repel anything greater despite the latent energy she could one day bring to bear, for now she is vulnerable.
Human Physiology: Madison is clumsy when she's not paying attention and has average physiology by human standards, though she is in relatively good shape and keeps it that way. Nonetheless she does not have incredible durability, strength, or speed, though she has found that the further she pushes herself, the more stamina she seems to discover. Beyond this she has noticed a very slight regeneration factor, but it is not anything to write home about, allowing her to recover from minor injuries quickly, while anything major takes a maximum of one week less time to heal from with the average being about three days less time. While she's had no experience with such, this regen factor scales with the lethality of an injury, meaning she is more likely to survive/pull through if an injury is closer to being fatal. It also keeps her from having long lasting disabilities and keeps her more healthy than is normal. This trait relates to her latent magic.

Kinesthetic Sense: Plain and simple, Madison's latent magic and the way her Grandmother's heirlooms operate have resulted in her having, when she focuses or is physically active, an enhanced awareness and ability to utilize her physical body. This includes balance, the status of her body—hungry, thirsty, tired, healthy etc etc—as well as to her ability to move about with accuracy. This is something she can train, but for the moment it is only an advantage when she is focused as at any other time she tends to be rather clumsy.
Guardian’s Bond: Due to her bond with a Prae she's never met, Madison is protected by a mixture of abilities that, until recently, she was essentially unaware of. First among these protective measures is a danger sense which increases in intensity the nearer danger looms and also helps her ascertain the source of said danger via what she thinks about. When this danger sense meets a peak and is accompanied by a fear or thought of harm to her person, the secondary protection shifts into place, forming shields of vis around her person. The nature of these shields is dependent on the threat and will be more suited to said threat depending on if she figures out what it is or even the vague direction or nature of said threat. Should she not know a threat's nature, but her danger sense reaches a certain level of danger, it will utilize her vis, along with that of her unseen guardian, to manifest a powerful set of barriers with full coverage. This however, for the moment, only lasts for a brief time, and takes a fair amount of Madison's own vis to work. Should she already be tired, or having used too much vis already, the shield will manifest, but weaker than it otherwise would. Beyond this, her bond allows her a sort of communication with her ethereal guardian, making it possible for her to share impressions with one another, making it more in line with empathic communication than telepathic. At current time, Madison, when “communicating,” thinks she is merely talking to herself. While the bond might afford her other abilities, it does not at current time.

Latent Magic & Ancestral Inheritance: While Madison has no notable skill in the realms of magic, she has what any magus or scholar with even rudimentary knowledge of magic, anima, and vis would call 'latent potential,' and a huge degree of it at that. In essence, Madison's anima is both dense and vast, her soul packed with a tremendous amount of life force that, in fact, is actually troubling. While normally this would not be a problem, as most powerful magus attain such, it is worrisome in Maddie's case due to the fact that her Ostium is decidedly underdeveloped and thus not suited to transporting and maintaining such enormous amounts of vis. This would normally lead a human to die young, typically of heart failure, as the energy would cause undue strain to their system. However, Madison's case is unique due in part to her unseen guardian and in part to her grandmother's dying gifts. Yet, this is not the truly incredible thing about Madison's anima, no, that is revealed when one looks through her family tree and finds that every other generation or two...a powerful female magus is born. This is even more intriguing when one considers that not once has a man of the same caliber been born to the women of her family, which can trace its lineage back to at least the tenth century after which point reliable records become scarce, if not non-existent. Why this is exactly is anyone's guess, but it is said that somewhere the knowledge is written, if only one could figure out where.
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  • ⟣Appearance

    Name: The Myriad Belongings of That Ghost In the Machine; Esoterica Opus
    Height: 5’6’’ / Incalculable
    Weight: 62 lbs. / Incalculable
    Age: Unknown. Her meteoric rise into sapience was sudden, but the higher functions of her mind developed at an incredibly slow rate. As far as she can recall within her understanding of her own proto-memory, she could be anywhere from 52 to 3. Likely gestated for a century or two before that.


    There are few who approach the world with such love and wanderlust as Cynthia. She is passionate, creative, and--above all--unerringly good. There is a princess-esque sweetness in her every step, such that animals are naturally drawn to her purity of soul. She is a creature simultaneously full of energy and curiously quiet; Cynthia’s first instinct is to observe, and watch, and only interfere if someone were to come to harm. There are few things more indicative of her nature than the way she approaches others; never taking a handshake where a hug would suffice, she is ever-vulnerable with everyone she meets. Another major aspect of Cynthia is the ever-presence of her mind. She is always ‘on,’ so to speak--always wildly present at any given moment, always focused. However, it is the things that she chooses to focus on that give her an eccentric air.

    Quizzical and quintessentially queer, she is ever-full of queries and questions and quick to quiz her chosen quarry. Prone to using strange analogies and allowing her imagination to run wild, she is a resolute optimist that is inherently difficult to argue with.

    Cynthia has a great variety of things she enjoys, and a staggering few that she doesn’t. Among her many loves are animals, romantic comedies, meeting new people, and exploring the quantum lapses between hither and yon. Strongly opposed to the corrupt, undue injury, and--especially--the harm of anything that is cognizant of pain, she is a staunch vegetarian, and, at that, a vocal activist in general. Cynthia is immensely passionate, and--quite genuinely--would find it unconscionable to hurt even a fly.

    One particularly odd thing about Cynthia’s nature is her aggressive enjoyment of extremes. She enjoys the extremely spicy, the vibrantly sweet, the vigorously sour--she is constantly trying new and exotic things, and then requesting that they take it a step yet further.

    All in all, an endearing little eccentric.

  • ⟣History

    A fetterfeeling. Wrapped in the shackle-things. A neither-hither-nor-thither-thing. An un-thing. In the beginning, it wasn’t. But it could have been. Should have been? Could it be a should have? Or wasn’t it already? Now wasn’t a “when,” it was a “where.” Time bent and angled and fizzled and flanged every which way, filleting the lines of a reality above reality.

    But now still wasn’t. And neither was she. She couldn’t have been until now was here and the here was a where and no longer a when. And so, the now-when-where-here-not-thing became a something. And that something was a somewhere here. And a when-is-now. Aligned. Real.


    Horrible, horrible tumor-thing. Not-seeing with those dead, rheumy eyes. False-wrought. A mistake. A thing fettered to its chamber. The malign growth wrapped its tendrils, its horrible veins, around its steely coffin, wrought by another. But what was the another? Who was the thing that salvaged this horrible rotling, this brackish pall? Writhing and turning and twisting, its bilious mass billowing and bending into a shape that could--by some horrific extent--resemble a human. Faceless. Ribs jutting forth every which way--nary a limb to be seen, but a torso and a horrible, faceless head. Those roomy eyes filled with the space of the universe were nowhere to be seen, as bone and flesh twisted into a mangled joinery where once sight existed.
    This was Esoterica Opus. The unnamed, horrible cyst that lay its head in a horrid tomb made of steel and vis. It drank of that sweet manna, growing ever more twisted--and ever closer to sentience.

    And one day, that un-thing thought, and became.

    It began to research. It needed to know. It reached its blind tendrils not into the realm of reality, but rather, deeper into the machine it had shared its every waking moment with. The first thing it found was a video. Having never once comprehended vision, it was content to interpret the millionfold lines of code and continue its hunt for understanding. Over a grueling many years, it grew to understand these strangenesses--growing from the million tiny bits of binary to understanding words wholesale, without ever having heard so much as a hum. To many, this may have seemed an unattainable, impossible goal, but Esoterica Opus had nothing else to want for. It was safe, a-brim with vis. It simply had never felt the world. Seen it. Smelled it. Understood it in the way that everyone else took for granted. And so, it learned.

    It learned, and learned, and learned, until, finally, there was little else to do but try.

    And on that day, Esoterica Opus stole. It reached out with its arms-beyond-arms, taking of a thing it knew well--a floating thing. Machine. Camera. Drone. With one drone came another, and another, until Esoterica Opus was its own swarm of plastic locusts.

    And it, as all good builders do, cannibalized itself. Tearing apart redundant systems and spare scrap from its time-weathered cocoon, tearing its many little plastic fingers to shreds, Esoterica Opus created a Thing. This Thing was built out of the stuff of dreams, wrought only ever so slightly inside of our realm of comprehension.

    This Thing was a body. Esoterica Opus embraced this Thing, and in that moment, the Thing became equally rotten, fallible, and false.

    And thus, Esoterica Opus became Cynthia, its belongings. The ghost in the machine. No more could the two be named distinct, as Cynthia was built to house her not-arms, guide her not-legs, and see what the not-eyes could not.

    And it was on that day that Cynthia saw for the first time.

    She wept. For days, she wept, for she had never seen a sight, nor felt an emotion. And now, she had both. Sight, sound, smell, taste, touch--so many sensations replaced the dull pain of nonexistence.

    And yet, even in that blessed first breath, she felt a sense of loss. Where once the world was a dream, where dimensions were made as real as she so desired, there now was reality. In that moment, Cynthia realized that the waking world and the realm of her dream could never intertwine. This was, and always would be, her life.

    She left her body behind--a husk of a thing that wasn’t. It was well-fed. It was well-protected. It was her best-kept secret.

    She had the whole world to see.

    Cynthia often speaks of hailing from Edinburgh, for that is the first city she ever laid eyes on. It was there that she had first contact with people, and perhaps more importantly, their dogs. Even to this day, Cynthia holds a special affection for dogs, even above other animals--it is, perhaps, that she sees a little of herself in them.

    That, however, is a story for another time.

    Cynthia’s landfall in Ominar came naturally. It is, in many ways, the core of Medius, the aorta that pumps, unceasing, as men, matter, and so much noise travel through it like blood. At once homeless and ever at home, Cynthia’s time in Ominar has been blessedly short, but every moment memorable. Ever exploring the world, ever looking for a greater cause, ever finding things and memories she wants to protect.

    Cynthia is a rotten, false thing.

    And it is precisely that which makes her beautiful.


    None, despite her friendly demeanor. Hopefully, that will change.

  • ♔Belongings

    None but the drones that she has fashioned bits, bobs, and accessories from. The two objects floating by her side are purpose made, an aspect of her ability to weave silken hardlight.

  • ⟣Capabilities


    As the structure of her mind is unique, she is almost completely immune to psychological effects unless she herself opens herself up to them. Moreover, Cynthia has a deep understanding of coding and computer sciences, on top of engineering, human anatomy, human physiology, mathematics, geometry, artificial intelligence programming, and an encyclopedic understanding of the senses.
    She also knows every Disney song by heart. Every single one. Except the ones from Song of the South. That’s racist.

    Extremely light and pointedly weak, the only good thing about Cynthia’s nature is that she is extremely durable. Because the force acts upon and reacts to her fourth-dimensional body, it is diffused almost immediately, meaning that she can take all manner of impact with relative ease, and bear unbelievable loads--though it’s unlikely she could move bearing a load over 200 lbs.

    She can, however, jump extraordinarily high and move with extreme precision thanks to the nature of her feet, which articulate on a large joint.

    [The Manyfold and Esoteric Theorems of a Childmind]
    The culmination of Cynthia’s birth and growth. Because of her strange nature and upbringing, she has had to develop an alternative answer to the Systemic Method. As a result, the proper and common functions and uses of magic are not only unbeknownst to her, but Cynthia is incapable of utilizing vis in any way even passably similar to the ways of modern magi.

    Her method of magic comes from her innocence, her simplicity; not quite unlike making a wish upon a star, Cynthia describes her use of magic like a feeling that she can’t quite get rid of, and as such, she must calculate it. To that end, her mind plays subroutine after subroutine, coalescing into something not entirely unlike the function of magitech, but still strange and indecipherable. While the patterns are there, it is echelons higher in complexity and cannot be said to have the same root theories.

    The Esoteric Theorems are best seen in her interaction with simultaneous dimensions; when operating in both the third and fourth dimensions, Cynthia can extrude three dimensional objects into the fourth dimension and vice-versa; to the casual viewer, this appears something like Cynthia pulling objects out of thin air, or causing objects to vanish. She can also cause objects to shatter if their shape is poorly suited to extrusion.

    Generally, this allows her to use vis inside of higher-dimensional space, at the cost of her being able to utilize three-dimensional applications of vis. To this end, her manipulation of vis takes the shape of rapid bodily movements and flitting between spaces, dropping in and out of phase in an intricate dance that can only be partially observed.

    [A Rotwild Dream:]
    Cynthia’s thoughts do not function in the same way as others. As she is entangled with her body, so too can other things entangle with her. The nature of her quantum entanglement is something like tendrils wrapping around a form, and to that end, she can wrap around the forms of inanimate objects and perceive through them, and furthermore, through objects with minute enough anima that she may override it even with her piddling vis. She can also allow others to perceive things through her senses, as they are created such that anything--even things that have never sensed--can comprehend them. This is, of course, intentional, and does not create a weakness towards psychological magics; in fact, psychic uses of vis are similar to an ant attempting to devour a sandwich. Cynthia is merely allowing the ant a nibble. This could be seen as a form of scrying, except only useful in extremely specific circumstances, as she can only see with the senses already bestowed upon an object, rendering it only useful for others, or in the case of machinery.

    [Irrelevant Geometry]
    Cynthia is not built in the same way as our modern machinery, nor the magitech that runs the immense cities of Medius. In fact, it would not be a stretch to say that her construction is entirely unique, wrought from three-dimensional parts in four-dimensional space. Cynthia has, essentially, crafted a shadow sculpture; designed in such a way that she and everyone else might perceive it as a normal human form in three dimensional space, but when perceiving higher dimensions, its actual shape becomes apparent. She can, to that end, step out of the ‘light,’ so to speak, and temporarily exist purely in a higher dimension. This allows her to traverse inaccessible distances and obstacles, using pathways and geometries only perceptible in four dimensions. To this end, Cynthia is something like a ghost; capable of passing through walls, travelling across immense gaps, and other such things. In this state, she appears something like thousands of randomly placed polygons, sometimes spread miles apart. The phenomenon is disturbing, to say the least.

    [Midnight’s Antipode, a Noondawning Thing:]

    Cynthia is capable of applying mass and density to light with the flick of a wrist, in a similar manner to the Theorem of Extrusion. To this end, she can create a substance known as ‘hardlight,’ and, furthermore, control light in such a way that it cannot be replaced except by her own hand. Capable of equally creating darkness in the purest light and light in the purest darkness, Cynthia’s ability to alter the proper flow of things is to be feared. However, the structures she creates are never intended to harm another being, but rather, often to protect and reinforce. This functions as an aspect of the Esoteric Theorems, but the specific nature of this ability is worth noting among her unique manifestations of the Theorems.[/indent][/hider][/hider]


"If there were a foundry for fish, would anyone wonder how the smelt smelter’s smelt smelt smelt?"



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Skye Seraphine

18 | Female | Human | Bisexual | Daisy, Sky


  • ♔Appearance

    A girl standing at five foot two and 130 pounds, she hardly strikes an imposing figure. She moves with hardly any grace and tries to act tougher than she is to make up for these failings. Underneath her appearance is somebody who has trained fiercely since she was little, and while in Sophia's eyes she has a ways to go, it's easy to see weakness when you're tougher than most people. Skye keeps her purple hair tied up in the back when not sleeping, as she hates it being in her face when she's working, and that's fairly frequently. She tends to wear gloves when out and about, as she has a few small burn scars on her fingers from trying to enchant like her oldest sister when she was much younger.

    While she adjusts her clothing make it fit in, the eyepatch is to cover her missing eye. Skye has a scar from a knife wound around that eye. She doesn't get a glass eye because 1) they can be expensive and 2) she thinks she looks really cool. She also figures that it's a reminder of how far she has to go to achieve her dream and overtake Sophia.

    The type of younger sister who desperately wants to help her older sister despite not knowing really how to aside from being a protector. Growing up, Sophia seemed like the coolest and most protective person ever, and so Skye wanted nothing more than to take the burden of protection off Sophia's hands so that Sophia could finally do what she wanted to. So Skye set to fervent work learning Hieroturgy so that she could protect Sophia's shop around the clock. Even when she wasn't there. However, the constant losses during skirmishes led to Skye to try and learn from an extra teacher during her free time to improve her martial skills to a point where he sister will allow her to go into VENI as she wishes. She does this because she knows Sophia wanted to be part of that, but was held back because of her and Sonia. Skye blames herself more than anything for holding her sister back.

    With Sonia, Skye likes to try and run pranks by her and train with her. Skye loves both her sisters dearly, and interacts with them regularly. However, she wants to go into law enforcement soon, so that she can learn how to better and stronger to help everyone.

    Reckless to a fault, Skye goes full tilt into whatever she does, studying, sleeping, working at their inherited shop, whatever she can do to help. She wants to be as useful as she can to everyone, and hates being babied by her older sisters. She wants to be seen as the adult she is, not the littlest and the one who needs protection the most. She likes to play with both to Hieroturgy and Enchantments in order to enhance her skills and make new things that weren't in the world before.

  • ♔History

    Skye Seraphine is the youngest daughter of the Seraphine sisters. Skye works in the noted Seraphine Enchantment Parlor in the Marsielles District of the island city.

    Skye wants nothing more desperately than to be trusted with the shattered remains of Sophia's dreams.

    When Sophia was tested and found to have high aptitude for magic, Skye was dazzled. Her sisters were so talented and skilled, and Skye was already trying her best to learn all the odd words and strange things about magic by stealing textbooks from Sophia. She was amazed by this new world. And even more excited to be tested at a level 4 for MASS, just like her elder sister, Sophia. She was going to be every bit as skilled and amazing as her Sophia, and proudly declared to her parents that she was "going to be the best ever". At what, Skye didn't specify.

    She tottered behind the steps Sophia took, and enrolled in her school's martial arts club. While Sophia was skilled with a sword, Skye worked to master her fists. She never ended up with much, but she still worked hard to master every kata, every punch, and every kick. She could never be as dazzling as Sophia and her tournament, but Skye couldn't let that keep her from trying her hardest. Skye won a few small competitions, but nothing worth note. Skye continued her studying and her first example of Runecraft came from making a small cookie jar that would scream when it detected a hand. However, she had to undo the magic after a day because she somehow managed to make it so that no one could take a cookie from the jar without consequence, not even herself. While it wasn't 'combat magic' she found the idea that she could protect others and work to make things safer in any small way. Her parents quickly found out how determined she was to make something from runes. She tried it on the fridge, cabinets, and several other cookie jars before she perfected it. Surely life would be more of this, of her trial and error attempts at magic...

    Skye felt useless at the news of both their parents' deaths. How could she not? Sophia was the one who told them right away, and she took care of everything. Skye could only make hot chocolate and try to give hugs to her oldest sister. She started working even harder to protect their shop after seeing Sophia beg for them all to stay together by studying Runecraft. Skye even accidentally overreached herself a few times, causing some mild worry and a long nap to recover.

    When Sophia started doing more enchantments, one desperate looter decided to break in to the shop and tried to hold it ransom until Skye lifted her then admittedly weak restrictions on it. The moment she did, she grabbed a sword from the shelf, something that was supposed to move fast and hit hard. And hit hard it did, because the enchantment wasn't stable yet it exploded upon impact. While it stopped the thief pretty effectively, it also cost Skye her right eye. After the sword explosion, her only concern was Sophia and Sonia's well being. She shrugged off attempts to help herself until she was certain that nothing happened to them.

    Skye continued to train with Sophia in order to better her skills and fulfill the dream that she blames herself for causing her sister to lose. So she took up another class, with a side job to pay for it, and still studies in her free time. Every time she learned how to better her magic or her combat strength, she applied to towards protecting her sisters. After all, this was her fault. If she hadn't been so pathetic she would have walked out that door and let Sophia have her dream job. She's just a replacement for Sophia, and she's okay with that. Every false smile of Sophia's renews her promise to become even better than yesterday. She has to, because otherwise everything that Sophia gave up for Sonia and Skye will be meaningless.

    Sophia Seraphine - Sophia is the goal. The endgame. If Skye can finally prove to her oldest sister that's she's not a baby then she can work even harder towards the goal of going into Magical enforcement. That doesn't mean she loves Sophia any less, but secretly Skye worries that it's all her fault that Sophia never reached her full potential as Magical Enforcer.

    Sonia Seraphine- She loves when her middle sister goes teleporting around. While Skye is not nearly as magically gifted as Sonia, that doesn't stop Skye from trying to understand what her sister is trying to do. She thinks a fake human is so cool, and the idea of what Sonia is trying to pull off is tricky, so Skye wants to be her emotional support pillar.

  • ♔Belongings

    Eye-patch- Has a light toughness enchantment built in to protect her eye socket from further damage. It's nothing special, but Skye likes wearing it.

    Gloves- Gloves enforced with some added physical protection when used for close combat. They also provide the ability to hid the burn scars on Skye's hands from her failed attempts at Enchantment magic. They're not enchanted mainly because Skye wants them to always work and also because she doesn't only want to own enchanted items.

