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  1. Plot
    Imagine a world without color, a alternate dimension different from the basic and modern age we all live today. In this life color has no meaning and was never invented thus the majority emotion of the population has a lower statistic then ours. Not only does everyone have small emotion but suicide rates are higher, the death sentence was never abolished, and world wars happen often. In the past 4 years 2 world wars struck the earth both lasting 2 years and one more beginning with the recent outbreak of a virus that has spread over Russia, Japan, China, And Europe via airline. This virus is called the ''CC Genome (CC - Counter Color)'' a specified molecule replicator that shortly increases mind flow, strength gain, and restoration of visual nodes. The CDC has issued aid in return for peace between the US and every other country and within the study they have found new developments of unique energy sources forming inside victims of the virus.

    In recent studies ranging from a month ago the CDC has found that the newly discovered energy flow that is developing in the victims now create strange and profound catalysts that grant the victims the ability of manipulation. There has yet to be 100% confirmation of how many carry the virus but gradually the worlds government is learning more and more about the subject at hand.

    • Everything is in black and white and the only people that can see the world in full color are the people that carry the virus.
    • This roleplay happens in modern age, 2016.
    • We will start in Europe because japan is quite overused, Unless you guys want to pick Russia or China instead.
    • This won't be completely serious, think of this as a overall ''everything'' genre roleplay that has a little bit of everything sprinkled in... except aliens because.. this is modern age.
    • ''Manipulation'' in the plot means powers so.. magic.
    • The overall goal is to purify the world into a more happy and beautiful place.
    • You have the option to be evil, however you will be the cause of why the world is how it is.

    Character sheet
    Power Description(What it does):
    Side(Good or Evil):
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  2. [​IMG]
    Walter Douglas
    Nickname: The Gentleman
    Walter conducts himself as member of high society.He speaks politely and calmly at all times, remaining verbally civil even whilst committing acts of deep brutality. He views his quest to purge the world of the CC-Genome virus as being a matter of aesthetics - he views the monochrome world as being an expression of true beauty in the stark and brutal way it portrays humanity. A sociopath and a nihilist, Walter has few scruples about his work and even fewer regrets. He recognises that his quest most also encompass his own destruction, but views it as necessary to allow true beauty to flourish in the world. An albino since birth, he was horrified by his own eye colour when he was infected, and references to his eyes are still a sore point to him.

    Monochrome, Opera, Art Exhibitions, Classical Music, Smart Appearances, Good Manners

    His eye colour, Rudeness, CC-Genome, Dirt and Grime, Scruffy and untidy clothing, Slang

    Power: Genesis of Creation
    Walter can fashion objects around him into living forms, with certain restrictions. He must be in contact whilst 'molding' the object, the creatures produced cannot travel more than 20 metres away from him, and he cannot use two objects to make one creature - forcing the creature to be the same size as what it was fashioned from.


    Growing up to a privileged family in the United Kingdom, Walter rarely suffered during his childhood. An oddly emotionless child, he was however drawn towards arts of all different kinds. His parents, keen to indulge in the one thing that seemed to interest him, took every opportunity to take him to see all kinds of exhibitions and shows. Here, the young Walter was entranced; he would sit watching operas and tragedies, and wander the halls of art galleries. He even began to paint as well, trying to indulge his own curious sense of vision. His art even gained some small-scale acclaim, though many were put off by the casual nature in which he portrayed the stark brutal nature of life.

    A physically weak young man, he avoided being conscripted to fight in the wars, instead being commissioned to produce art to support the war effort. Again, his eye for the macabre was brought to bear, making posters that demonised the other nations . Though they were no doubt effective to some people, others considered them grotesque. When challenged, he would simply smile and say "My aesthetics are not to the taste of all, but I paint where I see the beauty in the world."

    One day shortly after the start of the CC-Genome outbreak, a horrified cry emanated from Walter's room, followed by the shattering of glass. The maid who looked after his house entered to find him sobbing on the floor, surrounded by broken mirrors. The beauty he had found had been robbed. His art itself was under threat. Nothing would stop him. Recovering from the shock, Walter dressed himself smartly in black and white, and walked out of the door.

