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To put it mildly, life's been tough for Rie Mikuni.

Last night, she did something way out of the ordinary. Rie and her magical friend, Ukiuki, joined some other classmates for drinks since it was Friday night. Alcohol never was and never will be this girl's friend, but she found herself not caring this time. The people she was socializing with were fans of the manga she had been writing, even tossing out ideas or scenes they wished to see. Rie was ignoring them, though to be polite, she nodded, smiled and laughed in all the right places. This manga was the only thing that let her stay in school, not to mention give her this surprisingly level of popularity.

While she drank to her heart's desire, Rie sketched the characters of her manga, the heroes and the villains. It was helping keep her mind occupied. Plus, these characters in her mind were her only friends. The one she loved most was Hideo, a cunning and handsome man many women would kill just to touch him. Sure, he was a dork with some unusual fears, but to her, he was perfection.

Ukiuki drove Rie home that night, since she was much too drunk to even stand up. As she sat in the passengers seat, she still drew. "I wish they were real," she said meekly, tears spilling from her eyes and onto her notepad. She felt absolutely miserable and lonely. Without this friend who was driving her home, life would be even worse. Rie had no clue that Ukiuki was a witch, though and that her wish was granted! The witch couldn't stand to see her friend in so much pain... If this would make her happy, so be it.

Rie got dressed for sleep and then tucked into bed after they reached her apartment. Ukiuki decided to sleep on the couch of her friend's living room, so she could be nearby if she needed her.

Once her head hit that pillow, Rie was fast asleep. Little did she know, the characters on her sketch pad were coming to life and arriving in random parts of Tokyo. All except for one: Hideo Kami. That Saturday morning, Rie opened her eyes to the delightfully gorgeous man at her bedside with an arm draped over her. Rie's head was in a lot of pain this morning; she still felt a little drunk. This couldn't be real... Could it?

"This is one crazy hangover..."
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Namida jumped onto the edge of the bed, giving Hideo a look. "Rieeee! Good Morning~ I'm here, too!" she exclaimed cheerily. She was a young lady, only a little younger than Rie herself, with light brown hair and almond-shaped eyes highlighted with thin blue liner. She was grinning widely, sitting on the bed with her knees tucked under her, excited to see the girl who had created her.

"Rie Mikuni! Are you going to oggle at Hideo all morning? I want to meet you, too!" Namida wasn't so fond of Hideo. He was like honey; all the girls were attracted to him. She found it amusing to watch, but he didn't have to steal Rie's attention, too! Namida wanted Rie to keep drawing. She wanted to Rie to draw some more Codex for her to find. She just loved Rie's drawings.

And this room. Oh, this room was absolutely lovely. It wasn't anything like what Rie drew for them. It was much more exciting. Namida had spent the last few hours amusing herself with the things in the room, flushing what Ukiuki had called 'the toilet' about a million times and poking her reflection in the mirror. She'd heard Hideo mutter something and instantly knew Rie was awake.

She wanted to be the first to meet her!

"Riee, it's me Namida, don't you recognize me?" she moved over to the other side, nearly falling off the side of the bed because Hideo was so fat and took up so much space. She threw him an irritable look before looking back at the groggy girl who was waking up, muttering something about a hangover.

"Hehe. You're awake now silly, you're not dreaming!" Namida didn't understand what a hangover was, but she figured it had something to do with the fact that Rie seemed reluctant to open her eyes and say hello.

"Get off of me Tatertot." Hideo groaned to Namida, "You're throwing off my groove! I'm supposed to be sexy! And you're still like a jailbait or something!" He then shoved the princess off the bed. While according to the plot of the doujin said that he had to protect the young princess at all costs from the evil wizard, Kreios Lennox, that didn't mean that he really liked dealing with her climbing over him, like she had a habit of doing.

"This is no crazy hangover missie. It's the best hangover, evah! Mostly, because you got to meet me. And while we didn't get all nekkid like how I prefer, you are an epic kisser. And I know this sort of thing because I've kissed a lot of hawt ladies over the years...."