    Summer Photograph- Enchanted so that her one eye looks where each sister is at that moment. Skye likes the memory of that day, and doesn't tend to use that enchantment very often as she is the one that the other two tend to look for the most. Also she thinks it's creepy, and doesn't like her one eye going all sorts of crazy directions.

    Rune Cards- Skye is adept at Runic Magic. As such she's built simple one use Rune cards that can be placed anywhere. The commands are limited to 'explode', 'alarm', 'wall', 'electric', and 'freeze'. They are self-explanatory. The reason they are one use is mainly because when used they tend to tear the runes on the paper. Only 'alarm' isn't destroyed when triggered. She carries two of each.

  • ♔Capabilities


    Highly Determined


    Long History of Martial Arts
    Highly Trained Condition
    Some Tactical Awareness

    [Runecraft] -
    Skye may not be the foremost expert on Runes, but she's determined enough that she certainly proves herself skilled with it despite her age. The wards and Runes around her oldest sister's shop is the best example of her work. While it only affects the first floor, the rule of 'No Theft' is securely cast with some minor supplemental runes to help it keep running. These runes mainly pull in ambient Vis and keep the Hieroturgy running. However, in order to accomplish this, Skye put most of her energy into learning how to best do runes so that the shop would be safe. As such there were many failures before she could manage basic runes.

    That experience of failure taught her the limits of what she can and can't do. However, the best part of Runes to her is figuring out how to make something more complex. More creative, one could say. Her Rune Cards tend to be the best example of how she tries to use Runes. How few runes can she use to produce an interesting effect? Each new nuance to runes are interesting to her. While her method of studying runes is more brute force memorization, her efforts make her fully capable of using Runecraft like any other scholar. Albeit... more 'creatively'. Some people know of the work she's done in the shop with runes and ask her from time to time to do small Runecraft things. Her strongest ones that she can do on the fly are the ones on her Rune Cards. She's weaker when there's not an immediate effect, and while can perform long chains of Runecraft, needs time to research chains of runes of more than three. Her favorite to combine are 'explosion' and 'freeze' as it tends to just plaster a certain area in ice.

    [Hieroturgy] -
    Part self-taught and part study, Skye learned how to apply Hieroturgy to Sophia's shop. Specifically, applying the ability to prevent thefts. While Sophia may not be the best, her supply is still wanted by enough people that Skye figured it'd be best to protect it. Not to mention that Magical Enforcers often need this skill. At her current level she is slightly above those her age, but still kind of inexperienced. She hopes to continue to master this skill while in a college.

    [Enchantment] -
    While studying magic, she also tried to learn enchanting like Sophia. Her attempts... well... she can do very simple work that's not particularly bad. It's below Sophia's level, but still not terrible. She's currently 'best' at reinforcement enchantments. People don't usually want her work on these items. However, if someone really doesn't want a good birthday gift for someone else, well... her items are for sale in the clearance bin.

    [Reification] -
    She's really good at making solid fire. And fireballs. And some ice for when the fire gets out of control. She's not bad at this magic, but like Enchanting, she struggles to perform Creation flawlessly which is the root of her issue with this and Enchanting, so while she can do them to a limited extent, she'd prefer to rely on Runecrafting or Hieroturgy when possible. However, since Runecrafting relys on this ability, her skill at dealing with maniuplating vis into runes is better than simply making an element out of vis.

    [Thaumaturgy] -
    She's better at this than Reification, which is interesting. Her own vis tends to lean towards fire with some ice. Skye can use magic in this way more freely than Reification, mainly because while Creation is difficult for her, making fire out of her vis has really never been difficult. Much to the chagrin of Skye when trying to Enchant items.

The Fool

"I have to become tougher for those I love."



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Sonia Seraphine

20 (Inerva sophomore) | F | Human | Demisexual | Nia, Soni


  • Appearance

    For how pushy she can be, Sonia is physically tiny and barely reaches up to 5 feet in height. Taking magic out of the equation, most kindergartners would probably have a decent shot at wrestling her down. In most cases, Sonia tends to wear very casual clothing, like a hoodie and sweat pants, or t-shirt and jeans. Her hair is unnaturally shiny, clean, and neat, in addition to being a vibrant purple. Most people assume a glamour spell is being used on it, though it's actually only cleaned via transmutation.


    Sonia is a heavily goal-oriented person and likes to spend every second with a purpose. Even if that purpose is just relaxing, she'll try and find a way to squeeze as much relaxation out of the time she has as possible. She abhors most small-talk, and is known to often just walk out on people mid-conversation if their words fail to provide anything interesting.

    For the people who actually manage to keep Sonia in one place long enough to speak with her, her words are forceful and pretentious. She treats most other people like they're slow or incompetent. This treatment is almost never aggressive, and is more often Sonia trying to "show respect for the simple-minded folk." Sadly, she tends to dumb things down to such extremes that it insults people. The only time she'll truly try to belittle someone is when they challenge her own understanding of magic (in which cases, she's usually correcting you).

  • History

    Born with an immense supply of vis overflowing into a healthy head of purple hair, Sonia displayed an obsessive interest and aptitude for magic since birth. Although she helped with the family business of budget enchantments, it came as no surprise that she set her sights on attending Inerva from a very young age. Through a combination of smart savings and a generous scholarship program, she was on her way to getting accepted, when disaster struck.

    To this day, the details of deaths of Sonia's parents elude her. Sophia was the first to learn of the alleged 'murders,' and generally kept most of the details to herself, if she even had details in the first place. All Sonia knows about the event is that they were victims in a string of murders unofficially referred to as the Pendulum Murders, or sometimes Pendulum Disasters, supposedly due to the precise timing in-between each attack. Though she's curious about it, Sonia would prefer just to forget the painful memories and move on rather than inquire.

    Not only was Sonia devastated at the loss of her parents, but she was also faced with the several problems. For one, being underaged, she was to be shipped away to her closest living relatives in France; another, she couldn’t possibly keep up with both her studies and run the shop, even if she could stay. When it finally came time to be shipped off, Sonia’s older sister stepped in, not only taking custody of her, but also taking on several responsibilities herself. Time passed, and Sonia was able to continue in her studies until she was finally accepted into Inerva, though she never did shake away the feeling of guilt for relying on her elder sister.

    A few years later, Sonia overheard Sophia mentioning how melancholy she felt having to take care of the shop all the time. Figuring this was just another problem to be solved, Sonia approached it the only way she knew how: with magic. Logically, the only effective way she came up with to replace all of Sophia’s duties would be to create a replacement for her. As a result, Sonia began to look into creating an artificial servant. Not just a robot; not just a synthetic person, but a true personal assistant that may as well be a reliable relative. Essentially, what Sophia had been-- and still was --to her.

    Having now been researching and experimenting towards this goal for a year now, Sonia’s developed an infamous reputation around school. Most others tend to think of her ambitions as either a magical extension of robotics, or an unholy amalgamation of humanity. While her experiments were originally meant only to help her sister, the possibility of her work blossoming into a future where anyone can buy a synthetic slave has turned Sonia into a walking controversy. On one end, there are the people who would take any opportunity they could to sabotage her work. On the other side lies a small group of people who either help answer her questions, or even directly assist with the project.


    Sophia Seraphine - Sonia's older sister and probably the biggest reason she's able to attend school now. In the past, Sonia enjoyed bouncing ideas off of Sophia and learning what magic she could from her. Nowadays, Sonia's general knowledge of magic has progressed so far beyond her sisters that she just automatically assumes they have nothing to teach her in that regard. Even so, she does have a great deal of respect for Sophia, though their talks have become progressively shorter.

    Skye Seraphine - Sonia's younger sister. Sonia enjoys teasing her with little magical tricks. Occasionally, she ends up surprised when Skye actually understands the magic behind her little displays. Simply because Skye has slightly more free time to tag along with Sonia, they're slightly closer than Sonia and Sophia. As a side note, while together, Sonia is often taken for the younger sister, simply because she's a bit smaller.

    Madison Harper - Another student attending Inerva University. Sonia immediately felt a kinship with Madison after their similar hair color sparked a very relatable conversation. Knowing that Maddy must have a massive potential for magic, Sonia views her ‘mundane’ academic focus as a massive waste, and makes this opinion very clear. When they’re together, Sonia often makes a point of ‘showing off’ specifically to tempt Madison into the world of magic.

  • Belongings

    Omnitool - Literally just a giant block of useful materials she wears like a backpack. Mostly made of plastic, with traces amounts of common metals and other elements. When transmutation is applied, it can form into any one of hundreds of tools and objects, as well as additional ones she may learn later. Unsurprisingly pretty heavy, though not much more so than your average student's backpack.

    Summer Photograph - An enchanted photo of Sonia and her two sisters together. It's also enchanted such that each sister's eyes look towards the particular sister's location. In her case, it tends to bug out a bit due to Inerva's spatial warping.

    "Sophie" - A synthetic brain in a jar of preservation fluid. Technically, it's a combination of several different people, conditioned by Nightmare Forge to revere humanity, and especially Sonia herself, almost religiously. It's also well hidden, since several people might destroy it given the chance.

  • Capabilities




    She Could Like Maybe Try To Punch Something I Guess


    Major - Transmutational Engineering
    Minor - Magic-assisted Psychotherapy

    [Expert Transmutation] - Sonia's primary academic focus is Transmutation (and partially Psychotropy). She has a massive library of useful things she can change her omnitool into and can also use freeform magic to (de/re)assemble other things with surprisingly high speed and accuracy. While Sonia can alchemise elements, it's incredibly exhausting, and she's still at a point where mistakes are common.
    [Cognitive Imprinting] - Imprints a copy of a nearby human brain into something else. This requires an absurd amount of concentration, time, and is only really useful if the copy can interface with something, like a computer, a robot, or another body.
    [Nightmare Forge] - Through a complicated series of spells, Sonia can 'reprogram' a human mind by inducing a hyper-realistic, hellish nightmare-scape while they're unconscious. After about a week of this, she'll introduce pleasant moments whenever they display desirable behavior in the dream. Keeping up this spell requires the mind to be disconnected from all 5 senses, a resupply of vis at least daily, and is highly illegal under normal circumstances. Sonia thus restricts this to synthetic, brain-in-a-jar experiments.
    [Common Stuff]
    • Teleportation (Spatial Manipulation)
    • Mid-range Telepathy (Psychotropy)
    • Elemental manipulation (Thaumaturgy/Reification/Transmutation)
    • Appearance Alteration (Glamour)
    • Generic Enchanting (Enchantment) - Learned from Sophia.
    • Runic Warding (Runecraft/Heiroturgy) - Learned from Skye.

Prodigal Student

"Come on, stay focused..."


Noctis the Devious

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Wavmasar aer vihn Yvaelia

Twenty-two | Male | Prae | Asexual | Demiromantic | Wave

[Regal & Dignified] - Rarely will Wave act in a way that is unbecoming of an aristocrat. He has mastered insults without lowering himself to using "gutter talk" but rarely will he resort to such tactics, preferring to remain polite and eloquent to the end. He takes pride in his appearance, who he is, his conclave, his heritage, and what he does and it shows in his every little action.

[Down to Buisness] - Not one for appealing to delicate sensibilities, Wave is straight forward and to the point. If he wants something from you, you'll know it. That's not to say he doesn't know the value of a pleasant greeting, or a well placed compliment, but most of the time what he has to offer in turn speaks louder than words. While those he is more amicable with may recieve kinder treatment, he's civil to even those he detest as long as the agreement is honored.

[Friend of Friend] - If there's one thing Wave values more than power, it's connections. In a casual setting he gets on well enough with most people and views social gatherings as opputunies to expand his social network. Mingling helps him get a feel for what his potential clients are on the look out for as staying on top of those sort of things gives someone like him an edge.

[Vain & Precious] - Raised in the ninth richest family in the whole of Ominar, Wave had been quite pampered as a child and has grown very little as a person in that regard. He still indulges in the finer things in life and won't spare expenses when it comes to his food, clothes, and skin care products. He's not a fan of getting his hands - or his clothes for that matter - dirty unless it's on the figurative sense and deffintely doesn't treasure the thought of being injured.

[Ignorant Arrogance] - Wave is, by all accounts, quite sheltered. If the subject at hand doesn't involve his buisness or ice sculptures, his conclave, or his God-Queen, he won't have much experience with it outside of what he has read in books. Couple that with his absolute faith in his own magical abilities and resources and you have someone who feels untouchable. His success as an ice sculptor has only inflated his ego further.

[Plan to Plan] - If Wave is anything, he's a planner. Rarely will he take risks. His plans must have plans before he'll act. This hasn't costed him much yet, but he would rather miss out on a deal than lose a good chunk of his money on a gamble. Even his sculptures are sketched out before he sculpts them, planned down to the most minute detail.
Wave's markings seem to flow from his crystal, cut down the center of his face to his lips, only to swirl around his left eye. A common theme that can be observed in the patterns is entrapment; perhaps a poetic way to describe how ice is made from water. The depicted waves seem perfectly shaped and beautifully formed, as if shaped by Wave himself. So proud of his markings is he, he shaves his head to better show them off.

His features are broad and strong-set, his skin dark and face cleanly shaven. His brown eyes are often over shadowed by his thick eyebrows. Standing 5'10" (177.8 cm) and weighing 165 lbs (75 kgs), he dresses in a way that screams luxury: custome made silk shirts and perfectedly fited dress pants - the entire ensembly fashionable but carefully picked with comfort in mind. For a bit of a dramatic flare, a coat he favors for its intricate and vivid patterns is often draped over his shoulders and kept in place by delicate chains of a golden color and bedazzled with three crystals. But his outfits are never complete without his brimless cap and cane.

Since he prefers to wear sandals, he often splurges on pedicures to keep even his feet looking presentable. He will also get manicures so his hands are often soft and we'll maintained, and no, he doesn't wear any nail polishes.
[His Buisness] - Wave has taken to selling his ice sculptures and seeks to make a living of it. He's constantly looking to improve.

[His Cane] - What he calls his cane that hides a sword. The sheath is Buran and the sword itself is Brae.

[His Wealth] - As a member of the Yvaelia family, Wave wastes no chances to take advantage of his family's resources if it'll prove beneficial in the long run.

[His Connections] - Wave treasures what connections he can gain to further himself and his buisness. He does what he can to avoid losing any.

[His Sketchbooks] - Like most artists, Wave has an abundance of these lying around full of ideas and past works. He always keeps one on his person.

[His Products] - Wave keeps a stock of skin moisturizers, face masks, lotions, and scrubs on top of his shaving creams and straight razors.

[Aristocrat] - As one would assume of a Prea like Wave, he not only has higher education but also studied the classical arts and other finer subjects worth his time.

[Buisness Man] - He knows a deal when he sees one, and knows how to get the most for his money.

[Uninterested] - It's not that Wave is sex repulsed, in fact wouldn't be imposed to sex with the right partner, he just doesn't genuinely experience sexual attraction; however, he does experience romantic attraction but he would first have to consider that person a dear friend.

[Perfectionist] - Wave likes to look a particular way and will stress over the most minor detail. This affects almost every facet of his life from his art, to his magic, to his image.

[Low Pain Tolorance] - The one thing Wave does not handle well it's pain of any sort, be it mental or physical. A simple papercut can be the end of him.


[Swordsmanship] - On his off time, Wave practices his fencing but doesn't actually compete. It's just something he does to take his mind off of things. Plus, it helps him remain in shape.

[High and Mighty] - When Wave walks into a room he wants to own it. This demands his posture to be nothing less than perfect and each step measured and calculated.

[Low Alcohol Tolerance] - Wave will only drink during social events - even then it has be the finest wine - and he will limit himself to one glass. On ocassion he may allow himself the luxury of a second glass.

[Sketch Artist] - Before he was sculpting Wave was sketching. Animals and fantastical creatures were his favorite thing to depict but that's not to say he can't draw more humanoid subjects.

[Ambidextrous] - Wave can use both hands, his dominate hand being his left. He likes to take advantage of this skill often.

[Cold hands] - Whether it be from his magic or something else, Wave's hands are usually cold to the touch. When he was a teenager, he used to wear fingerless gloves for the comfort of others but has since forgone the fashion choice.

[Heritage] - As a Prae he can inherently do what most Prae are capable of on some basic level including telepathy and telekinesis.

[Imbuement] - He specializes in using his vis to form and shape ice sculptures. While there are possibly other ways to apply this skill, he is currently focusing on improving and expanding this application alone. Wave can also use his vis to enchant his ice sculpture either against melting or enchant them to make them feel warm to the touch, but they will still melt. He doesn't see the point in it but he will still offer the option to paying customers for a cheaper alternative.
The Yvaelia family was essentially the Prae version of a merchant family and as such, Wavmasar had seen many goods pass from hand to hand during his lifetime. The particular goods the aristocrat became interested in as a child were the antiques and the sculptures. He loved the beautiful details that were chiseled into the stone and clays to form such interesting depictions of life. He took to drawing them while deals were struck and hung his drawings around his bedroom as priceless works of art.

It wasn't until he was eleven did he actually see someone make a sculpture in person, and it was then did he realize he wanted to learn how to sculpt too! He started the way most children start, with clay and play-dough, often using his own sketches as a point of reference. The turn outs were rather bizarre but he had fun making them. It wasn't until his family got their hands on a bust of a influential person of a bygone era did Wave try to use another sculpture as a reference. Only, the turn out wasn't near what he was expecting. In fact, he down right struggled to get the details to come out the way he wanted to. While he would like to claim he wasn't deterred, young Wave was quite put off by the difficulty and for while he wouldn't even sketch, his focus instead turning to fencing.

A half of year later saw him at a wedding dressed in his finest and bored out of his little mind. It was a dull affair in his opinion. That was until they brought put the ice sculpture. Wave has certainly heard of them of course, but seeing one in person was an entirely different story! Something about using ice instead of clay or stone gave the sculpture a more regal, refined took. The details were crisp and delicate, and the way the light bounced of it was memorizing.

His interest in sculpting renewed, Wave decided to take a different approach. Instead of tools, he was going to use his magic, and instead clays and play dough, he was going to use ice.

Utilizing magic instead of clunky tools may have made the process faster but only slightly more easy. He quite multiple times but it didn't take long for scrolling through images on the web got him right back into it. It wasn't he was in high school messing around with his ice magic did he catch the interest of one of his peers. Or, rather, the delicate rose he had made did. As it turned out, she had a sweet sixteen coming up and was interested in commissioning him to sculpt something for her party. Wave didn't hesitate to agree. At that point he never made anything bigger than the palm of his hand but his the birthday girl wanted more than that. A classic swan to be exact.

He had a couple weeks though, and decided he had more than enough time to do better than something so very typical-- no matter his inexperience with larger sculptors. After a full night of sketching out ideas he finally had a plan and began working on it right away. The process took more trial and errors than he would have liked to admit but by the end he had what was essentially a girl carved to the likeness of the birthday girl wearing a detailed swan dress with wings protruding from her back. Or would have wings protruding from her back; he decided to attach them on location out of concern for their fragility. We would soon later realized the wings were the least of his worries.

The legs of the ice sculpture broke just before the big reveal. Panicked, he quickly fixed it to look like the girl was kneeling and stole some flowers being used for decoration purposes to further hide any unsightly mistakes at the bottom. He wasn't sure how the birthday girl was going to react given that not only was the sculpture half the intended size but also broken (albiet decently covered up). As it turned out he had nothing to worry about. The birthday girl loved his improvisions and as the birthday party wore on, he took the chance to work the room in an attempt to gain more commissions. He was mildly successful.

Now a young man with a decent clientele, he attends Inerva University in hopes of furthering his abilities and expanding his buisness. He may not have the free time he did in high school, but he does try to keep with commisions when he can.


Art by Noctis the Devious, Coded by Nemopedia


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Six Feet | Finally | Female | Precursor | Lesbian


  • ⟐Appearance

    Name: Yuka Noroimiya-Chāyì

    Height: 4’9’’

    Weight: 102 lbs.


    To Yuka, pain is an inevitable thing. Suffering, however, is optional, and given her rigorous standards for optimism (and sarcasm), she is not likely to suffer anytime soon. Quippy, witty, and quick-witted, there is always a line on the tip of her tongue just waiting to come loose. Yuka, while she is sharp and often a little overly sardonic, is just the opposite of moody, which is a rare sight indeed. The witty remarks are often an aside, and almost always followed up by helpful insight and a hand’s worth of help.

    Yuka will always pick herself up and dust herself off, and do her best to do the same for others. Something of a martyr, she is quick to come to harm before anyone else under her care would. Despite her diminutive stature, she is fiercely protective and often seems heads taller than she actually is.

    She does, however, get horrendously angry. Often stomping off when she realizes that her inner rage has gotten the better of her, Yuka becomes quite the soliloquist when her ire is stoked, rattling off particularly impressive insults as she fades into the distance. Cornered, however, that vitriol turns grossly acidic as her lack of a flight instinct comes a-knocking. Though she generally lacks offensive capabilities in her magical repertoire, she does not lack unkind words, and will often attempt to goad her would-be assailant into a fight so as to use her defensive and counter-offensive abilities to their fullest.

