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  1. Neil Reifold

    As the door opened his littler sister spun obnoxiously into the kitchen.
    "Yay! Yay! All done for today!"
    Neil was a bit cranky, then again he was always cranky. "Shut up! I'm trying to study for exams!"
    His sister gave him a glare like she wanted to kill him. "No shy shadow today?"
    She gave him a smirk, "Why, got a crush?" Neil snorted, as his sister shrugged.
    "Home, it's not that far away y'know if you wanted to see her you could visit. Then again I gave her your number if she needed anything." His little sister named June, little yet annoying as frick. "Why the hell did you do that? Are you an idiot or something?! I told you not to mess with my phone!" June simply took out a bottle of soda and took a sip as she skipped away.

    Great. He checked his phone and glared at it, like he was daring it to bleep, signalling that he had gotten a text message. He looked out the window, the weather wasn't great this afternoon. It was raining and the air smelt damp.
    Many people outside were either children or adults trying to convince their children to go outside. He didn't mind kids, that didn't mean he wanted one of his own. He sighed.

    "Stay safe little Mason" A 24 year old woman set a little baby, not older than a few months.
    She set the baby down in a blue crib with a note on basics about the baby, name, and given instructions.
    She was wearing a dark cloak along with a backpack on her back. She heard the door creak open as the baby started to wail. The mysterious figure quickly ran out and disappeared from sight leaving the baby to the fate of her sibling.
  2. Areum slowly walked in as she heard wailing coming from her living room. "What?" she questions herself.
    She reaches for the lights as she flipped open the switch and found a baby in a blue crib.
    Her eyes widen as she quickly rushes to the baby as picked it up. "What the hell?" she mumbles and found a note in the crib.
    Her eyes scan the note quickly as her breath hitches in her throat. Forgetting that the baby is crying helplessly in her arms, she slowly rocks her arms back and forth, trying to soothe the baby as it falls asleep in her arms.

    Panicking, she reached for her phone and scrolls through her contacts.
    Should she call her best friend? Nah, she doesn't know a single thing about babies.
    Who would take care of kids?

    Her mind clicked as she stopped scrolling. Him? Should I?
    He's grumpy and she didn't know why. Maybe it would be bad in front of a baby. But then, she needed someone to help her.
    Hesitating, her thumb pressed on his number, waiting for him to pick up.
  3. Neil Reifold
    Neil was proud of himself. He needed to outline one more thing for his electiv- Then his phone rang with the sound of SoMo's voice.
    "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU JUNE!" He examined his work, he had put his phone on vibrate during this time because he didn't want exactly
    this to happen. "FRICK YOU FRICK YOU!" There was a pen line across his work as he glared at his phone the words still continuing,
    "Trying to forget you babe, I fall back down." "Good." He wanted it to stop, he picked up his phone as he read the caller ID.
    "Areum? What the heck does she want from me?" He pushed the accept button, "explain. Or else I'm coming over there to kill you."
    His voice sounded monotoned and a hint of serious. ​
  4. "Oh thank goodness you picked up," she sighs in relief through her shaky voice.
    "N-Neil, please come over here. I beg you, I need your help to take care of... someone," she sighs as her eyes dart to the baby then back at the wall.
    "I have a baby in my arms and I don't know how to take care of him! I can't do this alone ad you are the only one I know that can help me take care of him," she explains.
    The baby starts to flinch as he suddenly cries. "Oh jeez," she mentally curses as she tries to rock the baby in her arms.
    It's a real struggle when you're trying to talk to someone and rock a baby.

    "Please don't tell anyone and come here now," she pleads as she ends the call and throws her phone on her couch.
    She switches the position of the baby and quietly rubs Mason's back, trying to get him to fall asleep again.
    But the baby wails even more as her eyes lock on the door, waiting.
  5. Neil Reifold
    "Oh thank goodness you picked up," as he heard her voice shake, he was a bit concerned at this point as he looked at his sisters door,
    "N-Neil, please come over here. I beg you, I need your help to take care of... someone," he heard a baby wailing and sighed, either teen pregnancy or a baby sitting gone wrong.
    "I have a baby in my arms and I don't know how to take care of him! I can't do this alone ad you are the only one I know that can help me take care of him," yup, baby sitting gone wrong. "Yeah, yeah. Sure. I'll be there in a moment." He heard her voice silently make a cross against a curse, after all there was a child in her arms. She asked that he didn't tell anyone, the call ended as he put the phone down. What the hell, he wasn't the first person you'd think of taking care of a child. Then again he was older. He ran his hands sleeves through his hair. As he sighed.