Hideo probably would have continued to babble until he was smacked by Namida.

"Heyyyy. I don't care if Tomoko-san isn't here! You're not allowed to smack me either." Hideo complained.

Hideo then erected himself, so that he was no longer lying on his back. Rie was now still only semi awake.

"Now little Princess, I'll show you how to properly wake up a hungover chicka." Following the ever classic anime routine, Hideo grabbed ahold of Rie's breasts and started to squeeze away. "Sweeeet. She's 90 cm, the desirable size for all the males of the world!"

Hideo was not one to hold back when it came to hitting on new women he met. Of course, it was probably true that he had no idea who Rie was. He never cared to be the smartest of all guys.
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Namida rolled her eyes as Hideo shoved her off the bed. She somersaulted backwards and jumped to her feet, running over to grab and yank his ear lobe, "What kind of protector are you?" she huffed, putting her hands on her hips, "pushing me off the bed, seriously!" she pouted, leaning over him to look over at Rie again. Namida threw herself over Hideo just as he sat up, leaning over his lap lazily.

"Don't call me tattertots you fatty. I'm not a potato," she stared at Rie excitedly, "She's waking up, she's waking up!" and then looked at Hideo as he glared at her in annoyance. She knew he hated when she climbed on him, but it was so much fun! Namida was the type who liked moving around. Hideo was always fidgeting. And jumping on him was fun, too! He was so funny when he was mad. He pushed her off again, while going off on something about all the women he'd met. And there it was again. That obnoxious nickname. Tattertot.

Namida, this time landing somewhere by the edge of the bed, huffed and stuck her tongue out. "It's always about food!" she stared wide-eyed as Hideo-- in her eyes definitely it looked like--harassed their semi-awake creator. Namida did what any innocent girl would do in a situation like that. She screamed as loud as she could. And when she was done she screamed some more,"HIDEO YOU HONEYMAN! DONT TOUCH HER!" She grabbed his foot and pulled as hard she could, in an attempt to get him away from Rie.

He protested, but that didn't stop her, "Do you know who you're hitting on?"!" She demanded, almost sweating from the difficulty of dragging him off the bed, "That's our creator, you weirdo! She's like your mother!" Namida was hysterical. What did Hideo think he was doing?! Sure, she'd seen him do it plenty of times to all the pretty girls they came across in their travels, but to Rie? To Rie, their creator?

Absolutely unforgivable. If she had fangs, she'd bite him.
Satomi Yuuto was shamelessly digging through Rie’s thing in the other room. Coats and other outerwear were scattered across the floor; odd knick-knacks that had caught the girl’s attention had been placed wherever she had lost interest. Some things had been thrown into the trash with a rather bored deliverance before she heard the little princess scream in the other room. What were those two arguing about now?

“She’s like your mother!”

She rolled her eyes as she entered the room. The sight that greeted her only made her want to shake her head. This wasn’t the first time Hideo and Namida had bickered like young children. No, no, it was an hourly occurrence – if she wasn’t a princess that needed to be protected, well, things would be calmer. It took her a moment to realize the young woman on the bed. Satomi tilted her head curiously, glancing across the room at Rie with a smile before frowning back at her companions.

“All right.” She said with a sort of gentle authority. “That’s enough. You’re probably terrifying our creator.” She took a seat on the edge of the bed and touched Rie’s hand in a friendly gesture.
"Hrmph. I call you Tatertots because you don't have boobies. Duh."Hideo said in protest to Namida.

The Kung Fu Master was always rather open about the things he said. Of course, he didn't really care what the princess thought of him. He was the Master of the Ancient Art of Buttwhoop and that's all that mattered to him, even though most of his moves involved fancy magics more than actually hitting people.

"I don't have been your savior all the time, Missie. That's why you stick with Tomoko-san...Whom hasn't appeared here yet."

This is how their story more or less went:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom with a brave Prince (in this case Namida's Daddy). Like most princes, he spent his days doing heroic deeds, rescuing damsels, and being a bad arse. And like most heroes, the prince met his charming princess, saved the kingdom from a terrible evil, then lived Happily Ever After.