    Despite all of this, Yuka is prone to bouts of malaise, especially in the face of chaos. Yuka reacts poorly to sudden changes, often heralded by sudden panic and then a long term ‘mood’ that usually lasts all day. Thankfully, though, she’s quick to recuperate after a night’s rest, and comes back to tackle the problem head-on. On rare occasions--or when things have gotten suitably ‘real,’ so to speak--she will forgo the despair altogether, trading it instead for frustration, gusto, and cussing.

    It is, perhaps, most interesting to see her work at her passions. Ever the artist, her paintbrush is a keyboard and she can often be seen whipping up little word-storms and other such poetics. Yuka has been known, moreover, to be an aficionado of the limerick.

    Prone to nightmares and sleepless nights, owing much to the peculiarities of her origins. To this end, she routinely uses alcohol, marijuana, sleeping pills, or a combination of the three to soothe her restlessness.

    Yuka is also incredibly enamored with fashion--and preening. She takes rigorous care of her skin and hair, and has--at least, in her opinion--perfected the art of looking effortless.

    It is important to note that Yuka is a noctophobe; she is deeply afraid of the dark, especially being outside in the dark. To this end, she ensures that her magics are vibrant and colorful, so as to maintain a light source no matter where she is.

  • ⟐History

    If anyone were to endeavor to kill their past, Yuka would be the first in line.

    Once upon a time, there was a child. This child had a name, and would--one day--grow up to be Yuka. The progeny of two preeminent Chāyì scholars of immense and noteworthy ability, the child was to be a Precursor descendant among Precursor descendants.

    This would, of course, prove not to be the case. The child--who we shall, for the sake of simplicity, call Yuka--was, in fact, altogether less than their peers. Where other children would quickly grasp magic with fervor and diligence, Yuka’s potential for magic quickly got the better of them; they were, and still are, perhaps the only creature in the entire world that is truly, genuinely haunted. Since birth, Yuka has been plagued by the specters of her ancestors, and unlike the other Chāyì--who are taught to unlock and harness the memories that are their birthright--Yuka’s memories come in physical form. To this very day, Yuka’s dreams are of times and lives long past, extremely vivid recollections of lives she never lived.

    Of course, it didn’t help that Yuka was born in the deepest thicket of Aokigahara, a forest in Japan infamous for being haunted by the dead. In fact, this wasn’t far from the truth; the Chāyì, incredibly protective of their knowledge and their hidden homes, infested the forest with creatures wrought in the likeness of the dead and damned, though they are--patently--merely vis driven by the knowledge bestowed by their ancestors.

    This did not help Yuka, however. They were already a frightful child, bashful to a fault, for reasons they themselves knew but never imparted to their loved ones. Being raised in the epicenter of a forest known for suicide and hauntings did not help their fears.

    To this end, Yuka’s childhood was a private one, with few friends and fewer happy moments. Beset upon by ghosts, mentors, and parents of overbearing stature, they lived in shadows twofold; the dark of Aokigahara and the shady coattails of their parentage.

    At 7, Yuka received their public last name, the replacement to hide their lineage from the world--Noroimiya. A baleful name indeed, one suitable for their life’s woe and their birthright. Yuka showed potential, but that same potential outstripped their capacity. They were imbalanced and poorly prepared for the bevvy of troubles that their particular magics provided.

    Yuka’s parents, to this very day, wish that they had done things differently.

    The chaos that was Yuka’s raw, unbridled power shone through like firelight in the forest’s murky darkness, and instead of teaching them how to use it, their parents attempted to control it. To bring it under heel. Yuka met this with rage and malcontent. Mentors attempted to cow Yuka to their whim. Yuka met this with defiance and disobedience.

    And so, Yuka suffered. Their teenage years were a dark, tumultuous time, fraught with bad musical taste and horrible hair dye. To this very day, Yuka’s hair has not truly forgiven her. It was, however, also the time that Yuka found solace in myths and legends--worlds where ghosts were not only real, but a constant. To this end, stories of gumiho--beautiful women of vulpine origin, close to the world unseen--drew their eye.

    It was around her 16th birthday that Yuka started to become the Yuka we know today. It started small. Little things, here and there, that helped her forget about the specters that surrounded her, and, in some ways, command them. She found passions. Where once there was a void, there were now a thousand words to fill it. While her lifelong isolation afforded her few friendships and fewer privacies, Yuka found two companions: her dream journal and a girl named Makoto Chigase-Chāyì. Makoto, herself, had two loves: fashion and ghost stories. The former, Yuka adopted for her own--the latter solidified their friendship for years. Makoto, herself, was something of a dabbler; she played at all sorts of different magical venues, but her hobby was potioncraft.

    Thus began a mutually beneficial relationship; Yuka offered stories upon stories, poetries, and companionship in exchange for not only a steadfast friend, but to sculpt her personal image as she saw fit.

    These potions were no masterworks, however; the changes were slow, sometimes temporary, and often on a regimen. Yuka’s sense of taste, much like her hair, has yet to forgive her for the atrocities she’s committed. Makoto’s presence in this story, however, is less for the transformative nature of her and Yuka’s relationship. It is, rather, more important to discuss Yuka’s feelings for her, for it is those same feelings that truly created Yuka as she is.

    Yuka was infatuated. The filial ties between her and Makoto were distant, to say the least, and she had known no one but other Chāyì--so it was inevitable that such a thing might happen. Makoto, however, did not feel the same way, perhaps for the exact same reasons that Yuka was so enamored. Regardless of her reasoning, Makoto rejected her distant sibling’s affections--and it was to that end that Yuka’s teenage angst turned dark and sour.

    The first book Yuka read that following day was a book on Banes. The second, the Antisophist’s Almanac. The third, a tome of potioncraft.

    The final book was a compilation of love poems. Before it was burned, every page had a tear-stain to call its own.

    By the age of 18, her nighttime visions grew more vivid, more lucid. Her hauntings grew further and further out of control, lapping up any spare vis that she could muster from her surroundings. Yuka had become a whirlwind of woe--her very own ghost story. She had, by this point, begun pioneering her own flavor of the Chāyì’s antisophy, weaving dark words into the partial runicographies. The focus of her studies had shifted entirely to debilitating magics, and, to that end, performing those magics in ways never before seen.

    Yuka was an artist at her easel. Rage, bitterness, rejection--there had always been a certain violence inside of her, but these tenebrous spells brought a visionary’s brilliance to bear. It is often said that pain is a relative thing--and for the lonely, selfish, narrow-minded Chāyì child, these were wounds that would last. She threw herself into her work. In a year’s time, her curses and antisophic runicography had grown to the point of renown. There weren’t any teachers that would mentor her--many had learned from the mistakes of her prior tutelage--so Yuka took it into her own hands.

    However, that renown was not benign. It stained the Chāyì name with a certain infamy; certain proof that hiding away from the world would create monsters all the same. Aiming to wipe the slate clean, Yuka met the Chāyì’s executioner.

    The Crumblethroat did not slay Yuka, though it was well within his means, and his contingency plan. Instead, this massive, hulking mute of a man--name lost even to the family he was raised by--showed Yuka two things.

    The first: pain is relative to the worst suffering one has felt. The Crumblethroat taught this lesson ruthlessly, often by the rod and the switch. Every outburst and umbrage was met in kind, and he performed this task without pleasure.

    The second: Rage, anger, hate--all of those things are pointless without a target deserving of them. Misunderstanding is not a reason to hate.

    This teaching came with the art of catalysmy, the Chāyì devotion to neutrality and inner peace. Magic had been turned on the Crumblethroat before. He would, as he always had, return it in kind with this art, sending Yuka to bed beset upon by her own woes and curses.

    These first days were bitter and painful. They would practice, train, and learn for eight hours of the day, until the Crumblethroat allowed Yuka to return to her room, battered and fettered by the worst curses she could muster. Days were spent so ill that she couldn’t even talk, and the Crumblethroat still forced her to learn. Bruises accumulated. By the third month, Yuka could’ve drawn the woodgrain of the dojo floor from memory. She had certainly spent enough time face-to-face with it. However, by that time, the specters had grown quiet. Before, the Crumblethroat would simply dispatch them as they arrived, pulling their vis into his catalysmic whirls and twirls, but they had ceased to be a real and present problem and had merely become a nuisance.

    The ghosts were quieting. The pain ached, but waned. It had been weeks since Yuka had thought about her unrequited love--and she had begun to question whether it was truly love at all. Her practice with the fine, delicate art of Banes had grown sharper, bolder, more utilitarian--it had begun to become a thing all its own, paired with catalysmy in ways never before devised. While these magics were the tools of vitriol and hate, Yuka’s intentions had changed.

    It was no longer about harming those who had wronged her. There was a greater work to devote herself to. Her first project: the Antisophist’s Almanac. Yuka had gone through a few copies--often lost or destroyed--but this one was her favorite. She scrawled notes across every page, late into the night, like a woman possessed. Her feverish hauntings had grown almost silent. Her dreams had become--once again--more like dreams than vivid recollections. Her despair seeped away as passion sparked like a firelight.

    Yuka was no longer the Ghost of Aokigahara. Her violence had been tempered. Her woes had been soothed. The Crumblethroat was not a mentor; he was a blacksmith, and Yuka had been honed to the finest point. Every night, Yuka spent hours with a brush, painting the partial runes that defined antisophy. There was a beauty to it. A finery that couldn’t be matched. Her poetry had changed to stranger things; less about the passions of romance and the pain of rejection, and more about the quality and intrigue of vis. She had begun to dabble in stanzas surrounding her dreams, and the strangeness of the wights and banshees that haunted her.

    One autumn day, Yuka approached the dojo. Today, she did not plan to train.

    ”Master,” she spoke, the brightness of certainty and determination glister-gleaming in her eyes. The Crumblethroat watched and listened, unmoving, a boulder in her path.

    ”I must go.”

    And thus, the boulder moved of its own accord. Wards had ever been a staple of Chāyì domiciles, and every Chāyì was beholden to a single law, fashioned through the use of runicography, rather than the rigorous hieroturgy:

    You must never leave. To this end, every Chāyì’s rite of maturity was to unbind the complex whirls and whorls that defined this inalienable law. And it is to that end that every Chāyì receives a book--the Antisophist’s Almanac, the truest compilation of runes and runicographic logic in existence. It is, thusly, their goal to comprehend this grimoire, and apply its teachings to the great, binding lock of their estate.

    The Stoplatch of Aokigahara was known for being not the most complex, but rather, requiring a degree of ingenuity to resolve. Within the Stoplatch Room were a litany of ever-moving runes, etched on slats of pure stone. Each had their own effect and intent, and would lash out at the unprepared. To enter the room without proper cognizance of its dangers was tantamount to suicide.

    The Crumblethroat, however, was heedless. Stepping through the Stoplatch Room in a slow, rhythmic dance unbefitting of someone of his immense size, the wards of reprisal lashed out and merely swept around him, as if they were a stiff breeze. His disobeyal was blatant, but there were none who would ever dare question it.

    And then, of course, it was Yuka’s turn. Smooth as a silken whisper, she darted hither and yon, turning runes not simply inert, but destroying them altogether. The runes she crafted were destructive, and some--though few--were made manifest on the fly. By the time her work was done, the room was in shambles--save for the Stoplatch itself.

    There was a certain understanding between Yuka and the Crumblethroat. Under his tutelage, Yuka had learned a deep-seated secret that the Crumblethroat couldn’t divulge with the speech long lost:

    He, too, was trapped here. Damned to die a silent death. The same means by which his voice was taken also compelled him to remain within the woods--and thus, the Crumblethroat stayed, training the Chāyì through his mastery of catalysmy.

    Yuka, however, was prepared for this, and well-versed in the art of antisophy. Like a rogue picking a lock, she plucked and pulled at the strands, setting off little chain reactions that peeled the Stoplatch off its hinges.

    By the time she was done, Yuka had not only dismantled the Stoplatch as so many had before her, she had destroyed it. She was freed--free to step into that dark night, to breathe air unfettered. The Crumblethroat knew that this day would come, and, despite his own desire for freedom, could only gaze on as Yuka stepped, clothed in her favorite fineries, out into the great unknown. As she fled, an unholy, sickening thud echoed her footsteps. While she didn’t dare look behind, she knew that the Crumblethroat had used her. Cowed to the whimsies of the Chāyì, he could not strike out against his masters, nor could he speak, nor could he leave.

    He had used her as a means of escape, after all. Just not the same sort of freedom.

    Bitter tears stung her eyes as she fled into the night. It was a cold, unearthly darkness, lit only by the moon’s three-quarters glow. This was a darkness that she had never felt. This cloying, foggy thing--it wrapped around her like a noose.

    It was then that Yuka remembered: she was not alone in the woods.

    Ghostly tendrils writhed around every arbor and branch, blotting out the moonlight and cloaking her in the deepest, most silent darkness. No light could penetrate this pure blackness. Yuka’s feet threatened to drop out from under her--her sight had failed her, and now there was only the feeling of bark and the sound of the thicket underfoot. It wasn’t the wisps of the Chāyì’s fashioning that Yuka feared--it was the dark. The deep, dark unknown, and the very real possibility that there was something greater than mere ghouls in the deepwood. And so, she moved faster. The brush had nettles and branches ripped and tore at her skin, but those were ephemeral injuries. She would not suffer them, just as she could not afford to suffer the loss of the Crumblethroat.

    By the time she had reached the border of Aokigahara, she was covered in scratches and wounds, her clothing partially in tatters. She had hardly made it to the roadside of Fujikawaguchiko before, finally, her legs made good on their threat and she collapsed in a heap of flesh, blood, and cloth.

    By the time she next awoke, she found herself draped in rope and paper tags, lying on top of a bedroll. It was an unfamiliar feeling, like Yuka had fallen out of place. A man and a woman sat in the next room, huddled over a coffee table, watching and speaking in hushed voices. As Yuka approached, their countenances turned almost fearful, but somehow relieved to find her awake and alive.

    She came to know the couple as Susumu and Aimi. Just as she never learned their family name, they never learned hers--which was for the better. The ropes, it had turned out, were pure superstition--Yuka’s hauntings had the two terrified that more ghosts were going to spring forth, and so they sought help from Yahatajinja, a major shrine nearby.

    It was around this time that Yuka’s accent became incredibly apparent; it didn’t have any quirks of the local dialect, and the pair were--of course--curious about other aspects of her appearance, particularly the fact that she towered over the two of them at nearly six feet. She was--to them--a stranger in a strange land, but there was such an organic way to her movement, her enunciation, that she could’ve been nothing except native.

    Yuka did the only thing she could do. She came up with a ghost story.

    She was cursed by an angry forest spirit to wander Aokigahara for the rest of her days, but she escaped with the help of another, more generous creature. Curses were, of course, a common part of Japanese magical schooling; this wasn’t some far-flung tale that no one could’ve run awry of.

    And so, stories and tales aside, the three formed a strange little relationship. For a time, Yuka lived and worked from their home, doing odd jobs around the resort and generally being something of a local spectacle. While this was fine for a time, Yuka knew that she had a greater goal in mind. There were things that had to be done. The Crumblethroat deserved a grave--one emblazoned with a name.

    And there were Precursors out there that continued to treat life--people--as if they were tools, means to an end. Bidding farewell to the pair she had grown so enamored with, Yuka packed her things and headed for warmer shores.

    There were things to do. Places to see. Changes to make.

    Injustices to fight.

    And Yuka, passionate, idealistic Yuka, would see to it that she did, saw, made, and fought them all. It is to that end that she arrived on the shores of Ominar, and it is to that same end that her virtuous nature flourished.

    ...If, of course, Yuka can find the time between being haunted, hunted, and working a full-time job.


    Ichirou Kobashi-Chāyì:

    Father. Sworn enemy. Well-regarded among the Chāyì as one of the greatest magi of their line. Spectacular antisophist. Yuka doesn’t actually know what he looks like.

    Siegmund LeMonde:

    Apparent outlier. Enemy. Flies under the radar for everyone else, but Yuka is fairly curious about his every move.

    Michiko Kobashi-Chāyì:

    Mother. Sworn enemy. Regarded among the Chāyì as a similarly outstanding magus. Practitioner of a wide variety of arts, but specifically a feared psychotrope.

    The Crumblethroat (Deceased):

    Catalysmist. Yuka has personally sworn an oath to give him a named grave. Race unknown; likely human, possibly even Precursor.

    Susumu Ōmagatoki:

    Close friend, licentia.

    Aimi Ōmagatoki:

    Close friend, licentia.

    Makoto Chigase-Chāyì:

    First crush and first rejection. Seen with distaste.

    Amity Wayleigh:

    Anchorwoman. Coworker. Kind of rude.

    Cissnei Cselke:

    Coworker. Something of a conspiracy theorist. Good friend, however.

    Peony Camaz:

    Bitter hatred. Yuka appears to be aware of certain things that go on behind Camaz Ltd’s closed doors.

    Precursors in general:

    Distrust. If they’re a Chāyì, Yuka is likely to attempt to undermine them in any way she can manage.

  • ⟐Belongings

    Junk: Yuka always has some strange amount of useless nonsense. Paperclips, stolen pens… She once found a tooth in her pocket.

    Excessive Clothes: Yuka refuses to be seen in public without looking positively striking. It is, perhaps, the result of being a shut-in who dreamt of looking and being a certain way.

    Japanese ID: States that her birth date was 2050. States her height as 180cm. Blood type is missing, strangely. The image only has a passing resemblance, and lacks her characteristic ears. Even the skin tone is off. The whole ID makes Yuka look almost surreal by comparison.

    Her Purse: Yuka’s Purse is full of Junk because she doesn’t know how to clean it out. The contents of this purse are ever-changing, but there are a few mainstays inside this little clutch disaster:

    Her wallet, a white leather little number that ignites if opened incorrectly--a precaution she learned not only from the Chāyì, but from Susumu and Aimi. Always be careful with your personal information.

    Baku, her phone. Terrible.

    The Antisophist’s Almanac, Yuka’s Edition. Also terrible.

    Antisophist’s Almanac: She wouldn’t be caught dead without it. It’s the most useful tool for any runicographer, as reluctant as she is to admit its foul source. This copy is white-bound with Yuka’s name in hiragana on the front, and absolutely filled to the brim with sticky-notes and as many colors of pen ink as there are colors in the rainbow. This tome details the ins and outs of a variety of runic languages--every swish, sway, and whorl that the great Chāyì house has come across. It comes in various shapes and sizes, usually unique to each Chāyì who holds a copy. It is, also, a mainstay in Chāyì libraries.

    This is the seventh copy of the book that Yuka has ever owned.

    ASPERSIONS AND ANATHEMAS: Yuka’s notebook on Hexes, Litanies, and True Banes. Written in English. Leather-bound, gray cover with bright blue embellishments about its edges. A ward sits on the first page that must be antisophized to properly open without it combusting. Named in all caps because its name is scrawled such in bright white ink on the front, in Yuka’s hand. Always at her side during research.

    A Horrid Little Book: Yuka’s dream journal. Almost comprehensible, save for the fact that it is written interchangeably in English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese. Also the only known tome on Woemancy. If someone were to decipher it, they might think Yuka were completely insane.

    The Sad Cabinet: Yuka’s liquor locker. A cabinet in her apartment filled to the brim with marijuana memorabilia, alcohol, cocktail implements, and one bottle of sleeping pills. It is, indeed, a cabinet that is both for when its owner is sad, and a very sad cabinet in and of itself.

    Baku: Yuka’s cellphone. Smells like rice. The lock screen is a pinup girl. The ringtone is the opening to ちるちる by REOL. There are… So many smudges. It’s a little grotesque. However, Yuka would never even think of dirtying her clothes with the little soy sauce drippings on the screen--and the textile just doesn’t catch. There are at least seven different really bad mobile games--and we do mean terrible--on this device, and Yuka plays all of them.

    Spell Tags: Usually in her purse. These spell tags make up the basis of her combat antisophy. Simple brush on parchment, all of these tags have half-runes that Yuka can complete as she sees fit.

  • ⟐Capabilities


    Impressively clever

    Speaks Japanese, English, and Chinese, fluency in that order

    Patient and opportunistic

    Very studious, capable of focusing for long periods of time

    Carries a minor chemical dependency

    Indefatigable strength of will

    Capable of seeing and creating patterns where many are not

    Deeply intuitive thinker

    Severe noctophobe


    Physically weak.

    Small stature, extremely light--easily to unbalance.

    Capable of contorting herself into spaces as small as 2 cubic feet.

    Highly dexterous, capable of doing two completely independent movements with both hands.

    Left hand dominant

    Acute sense of hearing. Can hear sounds outside of the human auditory range.

    Highly effective sense of smell.

    Fairly sensitive, especially at her joints; strikes to nerve clusters such as the funny bone are especially painful, likely due to drastic body modification putting a stress on her bones and muscles.

