Manga Inception 「The Story of Black & White Worlds」

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  1. Plot
    Imagine a world without color, a alternate dimension different from the basic and modern age we all live today. In this life color has no meaning and was never invented thus the majority emotion of the population has a lower statistic then ours. Not only does everyone have small emotion but suicide rates are higher, the death sentence was never abolished, and world wars happen often. In the past 4 years 2 world wars struck the earth both lasting 2 years and one more beginning with the recent outbreak of a virus that has spread over Russia, Japan, China, And Europe via airline. This virus is called the ''CC Genome (CC - Counter Color)'' a specified molecule replicator that shortly increases mind flow, strength gain, and restoration of visual nodes. The CDC has issued aid in return for peace between the US and every other country and within the study they have found new developments of unique energy sources forming inside victims of the virus.

    In recent studies ranging from a month ago the CDC has found that the newly discovered energy flow that is developing in the victims now create strange and profound catalysts that grant the victims the ability of manipulation. There has yet to be 100% confirmation of how many carry the virus but gradually the worlds government is learning more and more about the subject at hand.

    • Everything is in black and white and the only people that can see the world in full color are the people that carry the virus.
    • This roleplay happens in modern age, 2016.
    • We will start in Europe because japan is quite overused, Unless you guys want to pick Russia or China instead.
    • This won't be completely serious, think of this as a overall ''everything'' genre roleplay that has a little bit of everything sprinkled in... except aliens because.. this is modern age.
    • ''Manipulation'' in the plot means powers so.. magic.
    • The overall goal is to purify the world into a more happy and beautiful place.
    • You have the option to be evil, however you will be the cause of why the world is how it is.
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  2. This made me imagine a bunch of people running around coughing on people to give them the virus that allows emotions XD
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  3. Interesting concept. So we'll be on the run from people trying to quarantine us, whilst simultaneously trying to spread the seeds of love and happiness? I kinda like it
  4. Correct! And i'm glad you like it, It was just a small idea i came up with at random. :)
  5. Cool, I'm thinking of a char already
  6. This sounds awesome, especially the option to go evil. I do that far too often...

    Color me interested.
  7. Luma that pun. Wow.

    I'm interested, this seems like a cool concept. Why is the virus classed as a bad thing when it seems to only bring good?
  8. Awesome, More interest! I'll make the OOC soon! :D
  9. Hey~hey^^!!

    So up front, bruh:

    Post freq, post level req and how 'won't completely be serious' is this RP?

    Cuz this is like the most important question: can Boo play a shapeshifer? Muh charrie shifts into a unicorn. No, really. A unicorn. Shocking, right? :333~~
  10. A unicorn... Hmm.. I guess it could work if it was somehow more serious then the regular image of a unicorn.
  11. Kay cool.

    Soooooo... What about post frequency and post level requirements? What you want? What you want huh? Like wut??O,o??
  12. frequent.
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