...but that's never really how stories end.

On his wedding day at the wedding feast, the Sorcerer named Kreios Lennox came and he was mighty pissed! That cackling grey haired witch the prince and his princess killed during their harrowing tale was his wife! And he fully intended to have his vengeance! He killed everyone at the dinner. Lords and Ladies, even the Princess Bride. But the prince... he had a special punishment for him. The Sorcerer locked the prince away in his own dungeons. There to rot for the rest of his life, knowing his wife was dead and that the evil douche Lord Lennox ruled his kingdom.

And so, when it seems like hope is lost, there are the brave few, the unnoticed ones... the people that you never hear about in epic tales. A plot to break the prince (the rightful king!) out of the dungeon and take back their kingdom! The resistance to Lord Lennox was headed by Tomoko Kotonari, whom was one of the best knights in all the Kingdoms. Next was Hideo, whom was more or less a wandering pretty boy that was like a Kung Fu Monk or something along those lines (Rie never really said much about it), the Princess Namida, of course, and the newest member of the group was Satomi Yuuto.

Hideo then rolled out of bed when Satomi entered the scene. While she didn't have the same level of influence as Tomoko had on him, he'd rather not get on another party member's bad side. At least a party member that posed a serious threat compared to the playful Princess.

"Yeah...I guess so..." Hideo then walked over to the office chair nearest to Rie's computer and sat himself down. "Princess Tatortot, you sure we'll find the Codex in this world? It seems rather small and smells like strawberries..."

Rie was one-hundred percent confused now. She blinked her eyes to an adorable looking girl who seemed excited to see her. This girl greatly resembled Namida, a character from her manga. She also said she wasn't dreaming... 'Crud.'

Parting her lips to speak, she soon heard the voice of the male who was sleeping beside her. She pulled the covers tighter over her body, her eyes wide as he exclaimed that this was the best day ever. Rie made cowardly squeals, her face a deep shade of red when he put his palms on her breasts, squeezing them while he voiced his approval. Thankfully, Namida pulled him off of her. Or at least, helped in doing so.

"This is crazy!" she spoke dryly, hiding herself completely under the blankets, except for half of her face. From there, she blinked at the three people in her room. That third person walked in, tenderly setting a hand over her own. The mention of the author possibly being terrified was instantly nodded at, which caused a bigger headache. 'Where is Uki?' she mentally asked herself, hoping her friend was still around the apartment.

When Hideo mentioned Codex, there was no mistake. This was no dream. They were real! Unless some classmates decided to pull a sick joke on her...

Clearing her throat, she lowered the sheet from her mouth and sat herself up, instantly putting a hand to her head to help support it. This Saturday should have been spent napping, not waking up to some story characters come to life. Warily, she eyed Hideo, and then looked down at her lap.

"So Hideo, Namida and Satomi are with me. In my bedroom," she began to say, stress in her voice. "Is there anyone else here? Or... Anywhere? From where you all came from?"
Ukiuki yawned and rolled off the bed, hearing the little symphony of voices coming from Rie's room. She wasn't exactly sure how long the spell would take, so she'd stayed up half the night hoping for once that her spell was an instant one but she'd finally fallen asleep in disappointment. Ukiuki was absolutely certain, though, that she should be happy that the spell had worked at all since there was more than one instance that she'd been sorely disappointed with a fizzled spell she'd spent a whole night casting.

Ukiuki had let the trio introduce themselves while she put on makeup, hoping to act pleasantly startled just like Rie when she entered and found two new girls and a guy hanging out around her bed. To this end, she'd been holed up in the bathroom the whole time applying eyeliner but now, she thought, by now Rie must be awake!

Ukiuki skipped into Rie's room, a smile on her face as she tossed open the door. "Goooooood morning, Rie-Na!" Ukiuki sung into the room. It appeared that Hideo was being beaten for groping Rie, which Uki assumed was normal. There was Namida, being super cutesy as usual, and Satomi, mothering already. To Uki's memory, this was it. However, Rie did not look as excited as Uki was expecting.