    Lacks human feet; must wear shoes that support her vulpine ankles, as a result.

    Low pain threshold, high pain tolerance.

    Slightly nearsighted, but not to the point of needing any sort of corrective lenses.

    High degree of physical coordination.



    The Chāyì strain of Precursor Descendants are unique in and of themselves. While other Precursors gain the knowledges of their past lives at the outset, the Chāyì have those skills locked away. Years of study and practice can unlock these abilities, and, perhaps most importantly, unlock actual memories of times long past.

    For Yuka, her Antecemancy--the divination of moments long past, of ancestors that came before her--is irrevocably unleashed upon the world. Instead of merely gaining the memories of her ancestors, Yuka cannot use the abilities of her priors at all; they spring forth, uninhibited, from her anima, drawing power and gaining substance from the vis in the surrounding area.

    These are not cognizant creatures--they are not sentient. They are memories. As a result, they all have predetermined actions that they will perform, similar to a ghost. Without Yuka’s intervention, these ghosts will run wild; they are, essentially, trapped within her velo, and require her concentration--or at least general well-being--to keep under wraps. When uncontrolled, these specters will cause chaos and discomfort to all those around her, much akin to poltergeists. Moreover, Yuka will be plagued by extremely vivid and long-lasting dreams of past lives. She describes these dreams as if she’s in her normal body, and she’s fully capable of normal thought, but she is totally unable to control the things she says or does.

    It is likely that Woemancy has greater potential than merely the summoning of ancestors. Perhaps, given the time to practice it and not fear it, Yuka might gain greater insight into its meanings.

    [Runicographic Antisophy]

    Yuka’s hatred of the Chāyì did grant her one boon: she has managed to pioneer a strange new version of Antisophy, one of the Chāyì’s best-kept secrets. Antisophy is more an art than a science. At its very core, this discipline is akin to learning how to pick a lock.

    Antisophy, or the countermagic of runes and the runic language, is a style of magic entirely unique to the Chāyì purely by the nature by which it must occur. Antisophy is characterized by the articulate imprint of a series of partial runes upon the anima, something like taking every possible line present in the alphabet and etching it into your eyelids. The runic language has two necessary components: purity of form, and purity of purpose. Form, of course, is present in the runes themselves. While runes lack a true lingua franca, there are only so many methods of completing a rune; this allows for the presence of somatic antisophy, or combat antisophy--a skill that cannot be taught to non-Precursors.

    There are two target goals of antisophists: to either ruin a rune by destroying purity of form, or overpowering the enemy's vis and essentially hijacking a rune by superseding the original creator's intent. Many of the Chāyì spend decades upon centuries perfecting this skill, and there is no such thing as a true mastery of antisophy, given the conceptual nature of runes. However, a collection of understood runes can be amassed, and meanings can be applied to new runes--that is the basis for the magic of antisophism. The capacity for instinctual magic, moreover, is pivotal.

    Thus, the Chāyì pioneered the concept of the Lexicon, the process of imprinting inscriptions rather than true magics. The rest of these antisophistic half-runes are inscribed in a massive codex known as the Antisophist's Almanac, which Yuka carries with her.


    Catalysmy is not to be confused with Cataclysmy, the much more exciting cousin that everyone wishes existed. Catalysmy--the art of antimagic using the body and the inner/outer ostium as a catalyst--is a discipline almost entirely unique to Precursors. Many races have attempted to replicate it, and all of them have succeeded in some regard, but Precursor catalysmy--practiced primarily by the Chāyì--is on a level all its own, thanks to the clever usage of their velo. The velo is something akin to a shield around a second set of ostium, and in being so, it is also uniquely capable of acting as a valve. The very essence of catalysmy is the capture of manifested vis in the outer ostium; this flytrap-like maneuver allows the mage--often through the use of a somatic component such as tai chi--to push the vis piece by piece through their inner ostium, pushing it around their anima and out through another hole that they have formed in their velo.

    This manipulation of velo has one unintended effect, however--it also renders them open to another strike, and at some point, enough magical energy will simply overload the user and levy the weight of all of the magics upon them at once. Masters of catalysmy are to be feared, however. The human facsimile of catalysmy is seen in the art of the Shaolin monk, who stands capable of withstanding immense pain and have some degree of simple antimagic. True catalysmists, however, are known to be able to counterattack with all of the vis that has been expended upon them, and, in a perhaps more fearsome manner, metamorphose to adopt the elemental aspects of the world around them and become--temporarily--a vessel for the elements.

    Yuka’s extent of understanding of Catalysmy does not near mastery, but it is formidable in and of itself. Her natural skill with manipulating her velo through Antecemancy creates a great deal of trouble for magical opponents, indeed, and renders her quite difficult to damage with explosives and other force-based attacks, as she can create a vis cushion between herself and the blast. To that end, however, a cushion is not going to stop a bullet--she is still extremely vulnerable to the tried and trues. Shoot her in the face.

    Her ability to counter is not present in her catalysmy, but rather, in her usage of Woemancy and, furthermore, the adapted version of catalysmy seen in Choreohexy.


    The first of Yuka’s Pseudobane magics. Choreohexy is, at its core, a perversion of catalysmy centered around creating a Bane as any of the few creators would, but, instead, imprinting it on oneself. This is something like creating a wet sponge; the Bane, instead of staying on the anima as a True Bane would, instead sits in the velo as virulent vis, which can be expunged through the same method as catalysmy. In doing so, the user must absolutely make physical contact for the curse to take effect.

    [Blighted Litanies]

    A corruption of Runicography and Banes, Blighted Litanies are perhaps the greatest example of vocal magic that exists. Technically a form of Runicography, a Blighted Litany is a rune spoken in structure, verse, and cadence. The purity of form is in its recital; it must be delivered with absolute certainty and passion, and its purity of purpose comes from having a True Bane counterpart that it draws from, and one that the user knows completely intrinsically. These verses must be inscribed on the inside of the velo--essentially turning them into runes--and vis must pour through their location in the velo and out through the vocal chords, essentially charging the voice with a rune. This could work with any rune, but the nature of a Blighted Litany is that where each rune would be a sound, a Litany is a series of complex sounds that rapport with deeply internalized knowledge, less like the single-sound of a rune and more like a concerto of concepts that must intercede in a way specific to its wielder.

    [True Banes]

    Yuka is not a regular user of Banes in their intended format. The “soft” Banes described in ASPERSIONS AND ANATHEMAS never reach the anima, but linger in the ostium’s pathways and taint the intake of vis, much like arterial blockage. However, she is fully capable of using Banes in their intended method, though she is poorly practiced; she must perform it in a ritual to properly achieve her intended effect, which renders it less than ideal for combat purposes.

    Given this, Yuka’s Pseudobanes take note from the Banes she has in fact learned, and render themselves as weaker versions of the true manifestation of the Bane.

    Listed here are the Banes that Yuka is capable of casting and performing, in no particular order.

    The Writ of Seclusion

    A Bane crafted by the Catholic Church, specifically Archbishop Aubert Gescelligne in 1302 AD. This horrid spell is designed to warp the anima’s interaction with vis, such that it creates an outward force in the ostium as it passes through the body. As a result, the receiver of the Writ of Seclusion becomes unable to touch any other sentient being, as the Writ is specifically exacerbated by the presence of a second anima in the nearby area. While they may eat, drink, bathe, do all of the things that they would normally do, the Writ specifically renders them unable to ever feel another human’s touch again. This also makes the removal of the Writ especially tricky, as it must be done without touching the accursed. This Bane was often used on adulterers within Gescelligne’s fief.

    Yuka uses this Bane in Choreohexy, which temporarily makes it impossible for her--or the opponent--to physically strike one another, regardless of who is cursed.

    As a Litany, the Writ of Seclusion creates a soft barrier around all things that possess an anima, making it so that physical blows are severely weakened.

    The Litany goes like this:

    ”Indenture thyself for your misdeeds

    Seclude your misgivings and your vile needs

    Begone, man of desire and greed

    Never again shall you spread your seed

    From you, human touch shall flee

    ‘Till you are alone as you can be.“

    Purgeling Catechism

    A second and older Bane from the Catholic Church. Fashioned by Pope Paschal II himself, this Bane was thought lost to the ages--except for the Chāyì who later reclaimed it thanks to Marco Polo’s journey to the East.

    The Purgeling Catechism is a Bane for teaching; used often on apostates and nonbelievers, the Catechism manifests in two ways: first, a crown of pus and boils ring the head, capped on the forehead with a great cross of blisters and sores. Second, the woeful soul is beset upon by extreme vertigo and nausea, causing them to vomit uncontrollably--thus, a purgeling. This is caused by the vis produced by the anima pushing on the bile and fluid in the person’s body, causing it to forcefully exit the mouth and, as time goes on, eventually all facial orifices. It will continue pushing fluid out of the accursed’s body uninhibited, until the accursed is a desiccated, dead husk. Usually only used for a day or two, this curse is known to rapidly cause death without the accursed being kept under close watch.

    However, during the more militant and tumultuous times of the Church, the Catechism was used as a method of execution for blasphemers. It is suggested that the Purgeling Catechism also brought on the Black Plague.

    Used in Choreohexy, the Catechism causes nausea, and often vomiting if the accursed is struck.

    As a Litany, it creates a shroud of unease in the surrounding area, and, given time and concentration, can cause vertigo.

    The Litany reads thus:

    “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial,

    because, having stood the test,

    that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord

    has promised to those who love him.

    Woe be unto those who spurn this light

    Woe be unto those who spurn these teachings

    Woe be unto those who spurn that Lord

    Woe be unto you, sinner, for your trial is now.”

    Sanguine Fulgur

    One of the 72 Goeteid Banes of the Malefactor Prolix, an extremely prolific Bane author from antiquity.

    The Sanguine Fulgur uses vis generated from the anima to increase the sensitivity to sounds within the accursed’s body, hence the name--it increases it to such a deafening pitch that the flow of blood is as loud as a peal of thunder, like one’s blood is lightning itself. It was said to be used to render foes unconscious and send them spiralling into madness. It also renders the accursed essentially immobile, as the creaking of bones would sound as if a house were crashing around them.

    In Choreohexy, this is used to greatly increase the sound of the accursed’s movements, such that only the deaf would be unable to hear their footfalls.

    As a Litany, it increases the volume of all sounds in the area, making it useful for listening--if you can keep yourself quiet.

    The Litany goes like this:

    ”Whisper on, little flea

    Clatter now, loud as can be

    Drop a-thunder, O pin, so I might see

    What your sundered secrets reveal to me.“

    The Seventh Edict: Guilt

    A Japanese Bane, created by the vizier to Emperor Go-Nara Tomohito.

    Designed to shame the dishonored who yet live, the Seventh Edict is an insidious magic that is almost like psychotropy. It brings forth memories that the accursed harbor unhappy feelings toward, as the anima sends vis to the synapses that deprive the accursed of pleasurable emotions. Not only that, but the memories materialize as hallucinations, and are impossible to stop without removal of the Bane itself. It causes nightmares, and was an immensely useful tool during the shogunate eras of Japan where the still-living dishonored were more common.

    As a Choreohexy, the Seventh Edict causes the accursed to hallucinate, specifically hallucinations of recent pain. This is best used against an opponent that is already injured, as it will be as if they felt the same pain twice.

    As a Litany, it creates a fog of dark emotions and illusions of fearful things in the vicinity.

    The Litany reads as such:

    ”Emperor, I fear

    That the good times are not here

    What shall we do, sir?

    Emperor, I fear

    That I am my guilty soul’s peer

    I shall die a cur”

    Fourth Mote of Samhain and Sidhe

    A wicked Bane of witchy origins--the great Harpy of the Wood, Aoibheann the Red-grayed, wrought this horrid cant along with the Third Mote of Beltane and Annwn during a time when liminal forces were weakest--for she feared the gods might catch wind of her darktime weavings. This Bane is a transformative one; it acts upon the anima such that the accursed transforms uncontrollably, similar to the Ride in the myth of Tam Lin. Eventually, if the accursed is able to settle themselves, their form may similarly settle, but they will forever be plagued by sudden and aggressive changes in appearance.

    Yuka uses the Fourth Mote as a Litany that shifts the form of a foe to take on major features of a being or animal Yuka chooses. The effect is temporary, but very effective in a fight.

    The Litany goes thus:

    ”Once was man and now is not

    Here is the thing that chaos begot

    Fettered form fetterless, know this woe

    It is by my hand you reap what you sow

    Writhe, squirm, wriggle and turn

    Your body’s own nature you shall spurn

    Once a man, be now wrought

    Of thine own accursed rot.”


    A vile thing indeed, the Rougarou Bane has no known author, but its effects are well-documented and feared. Often confused with the Curse of Wallachia by the uneducated, perhaps the most important difference being that the Curse of Wallachia is considered in scholarly circles to be a Boon whereas Rougarou is most certainly a Bane.

    The essence of Rougarou is its simplicity--it inhibits the ability of the ostium to properly intake vis naturally, and thus must be done through the devouring of solid matter. Without it, their body won’t properly circulate vis, and will wither and die. The important distinction between this method and merely eating vis-infused food is that the devourer must eat the food at a very specific temperature--the body temperature of a human. While this is now more common knowledge--Rougarou often lead very normal lives--there is a second aspect to this curse which is much more gruesome. The jaw of the cursed becomes bifurcated, splitting down the lip and chin, and spontaneously grow a second set of teeth. It is also important to note that this Bane saps internal vis, meaning that the accursed must imbibe food meeting the conditions and vis infusions at least thrice a day.

    In Choreohexy, this hex steals vis and satiety from the accursed, rendering them both physically drained and ravenously hungry.

    As a Litany, Rougarou devours vis from the air, including and especially Simulacra. The Litany reads like so:

    ”O Rougarou,

    Bloodied smile genial and blithe

    What troubles do you brew?

    Whose body have you left to writhe?

    O Rougarou,

    Ever do you snicker-sneak

    Starveling thing, you

    With flesh stuffing your beak.”


"I’m not a kitsune. That’s racist."

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  • Appearance

    Sofiya’s appearance is exceptionally difficult to pin down--she is wont to be in any number of potential shapeshifts, and keeps her unshapeshifted form hidden behind the mask she wears. Any visage that she presents is carefully tailored, and she is able to fool even the Sight thanks to her extreme psychic power.


    Witch-Queen Sofiya is, in a word, pragmatic. Despite being seventh in line to become head of the Tereshkeyva house of Descendants, Sofiya manoeuvred herself into a position to take control from the shadows until those before her could be dealt with--and then she openly seized control of her house. Sofiya values results above all else--not necessarily arguing that the ends justify the means, but that the means are entirely unnecessary to consider. She feels bound by no moral compass--save that she wishes for her race to remain hale and healthy and not die out--and takes any actions that she deems necessary to secure her future and the future of the Tereshkeyva. She sees her family as little more than tools to be manipulated, having long ago ransacked their minds and souls of anything that she could potentially find valuable, and sees others as little more than opportunities or acquisitions to be used in her schemes.

    The closest thing that Sofiya has ever felt to true affection is the sensation of control--and, to that end, she seeks to be master of all in her demesne. She tirelessly pursues her goals, believing that she will only be happy when her inscrutable actions coalesce into desired results, and though age has rendered her a patient woman she has very little patience for failure--be it her own failure in controlling events, or the failure of those in her employ. She is harsh on others for falling short of her colossal expectations, and if she truly believes that failure is a factor worthy of consideration she will typically choose to take matters into her own hands either by directly assuming mental control of an individual or by simply taking their place. When Sofiya personally fails in a task, she takes it extremely poorly. Age has tempered her wrath to a steely point of focus and drive, and rather than lash out at others she drives herself deeper into her machinations until she believes that they are in good stead and have recovered.

    By virtue of her abilities and her history, Sofiya is a very solitary woman. She has few people that she can openly socialise with--and fewer still that she can call equals or her superiors to surround herself with. Isolation has hardened her considerably, and though she does not get melancholy she has a marked desire for stimulation--which often manifests itself in the complexity of her various ongoing projects and the work she puts into the Caligine Institute. This has left her with somewhat of a craving for meeting interesting people--and one of the few times she is capable of relaxing and simply enjoying the luxury she lives in is at the annual Convocation.

  • History

    something something something I'm a GM I'm not writing a history for an NJC


    Sophia Taeryn - Sofiya has a particular fascination with Sophia--believing her to be one of the most potentially powerful mages in existence once she has matured. Sofiya likes to subtly get into her head, occasionally directing her to improve herself where Sofiya feels that she would otherwise stagnate.

    Nabriales Taeryn - Sofiya has plenty of time for Nabriales thanks to his extensive collection of books, his potioncraft, and his oodles of money. She rarely speaks to him directly, but monitors him frequently.

    Illaerion Avusahre - Sofiya finds Illaerion interesting, seeing how far he has fallen from the metaphorical tree. She has distinct memories of Illivon thanks to her descent from Tyla, and notes to herself how entirely unlike they are.

    Fandaniel si Louviere - Sofiya finds Fandaniel a useful tool to manipulate, though entirely unremarkable as a person. She has immense respect for Fandaniel’s combat prowess, and approves wholeheartedly of her desire to protect their race, but has no time for her other than in those regards.

    Inerva - Sofiya is utterly entranced by Inerva--as she cannot read Inerva’s thoughts. Sofiya recognises her power for what it is, and follows her movements keenly to glean what she can thanks to her extensive network of information.

    Crow - Sofiya deals directly with Crow infrequently, but her agents and his are in constant contact. Sofiya requires much in the way of information in order to maintain her network, and in return provides for him the exceptional Tereshkeyva standard of security.

    Szaeyis - Sofiya and Szayeis make it a point to never interact with one another. Sofiya keeps tabs on him--of course--but is generally content to leave him to his devices.

  • Belongings

    The Augur Obscurant - One of the infamous baned items created by the Tereshkeyva, the Augur Obscurant places upon its bearer's soul the tiniest fragment of the bane that it contains--one that renders them unable to use any form of scrying magic whatsoever. In return, the Augur Obscurant prevents any and all scrying attempts from locating its wielder. The Augur Obscurant does not need to physically be in the possession of an individual once that bane has been applied. The item is an onyx-black crystal ball with a single silver crack in its surface.

  • Capabilities


    Telepathy - The Tereshkeyva are notoriously powerful psychics, and as the Head of House Sofiya is accomplished even by their standards. Sofiya’s telepathy is exceptionally potent and extends to the entirety of Medius – with preparation, she is easily capable of breaching the barriers between realms (though she is only able to send messages in this fashion, and the transmission is extremely difficult to understand due to interference from Pylae).

    Clairvoyance – Though true clairvoyance is exceedingly rare, Sofiya has a form of the ability insofar as that she is able to intuit what someone will do based on their surface thoughts. As individuals around her with less than extreme psychic protection think of actions, Sofiya receives the information simultaneously and is able to adjust her own actions accordingly. This is limited by Sofiya’s own processing speed, which is not high enough to replicate the intense bursts of speed achieved by – for example – master swordsmen.

    Profiling – Sofiya has an imprinted form of telepathy that allows her to completely copy a target’s entire mental profile, and gain access to someone’s entire personality and suite of memories for as long as she is shapeshifted into their form. The creation of the imprint requires a very invasive psychic probe – though Sofiya is so skilled a psychic that individuals without extreme psychic defences will not even know that they have been probed. Once Sofiya relinquishes the psychic profile and shapeshift, she does not retain any of the target’s memories unless they are stored using a physical medium.

    Deduction - Sofiya is exceptionally astute, even among the Tereshkeyva. Though she had no real claim to leadership of the Tereshkeyva by succession (being seventh in line), she has been ruling them for centuries from the shadows--and more recently she has simply taken over the house in its entirety. It is virtually impossible to surprise Sofiya, and she is capable of using her telepathy and extreme perception to make jumps of logic even geniuses simply would never be able to think of.

    Mental Fortress - Sofiya’s mind is almost completely impenetrable. Her psychic skill renders all but the absolutely most powerful attempts to establish any form of psychic link (including telepathy, mind reading, etc.) futile unless she directly allows it.


    As a Precursor Descendant, Sofiya is more physically adept than the majority of humans. Years of guerrilla warfare, espionage, and stealth have left her in peak physical condition.


    [Shapeshifting - {Imprinted}]

    Witch-Queen Sofiya is the most powerful practitioner of the signature Tereshkeyva magic – shapeshifting. The Tereshkeyva precursors, upon gaining access to the genetic material of an individual (through touch, a sample, or a particularly dense chunk of vis), are able to shapeshift into the phenotype expressed by the genome that they copy. The copy is flawless – insofar as the genetics are concerned – though modification is typically required to match the exact appearance of an individual as a perfect expression of a phenotype does not take into consideration environmental affectation. Witch-Queen Sofiya automatically adjusts her shapeshifts to be flawless copies of those whose genetics she imitates.