    "June your friends are such troublemakers." He made note that he needed to redo that certain palette on that page as he grabbed his umbrella and went outside, he knocked on the door and then rung it impatiently tapping his foot.
    It didn't take him long, after all she was only down the street. Even from where he was standing he could hear the wailing of the child. What the hell was she doing in there?
  6. "Shh.. shh.." She calms down the baby as she hears the doorbell ring. She quickly opens the door and found Neil standing with an umbrella in his hand as she sighs.
    "Come in, please," she says as she leaves the door open.
    She returns to the couch and set the baby in his crib as she lightly pats its stomach.
    "I'm sorry for bothering at a time like this. This is sudden for me. A baby shows up in a crib in your living room."

    Sighing again she sits down on her couch and leans back against the leather surface.
  7. Neil Reifold
    She seemed too worn out to laugh uncomfortably at his comment. He kept thinking of going back, but she'd probably
    just ring back, and he couldn't have that. He closed his clear umbrella and came inside as she motioned towards the living room. Still barely managing talking to him and the baby. How ironic, a highschooler maybe a college student, now having a kid. Classic. She returned to the couch as she still attempted to silence the baby.
    "I'm sorry for bothering at a time like this. This is sudden for me. A baby shows up in a crib in your living room."
    Hmn? She didn't take the baby willingly? "It showed up? It's not it could move the crib itself."
    He sighed as he took the baby, and stared at it's wailing face. He rocked it back and forth as he looked around, as he walked calmly out of the room as he found a towel and wrapped the baby up in it watching as it chewed the blanket with the non-existing teeth. He patted it's soft head as he returned to the living room, the baby still sniffled and just stared at him with huge eyes.
  8. She watched Neil taking care of the baby as she sighs in relief. 'Thank goodness, I made the right choice.'
    "I-I can't really explain. But there was a note with the baby when I entered the room," she tells him as she reaches inside the crib and pulls out the note and handed it to Neil.
    Areum gulps as she shifted in her seat.
    Her eyes wandered around the room while waiting for Neil to respond as she plays with her thumb.
  9. Neil Reifold
    She explained something about a note or something, he was too impatient to pay any attention, she simply handed him a note and
    looked uncomfortable. He seemed to glare at her with the eyes of death still rocking the baby,
    "Mason, huh." He ran his sleeve through his hair and sighed. "Can't help it then. Your sister is seriously irresponsible you know."
    He laid Mason down in the crib as the baby soon slept. "So what are you going to do about the baby? Don't you have school tomorrow?"
    He paused, "A single mother, huh. Maybe your sister will pick him up or something. If not then this babies childhood is going to be a bit sad."
  10. Areum shakes her head as she leans back. "I know my sister. And I'm pretty sure that she's not going to come back. But if she does, it'll probably take a long time."
    "But I can't bring him to school. Then again, I can't leave a baby when he's barely a year old! Argh! This is so complicated," she brings one of the couch pillows and buries her face in it, muffled screams coming out.
    Once finished venting out her frustration, she glances up at Neil and sucked air in, knowing that Neil might become angry at her.
    "Um.. I was wondering if you can take care of the baby?" She said, unsure of what he would think or do.
    Making sure, she closes her eyes and braced her ears.
  11. Neil Reifold
    Neil rubbed his eyes as he sat across from Areum as she replied, apparently the care of the child was left to her and her alone.
    That was until Areum suggested he take care of the child. He snorted as he stood up.
    "Are you kidding me!? I have classes and shit!" His eye twitched and his body was tense. "What would you think June would think of that?!"
    He clenched his teeth. "Or even my mother?!" He was practically glaring daggers, if glares could kill, Areum would probably have been dead
    awhile ago. "Don't you think you're being a bit selfish?! Even though I may not look it I have a social life too!" His look softened just a bit as he looked at the baby. Areum lived alone, didn't she. He sat down thinking and sulking at the same time. "Sheesh, since I have no choice how about this." His life without a father was sort of a hell, which is why he decided on his alternative. "We'll both take care of the child."
    He scoffed, "There, a motherly figure and a fatherly figure." He looked up at the ceiling. "Now that, that's settled..."

    He continued not caring about what her answer was, "It's true we both have school but we'll leave Mason here in this house, since you damn well know how June will react. For when we get to school we probably need to find a daycare around here." He thought for a minute, Neil
    looked a bit more fatherly listing these things on to his hands, "We'll need to go shopping for necessaries. I trust your sister left you money?"
  12. As Neil took out his anger on Areum, she covers her ears and took one big gulp as she squeezed her eyes shut.
    Neil explained the things they'll do as she slowly opens her eyes and sighed in relief. 'It's good that he knows these stuff,' she thought.
    At Neil's question about money, Areum stood up and went to the kitchen counter.
    "Usually she'll leave money around here," she mutters as she found $30 laying under a cookie jar. 'Typical...' She thought.
    She grabbed the money and went to ger room, where she grabbed her wallet.

