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  1. The sun sat as the crown jewel of the azure sky while clouds decorated the foreground. Damion laid down on the grass that decorated the Eastern Foyer. The courtyard had a modest amount of traffic coming through it that day. It had been two weeks since the first semester ever started at Mana Academy. They had a ceremony, gathering up all the students and instructors in one place. Damion thought it was nice. A nice attempt anyway. Though most of the students and their teachers were willing to let go of past rivalries and fights, some anger still lingered. It was hard for people to let go. Titles such as weaker, stronger, better, and proud had been thrown around for so long. Not to mention the fights that have already broken out. Three people had already been placed into critical care.

    A sigh escaped Damion's throat as he leaned up and into view. The bush which hid him now useless as his bright red hair stood out against the greenery and white stone wall separating the institute from the rest of the city. It was busy out there. He heard wagons and people moving back and forth. It was a lovely district. Yet he worried about it. How was a new settlement, a city no less, going to handle with a new king? Things just seemed very fast pace for the last two years.

    "I should go back." Damion muttered to himself as he stood up. His metallic armor piece jingled against his clothes. His cream shirt clung to him under the armor while his brown pants danced as a breeze brushed past him. By his side, the falx stayed still. Like a sleeping dragon waiting to be awoken. While Damion wished for it to remain asleep. Every time he had to draw the blade spelled sadness for him and those around him. The boy passed his hand along the scabbard. Which had multiple dents and cuts in it. Tokens from fights which required more than his fists and magic. Damion thought back to those times while his shoes made load clicks against the stone walkway leading up to the entrance.
  2. Takara had been wandering the academy with an open book hand reading. She could never find a quiet place to stay around school before people tried to approach her. She didn't dislike company, she just feared hurting them with her curse and decided altogether. As she was walking around, reading her book she lost track of where she was going and ended up wandering right into someone.

    She fell back onto her butt as a loud oof escaped her mouth as she looked up at the guy she had ran into hoping he was alright. The man had bright red hair and wore armor much like a magical night, she had to admit to herself that he was handsome but knew better than to get close. "I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." she said in a quiet and meek voice. She sat there on the ground not knowing what to do or if the guy was ok.
  3. The bump from the collision caused Damion to take a step back. He had been looked up into the sky, still thinking on his few skirmishes. It was his own fault really. If he had just payed attention, this would not have happened. Looking down the witch Damion noticed she shied away. Since the merger, he had been able to pick out students from Angelhart. His former classmates and friends were easy to pick out. Others he didn't remember ever seeing were chalked up to being Dragonborne. Even though he himself felt certain distrust of the former Dragonborne, Damion thought that this girl couldn't be like the vicious dark mages.

    Dusting off his decorated chest-plate, he bent down and picked up the girl's book. "That's fine. I was daydreaming anyway. Kind of a bad habit to be honest. Sorry for knocking you over." Offering the stranger a polite smile Damion knelt down to her level and offered his bare hand towards her. He moved his eyes over the book, trying to detect a hint or clue as to what it was. Either a textbook or just a reading book. More often than not the man would try his hardest to stay away from reading much. Training and practicing would prove more valuable than reading. But every-so-often his tutor forced it onto him.

    Looking back to the girl, Damion introduced himself. "I am Damion. I feel as though you are a former Dragonborne. Is that correct?"
  4. Takara watched as the man picked up her book and knelt down to help her up. In the back of her mind she thought 'he's kind and handsome' , but there was also another voice reminding her that she shouldn't get close to people. She looked at her glove making sure there were no rips. She grabbed his bare hand with her gloves one letting him pull her back to her. "Yeah I am a former dragon Bourne, names takara by the way. Judging by the armor, your from Angelhart." She joked as she looked at her book in his hand.

    "If your not going to read that than can I have it back." She joked as she reached for her book. She looked at him for a second and decided to ignore that warning. "So where were you off to damion?"
  5. The very last rays of sunlight shone through the windows of the practice hall. Two figures were standing in the middle, the room being void of anything else major. The figures, one armor holding a shortsword and the other, a wooden figure used for sparring, stood completely still. Echoing through the room was a tune, sounding regal and powerful, a sharp bass backing it all up. The beat was fast-paced, though being no one there, no one moving anyway, the song went unnoticed by most.

    The things in the room were actually more alive than one would assume, at least in the armor's case. His every movement, his train of thoughts, his very excistence; it was all powered by magic. And now he just had to perfect the technique of powering attacks by it as well. Training his ability of doing so had proved nothing but faliure so far, but he didn't get discouraged. He couldn't. It literally isn't in his emotional spectrum. In fact, the only thing that is, is happiness for the country he's made to rule, and otherwise neutrality.