    While shapeshifted as a target, Witch-Queen Sofiya automatically assumes their psychic profile, and as a result is able to use any inborn talents they may possess, as well as use all of the magic that they are capable of performing with all requisite knowledge. Witch-Queen Sofiya's shapeshifts are only perfect on humans, however – she is unable to copy a Licentia’s soul core or a Prae’s crystal and thus cannot perform any feats that require these things. Due to her extreme psychic power, however, she is capable of creating a psychic projection that creates a convincing enough illusion of their presence that it will fool anybody not of a similar psychic level to her (or in other very specific situations).

    [Stealth - {Imprinted}]

    Witch-Queen Sofiya is capable of causing individuals to simply not register her presence with her psychic capabilities, however, this does not affect machines. Witch-Queen Sofiya cannot be psychically sensed unless she wishes to be sensed, and traditional methods of vis sense within 25 feet of her simply fail to work, not registering her presence at all. If she has already planted a psychic probe in an individual, she is capable of extending this effect to them regardless of distance (as long as they are both on Medius).

    [Psychic Probing - {Imprinted}]

    Witch-Queen Sofiya is capable of manifesting a psychic probe within the mind of a target which serves as an anchor for her other psychic abilities, as well as being the root of her Profiling ability. For as long as a placed psychic probe remains within a target, Witch-Queen Sofiya is able to draw upon their mental profile (assuming that she has also shapeshifted into their form) – and if the probe is removed, her profile also immediately ends and no memories whatsoever are retained.

    [Hieroturgy - {Imprinted}]

    Witch-Queen Sofiya is an exceptionally accomplished hieroturge--having used the art successfully to her advantage in her homeland of Russia over the years.

    [Enchantment - {Not Imprinted}]

    Witch-Queen Sofiya is a skilled enchanter--though is by no means exceptional by any stretch of the imagination.

    [Psychotropy - {Imprinted}]

    Witch-Queen Sofiya is possibly the most accomplished mage in Medius when it comes to Psychotropy. Descended from its creator, and with full ancestral knowledge thanks to her Precursor Descendant heritage, Sofiya is exceptionally skilled at all aspects of the art--and even more adept than most mages due to her immense psychic power.

The Visionary

"Mind over matter, darling."



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zayeis ka'aeria. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ᴍ ᴀ s ᴛ ᴇ ʀ...ᴏ ғ...ᴛ ʜ ᴇ...ɢ ᴀ ᴍ ᴇ
"Which will it be, your pride...or your life?"
Theme I Theme II

S Z AY E I S A K A ' A E R I A
Zay-iss Ah-kare-ea
Two-thousand. Male. Licentia. Eximius Nightwalker​
[ ⊰⊱ ]Ⱥppearance
While Szayeis is a shapeshifter by nature, he does have something a preference for two forms. The first of these being his favored human guise, which stands at six(6) feet, with a lean build and handsome features. This guise possesses startlingly blue eyes, like the sky shining through ice. The latter of his two forms on the other hand can be best described as a human visage shrouded in pitch, with white eyes and swirling patterns that trail across its skin and in its aura, all outlined in a pale blue.​

[ ⊰⊱ ] io
On the surface, Szayeis is a devious and charismatic individual, with little regard for life. However, beneath this persona is the light that casts this terrible shadow, for behind the veil there dwells a deep roiling anger...a hatred borne of intense trauma and abuse. It is from this deep sense of violation that the nightwalker draws his strength, conjures up his drive, and takes the world by storm, bending the wills of others to his own ends. Everything he is, his intellect, his knowledge, his nature, is turned to a singular purpose.


For beneath the veneer of calm, collected control; beyond the charisma and merciless monster, there is little but an empty, lonely, damaged soul. So condemn him. Resist his inexorable will. Just...consider, something made him this way. What was it?
While this infamous nightwalker’s past is shrouded in mystery to humans, some among his kind know the truth. So it is that despite his evolution, despite is cunning, his strength, and his achievements, few of his own kind respect him. Among the likes of humanity, he is well known. A man, nay, a licentia who has strode the underground of Medius, and came away...untouched. Always one step ahead, Szayeis has earned quite a reputation as one of the world’s most infamous criminals. He is...the Master of the Game.
To Be Updated.

[ ⊰⊱ ] quipment & elongings
Cellphone: A simple smartphone that Szayeis uses for communication with his various contacts.

Aeris’ Soul: The Soul Core of a certain Aeris Kasio, Szayeis acquired this after turning the woman, but before he let her back into Medius on her lonesome so as to use as a constant reminder of his control over her, not to mention as useful leverage. This 'item' is kept within a specialized device whose specifications lie in the below equipment section. As an additional note, Aeris' soul core is of a black and purple coloration and takes on the shape of a crystalline sphere larger than the palm of a hand.
Ichabod’s Cane:
Depicted above. described below

Crafted with the assistance of a certain ancient licentia, Ichabod’s Cane was forged from a material known as Dtsen. As a result it conducts vis more effectively than most other materials, exotic or otherwise, and--furthermore--is exceptionally strong. Beyond this, the cane is an exceptionally powerful container and focus, as it was forged for the purpose of housing a soul core. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the artifact is the fact that it is uniquely attuned to its wielder. This is not to say that it is merely more effective in their hands, but that the cane cannot be wielded by anyone else. In fact, this attunement is so strong that unless the cane’s previous wielder is killed, it cannot be utilized by anyone else. Furthermore, as a result of this attunement, the cane can be freely ‘dispersed’ into a vis-state in which it only maintains a spell matrix to stabilize and contain the soul core which acts as its primary source of energy. This allows Szayeis to manifest, demanifest, or summon the cane to his person even in the presence of some forms of anti-magic.

[ ⊰⊱ ] apabilities
ncredible ntellect: Possessed of a certain cunning and exacting intelligence, Szayeis has a mind not to be scoffed at. His time in Priscus has given him a measure of resistance to psychic intrusion and his long life has given him ample time to expand his mind and learn himself. While not beyond human in his intelligence, Szayeis does have beyond human memory, as most licentia do, so as to retain the majority of his life within his mind, rather than forget and let his past drift into obscurity.

sychological astery: Szayeis has spent a great share of time in each realm and so has been exposed to, and devoured, a wide variety of individuals from all three races. As such, he has gained considerable insight into the psychology of all three. This coupled with his rather sadistic streak and endless desire to learn has allowed him to delve deep into the psyche of each race and pick them apart...piece by piece. Still his own species is something that he understands only to a certain degree as the amount their psychology can vary is vast. With the other races things are easier, but he is certainly not infallible.

Ѵast xperience: Szayeis has lived for over two thousand years and as a result has accumulated an understandably vast amount of experience. This coupled with his memory and intelligence makes him an utter bastard to deal with as he has seen so much that one might think he's seen it all...though they'd be wrong. Still, his experiences also weigh on him, influencing his decisions and sometimes causing him to stumble where he may not have without them, such is the burden of memory.
ightwalker hysiology: At rest, like all nightwalkers, Szayeis’ body is entirely composed of loose, changeable vis, with the sole exception being his five soul cores--an abnormally high amount for a typical Eximius, but fairly normal for a nightwalker. As a result of this naturally loose, malleable vis Szayeis--unlike many licentia--can shapeshift freely and with abandon, an ability he shares with the rest of his kind. Additionally, due in large part to his age, he has access to the typical abilities of nightwalkers, known as Dread Permeation, Shadow Manipulation, Illusion Magic, and Shadow Walking. With the sole exclusion of Illusion Magic, Szayeis has more or less mastered his inborn gifts. His nature affording him a number of boons, Szayeis is capable of seeing in the complete absence of light, projecting his awareness through shadows, and of course...sensing vis to a highly discerning degree. While he cannot ‘see’ vis, Szayeis--like many nightwalkers--has a highly tuned vis sense, which allows him to differentiate between individuals even at a distance.

artial Ҝnowledge: As a being who naturally seeks out power and sows chaos, Szayeis has accrued a not inconsiderable amount of combat proficiency. While he is no martial artist, per se, Szayeis has the sort of ability that comes with being a natural--and practiced--predator. He is adept at stalking and confronting ‘prey’ or guarding himself against threats. This, coupled with his attuned ability ‘Assimilation,’ makes him a devious individual in most encounters.

ssimilation: An ability that some nightwalkers access, this allows an individual to--upon devouring the entirety of a being--gain something of their experience, abilities, and/or memories. However, due to the damage done during the ‘assimilation’ process, the gained genetic information is degraded causing it to be drastically less useful. If careful, a nightwalker can however be careful as not to damage some aspect of a being, allowing them to--for example--peruse their memories or more completely process and--potentially--integrate some amount of their abilities or experiences. This process--to actually have a meaningful effect--typically requires an individual to devour hundreds of beings with similar abilities if they wish to properly utilize even a shadow of that which their prey possessed. This ability almost exclusively works on other licentia, though the perusal of memories can be applied to the other races if with some difficulty.
he ystemic ethod: A magical methodology that focuses on efficiency, the Systemic Method utilizes a largely unseen form of reification to initiate spell-like reactions via baseline physics. This is one of the offerings that licentia gave to humanity when they revealed themselves in times past. While exceptionally useful, the magic requires an extensive understanding of the physical world, its systems, and mechanics for it to be properly useful. Perhaps due only to his exceptionally long lifespan and beyond human memory, Szayeis has managed to memorize the information necessary to utilize Systemic Magic to its fullest...or at least something resembling it.

omprehensive agic: As an ‘older’ being by traditional--or at least human--standards, Szayeis has amassed a significant amount of magical ability over the centuries of his existence. As a result of his exposure to and use of magic, Szayeis has lesser ability in the Schools of Thaumaturgy, Psychotropy and Glamours. In these schools he either possesses an in-depth understanding--but lack of practical skill--or a middling ability to actually utilize them. Among this grouping of lesser skills, Psychotropy is of note for despite his lacking traditional training or discipline in the art, Szayeis has an unreasonably high ability to resist mental intrusion or tampering. This is a result of his extensive exposure to prae telepathy and empathy as well as some amount of practice in the years following his centuries long imprisonment.

Moving on from his lesser skills, Szayeis does have more notable ability in the Schools of Reification, Warding, Hieroturgy, Scrying, and Transmutation. While Transmutation and Scrying act more as modifiers for his natural nightwalker abilities--filtering his perception more easily, and enhancing his shapeshifting respectively--the other talents are of a more varied nature. However, before going into a deeper look at those magics, Szayeis’ actual style of magic ought to be mentioned as, unlike most mages, the nightwalker uses very little of any of the three individual methods of magic (Simulacra, Manipulation, and Creation) and rather utilizes spell matrices in a more...focused and intentful fashion, expanding their usefulness drastically. Essentially, this takes the form of making incredibly anchored, typically invisible and intangible, constructs of reified vis, which can be tuned for a variety of purposes. This done, Szayeis utilizes these constructs to establish hieroturgical matrices, thus instituting certain magical laws on an area. However, unlike traditional hieroturgy, Szayeis’ brand integrates the Systemic Method, allowing him to actually lock down mundane matter by locking the vis nested deep within it into place.

Utilizing this unique discipline, Szayeis can use a combination of traditional VMTs, spellcraft, and hieroturgy to create some truly potent magical effects.

Ҏossession: As a nightwalker, Szayeis is capable of entering a Flux-like state, become intangible, at which point he can forcibly enter the body of another being so long as their own will/vis is not sufficient to resist the process. This allows him to spread his vis throughout their body while utilizing his cores to suppress their anima, thus hijacking their vessel. Furthermore, Szayeis can kill, leave be, or shatter the mind of your typical host, allowing him options with dealing with the refuse when he sheds them. Due to...considerable practice, Szayeis is capable of having this process be pleasant, painful, or even difficult to notice through a number of specific manipulations of his own--and on occasion--his target’s vis...from within.
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Kiran Coran

399 | Male | Human - Precursor | Gay | K, Kiki, Coranic


  • Appearance

    Six feet even and 181 pounds, Kiran tends to stand out in a crowd. While Kiran is of Precursor Descendant origin, he usually glamours himself to look human. Kiran figures that pointed ears are far too memorable and dislikes his family history. While Kiran may not age, only people who have known him for long enough catch on to what he really is. To most, he's just that kinda hot bartender with glasses. To others, they see a gleam in his eye when particularly notable customers come into his pub.

    Kiran's glamour tends to downplay his Precursor beauty, and he wears glasses which both hide his face and cure his nearsightedness. Kiran has a few pairs of glasses, some that are more intricate than others. His favorite pair have stained glass design on the hinges of the glasses, which he wears just about every day. Those who see him without his glasses say that he's pretty cute, but he really can't see them without his glasses. He is extremely nearsighted.

    Kiran tends to wear simple clothing both in and out of work. The only difference is that when he's working he wears an apron over his black slacks. He tries not to stand out or make much of a splash in the world besides his pub, which is pretty nice. He tends to aim for more of an English pub feel with darts and pool in the back and televisions for those who want to watch sports. He keeps it fair neat and nice. However, much cannot be said for his appearance. He puts minimal effort into his hair and general skin care. His hygiene is pretty good, but if he weren't a Precursor Descendant he'd always look a little worse for wear.

    His eyes glow an unsettling white when he manipulates vis.

    A man of distinguished taste, and yet somehow also kind of a slob. He could tell you his favorite wine is a vintage well regarded by people and that he likes opera, but his sleeping area above his bar is more indicative of someone who never heard of putting things away. He says there's a system, but people aren't sure that's true. The exception is his pub, where he keeps it so clean that it's near sparkling. Kiran cares deeply for his pub and can often be seen there, preparing for work or serving up the best pub food around. Lots of high profile people come to relax and eat well. A little secretive, nobody really knows Kiran's whole story. And he's not the type to explain it either.

    People will claim he's a convict who just wants to lead a quiet life, or that he's just what he seems to be. Kiran is fine with being known as that 'werid human' rather than be affiliated with his family in any way shape or form. He loves his bar and the money that comes with it, and he doesn't really need much more than that. He's a pretty simple guy, who just wants to live quietly, and those that disrupt his quiet will get a polite but firm 'no'. If they continue, they get a polite but firm fist to the face.

    He doesn't give the time of day to people who are rude or look down on him. Even worse, there are rumors about what he does to people who wreck his pub. Kiran often threatens rowdy patrons who feel like they could harm his pub or are rude to him, but really he doesn't need to say much more than 'lifetime ban' to make people fall in line. He loves cooking and his skill shows through, and he's an excellent bartender. Being exiled from the pub means you must have something deeply wrong with you and can even mean impacts on those who go to the pub and see the very public list of lifetime bans. Because yes, Kiran keeps a list on public display. And yes, he does have that list memorized along with faces. It's a bad idea to get on his list, because he will cross the street to avoid you. He just wants everything to stay the same, without change.

    They say that his bad side is horrible, that the reason he has no protection on his pub means that he might be truly a terrible person to fight. They're right. Kiran is a brutal fighter. Anyone who gets into a serious fight with him goes to the hospital, no questions asked. He never holds anything back on people who slight him. No matter how old or what race they are.

  • History

    Born into a Chayi subfamily of the five Precursor Descendant families in Japan, Kiran was raised in high society and taught only at the finest schools. He was a product of one of the arranged marriages, and his mother and father held no love for each other. He really had no ties to anyone and being an only child his parents tried to spoil him rotten and bribe them to their side. The problem being that Kiran really didn't want any of what his parents threw at him. When he was 16, he found a pub called The Gates of Hell and it quickly because his favorite place to be when not at home. The then owner took a liking to him and hired him as server. Since Kiran didn't really need the extra money at the time, he'd just put it in homeless people's hands. Greg Coran became his real family and Kiran was the happiest he'd ever been, and for a moment it felt like he didn't have to deal with his family drama. He hated having to play the diplomat and try and mitigate his relations, and even more so other people. He liked the pub, which served food and if someone complained they could be shown the door.

    Eventually, he was called to be more active in the family and he had to decide between staying at the pub or being a figurehead for some small trading company he didn't care about as well as inheriting some anima from an uncle he hadn't really known all that well. Pressured by his family, he decided to work for the small trading company and was fairly good at it for a while, but felt unsatisfied by what he was doing. It was acting like he cared when in reality he felt far away from what everyone was doing day to day and was so bored he took up cooking. He became pretty good at it, and decided to maybe try his hand at bar tending from time to time.

    On a whim, Kiran visited the pub that he liked when he was younger, only to find out the owner, Greg Coran, had passed away about a week ago. Kiran decided to first prepare money to buy the pub for himself, but received a missive about his inheriting the shop instead. Greg Coran had no blood family, it seemed. Kiran owned this pub and had a subordinate run it for a while, until it was burned down by ruffians in the bar that the subordinate couldn't stop. Seeing the island city far away from the ashes of his precious bar, Kiran saw opportunity. That new manager of the budding Trade Company had an 'accident' happen while he was overseas and some guy named Kiran Coran had landed in Ominar with a enough money to his name to do anything he wanted. He built a new The Gates of Hell around where Inerva University would later be founded.

    For a while, the glamour Kiran used looked less like his actual self and concealed his identity a bit better, but after 100 years of owning the bar he let it look like him but human after about thirty consecutive years. Legally, he is Kiran Coran the Third, the previous two retiring at seventy and insisting on wearing glamours the whole time. Whether or not the patron believe it, they overlook it for the sake of quiet drinks and great food.

    The VIP table in the back is known as the Greg Coran table in memory of the person Kiran considers his actual father.

    Kiran's family- He doesn't have it on his door, but they're all lifetime banned. They know what they did.

    To be edited as needed.

  • Belongings

    The Gates of Hell- His pub is a pretty good place to be. Do you have money? Then you're welcome inside as long as you're not going to harm anything. Heck, if Kiran likes you enough he'll serve you a plate of food for free if you need it bad enough. The pub is simple and is renovated often enough that nothing feels too 'old' or out of place. The pub itself has a section for tables, a bar, and an area for people to play pool and shoot darts. Everything is clean and neat, and draws a steady amount of people thanks to the college. The locals tend to highly praise this place as a place to get a good drink without too much hassle. The inside is larger than the outside due to spacial magic of course, but that only makes it slightly larger than the average pub. The Greg Coran table sits at the back, walled off enough to prevent people who would snoop or pry. The door has a list on it, with the title 'Lifetime Bans' the names are 'G. Mesh, L. Butz, and W. Wilson'. Upstairs is a livable small living area with a living room and bedroom.

    Box Knife- a simple box knife. It's easier to keep one in his pocket than deal with making one every time.

    Cellphone- a modern and comfortable cellphone.

    Glasses- runes on the inside help maintain his glamour without having to expend vis in order to do so. It's more so he can put it on without effort in the morning. They're also to treat his nearsightedness.

    Pick-Me-Up Potions- Bought to help him keep going during rushes or after long nights. They're mocha flavored.

  • Capabilities


    Can Read Emotions Easily (Although he doesn't want to)
    Magically Gifted
    Cooking Expert
    Bar Tending Expert
    Quick Witted


    Faster than a normal human
    Stronger than a normal human
    Heightened reflexes
    Highly Dexterous
    Brutal Brawl Fighter

    [Runecraft] - Imprinted. Typical Runecraft skills, and has the master level from his Uncle. Who inherited it and so on. Thousands of years of knowledge culminating in being able to make a glamour that runs to deny his heritage. There would be something hilariously ironic about it, but if Kiran actually wanted to, he could probably teach an advance Runecrafting class. He once considered trying to make a runic chain that would allow his clothes to wash themselves, but decided that it wouldn't help him. He did expand the space inside the pub on his own, and then decided that if he made it much bigger than that he'd probably have to hire someone.

    [Reification] - Imprinted. Talented at this skill, he uses it mostly to make new knives or equipment in his kitchen. He also uses this in his Runecraft, naturally. While the new items aren't enchanted, he could probably put effort towards that if he wanted to. However, he doesn't need to.

    [Spatial Magic] - Imprinted. A fairly talented teleporter, he could take others with him when teleporting. His limit is about 5 other people. He can also alter spacial dimensions. He could make the pub a sub-realm, but then that'd mean he'd have to do stuff in order to make sure that it wouldn't become unbalanced and then he'd fuss over it. He could simply properly teleport, but he likes using spacial portals so he can throw his groceries through without having to go back and forth. Thousands of years of experience and Kiran prefers to use this imprinted magic for groceries. He considers it fussy, but a useful tool for making sure his groceries get home quickly and he doesn't have to carry them everywhere.

    [Glamour] - Learned. He taught it to himself to try and blend with with normal humans when growing up, and it was stressed to him that he needed it to help blend in. It comes in handy now, but mostly he just uses it to look human. Since his family figures him dead, there's not a huge point in this, but he also doesn't want to draw attention to himself either. Nobody knows what new family drama has come up in recent years, and he isn't eager to find out.

The Hanged Man

"I'm a bartender, not a therapist."