"My oh my, Rie, what sort of party is this? You should have invited me!"
“At least she remembers us. That’s a start.” Satomi sighed, drawing her hand back. She continued to stare at Rie. Somehow she had imagined their creator to be a little more… assured. Especially because this was her universe, and it wasn’t as if they were strangers. Rie had created her as well Hideo and Namida – their entire world. Satomi leaned back on the bed with a sort of quintessential shrug. Wasn’t it every author’s dream to meet their characters?

“As far as I know, we’re the only ones that crossed into your world,” she said, “but you seem dismayed by our presence?” She glanced back at her companions. Hideo was leaning in the chair, not all the worried about, well, anything. It seems his mind was on food. Strawberries? Namida was standing like a rose blossom, happily chattering at the author. Satomi shifted again, wondering … Hideo could be right. What if the Codex wasn’t here? Where would they even begin to look? The young woman hoped they weren’t wasting their time.

Satomi glimpsed over at the source of the bouncing little voice that had filled the room. Well, this one was interesting. She sat up a little straighter, watching Ukiuki with a rather quizzical expression. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

"Hey Satti-san, don't give me one of those looks...I just happen to like food. I can identiy people using my super awesome sense of smell, which is a skill I learned from Grandmaster Yoboshi....So forth and so on..."

"We're have a sexy party. That's what kinda party we're having here Goth Lady. Now don't interrupt the other lady." Hideo grinned. He never addressed people by their real names, with the except of the team leader, Tomoko. However, she wasn't here, so that fact didn't really matter.

"So far I have yet to see anyone else from Antuarana. Though this realm seems solely consists of a single apartment floor. So I have yet to take my sexy butt out of this floor because Goth Lady said that I cause drama or something. I'm all, that's bullshit. I'm much too sexy to cause the drama myself. Now the ladies...That's an entirely different story...Hehehe."

He then shot up from the chair and leaped the bed over towards Rie. Hideo then picked her up and flung her over his shoulder.

"I don't wanna sit around and chat. That's for you womenz to do. Since we have the Author right here, we can take her back to Antuarana and she can help us figure out how to over throw Dark Lord Douchebag!"
Rie instantly relaxed when she saw Ukiuki walk in. The girl seemed to be calm about this situation, even excited. So there was nothing to worry about? This was all... Magical, to her. Therefore, it did of course freak her out.

"I-I'm not dismayed," she assured Satomi, making an apologetic bow with her head. "Just... Surprised. Not everyday I wake up to this many people in my bedroom. People I created, no less."

Hideo then mentioned taking Rie to their world, whilst bringing her to his shoulder. She blinked repeatedly, a blush crossing her face out of embarrassment. Poor Rie was dressed in only her pajama lime pants and a t-shirt with a frog on the front. Not to mention, no bra and she was feeling terrible from all the drinking last night. She was in no condition to travel!

"Wait just a minute! I'm not even dressed!" she complained, beginning to squirm. "Besides, why do you need my help? I just write the story! Which isn't even finished yet."

Rie then made a sigh of defeat, her body going limp on Hideo's shoulder. She was mumbling something about needing pain reliever and food, even a shower because she was sure she didn't smell too good.

"Well Missie, you're wearing the clothes you were wearing last night...So it's all good." Hideo said.

Of course, since he was a doujin character, odds of him wearing different clothes from day to day were slim since Rie never liked drawing him outside of the sports blazer, white shirt, and tie.

"Fufuffufu. You're amusing limpy girl. Since you're the author you know somewhere in that noggin of yours, where the Codexes all are. It's like you being able to use a cheat sheet on a hard exam. If we can cut to the case, we can save Tomoko-san from dying....You know like how the prophecy says."

While he and Tomoko didn't see eye to eye all the time, as how Rie wrote them, Hideo didn't want anything bad to happen to the one person that stuck with him through thick and thin.