    Theme song:
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  3. Awesome. I'll see if I can't make a character by the end of the week.
  4. [BCOLOR=#ffffff]「Name」[/BCOLOR]
    • Maxwell Wasowski
    • 22
    • Kindhearted, open, and a bit of a prankster, Max isn't given over much to reading into things too deeply. When he was infected by the CC genome, it was as if a whole new world opened itself to his eyes. Before this event, everything seemed so bland and tasteless. On the contrary, everything now has life, and depth, and so much more meaning. Max is determined to discover the reason for the existence of the genome, even if it means spending the rest of his life searching for an answer, bypassing authorities and violence alike if necessary.
    Rendition (open)

    • open spaces
    • nature
    • bright music
    • experimenting
    • schedules
    • cruelty
    • broccoli

    Imitation's Chromatic Influence:
    • By mentally applying his will, Max can manipulate the properties of non-living objects. He can change physical matter's chemical makeup, mass, quality, quantity, physical state, and so on, but only to a limited amount.
    • For the time being, he has been experimenting with the ability to re-shape mundane objects into something more interesting and useful. This has generated such things as weightless boots (which are likely hovering somewhere in the stratosphere), replicated lettuce (slightly less delicious than sardines), a ridiculously spacious satchel, and an unmelting ice wristwatch.
    • Property manipulation requires considerable time, concentration and mental effort, but anything smaller than a common wardrobe is easily alterable, providing there is enough matter to be manipulated. Matter cannot be created, but if it is destroyed, it shatters into innumerable fragments of light, which are irrecoverable.
    • Matter that has been manipulated by Max retains its new form and properties, unless it is affected by another outside power with enough force to alter it again according to its new properties. (i.e. break it, dissolve it, etc.)
    • With enough practice, Max feels confident he can increase his strength. His power should be useful in discovering the reason behind the CC genome.
    • Good
    • Max's country of birth is Poland. After living a largely uneventful middle and highschool life near his childhood home, he has been studying technology at a prestigious university in Warsaw. Being gifted with a creative mind, in a world where so many people simply tried to be ordinary, he initially wanted to become an engineer. However, with the recent outbreak of the CC genome, and the war which followed, it is doubtful if he will ever be able to continue his studies. The university shut down for an indefinite period of time, leaving Max an unemployed tenant residing in a small apartment complex outside of the city. Warring troops have not penetrated the country directly yet, however the citizens still feel the impact of the war due to rations, nightly patrols, and the like. There have even been several bombings on the city's outskirts. Max has been pushed into working for a local hydroponic farmer at half wages in order to set a meal on the table.
    • When Max awoke one day, after a particularly strange dream, a new sensation came over him, as the CC genome had entered his body. Suddenly, nothing was so ordinary any more. He was at a loss at how to react. Nobody else had ever heard of such things as "color" before, but suddenly, Max knew so much about it. After the initial confusion over his new abilities had passed, Max began to wonder why these things had happened to him, and he was curious to find out if there were others like himself. Indeed, because of the CDC's announcements, it was almost inconceivable that there were no others...

    [edit: let me know if the power is too ridiculous, I'll change it.]
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  5. WIP

    Name: Jason Cass

    Nickname : Jay, JC

    Age: 24

    Personality: Jason has compulsive defiant disorder, which essentially means that he purposefully disobeys orders and despises authority. He'll get out of being told what to do by ignoring, arguing, even running away, there are few levels he wouldn't stoop to. He'll be toxic as all living hell when cornered, sometimes even violent.
    When among equals, as opposed to authority figures, he is somewhat more bearable. He can even be friendly if you phrase everything in a way that doesn't seem like an order.
    Since becoming infected, he has become enthralled with the concept of art. He is a talented painter, mixing his own colours, often depicting scenes metaphorical in nature showing great emotion, far more than can be done with black and white. He even paints graffiti murals in a style not dissimilar to Banksy, under cover of darkness, trying to give the world more colour.

    Appearance: wip

    - Colour
    - Art
    - Rock music

    - Orders
    - Authority
    - Parents

    - Right back at you: any energy exerted on Jason, be it a punch, kick, or even a throw, he will absorb part of the blow. He can then use this stored energy to heighten his strength and speed.

    Theme Song:
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