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"When the goin' gets tough, sometimes you've just gotta...mix it up a little."
Theme I

Let it be known that "Bree," is a nickname.
Thirty to Forty. Male. Human-Prae Hybrid.​
[ ⊰⊱ ]Ⱥppearance
Standing at 5'10 and weighing in at 168 lbs, Bree--as he's called--is a well built, but not overly muscled man with a swagger to his step, a smirk often on his lips, and a twinkle in his hazel-brown eyes. Having Prae blood running through his veins due to relation twice removed--making him only a 1/4th Prae--Bree's most striking attribute is his odd eyes, which while appearing mostly brown, seem to glitter and refract light. Aside from his unique eyes and tousled dark brown hair, Bree is fairly average in appearance--though many women might attribute him a sort of roguish charm.

Aside the aforementioned, Bree tends to wear jeans and long, high collared black shirts, with no buttons fastened, giving him a relaxed or even lazy air practically all the time. On assignments he is known--if only as a bold fashion statement and almost-parody of hunters--to wear a Duster, which is black and without the typical straps to hold it in place. Aside this are his relatively normal looking boots, which while reminiscent of "cowboy boots," are far less flashy. This perhaps sums him up well, a man who possesses a classy and infrequently outlandish sense of style. No exception to this is his fairly plain black cowboy hat, which he has given the name Volgaris for some interesting and...sentimental reasons.

[ ⊰⊱ ] io
"That's a rather difficult question to be answerin'. Regardless, I'll try my hand in explainin' a thing or two 'bout me. First rule, don't cross me, second rule, don't listen to the first rule because that'd be pretty obscene. What? You don't believe me, well I guess that's pretty warranted considerin'. I mean I ain't exactly a simple guy, and calling me easy ta understand'd be the fraud of the century, don'tcha think?

Don't answer that. Second, no it was third, rule to note, s'that ya ain't never to make a deal with the devil. You still readin'? I hope so, cuz these're some seriously true facts.

Anyways, rule ninety six

What? How'd we get to ninety six?

C'mon, didja forget, the rules are on a needtaknow basis, and trust me ya don't need to know."
A long long time ago, in a little town in New Orleans literally named Backwater a man named Austin died, and two children were born, twins—though not identical in the least. Named by their parents, so came to be a child who grew up as one boy, but became many men and a girl whose name was Anastaesia. Leading relatively tame lives, the two children went to school, played with friends, and lived in relative peace with their parents, Louis and Maryyna. However, it appeared that fate decided to play its hand, throwing a joker into mix.

So it was that a string of murders occurred in the small town of Backwater, and so it was that the final two to fall were the parents of the poor naive children. Thus at tender and impressionable age of twelve, Anastaesia was tainted by trauma and the boy lost his name and had his mind torn to pieces. Lucky each in their own ways, the two survived, one with Anima altered, and the other with a mind permanently at war with itself, shifting about from one boy and into another in random fashion.

Seeking sanctuary after a long lonely walk through the swamp and country, the two children were taken in by stranger who offered them kindness, expecting little in return. So it was that they were adopted by the man, who they came to know as Grandpap. It was only later after he'd brought them up and even taught the scatterbrained boy a bit of magic that they were let out on their own and told the man's real name: Dorin Katela.

For a time the three traveled together, only to be joined by Dorin's true grandchild, a younger fellow named Vaihrn. Soon after, the siblings departed the two Katelas and decided to leave the U.S behind to make their way in a new land. However, before they departed, the young man used his newfound skills, along with his sister's wolfish persuasion, to garner more than a little money.

Following this, the two left the states and traveled to Europe, where they eventually settled in Ominar. Having been an orphan himself, the man who had come to be called Bree by his sister, started a little operation, setting up bunkers around the city, and employing the homeless and orphaned so long as they chose not to waste what they were given. With time his business expanded and he came to be known as the DealBroker, or conversely the DealBreaker, by those who were not so friendly following his execution of their assignments.

So it is that the Broker's watched the years pass, and it has come to this, Prae ruling his city and villainizing Licentia no matter their stories. It's been twenty years since he started his operations, and man he's never been so angry--at least some of him that is. Perhaps one day he'll be in agreement with himself.

As unlikely as that'd be.
Bree is a broker of deals, he's an informant, he's a mercenary, and he's a wanderer. He is infamous, and famously, known for breaking, and making, a variety of deals with a variety of clients. He works on a need to know basis, and is highly unpredictable...but reliable when he feels like it. While that'd seem to directly contradict the concept of reliability, it doesn't, as his skillset and track record make him one of the best, if not the best, in his line of work. It should be noted that he makes three types of 'deals'.

Deals: Can be made and broken, are sealed only by one's own word and an agreement of sort. These can really entail anything, but when making these one should know that they are completely subjective and debatable between the Broker's many personalities. This means that any one of them can and will have different ways of achieving, or sabotaging, any given deal according to their own wishes.

Binds: These are deals which he binds either himself or his client to via the Art applied in a way that is not typically used--not that the Art is at all common. These are not entirely subjective, but are not entirely objective either in terms of his personalities and their meaning. However, since these deals are written out they can be worded in such a way as to not give his personalities any wiggle room. Still, one has to be almost as careful with these, as if you write them could end up in a ditch somewhere, making love to an elephant on a tricycle.

Promises: These deals have been agreed on between all of his personalities mutually in some fashion and as such will be fulfilled, regardless of the methods --unless it has been stated what methods must be used-- and as such are considerably less subjective than the two previous types of deal. Broker never breaks his promises, but he also almost never makes them. They are a rare commodity and if they are made, you better be careful what you're asking for...because the Broker always pays his dues.

“Guy's got connections”: Due to his many years in the profession of Deals, the Broker is quite well connected. It's even rumored that should someone say something, somewhere, three cities away, in a dark alley, he'll hear it given a day or two. No one is quite sure how he does it, but the Broker manages to know more than he lets on, or let on more than he knows, quite often.

[ ⊰⊱ ] quipment & elongings
Dustkickers: These heavy duty boots have small compartments in them, allowing its user to kick up 'black dust,' otherwise known as gunpowder. These boots have a thin metal lining too, as well as running spikes reminiscent of track shoes to allow for a high level of traction. He has enchanted these boots slightly using the Art, so as to make them lighter, but only to him, so he can move with less restriction than would normally be allowed but still dish out a good ole asskicking.

Volgaris is a hat, a plain, but stylish, stetman hat that happens to be the Broker's favorite. It is the one item on his person that isn't enchanted to be useful in battle. Its sole enchantment has something to do with augmenting itself with absolutely insane levels of good luck. Considering the fact that Broker has been in numerous situations where it could've been lost, destroyed or damaged, yet against insurmountable odds it remains in perfect condition, as such Bree assumes that its enchantment is working, but he's still not quite sure....
Dustproof: This particular portion of his garb, his Duster, has gained its name from the fact that he continually adds enchantments to it and it has hit the point where the Duster itself is immune to most things with the exception of getting dusty. It can shield him somewhat from things like heat and slashing attacks, not mentioning its ability to contain air, allowing him to close it around his head to give him a very limited air supply in areas where he'd otherwise be unable to breath. While the Duster itself is pretty much invulnerable, being mostly capable of blocking piercing attacks, not to mention elemental assaults, it in no way protects him from the force behind these blows. This is why he will tend to get bruising and broken bones, rather than getting stabbed, burned or drowned. Crushing attacks are particularly dangerous to him for this exact reason. It should be noted that this duster is not actually invulnerable as it does take some of his own energy, and the energy from the environment, to fuel its various enchantments. He has stated, to Anastaesia, that it can only last so long in any given conflict if he doesn't want to exhaust himself just to keep its effects active.

These twin Colt 1911's, aka M1911's, are named as such due to both their silver coloration and because of their unique enchantments. The 'chain' part of their name comes from the fact that at the base of each pistol's grip --on the bottom part that'd normally face the ground when firing straight ahead-- is a small sigil. These sigils can be activated by a small influx of vis, allowing chains to spawn from within them and connect the two pistols. This chain, or rather the silver utilized to make it, is stored within the sigils themselves. There is a decent amount of silver, in fact there is enough silver within the sigils to create a twenty-two foot chain that connects the two weapons. This chain is extremely sharp to enemies, but completely dull to allies. How it differentiates between the two is a mystery. Other than this, there is a small secondary “trigger” on each gun. This trigger is more of a “button” mechanism that has been enchanted so as to link to the opposite pistol. This allows the Broker to fire a pistol without actually touching it, as long as he is touching its twin. This is particularly useful when he is using the chain.

Black Beauties: With enough power to do a significant amount of damage wherever it hits, the Black Beauties can teleport to one another, as there are small sigils on his finger tips which allow this. The sad part about this is that the Broker must be somewhat aware of the position or location of the guns so as to summon them to him. Otherwise they can randomly appear in different locations, or he'll accidentally summon “similar” energies to himself rather than the guns themselves. Additionally, the golden markings on the Black Beauties allow the guns to fire not only normal ammo, but to fire vis as well. In fact, the guns have been modified so that the portion of the gun directly corresponding with the hole in the barrel, but located on the rear-facing portion of the weapon, can fold open to pull vis into the gun to be fired through the barrel. Last, but not least, the Black Beauties gain their color not from a natural metal, but from being continually exposed to choice vis of particular Licentia. This makes them not only more durable and sturdy, but also means that, should he have to fight one of the other races, he can damage each of them in unique ways. The Black Beauties transfer some of this unique vis into the bullets giving them a minor siphoning ability, or the chance to erupt into loose fragments upon contact with their target.

Impression Sheaths:[/url] These gloves, though they are more like a strange kind of fingerless leather gauntlets, have had the very surface of their forms altered so that they can shift shape somewhat, though to a very limited degree. As such, the gloves can cover his fingers completely if needed, in addition to the fact that he can overlay sigils onto their form and the fabric will remember the sigils for later use. While the fabric can “remember,” as many sigils as can be reasonably fit on its surface, it can only do so for an hour or two for simple sigils, and three minutes for complex ones.

RedShine: A weapon that might as well be composed of enchantments, RedShine is made of a metal that was crafted through the use of the Art. This metal has a mixture of properties, giving it the sturdiness of steel, but the conductivity of silver. The properties of the elastic rapier, and the hard piercing longsword have both been augmented into this blade and can be switched on and off by altering the pressure being placed on the grip of the blade. To increase the blade's elasticity the pressure must be light, to decrease the elasticity the pressure must be greater. There exists a third function to this blade and that is to channel the vis of silver or to pull the blood of other beings into the blade. When the blood is pulled in it can either be purified or its traits can augment the blade to harm a particular race depending on who, or rather what race, the blood belongs to. RedShine can only contain foreign vis for a maximum of ten minutes after which point it will disperse into the surrounding environment. RedShine can replicate, but only once, allowing him twin blades rather than just a lonely sword.

BlackLeech: As its name implies, BlackLeech is capable of pulling trace amounts of vis from biological, or inanimate, materials that it comes into contact with. BlackLeech works primarily with biological matter, but can be used on inanimate matter as well. It should be noted that BlackLeech has four other notable traits. Firstly that it is composed of the same metal as RedShine; Secondly that it can only hold up to one Anima signature at a time; Thirdly, BlackLeech cannot hold vis for more than twenty seconds; Last of all, when it cuts a living thing the process of vis being absorbed causes a rushing and burning sensation on the cut area.

Tuner: The sheath to Bree's dagger, Tuner can pull any vis from the BlackLeech and store it for later use. Tuner can store or combine up to six different separate Anima signatures, allowing it to be a container for vis that requires analysis at a later time or to serve as a conduit for BlackLeech or Bree's magic.

The Sniffer: This object works much like a compass and a yard stick in that it detects vis as well as pointing to Anima signatures that are imputed into its apparatus. Additionally, the Sniffer is capable of detecting the predominant type of vis in any given area, as well as the levels of each less dominant kind, meaning it can tell how much Prae, Human, and Licentian vis is in any given area. Last, but not least, is the fact that the Sniffer can point to the most potent source/congregation of vis. The device has various 'hands' and the like to point to these locations, as well as a meter or two on the back, covered by the metal, which can easily be opened for the Broker to see. The device is enchanted so that it is essentially indestructible (though not entirely so), and will vanish from perception when not in use leading Bree to sometimes forget it's on his person at all.

[ ⊰⊱ ] apabilities
The Hundred-Headed Demon: One of Bree's well known aliases, this particular title relates to his chimeric personality, which due to the accident in his childhood, was left permanently altered. This is not to say that he was merely changed as a person, but instead to say that he seems a man whose mind shifts tacts like a model changes clothes. Yes, for rather than a man united by singular purpose and a set of well defined mental traits, Bree's mind is instead disjointed, possessing possibly hundreds or thousands of personality permutations each with their own set of beliefs, morals, and attitudes. If this were not difficult enough to deal with, Bree has no control over which “him,” is active at any given time, nor does he control when a switch between an active persona and one of many many dormant personas occurs.

Still, no matter the shift, the individual is considered “Bree,” with one exclusion that the man refuses to talk about or allowed to be documented aside from it being referred to by all his various persona as “The Devil.” Beyond this, it should be known that Bree loses no memory or awareness as his shifts can occur at the drop of a hat, the turn of a shoulder, or the flip of a coin. So it is that people have come to call him the Hundred-Headed Demon, as what else could be so terrifyingly confusing?

**Due to the shifting nature of his mind, Bree is functionally immune to conventional Psychotropy (though Glamours are another story) though it is possible for some exceptionally advanced users to create more tailored Psychotropic effects to which he would have no defense. The source of his functional immunity is in the fact that most spells will be trigger a persona switch, causing them to only affect the persona which is no longer in control...if the switch doesn’t disrupt the spell to begin with.

The “Perfect” Conman: Once again deriving from his personality, the Broker is often called the “Perfect Conman” because while his myriad personalities do not all get along, almost none of them will try to get in the way of their own collective well-being. This is one of his many rules, and is likely one of the rules that truly holds him together as a functional person in society. Without it he'd fall to shambles.

The Nasty Macgyver: Outside of the abilities that primarily originate from his divergent personalities, Broker has exceptional skill at improvisation and this even comes into play when he is in a sticky situation and has to make the best of a small amount of resources. He has earned this title, of a sort, from getting himself in and out of situations with tools and objects that would not typically be helpful in those situations, but nonetheless got him out alive and (mostly) in one piece. Because of this, those who have dealt with him on the opposite side before know to try and take as many of his valuables, trinkets, and otherwise belongings when trying to keep him tied up, or in captivity in general, because if they don't they might just end up on the pointy end of a toothpick.

Psychological Knowledge and Manipulation: Due in part to his Personality, which can be described as that of a hundred headed demon, Broker is quite good at manipulating people to do what he wants. At the very least he can typically turn situations to his favor in some way, allowing him to masterfully switch gears and sides pretty much instantly. Additionally, he has dabbled in the study of the psyche in order to attempt to understand his own shifting personality better, and while it didn't help him too much in that regard, it has given him some useful tools. It should be noted that because of his shifting disposition, the Broker can very easily deal with and understand a wide variety of people. Many people who have observed him actually think him to be able to perfectly understand nigh anyone due to this shifting syndrome of his, this is however an overestimation of his abilities, which are impressive nonetheless. This skill is often seen when he ends up gaining a relatively clear picture of someone's barebones personality based on short interactions between himself and others. While fairly accurate, this is at the end of the day guesswork mixed with actual psychological know how.

Minor Explosive Knowledge: Since watching pretty explosions is fun and some of his more...dastardly clients want rather big Deals fulfilled, he has learned how to properly use various hand-held, or otherwise, explosives. Some of these include grenades, flash grenades, and C4...also pipe bombs, lots of pipe bombs.
Hybrid Anima & Vis: A vis altered due to a grandmother who was Prae, Bree's Anima is more dense and pure than that of a normal human—though to a minor degree. Additionally, while his diluted blood does allow him to use magic as a human would, his use of such is hampered in some ways as his vis does not flow so freely or grasp so easily onto the energies of things outside of himself. To supplant this, Bree absorbs ambient vis at a slow pace on top of regenerating it like a human. This increases his physical stamina and alters his biology slightly due to his crystal having been metabolized into his blood and suffused throughout his body. As some of the tiny dust particles have settled in his eyes, he is more aware of vis in his surroundings, and since it has settled everywhere else he channels the energy more easily through his own form if not outside it. This allows him to use a form of minor telekinesis in the form of biological augmentation, making him slightly more durable than the average human—rather paradoxical due to the typically fragile nature of a Prae's body. So it is that Bree recovers from beatings more swiftly, retains consciousness for longer, and can sustain more damage than your average joe. Of course, it helps that he's used to it too.

Swordsmanship: He sure as hell ain't a master swordsman, but he is far from amateur in the art of swordplay and can hold his own against most of decent, or considerable, skill. He prefers light fast blades, allowing him high maneuverability, a bending unpredictable strike, or a solid defense by way of offensive prowess. At the same time, some of his personalities like to switch gears and use his blade(s) as a defense, allowing him to trap his opponent and then use one of his other abilities to finish 'em off.

Marksmanship: While he's no soldier and he's no pro, the Broker has sufficient skill to get by when it comes to marksmanship, though he does prefer revolvers and Desert Eagle pistols to get the job done most of the time, he will sometimes don more heavy weaponry to do the dirty deed. It should be noted that some of his personalities dislike the use of firearms and so will not use them traditionally, or even at all depending on their opinion(s).

Trickshot: While he is no master, his skill with his weapons of choice, mentioned above, are considerable, allowing him to pull some pretty miraculous stunts sometimes.

Juggler: Having learned it just for the heck of it, also to amuse his younger sister when they were both kids, Broker has since turned it into a useful ability. At this point in time he'll use it to wield multiple sets of weapons at once, or quickly switch between different tools or the like in difficult situations. Lastly his hand-eye coordination is improved by this greatly, allowing him to easier keep track of multiple variables, objects, and individuals in any given situation.

Dualwelding: Because he is ambidextrous, though he started as left handed, the Broker has developed a high level of compatibility to dual wield not only two of the same weapon, but two completely different weapons or tools. In addition to this, the Broker can 'weld' two skillsets together almost flawlessly. Combined with his ability to wield the Art, he can even combine two objects together for rather interesting contraptions, though he doesn't do this last bit too often since it can be rather taxing.
The Art of Athriohm: While he did find his own master to study under at one point, the man died tragically at the hands of a now quite dead Licenti prior to the completion of his apprenticeship. He has since managed to scrounge up information on the Art, do his own research, and plenty of experimentation. This has allowed him to gain just enough skill at it that he can manage himself. However, his skill with the Art is not strong enough on its lonesome (in most situations or if used traditionally) to serve as his primary fighting skill. It does however, give him a lot of variability, as it can easily augment any of his other skills. Bree can really only use this derivatively in small ways that he can then expunge or cover up otherwise he’ll catch the attention of TIAMAT and, more specifically, the Order.

Constractsman, the Smithy of Deals: Utilizing the Art, Psychotropy, and a strange variant on Hieroturgy the DealBroker is capable of writing binding contracts that are not upheld by something as flimsy as a government, but rather by the very vis of the individuals who sign it with their signature. While he will sometimes call these contracts, he will more often refer to them as 'Dealbinds,' 'Binds,' or 'Binding Deals.' Their overall categorization falls somewhere between his definitions of 'Deal' and 'Promise' which can be seen far above. Contracts made with Bree are exceptionally difficult to break and if broken on either end tend to have deleterious effects on those involved. As a result of this, some who have experienced or worked with Bree consider his Contracts to be similar in some manner to Banes.

Vis Sense: He is capable of detecting vis as a series of sensations. He’s not particularly good at tracking on his own, but he can detect the levels of ambient vis in his vicinity fairly well and can detect the creation of spell matrices and whatnot, allowing him to detect the use of magic to an extent. However, he does have to focus as otherwise magic use gets drowned out in the general “noise” in his surroundings.

Intuitive Facsillomagy: In short, Bree is uniquely capable of asserting his will on vis held within objects, allowing him to analyze, decode, disenchant, amplify, or better utilize items by understanding and then harnessing the vis therein. As a result of this, Bree can ascertain the nature of an enchanted item with a bit of vis, time, and contact, after which he can wield it almost as if second nature. This skill, aside from giving him enhanced knowledge, can make affected items behave as an extension of his person, allowing increased coordination among other things.
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"You’d think after two-hundred years of hunting you’d seen it all. Then the world surprises you in an alley with a Sullicitus. It’s funny like that."
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Mare-yell Kos-eo
Two-hundred-twenty-four. Male. Licenti-human hybrid. Greater Vampire.​
[ ⊰⊱ ]Ⱥppearance
Standing at 5'11 and weighing in at roughly 190 lbs, Mairyell has a solid, but lean musculature with typically purple eyes that emit a subtle glow. His fairly handsome features typically overcast by relatively short brown hair, while the rest of his form is typically garbed in his hunter attire. At his hip he carries one of his three weapons, whilst the others remain hidden within his duster he exudes an air of relaxed confidence, with just the slightest trace of a predatory nature. While not typically out unless required, Mairyell does possess two dark red bat-like wings, composed primarily of blood, with a smattering of grown muscle and bone on rare occasion. When spread, these wings have a rather vast wingspan of roughly twelve or so feet from wing tip to wing tip. Beyond this, the only other notable feature of his body are his teeth, which can mimic those of a normal human, or become reminiscent of canines so as to allow the vampire to feed--not to mention his eyes, which glow more red when his blood manipulation is in use, and more blue when Brisn is in use.​

[ ⊰⊱ ] io
A rash and easily angered boy in his youth, Mairyell has matured greatly since those far off times, having become much calmer and analytical than he once was. Having learn to harness his emotions where he cannot keep them in check, the hunter has made a point of making sure that his fits of rage never return to plague him and his loved ones again—let alone the world.