    Going to the living room, she set the money on the coffee table. "There's $30 and i've saved up money for a while. So that's a total of $60," she murmured.
  13. Neil Reifold
    60.... Dollars.... To raise a child.... Neil snorted. "Stupid." He sighed.
    "I have a lot saved up for June's snack fund. I guess I should probably cut her down on that."
    As much as Neil hates to admit it, he kind of spoils June.
    Buying her whatever she wanted as long as it wasn't ridiculously expensive. He rubs his temples as he takes off his glasses.
    Amazingly he's pretty charming without them, his dark black eyes aren't as dull. "Let's see here... I guess we should go shopping."
    He shivers at the thought of being discovered buying baby stuff, he had plenty of excuses though.
    "I guess we're a temporary family then. C'mon let's go shopping then." Neil stands up and puts on his glasses and stood expectantly
    by the door. "On the way we can discuss things about Mason. Coming? Oh and bring the baby, make sure it's gently so he doesn't wake up."
  14. Areum stood up and leaned over into the crib, gently picking up Mason as she rests his head on her chest.
    Stuffing the money in her wallet, she rushes over to Neil as she closes the door behind her, locking the door.
    "So which daycare should we send Mason to? There aren't that many where we could drop him off..." Areum mumbles as she walks.
  15. Neil Reifold
    He watched silently as Areum picked up the child being careful not to wake him up. Neil rubbed his eyes, he really needed
    coffee sometime, last night he stayed up all night trying to figure out how exactly to draw the scene. Now it was ruined
    and he had to start all over again. He was a bit pissed but at the same time he really didn't care at this point.
    All that was drifting through his mind was that he needed to meet his friends... Maybe he had to cancel. He sighed.
    As they exited the room he opened his umbrella, shielding Areum from the rain. She asked him about a daycare as they continued to walk.
    "We'll have to check it out for a day to see if it's suitable for children. Check out degrees. Or we could hire a baby sitter and observe. After all
    if something happened to the child we could sue them, but that wouldn't clarify if it's really safe. We'll have to look at reviews and things."

    He sighed once again, "While we're at it we also have to cut down on funds, it's not like I buy clothes but I might have to cut down on skateboard costs and things. Also, we should make a list of things to buy for the child. You know the basics, right?"
  16. Areum nods as she glances at the baby.
    "Yes, I know the basics. But I've never actually done it to a baby before. Sometimes, my sister just tells me and I assume that I know how..."
    She looks back ahead. "I can find a part-time job. Since you are busy and all that," she tells him.
    Areum looked at the different buildings passing by as she sighs.
    'I'm really an idiot,' she thought as her pace slows down a bit.
  17. Neil Reifold
    He sighs as she talks about how useless she is. He puts one hand on her back to put the normal pace back.
    "Tch, c'mon. A mother needs to be strong and set a good example. But you didn't have a part-time job before?"
    He sighs once again as they continue walking.
    "School huh. Oh well. So make the list. Baby Powder, Diapers. We might also want to go to a furniture store too. For the babies things."
    Neil smirks at her, "You're useless. So might as well make use of you while you're still worth something to the kid."
    "Now continue on the list, examples are which direction to point the child in, etc."
    He continues,
    "Now you try, mind you as soon as you get your own boyfriend you can pass this information to him, you're not a loss cause yet.
    C'mon, name the things that you want for the chlid. Mind you I don't do this in my spare time."

  18. Areum nods and takes out her phone to type the things that he said.
    Some things float in her mind. "Maybe some baby milk? And some baby food too. Some baby soap too since Mason can't be clean forever," she suggests.
    Feeling something squirm, she looks down and saw the baby nearly waking up.
    "Uh... What do I do?" she asks Neil, awkwardly rocking the baby.
  19. Neil Reifold
    He laughs, "Maybe we should buy some books for the baby, and an instruction manual for you."
    Neil teased her. "I thought the sound of the rain would shush the baby, I guess not. In this time I'd give him a pacifier but we're not at the store yet. Alright, just hum to the baby while giving it rhythm. Babies like the sound of their mothers voice."
    He poked at her cheek. "We're almost there." He says while he quickens the pace a bit, as they can see the tip of the store.
    "Aren't you lucky that I''m single, stuuuuupid."
  20. As Neil mocked her, she furrows her eyebrows.
    Doing as he told, she hummed a soft tune that her sister used to hum as the baby slowly stopped squirming.
    "Smug," she smiles as she sticks her tongue out at him.
    Feeling some raindrops on her head, she quickens her pace to catch up with Neil as Areum huffs.
    Grinning when she sees the store, she clicks her tongue.
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