"Also don't worry about the other stuff. I can make some fancy medications from the local plant life! I'm good at that, since that's my main trade besides for being a Kung Fu monk...I'll then find a deer for you and make super awesome jerky from it...So that'll take care of the food. Now as for showering....Well I'd best go into one with you. To keep you safe from Lord Douchebag and all."

Hideo then grinned a sly smile.
Makoto rubbed her fists against her head in anger. The order she was about to serve was all wrong and it was the breakfast rush! She took the plate back to the chef.

"THIS IS THE ORDER I NEED, NOT THAT ONE! Do I have to come back there and show you how to do it AGAIN?" She cried out, she was trying to be calm in the brunt of this storm but she was going to make the best of it. She grabbed a couple of orders that were correct and ran them out to their tables.

With the time down she had between orders she quickly stepped out back and pulled out her cell phone, quickly dialing Rie's number. She had to make sure the girl got up and had all of her books for class later, let alone get dressed. She believed that girl would leave her own head behind if it wasn't attached to her neck.
“She doesn’t need assistance bathing.” Satomi interrupted, shaking her head at Hideo. “But we need assistance on how to get back to Antuarana, which is where your witchy friend comes in.” She points towards Ukiuki before standing, pacing in front of the bed. Satomi was starting to feel edgy – maybe it was because she could hear life growing outside of these walls and was beginning to feel slightly claustrophobic or perhaps it was the strange feeling of magic still rubbing against her skin. Either way, it didn’t matter. It didn’t make her comfortable. This wasn’t their world. This wasn’t home.

Finally, Satomi let out an exhaled breath, not realizing how much air she had been withholding – a habit she never learned to undo. It made her dizzy. The air in the room seemed warmer, heavier. The girl sat back down on the bed, closing her eyes. It was a few minutes before her eyes opened, if only to look around for an annoying ring that echoed in the room.
"It's so cool to finally meet all you guys! I was, like, starting to try to read Rie's stuff but I got so busy all the time! This is like, the spoilers!" Ukiuki recovered her normal effervescence and was flouncing over to Hideo even as she spoke. He was supporting Rie which gave her an opportunity to tug his hair and poke his cheek curiously.

"I did... a really great job!" she squealed but then covered her mouth with her hand. "I mean, not me of course personally... I uhm. Well, it's really lucky anyway that you guys didn't end up here as hollow shells without organs inside because someone forgot to focus on the whole body instead of just the outside..." Ukiuki smiled sweetly.

"If I know Rie at all, though, Hideo, I think she'd be happier with you if you let her go take a shower! She has that super antsy expression on and the way she's glancing down...." Ukiuki was eager for more chances to study all of her guests. Maybe they could consent to be part of her demonstration for the Academy! That would be really super awesome!

"Do you guys all feel real? Do you feel like you're missing any body parts or something?"

Hideo then took a good look a poor Rie. And just as Ukiuki had pointed out, Rie looked like she had been forced to watch 15 hours of her least favorite shows straight. "Well if you say so Blonde Goth." Hideo said. Then without further ado, he gracefully tossed Rie on her bright yellow futon.

He then did some Kung Fu arm gestures at Ukiuki. "Whoa, whoa Blonde Goth! No touchie the hair! You know how long it takes me to make it look this bishie awesome?" He then blinked, "To be honest I've never kept track of the time, so....Just no touchie!"

The witch then began to rumble on and on, so he just lowered his eyes and focused on her boobies instead.

"Hrmmm...She's gotta be like a B cup or something...She's got bigger twins than Namida..." His eyes then darted over to Satomi and then back towards Ukiuki. "Darn, she's not as big as Satomi. Should I still hit on her? I dunno...Last time I had sex with a gothic witch I was turned into a lampshade for three days...And while I make for a sexy lampshade I'd rather not be turned into one again..."

She then asked if they felt all real. Hideo didn't know what she meant by this. So he did what came natural to him and unzipped his trousers. His red boxers with white hearts was now free for all to see. He then pulled on the top and looked down....