    Holding the shortsword in his gauntlet hands, he held a close watch on his senses, looking for even the slightest change in anything. If used correctly, using his musically powered magic with this excact song, should in theory give him unmatched swordfighting skills, if only for the song's duration. Slowly fading out, the end of the song only marked the end of the king's attempt for a while. It wasn't even worth trying to play it again, songs had a long cooldown and he knew it. He could try to play one of the other two he knew, but decided he'd let that be enough for this day. He sheated the sword, then placed it next to the wall, along with the sparring figure.
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  6. ♪The sky is limitless and blue
    The sea is limitless and large
    To you, please remain smiling or I'll cry


    Wanting to cry, wanting to run
    if you forget happiness then sing
    Light was born and dark was born, the two are together
    feeling harmonia♪

    (What she's singing)

    Despite her having a rough first week because of some former Dragonborne students, Iris still sang to her heart's content. She was known for being the one to sing around Angelhart Academy in the past, often being addressed as "That singing magic girl". Iris, despite being against the now accepted Dark magic, was one of those who were willing to let bygones be bygones. Change was something no human being was willing to accept unless it was for the better, and Iris was welcoming this change with open arms. Even though she was an easy target to other students (since her vocal magic was not combat oriented), Iris was happy. She was smiling underneath the muzzle around her face and neck, her choice of song being one of the things that expressed her emotion.

    Her voice wasn't too loud, but it was loud enough for Milo's sword to soak up the magic. He was walking with her at the academy, listening to her song and watching out for anyone, specifically from Dragonborne, who may be coming near them to cause trouble. He still held a grudge against those few that had gone after Iris, and for that reason, Milo didn't trust any of them. However, he had to play nice or else his cousin would face the consequences. Iris may know how to defend herself but she could only handle so much.

    Milo, unlike Iris, wasn't welcoming this new change with a smile. He was one of the students who believed that Dragonborne and Angelhart were not meant to be combined into one large academy. The entire Makegura and Shikegura families were against Dark magic in every way. If a Makegura or Shikegura chose to learn such a thing, they may as well kiss any chance they had at greatness goodbye. How could the new King (and Iris) be so sure that the two academies could be okay? It was only a matter of time before something between both former Angelhart and Dragonborne students occurred.​
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  7. Late morning, and the warm breeze through the district was just what Felicity needed to get her ready for the day’s lessons. Clutching her blue amulet, she sat against the outer wall, facing the entrance to the school. She’d seen a boy with red hair trying to hide himself in a bush, but that didn’t exactly work too well for him. He had wandered off, and Felicity lost interest.

    What should I study next? she asked herself. A white housecat and a multi-colored fairy dragon were fine transformations, to be sure, but she needed to expand her repertoire. Perhaps a water form? But when am I going to need to swim around here? She brushed a stray piece of hair from her face, deep in thought, and almost didn’t react to the presence of a small gang of boys, much taller than she, walking up to her little spot against the wall.

    “Oh, hello. May I help you?”

    “Angelhart or Dragonborne?”

    She assumed it was the leader of the little posse who spoke. Slightly intimidated, but feeling safe in her answer, she spoke without fear.

    “Neither. I’m a new student this year.”

    The boys looked at each other. One of them looked downright depressed by her answer. The leader wasn’t having any of it, however.

    “Don’t believe it. You’re too old to be new. Angelhart or Dragonborne?”

    Felicity frowned. “I may be old, but that doesn’t change the fact I haven’t been to either.”

    Thoroughly irritated now, the leader grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet.

    “Answer the damn question!”

    Now was the time to panic. She looked between the boys, searching for any sign of which school they belonged to. They seemed fairly normal to her, but the sad one dressed a bit dark and the group seemed pretty mean, so she took an educated guess and replied,


    “Wrong answer!”

    A hard punch to the face sent her straight to the ground. The cool grass against her cheek did nothing to ease her suffering.

    “What do you want?!”

    “We want you to go back where you came from!”

    A swift kick to the stomach followed. Thoroughly terrified, she instinctively started her escape plan. White fur started growing from her skin and even her clothes, her ears became pointy and shifted to the top of her head, her pupils turned to slits, and she quickly shrunk from human size to housecat size in a matter of seconds. The boys just stared open-mouthed as Felicity the cat darted between their legs and across the courtyard, her necklace shining in the morning sun. She limped slightly, but still made decent time to the door of the school. However, this is where she met her first obstacle to a timely escape: the door itself.

