Mania: A short horror Story

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  1. Note: I know this is pretty bad, but hey, it's a work in progress. I decided to write something a little different for once.


    Kat_luv23 5:33 PM: Hey :3

    I looked at the newest reply to the chat I was on, and smiled, my best friend had finally joined the chat.

    Mel45 5:35 PM: Hey Kat! It's about time you joined, I was getting lonely :c

    Prince_ 5:37 PM: Hey Mel, you weren't completely alone. I was here. *cries in a corner*

    Kat_luv23 5:39 PM: @Mel45 you are lost without me ;) @Prince_ sorry I'm better than you :*

    Mel45 5:41 PM: You know I love both of you :3

    Prince_ 5:43 PM: Where is everyone else? It's just us 3 tonight

    Kat_luv23 5:47 PM: Idk it is kinda strange.

    5:49 PM Mania enters the chat

    Prince_ 5:50 PM: Mania? That's an odd screen name for a chat. Haha

    Kat_luv23 5:51 PM: Well hello 'Mania' welcome to the chat!

    Mel45 5:51 PM: Yeah, welcome! ^,^

    Mania 5:52 PM: You're so oblivious...

    Mania 5:52 PM: You fools..

    Prince_ 5:53 PM: Uhm....what?

    Kat_luv23 5:54 PM: ??? Weirdo. XP

    Mania 5:56 PM: Don't. Look. Back.

    Mel45 5:57 PM: Dude, that's freaky.

    I sat there and chuckled at this 'Mania', he/she was just another one of those annoying trolls. Trying to find some way to freak us out.

    Prince_ 5:59 PM: Mania, stop, you're terrible at trolling.

    Mel45 6:01 PM: Yeah, we're not stupid. You can't freak us out.

    Kat_luv23 6:03 PM: So scarrrrrrrry. XD

    Mania 6:04 PM: .........

    Mania 6:04 PM: .........

    Prince_ 6:05 PM: Oh great, he's a spammer too.

    Mania 6:07 PM: FOOLS!!

    I jumped as the lights in my rooms flickered, and then laughed. "Oh no, Mania is flickering my lights!" I snorted. I frowned when I went back to my laptop. It was frozen. "Oh come on." I began to, like any person, press every key on my laptop. I sat there, waiting for it to unfreeze. The screen went black, and I sighed. " No wonder you were only a hundred dollars." I sat there, my arms crossed in frustration. I heard a loud bang, and I squealed in surprise. As that happened, my laptop turned itself. "Ok, this is getting weird." I stared at my laptop screen, and saw that it was back on the chat.

    Kat_luv23 6:20 PM: Oh God....

    Prince_ 6:21 PM: What is it Kat?

    6:23 PM Mel45 enters the chat

    Mel45 6:23 PM: Kat, are you ok?

    Kat_luv23 6:24 PM: It's trying to get in my room I

    Kat_luv23 6:25 PM: ..........

    Kat_luv23 6:25 PM: ..........

    Prince_ 6:25 PM: Kat?..

    Kat_luv23 6:26 PM: DON'T. LOOK. BACK.

    6:27 Kat_luv23 exits

    I swallowed hard, this was getting freaky. Kat never did stuff like that. A cool draft swept into the room, and I shivered. I pulled a blanket over me. I felt a vibration in my pocket, and I picked up my phone. Someone was calling me. " Hello?" There was no reply, just a low hum in the background. "Uhm...Hello?" There was still no answer, but the hum was starting to distort into a low growl. Then, my phone cut off. I slowly sat my phone down, and I sat there, silent. Then, all of a sudden, a loud squeal came from downstairs. It was no ordinary squeal. It sounded somewhat like a pig, but there was an edge to it that sent shivers down my spine. I quickly jumped up and locked my door. "Oh God..." I climbed up onto my bed and wrapped myself in my covers. "Don't find me....don't find me." I heard loud banging as whoever or whatever was coming up the stairs. I quickly turned off my lights, and held my breath. I froze as I heard the doorknob twisting and turning. "It can't get in....I locked the door." I gripped the covers tighter, and I felt my heart almost stop as the door slowly opened. As the door fully opened, it revealed a sight so hideous and frightening, I let out a scream. My scream was silenced quickly as the creature, in one fast motion, placed it's clawed hand over my mouth. I began to shake in fear. I looked up, trying to see the creatures face, but all I could see was a dark and malevolent grin. It grabbed my head and slammed it sideways, and I cried out in pain. All I could see was the glow from my laptop.

    Mania 6:45 PM: Such a die now.

    My eyes widened in fear. I tried to struggle out of the creatures grasp, but it was too strong. I watched as it ran a clawed finger around my stomach, and I began to shake. I was going to die. The creature began to giggle, and it raised a clawed hand. I held my breath and watched as it stabbed it's claws into my stomach. I screamed in agony, as blood began to gush and squirt everywhere. The creature began to claw and tear harder and harder at my stomach, each scream of mine getting louder. My vision was getting blurry, and I was no longer feeling the pain. The creature leaned closer, it's face right in front of mine. It smiled, revealing its dagger-like teeth. "Mania..." It whispered. "You are free of your mania." It then disappeared, leaving me to bleed out. As I began to take in my last breath, I knew that if there was an afterlife, I would relive that malevolent smile for eternity.
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