"I don't look like a GI Joe down here, so I think we're all good!"
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Namida hovered around Satomi. The woman was so level-headed that it made her calm down. She wanted to pounce on Hideo and smack him until there was a large massive bump on his head. Of course, she knew that was impossible, but the thought was thrilling. She stared blankly, almost annoyed as he complained about his hair. When Rie was tossed over to the bed, Namida ran over.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry about Hideo, he's a complete idiot."

Namida took this chance to grab the largest pillow on the bed and chuck it at his head, "Have you no shame?!" she demanded, her cheeks red. Why was he so perverted for? It was so embarrassing. Their creator was here--and so was Ukiuki! Namida huffed, her cheeks puffed with air.
"I'm perfectly normal in one piece" Namida announced before reaching for another pillow to smack Hideo.. Instead, she fell onto the bed when her last pillow came flying back at her head. She squealed as her face went crashing into the sheets in surprise. Hideo. He was such a meanie!

She shook her head to get off the weird feeling of being stuffed into white sheets and looked over at Rie. Their creator seemed totally out of it. Was she normally like this? How were they going to find the codex if Rie-san was so non-demanding! She needed more energy. Namida glanced over at Ukiuki and grinned, "I know!" she twirled around and hurried towards the other rooms.

"I'll make Rie-san breakfast!" she giggled in excitement.

"Hey don't blame me, now Tatertots."Hideo said, "All I knows is everything she wrote into me in the plot line. Of course, this does bring up a big issue in the topic of free will... I mean...Ow!"

Ukiuki had tossed a pillow at his head. It really was for his own good since when he tried to think of something big, he tended to go off into the levels of extreme dorkdom. In which, he would rumble on and on in one continuous sentence, so that no one could interrupt him.

"I see...Well, I guess Goth Lady doesn't like philosophy then. Oh well..."

He then sat down on the sofa, where Rie was still limp on. Next, Hideo flung off his worn down converse high top sneaks and revealed a pair of equally worn looking grey wool blend socks. He then grabbed the remote and decided to turn on the TV.
Rie sat up on the plush surface she was dropped on, sending a glare in Hideo's direction. If she ever predicted he would come to live someday, she would have given him a much different personality. One she could relate to, or even be attracted to! At least the rest of them maintained some level of sanity.

When Namida announced she'd make breakfast for her, Rie stood up and made a smile. "That's very sweet, thank you. I did recently refill my cupboards and refrigerator," she told her. Already, Rie was getting attached to the young princess. She was so glad she could defend herself from Hideo's antics.

"You all get comfortable and keep an eye on... Him," she said to everyone, pointing at the man watching her television. "Ukiuki is in charge until I get back."

With that, she left everyone to take her shower. The bathroom door was locked behind her and the sound of rushing water came on quickly. This would have to be a fast shower... Rie felt paranoid having this many people in her home. Washing out the odor of alcohol and vomit couldn't be neglected, though. Besides, this would definitely help her headache.
Ukiuki glanced around the room, smiling encouragingly at Namida. "Making breakfast! Good thinking! While Rie is in the shower, we ought to tidy everything up for her and make nice!" Ukiuki grabbed Hideo's ear and tugged him to the bed where the pair had been sleeping, her expression stern.
"You get to make the bed, Hideo! It's only fair, and it will surely make Rie like you more if she sees that you're not completely useless. And don't give me any lip! I brought you here, I can send you right back and convince Rie to let me help her make the next edition a special Tentacle Yaoi for you!"

Ukiuki pranced back into the room with the couch where she had been sleeping and began to put the pillows in order. Rie didn't usually keep a very tidy apartment and Ukiuki assumed that Rie would feel uncomfortable with so many people and a mess on top of that! Ukiuki herself needed a shower too, she decided after a moment. She smelled like fruity vodka gone stale, which was appropriate since that's what the smell was from.

"You all have to be very sweet to Rie! She's been having a hard time lately and you're all here just to cheer her up! It's your duty! Make Rie happy at all costs!"