    She noticed two students nearby, one seeming to be a witch and the other was the red-headed boy from before. Still in a state of panic, she scratched at the door and meowed loudly, unsure whether the boys were on their way or if they’d simply given up on her.
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  8. "Yeah. Angelhart for eight years. And then this whole thing happens. Guess we're just Mana-something now." It was his attempt at a joke. He wasn't every good at those. "As to where I was going...Well I was off to anywhere really. Probably just walk around and such." The red-head with shrugging. Once he managed to get Takara to her feet, he rubbed the back of his head. He could feel some grass that got stuck in his hair. Nasty little blades of grass fell like green snow off of his head. While that hand was busy dusting off Damion's red mane, the other handed Takara her book back. "I don't really have that much interest in literature. Please, take it. Though " A sly smile slipped onto his lips. She was Dragonborne, former Dragonborne to be accurate. However she seemed to not be a crappy person. A little out of it, Damion thought, but still not someone he should be on the look out for.

    Speaking of stereotypes, he heard shouting and yells from behind him. The way he had just came. They were not the ordinary cries though. He felt bothered by it. While Damion's hand fell back onto his sword, a group of boys, seemingly younger and in lower years, walked towards him and Takara. What was up with these guys? It was as though they were out to get somebody. Just who were they yelling at? Looked towards their destination, Damion spotted a small cat. White furred and clawing at the entrance to the building. "What the?" The words escaped his mouth with a confused breath. "Excuse me Takara." He politely bowed his head to her and walked towards the door. Eye brow raised in the quizzical sense, the training Knightmage looked over the feline. "Something up?" He asked it before opening the door. It was probably one of the professors'. He knew a few that kept animals around for a number of reasons.

    "You let her get away." One of the boys said to Damion. Turning to face them, he armored mage rubbed his head again. This time as a quirk to his confused state. As his mind became filled with sudden confusion, the familiar melody of another Angelhart student came to fill his ears. He was pretty sure he knew who it was. Unless they had similar people at Dragonborne. Which he doubted. "You let her get away!" The boy repeated, this time as a shout.
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  9. Takara took her book back as she pushed a piece of hair out of her face. "Thank you by the way." She said as a light blush crossed her face. She was immediately drawn from this by yells and a cat meowing. She watched as damion let the cat in and then the group of boys surround him. She laughed slightly as she saw the old Angelhart logo on there clothes. "Funny generally its dragon Bourne causing trouble, but I guess Angelhart has its trouble makers as well." She sighed as she removed her gloves off and stuffed the gloves in her pocket. She recited her encantaion in quiet tone. "Let the lightning strike." With that incantaiont her magic activated has her hands began to spark. She created 2 lightning tigers and they dashed in front of damion protecting him. She walked over to him, a cold look in her eye. "I suggest leaving him alone before I fry you." She said with a threatening voice.
  10. Riken walks out of a shadow using his power shadow walk, and seems to walk into what looks like a battle about to happen. "Oh do we have a free for all about to happen well if that's the point then maybe I should join in." Shadows seem to gather around his body and he grabs his sword named Cutter and draws if from its sheath. "So who wants to try me first I'm fine with taking anyone on." Riken goes into a fighting stance looking at each of students in front of him waiting for one to make a move.
  11. Eu-Mag | Training hall

    Just as he had sheathed the sword and put the sparring figure in its corresponding storage room, Eu-Mag turned his head towards the commotion outside. What started as a chase was just about to turn into a gang fight, and he wanted none of it. With a leizurely pace through the door and into a corridor, he thought to himself how he could fix this. A diplomatic resolution will hopefully suffice to make this in order. From what Tónlist taught him before enrolling him at this school, he drew the conclusion that it might have started as a clash between former students of... Angelhart and... Dragonborne?

    Noticing the cat scratching the door before it opened, Eu-Mag himself took advantage of this, walking out to the mess that had arose outside. A group of boys, mostly annoyed-looking and younger than the rest here, another boy in an armor, holding a sword, and a girl, having summoned two tigers of lightning. At the top of it all, a rather suspicius looking boy, challenging them all with his rapier stood in the outer edges of it all.

    If he could have, Eu-Mag would love to use his magic to resolve this issue, but for the first part, he still hadn't mastered it fully, and secondly, none of his currently learned spells would do anything in this situation. "What is the problem here, everyone?"
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