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  1. NOTE: I know about the shooting in Colorado. It was a terrible act by a monster who thinks attacking people in the middle of a movie would be a good idea. I hope he rots.

    Anyways, aside from that, I have to be honest: Dark Knight Rises just wasn't all that good to me. It was like there was a whole good movie script buried under all the things that made the movie bad. I could totally go into detail, but you know what? My hype's going towards the big Superman movie. I'll think about later typing up why I didn't like the movie so I'll have an automatic explanation/Long-ass speech as to why I didn't enjoy it as much as some other people, but this is about the Last Son Of Krypton, Damn it.

    Firstly, for anyone that's seen the trailer that's been released, it is simply one of the greatest trailers I've ever seen. It doesn't reveal too much, making you WANT to know what happens and, whether or not the movie is actually good or bad, it attracts you to go spend some cashola and watch that shit. The scenes shown are very epic and breathtaking, the shots of Clark Kent as a boy with a red cape, and a dog (I know this is a bit much, but I wish it was Krypto. That'd be boss), as he ran around playing by some laundry hung up to dry, probably by Ma Kentm The scenes of him older, working as an adult interlaced to show his normal human side. The little bit on Clark flying through the air, saying nothing and not in complete view (Like you were really watching someone fly off) as the cones formed, showing that he was breaking the sound barrier? Mystifying.

    One of the more amazing things about the Man Of Steel Trailers presently released is that it uniquely comes in two different voiceovers. One is by Jor-El, Superman's real father, and Pa Kent, his adoptive human Father. While Jor-El tells him he's the shining light and example that others will follow and that he'll no doubt become good, I preferred Pa Kent's though, as he's not forcing Clark on a path, but rather warning him about the impact he could make by the actions he takes as he grows older and has to decide what to do with his powers, and more importantly, himself as a person. Both views, and once again, Pa Kent's show off the things that helped Clark as he matured over the years, before leaving Smallville for Metropolis.

    I have higher hopes for this big Superman Reboot. The trailers already have the movie off to a great start with me personally, and the Man Of Steel could sure use some serious respect. I find the new version of the Superman symbol a bit…'fat.' But, I'll learn to deal with it. On a less analytical note, They'd BETTER use all his powers in awesome ways, and not tone them down at all, especially his strength, speed, and heat vision. Plentiful, plentiful heat vision. General Zod had BETTER quote the original second film ("Kneel before ZOD!") at some point.

    I also expect a badass free-roam videogame. Lord knows we could use a REAL Superman video game.

    Anyone else excited for Man Of Steel?

    Here's the "Pa Kent" Voiceover.

  2. Nolan and Synder... the only two men who can make good superhero films....

    It has to be awesome... otherwise the life support of my faith in Hollywood will be switched off for good. :(

    I wouldn't mind if they toned his powers down. The biggest flaw of Superman is that the sense of threat is greatly diminished and you need to either invent unconventional conflict or explore unconventional themes. You can't keep waving Kryptonite at people and making ghost noises.

    Also, did they steal the music from Lord of the Rings?

  3. Nolan…He did good with the first two Batman films. He Just crapped into a box and handed it to hollywood. With sprinkles. Lots of sprinkles. Sprinkles that could have been natural ones on diamonds.

    But, with Snyder with him, they'll hopefully cancel out the bad parts of each other's work and pull through.

    They could keep his powers high if they throw in Zod, or even better (though more likely for a sequel) Doomsday. An enemy that regenerates from death, and adapts to what killed him? Even Superman would have trouble with this guy.