Manga or American Comics?

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American Comic Books (DC/Marvel) or Manga (Soul Eater, Naruto, One Piece)?

  1. American Comic Books (DC/Marvel)

    5 vote(s)
  2. Manga (Soul Eater, Naruto, One Piece)

    8 vote(s)
  3. Neither.

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  4. I like trains.

    7 vote(s)
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  1. Both comic styles are very different in format, traditional comics reading from left to right, meanwhile that of Japanese comics, known as Manga, read right to left. What's your favourite of the two, and what's your favourite Manga or comic?
  2. Mangas, Manhuas(Chinese), Manwhas(Korean), Light Novels and Visual Novels, gotta read them all!
    My favourite Manga would be Sekai Oni, but only because that is something I am currently reading it and I read too much to really have a all-time favourite. Oh! But my favourite Artist&Author is DOUMAN Seiman.
    My favourite Manhua is Feng Shen Ji, but Wolf&Mary is also a really good short one.
    My favourite Manwhas are A Fairytale For The Demonlord, Knight Run and Kubera.
    My favourite Light Novel is Zeroth no Maria.
    My favourite Visual Novel is G-Senjou no Maou, same deal as with the Mangas, though it was the first Visual Novel I read and it DOES have a great story. Though 'series' wise I would go with Muv-Luv.
  3. I don't like Any of the titles in this poll :(
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  4. Where's the 'both' option? :(
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  5. I went with neither. I've tried a few things of each style, and I've never really gotten into it. If I'm gonna read stuff, I'd rather go for a book. If I'm gonna look at pretty graphics, I'd rather find a show or movie that looks good. If I absolutely must have both at the same time, I'd rather watch something and turn on subtitles.

    Neither comics nor manga do it for me.
  6. Formatting: I uh...I don't care honestly. Left to right, right to left, as long as I can read it then I'm fine with it. The problem comes when I go from reading manga to comics and vice versa, I get confused with the formatting for a second. Kinda frustrating.

    Though out of the two I'd have to say I prefer manga. Why? Simply because I like when I pick up a manga it isn't a rehash of the same character by a different writer. I go to a comic store and there's a million Superman comics, each one by different writers in which the stories have no relevance or connection to one another at all (I'm of course basing this off of DC and Marvel, not any other comic publishers). Whereas with manga I don't get eighty different DBZ manga that has no connection to one another whatsoever.

    I'm not bashing DC or Marvel for that though, I understand why it's done, but it gets pretty boring reading about the same character over and over when each story has no relevance to one another. That doesn't mean I have zero problems with manga though, but that's a topic for another day. This is just my reasoning for enjoying comics less. Erm, however, if I wanted to read something then books are my choice instead of manga and comics like Jorick said.
  7. Kengo Hanazawa.

    'nuff said.
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  9. America, fuck yeah!

    Coincidentally, my All Hail Megatron collection literally was just delivered 15 minutes ago.
  10. We demand a both option.

    I like some manga, though too many of the good ones don't update enough or have so much filler (looking at you one piece) that I can't be bothered to read 300 issues.

    Comics of non-Japanese origin are fine too. I love it when people do comic dumps on 4chan. It introduces me to ones I would never know to look at otherwise. The same with lots of manga, there are hundreds of mediocre and bad ones that finding the few good ones is a daunting task.
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  11. We demand a both option before people Marvel at how a man called Soul Eater could eat your soul in DC while wearing a One Piece swim suit!
  12. Comics or Comics?

    I choose Comics :p.
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  13. Uhhh. What about Web comics?

    I love webcomics, american comics are pretty neat, and I can enjoy a good manga.
  14. What about Visual Novels yo!

    I like them both(Because they're generally the same thing), I do however find it kind of difficult to take the ones with the guys that wear their underwear on the outside seriously.
  15. I think the biggest problem here is that they are dismissing all American Comics as superhero comics from DC or Marvel or the like...

    This is anything but true... For example...
    This Famous American Comic (open)

  16. *cough*
    *Snuff noise*

    I'm not sure MAD counts but there's plenty in there too.
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  17. American comics, extremely varied art styles.

    I used to enjoy manga when I was younger MANGA LIKE ANGELIC LAYER >:[ I'll give someone a cookie if they know what that is.

    Manga can tend to win me over with some good storyline, but the anatomy is always the same. American comics just have so much more to offer me visually as an artist, where as the manga tends to feel quite uniform and familiar.

    Today, I much prefer American comics. Favorites?

    Here are a few of my favorites.

    I feel sick and Johny the homicidal maniac.
    image.jpg image.jpg

    The vault of horror and Tales from the Crypt.


    And I just about poop myself whenever anyone tries to put lovecraft into comic formats, doesn't matter where they are from, but they tend to be mostly English or American revisions.
  18. [​IMG] Yeah, you could say I know what it is.

    Also, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac <3
  19. American comics for me. Though, to be fair, I grew up with those, didn't have access to manga until very recently.
  20. Webcomics. I think they're mostly drawn by Americans, but many are done with a manga style.
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