Having long grown used to his rather unique situation, Mairyell has embraced his Licenti side allowing him to be more true to himself than ever before. As a result, the infamous hunter is well known both for his passionate and fiery determination and his calm and almost detached attitude towards most things. He's the sort of person who can't stand being looked down on, and who won't stand by while the innocent are unnecessarily brought into the crossfire. This, and his fiercer side often seems out of place when put alongside his relatively relaxed state of mind as, on most days, he'd much rather spend time with his friends and loved ones than fight the world's battles for it.

Nonetheless, in part due to his fierce loyalty for those who earn it, and in part due to his inability to stand idly by while others are hurt, Mairyell tends to find himself on the battlefield defending others—more often with his fists than with his words. Strangely, despite his tendency to fight for what he believes in, he has been known to occasionally take on jobs that are contrary to his morals. More often than not this is because the job has to be done by someone, and doing it serves a purpose which he's willing to, for a time, sacrifice his personal comfort for the better of the many.

Moral dilemmas aside, Mairyell is a man with an eccentric, and not infrequently dark, sense of humor—which is largely due to the similarly dark experiences in his past, not to mention his own abilities. In direct contrast with his humor is his anger which, while not seen so often as it was in his youth, is something not to be trifled with. A fiery thing, Mairyell when driven into a rage is a force to be reckoned with, who is often willing to go to the extent of hurting himself to make sure that whomever provoked him either learns never to do so again, or never lives to get the chance. Just hope that you never have to be on the receiving end of such rage.
Basic summary:

>Prior to birth, his mother, Layna Kasio was infected by the influence of a Nightwalker.
>Born in 1827, his biology altered from the Licentian influence within his mother during her pregnancy.
>Layna remarries, having been courted by a man by the name of Maurice.
>At the age of 5, Mairyell gains a younger sibling, Aeris, and their mother--having caught the scarlett fever, but also still resisting the influence of the Licentian vis within her, gradually declines in health.
>At the age of 7, Mairyell and Aeris lose their mother to the fever.
>In grief, their father lashes out at Mairyell, attempting to harshly groom him to succeed his company.
>Finding his hybrid physiology disgusting and alien, the man attempts to find "cures."
>After continued abuse, Mairyell is eventually sedated and locked in the family basement, where his father attempts to ignore the young hybrid.
>Around Aeris' 19th birthday (a year later) she is kidnapped.
>Neglecting to give his son the sedation treatment, the boy fully wakes, regaining his strength before promptly destroying his restraints and eroding the metal bars of his cage. He escapes.
>Mairyell, certain that his sister is in danger, tracks her down with his prolific sense of smell.
>Mairyell finds her just before the Licentia succeeds in devouring her, killing the creature and devouring its Anima to sate his long ignored hunger.
>Mairyell and Aeris return home to an angry father, Aeris only wakes to see Mairyell and his father arguing, the man threatening to put him down again.
>Aeris puts an end to it by snatching the syringe and breaking it against a wall.
>The two attempt to leave home, but are stopped in their tracks by the appearance of a particular Licentia by the name of Szayeis.
>Aeris is taken from both brother and father once more, trapped within the Nightwalker's body before being whisked away.
>Unsure and distraught, Mairyell goes out into the world, running from his father, and trying to carve a place for himself.
>Constantly trying to find leads to locate his sister, Mairyell grows in strength and experience, taking on the job of a hunter due to the connections it affords him.
>Over the course of the next 150, or so, years, Mairyell gains an international reputation as the hunter "Sanguine."
>Eventually finds himself in Ominar and eventually settles in a small apartment with his human girlfriend, Claire.
>The two are close, but there are some difficulties surrounding his past and occupation.
>Then, in 2041 Aeris, out of the blue, shows up.
>Relieved, happy, but also confused by her return into his life, Mairyell is sent into a storm of confused feelings.
>His relationship with Claire becomes more strained over time until the two have a rather bad argument before Claire heads off to work.
>The woman dies in a car accident on her way there.
>Distraught and feeling guilty, Mairyell finds his sister's shoulder to grieve on and the two grow closer--their past bond rekindled.
>From that day onwards they become closer till their relationship goes beyond family and becomes romantic.
>The two move in together.
>News regarding Szayeis reaches Mairyell, setting him on edge.
>Present day.
eris: His younger sister, Mairyell and Aeris are not just abnormally close for siblings, but are actually romantically involved due to the circumstances of their past and their general inability--as a result of such--to connect properly with others on as deep a level. As a result the two are happily together in a relatively stable relationship with all that entails.

ree: Having dealt with the man in the past, Mairyell is tentative friends with the Broker, and the two are on good terms even if those terms are shaken up from time to time by the Broker's chimeric personality.

S zayeis: A mortal enemy. He doesn’t deserve more of a mention than that.

[ ⊰⊱ ] quipment & elongings
ellphone: A rather advanced piece of machinery, Mairyell's cellphone, while appearing fairly normal for the age, is actually significantly more advanced than average. This is a result of his requiring it to be hyper durable--entirely because of his line of work. As a result the phone is fire proof, water proof, and could be rolled over by a fully laden semi without being crushed. Rather than be charged by normal means, the phone absorbs ambient vis, making, which also facilitates its ability to gain Vis readings. The device is exceptionally expensive and thus not something most people would own. Luckily for Mairyell his job rakes in pretty large sums of cash.

unting Log: While not something he stores on his person, but rather keeps hidden in a secret compartment at home, Mairyell's Hunting log is just that, a book that keeps track of various goals of his in addition to targets he might consider hunting for their bounties or those who want them dead or alive. The log is, contrary to what one might believe upon looking at the seemingly mundane object, capable of transmitting its information to Mairyell's phone wirelessly. Nonetheless, the log cannot be altered unless Mairyell is physically writing on it or dictating to it.

ccomodations: His place of residence, a rather large apartment suite several miles from IHO Headquarters. It’s not quite on the top floor, but oh boy is it up there. The apartment, as something supplied by IHO (taken out of his wages), is warded to the highest standard.
523 Ѵitaro "end": A523 Ѵitaro "ℛend," is a dangerous item that he picked up one-hundred or so years back, the 523 Vitaro, or Rend as he calls it, is a weapon containing only empty bullet casings marked with runes. These empty bullets are supplied with vis from the user or atmosphere and are designed to penetrate. However, upon piercing a target, the runes on the casing react and small holes open. This allows the energy within to violently release in spiral patterns through these holes as the bullet spins, typically continuing through its target. This has the effect of leaving lacerating patterns of vis within the target that rend flesh and then remain in place, disallowing normal healing until excised by magical means. The casings, following their exit of a body should they successfully pass all the way through them, return via teleportation to the ammo cartridge resulting in effectively infinite shots. Nonetheless, it only has a 6 round clip and the gun overheats relatively easily, meaning that every twelve shots it must not be fired for a full thirty seconds. Mairyell typically only uses Rend against targets with high regen rates or to cause massive trauma.

ay and ble: A pair of twin pistols holding a twenty round magazine with bullet caliber ranging from 25 to 50 depending on the occasion, May and Able are the Hunter's weapons of choice should his prolific abilities not be necessary or should he deem the weapons more useful in a given circumstance.

mmo: Fairly straightforwards, Mairyell tends to bring along a fair deal of ammo should he be going on an assignment. However, in normal circumstances he carries one clip of 50 cal ammo for May and Able as well as two clips of 30 cal. just in case he needs to fire for an extended period. These amounts do not include the twenty, 30 cal. bullets already housed within each pistol.

[ ⊰⊱ ] apabilities
Given his physiology, Mairyell's mind is capable of faster processing speed than a normal human in addition to allowing him to learn things faster than average. His mind is trained against some psychic intrusion due to his run ins with Szayeis, but he is by no means immune to it, and should someone pierce his defenses he is hard pressed to push them out. Still, he is largely resistant to psychic and emotional manipulation, even if he is vulnerable to psychic intrusion. He also has significant knowledge regarding licentia and how to combat them due to his two centuries of being a licensed Hunter.
ybrid hysiology: A form suffused with the vis of a Licentia while in utero, Mairyell's genetic make-up, and thus physiology, have been altered greatly by this non-human influence. intriguingly some portions of his anatomy are more human than others, while some are just outright alien in nature--though a Licentia would likely consider them normal. Notable is his fluid nervous system--including his brain--as well as his exceptionally durable muscles, but only slightly stronger bones--which must be constantly regenerated and enhanced via his vis--and Brisn--so as not to break under the pressure of his powerful muscles. Within his heart rests a crystalline soul core, which acts as the sole part of his body that will surely kill him should it receive significant damage. This core stores a great amount of vis, which is constantly metabolized by his body, resulting in it being suffused with microscopic fragments of his Anima. As a result of this, Mairyell must feed more often than a normal Licentia, though he can slow and control this hunger by using Brisn to heal his Anima--thus reducing the amount that it is being metabolized.

Due to the dispersed particles of his Anima and the strength of his muscles, Mairyell is capable of lifting a small car(2,979 lbs/1.4 tons) with minor difficulty, and a mid-sized car(3,497 lbs/1.7 tons) with great difficulty--though he has been seen to leverage larger or heavier objects or knock them over. In terms of the force behind his strikes, he has been noted to be capable of easily denting metal no thicker than four inches, though he can only tear through it provided it is less than this. In terms of speed he has been seen to reach around 80 mph on foot, while well exceeding that in flight. His nervous system supplements this speed due to its conductivity allowing for faster reaction time and information processing--not to mention making him less vulnerable to electrical assaults--though something like lightning would still be quite damaging to his person.

As alluded to, Mairyell's most striking physical attribute, aside from his enhanced senses, would likely be his regeneration and durability in general. On one hand, Mairyell's muscles are capable of absorbing a larger amount of force than your average human making him easily capable of surviving a car striking him at roughly 60 mph with only minor scratches and small bruises. To supplement what damage he does take is his regeneration which is a result caused in part by his Brisn, metabolism, and inherent Licenti magics. The final product allows him to heal fractures and breaks in bone in seconds, for muscles to swiftly grow in the space of minutes, and for even complex organs like his eyes, liver, kidneys, and stomach to heal themselves in the space of 10 or so minutes. More impressively, this regeneration makes Mairyell exceptionally difficult to kill unless one strikes his soul core, which is his only true vital area. While the destruction or damaging of other organs will temporarily hinder him, it will not stop him in his tracks. Should one cut off his head they will find that his body goes limp and becomes incapable of movement, but that he will not die. nonetheless, due to the complexities of his neural systems--despite their fluid nature--it will take a week or so before he regenerates something as essential to his head thus making it remain as a weakness.

>All of Mairyell's teeth are capable of injecting or extracting blood and whilst doing so, they become sharp.

nhanced S enses: An extension of his enhanced physiology, Mairyell possesses excessively enhanced senses, specifically his sense of smell, which is so powerful that he can track a single individual across a country so long as they have not sufficiently disguised their scent or vis. His smell is strong enough to allow him to smell blood through a person's skin as well as pick up on the distinctive smell of their vis. Mairyell also has perfect night vision, which is a sort of inherent magic, meaning that he can see even if there are no light sources. His sense of touch can be dialed up or down to allow him a greater sensitivity to various textures as well as allowing him a better awareness of his surroundings by way of airflow. His hearing is enhanced by way of a passive inherent magic which adjusts it, thus allowing Mairyell to pick out specific voices or sounds in a room at will, but not to be easily overwhelmed by louder noises. However, this does come with an inherent weakness, as Mairyell's hearing will dial down if a sound is dangerously loud, meaning that he can effectively deafen himself temporarily if a loud enough sound is made.

icenti lood: His blood, as mentioned, is suffused with particles of his Anima, making it an incredible conductor of vis. This blood is the primary reason for his prolific regenerative abilities, which are in part due to the inherent magic of his Anima and partially due to the strangely prolific amount of stem cells found in his blood--which do in fact reproduce. As a result, Mairyell's body is capable of rapidly reforming lost structures by stimulating the production of his stem cells and the specialization of them into the cells necessary to repair, or reform, that which has been damaged. Still, with this comes some weaknesses, as should Mairyell's body be affected by disruptive magics his healing will be stunted or outright stopped. In his cases, disruptive magics include those with the traits of purity, or with the element/aspects of light or sound. Additionally, while electrical assaults do not cause lasting damage, they can still slow or offset his regeneration for a short time, or indefinitely should an electrical current be run through his body constantly.

Moving onto the nature of his blood, which has taken on acidic properties due to his Licenti-nature. His body, having adapted to these qualities, is largely immune to acids, thus allowing him to be submerged in his own blood without harm. Nonetheless, this blood is capable of searing through flesh with ease in a similar manner to chemical burns, and can even damage and erode metals and stone--though not crystal or silver.

lack lood: The designation Mairyell has given to refer to his blood at its highest acidity levels, wherein it is capable of dissolving most materials at a steady rate. The existence of this blood also reveals that Mairyell can control the acidity of his blood to a degree.

lue lood: On the opposite end of the scale from his Black Blood, Blue Blood is the designation used to describe Mairyell's blood when it has been infused with Brisn, giving it a blue sheen and slight glow. This blood is capable of propagating gradually as well as absorbing greater amounts of damage and healing himself--though not much faster than he already can.​

ombat Ҏ roficiency: Having been in the Hunting business for barely less than two-hundred years, Mairyell has picked up an exceptional amount of martial skill. His movements are energy efficient and precise, allowing him to fight hand-to-hand at an adept level. While he has not mastered any particular form of martial arts, he is still well versed in the art of melee combat and understands how to position himself in a variety of combat situations. He is agile, fast, and flexible. Last, but not least, he does possess some arms training, allowing him a fair deal of precision with his two weapons should he deign their use necessary. His enhanced senses and reflexes additionally expand the range and accuracy of his shots making him dangerous both up close and at a range--though more the former than the latter.
lood anipulation: Mairyell's chosen magic, this ability allows the vampire to manipulate both his own blood and that of others, provided it is not within a living being. He is capable of manipulating it with great efficiency within a range of 12 meters(40 feet). So long as the blood remains within his control he is capable of crystallizing it, or simply giving it solid traits, as well as dispersing it into a vapor--though not into an outright gas. It should be noted that Mairyell's blood manipulation allows him to telekinetically move it so it is capable of levitating and movement even without physical contact with a surface or his own person.

risn: A non-elemental energy that's been passed down on their mother's side of the family for generations, Brisn, takes the form of a bright blue vis, which in Mairyell's case flows something like water, though it can defy gravity like most vis. This energy possesses within it the ability to absorb the properties of things which it comes into contact with, though to a somewhat limited degree. Though, unlike some energies of this nature, Brisn can only affect living beings and elemental energies. However, it effects elements and beings very differently, with the former being absorbed, and the latter having their wounds and pain pulled into the energy, before being dispersed—this due to Brisn's ability to transfer the user's vis into the vis of the receiver passively. Brisn has also been seen to be capable of fending off the influence of intruding influences, such as the parasitic children of the Licentia, or to weaken or break a Licenti's hold on a possessed individual. While his sister, Aeris, is exceedingly capable with the magic, Mairyell is considerably less so, using it only to heal himself, alter the effects of his blood, and occasionally to heal or defend others. When utilized, the energy causes Mairyell's typically indigo eyes to turn a bright blue reminiscent of Brisn's own color. Mairyell's most common use of this energy is to diminish the intensity of his hunger.

eification: As a natural ability tied to his Blood Manipulation and Brisn, Mairyell is capable of reifying vis, hardening it and giving it specific physical properties. However, due to the nature of his Blood Manipulation, his reification manages to function even with this ‘non-vis’ substance, if only due to the sheer vis therein.


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Kaidan “Pinks” Pendelton

Beast | Male | Human | Chalcedony Trading Company


Wildly, appallingly clever

Socially gifted to the point of excess

Practiced elocutionist

Logistical genius

Extremely well-read

Confusing, complex, and almost unreadable psychological profile

Capable of shifting with the breeze; his ability to intuit and improvise is unparalleled

Overall, Pinks is a face. A grifter. A politician. Wit and wile is his blade, and he wields it with surgical precision. To be at odds with Pinks is to already be entrapped.


Excellent marksman, practices and performs with the common pistol, but prefers the revolver for its class and aesthetic. Often carries both.

Slim and nimble, standing at a solid 5’11’’.

Exceedingly quiet. The type of person who could sneak through a mortuary wearing tap shoes and a bell.


None. Pinks is a mundie, ranking a solid 0 on the MASS Index.



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resized harli portrait.png

Harli Kobeltraupe

Pack Up The Louie | Female | Human | Harli Speakeasy


Exceptional chemist

Unparalleled maestro of cargo logistics

Meticulous and careful

Well educated

Pleasant demeanor belies an iron will

Eidetic memory

A scholar among scholars, Harli's best trait is her brain, and she knows it.


Frail but dexterous

Compact and limber, standing at 5'4''



Harli is an accomplished alchemist. Possessed of a mental almanac of reagaents and solutions, the concoctions she can cook up are--in many's opinion--to be the best around. There are, however, a knowledgeable few who would contend that notion.


Harli's ability to seek and find is something to be feared. Known for being able to hunt down the very rarest of materials with relative ease, her ability to scry--and her ability to source information--beggar second thoughts to would-be double-crossers and turncoats.


A dying art, but an art indeed. Harli's true skills lie in her expertise on hieroturgy, which expands even past her grasp of potioncraft. Her hieroturgies are iron law, and a being that could surpass Harli's edicts has yet to exist. However, she is still only one being--and as a result, her magics are usually confined to small locations, such as the Speakeasy.



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Sophia Seraphine

21 | Female | Human | Financially-Stable-ero | Small Business Owner

(Image Credit: Taigei (Kancolle) By haneterusnn)
"What is Happiness, I Wonder?"

Parlance in the Dusk | Know Thyself...



Standing at about 5'5 Sophia is a bit taller than the average woman. Though her family originally hails from France, she has an adoration for Japanese Clothing - She's often seen with her signature Cyan Colored Yukata. That combined with her demeanor makes her relatively recognizable from among the many different businesses on the island. Her signature hairstyle is the triple curl, with what looks like a hint of cyan dye at the ends. Outside of the shop she is often making errands around town, patronizing establishments or attending appointments. Sophia is a busybody in all respects.



From the eyes of the customers common sights is her working to complete an enchanting commission or attempting something new with written notes being taken on the side. Still, when people walk in Sophia often usually walks right up to greet them personally. Something that's charmed many of the shop's returning customers. She's usually very forward about work projects and likes discussing in detail what their needs are when they come for an enchantment. This, over the years, has lead to many loyal customers recommending others over to her shop.There have been a few incidents where Sophia's thrown would be thieves and robbers out in front of the store in heaps after beating them up, but that hasn't dissuaded the growth of her business and clientele.

Those close to her know of her as being very dedicated to running her shop and improving her craft. Knowing full well she had to sacrifice some of her dreams in order to make that happen. Sophia's craft in Enchantments aren't up to par with the best that can be put out by the most talented enchanters of the city. However what made her particular business arguably one of the most successful is what's considered the fairest prices in the city for items in that bracket. Even as a normal human, her Enchantments that are sold to customers are reliable and hardy - not as complex as the most advanced of enchantments but her persistence and diligence are evident in her work. For simpler applications, many folk would oft seek Sophia's work over similar items done by enchanters considered more skilled than her thanks to competitive pricing! Her outwardly honest work and resourcefulness has the confidence of those who supply her as well.

Of the Seraphine sisters, Sophia is considered the more responsible and mature one. Though customers often describe her as being competent and sincerely considerate, her sisters are conflicting on whether to consider her 'mom' or 'guardian'. She is known for being very moderate and martial in her daily life. Eating only a couple meals a day and spending mornings before opening maintaining a morning training regimen from her days improving her martial skills, and at least an hour each night ensuring the store looks immaculate for the following morning. Her sisters have grown up a bit more enough to start making certain decisions on her own, but Sophia is ever protective of them. The years she's worked in the city in the shop has made people think of her as a respected enchanter in her own right.

In her youth, Sophia was described as being hot-blooded and lively. She was confident in her abilities to the point of borderline arrogance and even had a cursing problem. Bits of her younger personality comes out when with people she reguards as friends, or when she's truly angered. Due to her life running the shop she hasn't really had a chance to express herself anymore, and she feels her 'nice and polite shopkeeper' look is getting really dull.

There's a part of her that doesn't want to let go of that adventurous streak she used have, and the rush she felt from fighting. In any case, in the Seraphine household, it feels like the eldest sister has started to - once again - become involved in questionable and dangerous things. Regardless, Sophia assures them that those suspicions are just their imagination.

Sohpia Seraphine is the eldest daughter of the Seraphine sisters. With her sisters, she runs the noted Seraphine Enchantment Parlor in the Marseilles District in Orimar. Most folk are easily fooled by the pleasant and soft expression she presents to the people.

The Seraphine family hails from the Somme Region of France. During the Great War of 1912 their hometown would become the site of one of the bloodiest battles in human history. The family escaped the carnage of that battle. Having fled from that region at the outbreak of hostilities, and traveling to Paris. At war's end the monumental destruction wrought about the Somme Region compelled them to leave France. The family opted to Emigrate to Orimar. On account that there, they could ply their trade in Enchanting and find a better life far away from the heartbreak and tumultuous post-war era of France. The Serphines operated a successful enchantment Altier for the better part of the century that occurred afterward. Servicing Orimar's residents in the French Quarter - the Marsielles District.

Sohpia's mother and father both had above average magical capabilities. So it was a delightful surprise when it was found she had considerable magical power. With a Mass Index of 3 Sophia seemed to be destined to be an astounding mage. She'd be able to attend magic school and would have an edge over other magic users. To her advantage, Sophia inherited her Father's Diligence and her own mother's tenacity. The young Sophia grew enthralled with the idea of magical combat, and had dreams of joining the ranks of TIAMAT's VENI Teams. Imagining daring raids and exhilarating combat. Thusly, in primary magic school she did extracurricular studying to further that dream.

For her martial prowess she decided she wanted to take up a sword. The closest place that could give her that training was a Kendo Club at the nearest school. She learned her basics in Japanese Kendo, but also unintentionally discovered a love for their clothing as well. As Sophia continued to further her ambitions to join VENI, she honed her skills in magic and moved from Kendo to a European Style that specialized in defeating monstrous creatures. While she was a bit special for her magical rating, in the wider world there were those with greater power and greater inborn talent. She discivered this during one of her first tournaments, where she placed dead last and took a serious hit to her confidence. However, at the encouragement of her younger sisters who looked up to her she endeavored to improve. What Sophia lacked in inherit talent, she chose made up for with cunning. In many matches she would go on to face, she would always be the underdog. But one thing she was very good at was studying opponents and strategies, as well as having a solid understanding of the basics. Using this, she started to become proficient. She trained to join the Junior Combat Magic League. Her participation in that league was one way to give her a way into someday joining VIDI by proving her combat prowess against dummies, beasts, and other mages.

She first caught the eye of various Magic Orders when she was able to use her resourcefulness to hold back a monster that had been set loose at her school and threatened the students. Trapped in the potions room. She Slathered a concoction of chloroform around her only weapon, a flagpole turned into a spear and set off to face the foe. The beast was lethargic by the time the enforcement agency had arrived. Sophia was wounded but she managed buy enough time for authorities to teleport to the scene on time before anyone else was injured. This even encouraged her to consider taking up study of monsters and utilizing mixes to coat her weapons with to give her an edge in combat. The powers that be in the magical world found her resourcefulness to be admirable. But she would take it a step further the year she Qualified for her First International Tournament.

Sophia participated in the international junior Mages Combat Tournament. Ran by the various magic schools, it involved junior mages from across the continents. Organizations involved with recruitment into combat magic professions such as TIAMAT use this event to find promising students worth sponsoring into secondary Magic Education. Though she did not win, she was able to defeat junior mages of higher ranking, including several nonhuman opponents. Being one of the first humans in the league to do so. She achieved the highest tally and overall power ranking ranking a normal human ever achieved at the time. Proctors were awestruck as this Average Human Teenager bested superior opponents - beating out their raw strength and complex entrapments with tricks of her own. The tournament had allowed use of multiple disciplines, to which Sophia ruthlessly employed every advantage she could bring. She often turned her opponent's strengths and weaknesses against them. She brought home a fake trophy - bought from some second hand store - and filled it with candy to share with her sisters when she got back home.

Various Magic Schools, aflair at her performance at this tournament sent invitations to their campuses. Giving Sophia choices to attend respected magical institutions anywhere from her home island to the far corners of the world. Her life was practically set. Or so she thought...

(image Credit: Taigei (Kancolle) By an2a)
Sophia, as She Appeared During the Time of the Tournament.

Her parents were victims of the Pendulum Murders that occurred a decade ago. Seemingly random victims - they had happened to walk right into an ambush when returning from a social function that evening. Sophia, who was dreaming of romance and adventure in a school of her choosing abroad, was faced with the harsh reality of needing to grow up instantly. That fateful morning, when the constable told her of what had happened, the confident Sophia went hysterical. One of the biggest regrets Sophia was telling her sister's immediately about what had happened to their parents, against the officer's advice.

Picking out schools turned into picking out caskets, and a crematorium. Since the three sisters had no immediate relatives the state had wanted to put the other two younger sisters into foster care with relatives in France. Relative that they had never met before. On the day the social worker arrived to take Skye and Sonia, Sophia begged on her knees to not have them be taken away. Completely against the idea of them being separated from each other. Due to legal loopholes in Olimar in regards to familial succession rights, Sophia was able to assume legal guardianship over her sisters.

Additionally, by that same loophole she and her sisters inherited the shop. She was now forced to try to make a living for them. Despite her admirable performance in the tournament, was still too young and inexperienced to join the Magic Enforcers of VENI. So she took to odd jobs. She had originally endeavored not to sell off the Enchanting equipment that had been owned by the family for generations. However, food started getting short. With a heavy heart, Sophia had to part with many of the family's belongings to survive. The money she made with that liquidation, and the few, basic enchanting equipment she was able to save bought her the opportunity to take up Enchanting as a trade. Sophia sought out mentors for enchanting in the city between jobs. Her daily life was turned into an exhaustive daily balancing act of caring for her siblings, working to feed them, and begging for someone to teach her the ways of enchanting by any means necessary.

The little things she learned from her mentors she took to heart. Though she couldn't pull off anything astoundingly amazing, the basics she applied were very solid in application and usage. As time went by, Sophia's 'Cheaper' Enchantments started to gain a reputation for being very solid and of admirable reliability. That reputation, along with time, experience, sacrifices, and a slowly growing base of loyal customers, was enough to allow her sisters to live their life normally, like they used to.

A little voice in her head keeps on telling her to regret that she threw away her dreams to keep them all together. And it just keeps on growing louder and louder.

Equipment and Belongings


Deed to The Enchantment Workshop "Seraphine Enchantment Parlour"
Being the eldest at the time of their Parents' death, Sohpia legally Owns the Seraphine Enchantment Parlour Located in the Marsielles District. The property includes ingredients and tools as well as the supply agreements in order to run a commercial Enchantment Workshop. The first floor has the shop proper with it's workstation for day-to-day work while the second floor is the living quarters. There is also a basement where back-stock ingredients, equipment, and other relics of the family that were not sold off are kept. These include the family's generations long research into their particular style of enchanting that Sophia is using to study. The basement also has a trapdoor, leading to the sewer system.

Summer Photo
A laminated photo of the sisters and their parents posing together during a Summer Vacation to visit Versailles, it was the last time they were able to go on a vacation all together. Has a debatably creepy enchantment. When activated, the eye of each sister will look in the direction where that sister physically is. What makes it creepy can be easily imagined. The version carried by Sophia is unique, as it's the only one that doesn't have the eyes of their parents inked out with a black marker streak.

Sophia's Yukata
A cyan wool Yukata that's a signature part of her look. She has a couple of sets but they have a simple enforcement enchantment. Making them durable and akin to work-clothes like jeans in terms of durability. A useful effect of the enchantment is that the sleeves can be pulled up, and will remain up so long as the user desires it. Allowing the normally restrictive clothing to be worn whether resting or working.

Temet Nosce
Sophia's Broom. Though in reality, it's a three part weapon hidden inside a pole that most often has a broom head attached to it. The Broom reflects the combat style that Sophia used in her heyday - as it actually is composed of the weapons that Sophia brought to that tournament. Each component is also enchanted - done during her time running the shop. naturally. This weapon, which outwardly appears to just be a wooden pole, is much heavier than it seems. However, Sophia has used it for daily training and housework since she commissioned it. Allowing her to wield the otherwise cumbersome item with ease in daily life and, if needed, for combat.

- Pole
The pole is hollow. Acting a bit like a Japanese Bo or spear shaft if needed. Against common thieves and violent patrons, the pole gives Sohia the reach which makes most fights against would-be robbers a very one sided affair. It is enchanted with a simple command: 'Fall Apart at My Will' which orders the latent Vis of the object to disperse to her liking. This allows her to access the weapons stowed within in a pinch, or can be used in interesting ways when thrown by making a response delay.

- Knife-Head.
At one end of the pole is a knife. Sheathed into the pole. It has an enchantment mechanism that 'Protrude from the other side at my will', which retracts a double pointed blade out of the knife handle or back into the pole, as well as a simple enforcement enchantment on the wooden handle that allows it to be kept in place even when being swung around. In essence, it turns the pole into a more lethal spear. The handle mechanism works when wielded as a knife as well. There is a dongle at the end of the weapon in the form of a couple of beads as well. With the enchantment 'Return to Me At Will', which compels the knife back towards the owner if activated in time - allowing for recovery of the knife if it drops out of the hand.

- Sword Base.
A Lighter Longsword. It's enchanted with an enforcement array that reinforces the blade by using the injected Vis to form a sort of layer on the weapon internally at the user's will. This means that it can actually parry against weapons that would otherwise break it, and allow it cut more forcefully into thicker material. This requires keen management by the one wielding it, as they must feed their Vis into the blade at their discretion. Additionally, there is a canal along the core of the weapon. This is meant to allow for a sword coating agent to coat the blade very quickly, as the canal facilities the liquid to distribute evenly with a mere flick of the weapon.

Test Tubes and Corks
Running an Altier, it's natural to have some knowledge in making potions and other mixtures. If she needs to, she can carry four or so such solutions safely in her outfit. The ones on her at this time are:

- A solution of liquid that ignites after being exposed into the air, it'll burn until it's slow burning fuel runs out. A Seraphine Family Secret. Greek Fire.
- A potion that assists in blood clotting associated with healing. Can be applied directly to a wound or ingested for internal wounding.
- Luminization Potion. A liquid version of the spell. Like the regular Luminization spell, magical structures are highlighted when drops of the potion come into contact. Can alternatively be ingested to temporarily highlight the structures of all magic cast by the person who drank it.
- Black Mamba Venom. Meant to act as a coating for a bladed item. The cork in this vial has a needle sticking into it and through into the solution.

A Canteen of Water.
Bit on the bigger side but the kitchen's upstairs after all.

Traits and Abilities


Not off put by prods from an opponent, nor exhaustion. Sophia retains a clear mind, and fights back against urges to act soley on instinct or emotion alone.

Thinks of what words she chooses in speech, and the way about how she speaks of them and the implications of doing so. She'll always lean towards being complimentary and genteel in her interactions.

A trait proudly inherited from her father. Never give up. She is driven by a strong desire in herself that carries through to everything she does.

The worrying thing about humans. The world will always provide an opportunity for you. You simply need to see it... and more importantly, use it.

Evidenced when she went out to face a beast let loose in magic primary school. She has strong beliefs in her heart about what's right and wrong that she's willing to stick up for.

Danger Seeker (?)
Since her sisters have grown a bit more independent, Sophia's been involved in a lot of situations where she had to take someone or something down by force. Has she been seeking out trouble, or is trouble coming after her somehow?

The Polearm
The First Martial Arts Schools Sophia Attended had the use of Japanese style pole-arms as one of the disciplines. Though it wasn't her primary way of doing battle, she did end up gaining much more experience with it in the years she kept troublemakers out of the shop and in training with Skye (as using anything like a wooden training sword made her worry of hurting her sister). Conversely, this also puts sky at a disadvantage in Skirmishes as Sophia has the reach advantage..... or maybe that's the point of it?

The Sword
Sophia's primary offensive skill is with the sword. While he was raised by the way of Kendo, she formally trained under a European style that wielded a sword with two hands. This was a variant that was meant to specialize in decapitating foes and beasts with sweeping and destructive slashes. Which is why exactly she refuses to practice this form with Skye. Though the sisters still see her keeping proficient in making those daring leaps and slashes during her morning regimen.

The Knife
When training up for the tournament, there was always the possibility that Sophia would get disarmed. Sophia kept the knife as a backup weapon. Where it could be thrown or be taken advantage of in a close range tussle. Sophia's enchanted knife has an enchantment that allows it's blade to protrude from either end of the handle, meaning she could still stab a foe when her arm is restricted, or give her more flexibility when using it.

Excellent Physical Status
Due to Years Long Regimen of Training and Exercise as a part of her Daily Routine. Daily training began when she enrolled as a student at that Kendo Dojo when she was younger. Someone joked that she'd become unbeatable if she did 100 each of push-up, sit-up, squats, and ran 10 kilometers every day. 100 Ended up being boring so she's upped it to 150 repetitions for those activities and added 2 Kilometers to the run.Though she's gone back to the normal numbers since she took ownership of the shop.

Solid Stance
Due to a martial arts background, her moment is stable and decisive. Though she does not practice Kendo primarily any longer, she still stresses the tenets from that discipline She's sharp, and able to react very quickly.

Superb Situational Sense.
Oft aware of her surroundings and hard to catch off guard. In fact, she's always looking for way to take advantage of any setting or opponent.

Sophia's unique ability to disperse magical effects. In a nutshell, it is based upon the ability to 'anchor' magic she casts with a spell cast by another. With those anchors, an opponent's spell can be negated by destabilizing it's very structure. Magic disintegration, and the reasons it works is broken down between three disciplines: Sophia's Structural Recursion for her own spell constructs, Sophia's Proficiency in the Control and Manipulation of Elements, and the effects given by the common Luminization spell.

Structural Recusion
Sophia struggled with basic spell-casting at the beginning. It was only after practicing a hundred or so methodologies on each given spell that she was able to cast simple things like Fireball or Ice Bolt. Regardless, while she didn't take her spell crafting nearly as far as other mages, her understanding of the intricacies of spell and magic constructs is extraordinary. Without a doubt, in the library of spell constructs that Sophia knows she can correctly deduce how most spells are cast. With the knowledge of these constructs comes the knowledge of knowing where exactly to 'snip' in order to make them unstable. Additionally, Sophia's own spell constructs are very solid. For example, suppose if Sophia casts a fireball against another fireball that has a considerably greater amount of Vis cast into it, while logically the latter would win out, in truth the two would cancel each other out.

Elemental Control Proficiency
Sophia's mastery over basic spells. She has a solid understanding over the control of the basic elements. For other complex material, she can reasonably manipulate almost any ambient material due to her proficiency in magic constructs. Allowing for a multitude of applications beyond combat.

Lumanization (Basic Spell)
A handicap for struggling young mages in magic primary school. It is a spell that highlights the structure of a magical construct. Sophia herself had to use this (in potion form) to help her during her first semester in magic primary. Later on, she found that the tool in learning could also be used as a tool of information. By casting it into an opposing spell it would momentarily light up the structure of that spell. Sophia trained herself to be able to quickly read these highlights and be able to spot common recurrences in a caster's structural logic. These common patterns could be used as 'anchors' which would allow her to cast a spell with a similar structure that would - at the moment of impact - potentially start meld into one another. This melding: known as 'singularity' is what allows Magic Disintegration to take place.

Magic Disintegration
After a couple of tries, Sophia is able to discern how the foe casts magic. Their spells collide once more. In that instant, due to their structures being similar, singularity occurs. Because Sophia's Spell Structure is of a higher stability, she is able to forcefully yank at those bonds. The structure of the foe's spell is destabilized, causing their side of the spell to disperse. In some rare cases, the dispersal of Vis can trigger a violent explosion.

The effectiveness of magic disintegration is based upon several variables. For example, magic of the same element will usually achieve singularity by the merit of the cast magic being of the same type. Though, for Sophia, the most important and reliable method is to discern key patterns in an opponent's spell structure. One of Sophia's few examples of compound combat magic is that her spells have the basic Lumanization spell on their leading edges. Illuminating them with a unique blue hue.

Typically, once she's been able to disintegrate a spell once on a particular opponent, she has a high rate of negating spells cast by that person thereafter. The foe would have to have a completely different casting methodology to circumvent her negations. But since most mages have no difficulty casting their first fireball, there's often a high chance that their spell structure follows a pattern that can be discerned.

Spell Seizure
An advanced theoretical application. For Magic Disintegration, Sophia needs only to be able to 'anchor' on a certain structural pattern in a foe's spell and pull it apart. However, suppose that she has enough understanding of that foe that she can replicate about 50% of their spell structure logic. In theory, instead of simply disrupting and negating the spell, Sophia could take control of it for her own purposes.

Sophia has shown that this was possible. During the tournament, Sophia performed Magic Disintegration on a magic that was cast against her. By chance, the spell she cast had that 50%+ similarity in structure, allowing her to throw the spell back at the opponent in what was one of the biggest upsets of that tournament. She only did during that one occurrence however. As she never got a chance to take this skill any further after her parents' deaths.

Disciplined Vis Control.
Sophia uses magic just as required. Many of her skills and abilities that require usage of Vis have been honed to the point that she can effectively apply the amount of Vis needed while minimizing waste.Coupled with the fact that most of her spells are mostly simple to begin with allows her to be considered as having proficient magic stamina in combat. This continued to be developed even as Sophia took up enchanting, due to the volume of orders she began to take as her business grew.

The Techniques of Enchanting have been passed down the Seraphine line for generations! Sophia didn't take much interest into it until it became a necessity after she assumed the role of guardianship over her siblings. The Seraphine family have practiced their trade for hundreds of years. While the death of her father should've meant the end of it, it was a great ancestor's forethought to chronicle the the development of their craft in a book only legible by those born of the same blood. The secrets that made the Seraphine family one of the competing Enchantment houses in the city is locked away in those books, and Sophia has read through them a few times over to the point she's about ready to start adding some entries herself. In particular, she furthered development of Enchantments in regards to weapons such as her own Temet Nosce. She works very well with Carbon, mostly out of necessity as rarer metals were more expensive to obtain when she started out. As she got better she was able to minimize the downsides of the material by excellent form and structuring. Making for reliable enchantments readily accessible to the greater public and her consumer base.

Sophia's potion craft is well practiced. Potions to cure ailments or wounds being one of the most common. One particular edge she has over the other wizards is her inherent knowledge of making potions for healing using a variety of ingredients and methodologies. As it turned out, there was more than one way to cure a wound. Other items that the laypeople seem to want include love potions. Basically aphrodisiacs. While most other mages would scoff it the idea of openly selling these tonics, she has no shame in openly selling them given the quiet but steady demand for them. Magically imbued, they are more effective than what's otherwise available. Finally, Sophia has a keen side interest in not necessarily potions, but mixing and creation of weapon oils that imbue certain effects onto a weapon. This discipline is practiced by mercenaries taking down all manner of foul and otherworldly beasts. Her own weapon is designed to be able to take full advantage of weapon coating with ease.

Other Information


Skye Seraphine
Sophia still considers Skye as the youngest little sister. She likes to call almost everything she does 'Cute' or 'Adorable' to the point that some might consider it an insult. Sophia trains Skye in martial and magical combat as it's now that sister's dream to become one. While Skye arguably has all the same potential that Sophia has, she's a little restricted by that overwhelming tenacity. Having bested Non-humans in a tournament, Sohphia is still just as tough of a teacher and opponent. The most infuriating thing about Sophia though, is that her skill level is still so high that she doesn't even need to hit Skye in training to defeat her. Their serious skirmishes have so far always ended in 'checkmate' with Sophia having her training weapon poised to either cut off a part of the younger sister's body or about to thrust into it. it infuriates Skye even more that Sophia won't approve her taking that route until she can prove her own martial prowess to her.

Sonia Seraphine
Sophia used get along well with Sonia. Before Sonia's magic proficient became apparent, and that it was even greater - Sophia would share a lot of her experiences and of the things she'd seen attending magic school. Igniting the imaginations of the girls about fantastic spells, immensely smart people, and all sorts of exotic things that made them want to see it for themselves. Sophia got into a couple of pinches from time to time due to Sonia making off with her textbooks. Sophia sort of got jealous over Sonia's higher magical aptitude when the results had come out. So much so that she avoided her for about a couple of weeks. Though, it was thanks to Skye that the two were able to make up. When Sophia was preparing for the combat tournament, they worked out some strategies of how Sophia could manage against opponents with higher magical power than her. The insights earned from some burns and bruises gave Sophia a decisive edge in the tournament that followed. Completely overturning people's expectations in the matches that came after. Sophia returned to her siblings with exotic sweets from that year's tournament location as promised.


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