Man of justice

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  1. [[if you have any idea of how it can be better let me know!!]]
    Cloud's parents have died when he was 12, he killed them because they were always fighting, always drunk, but he didn't kill them for his own good, he killed them because he couldn't watch their faces in sadness, he still loved them very much even though they strangled him and beat him up everyday, ever since that day he was surviving on his own, he made some friends, but never best friends.
    He is now 18 and has a good job, a big house and lives alone, he never got serious with relationship, in fact he is never serious with anything, over the years he learned how to use a sword, he had to, in order to survive. He was now fighting for justice, if there is a killer, rapist, psycho, paedophile and drug dealer, he will find them and he will kill them, he doesn't want anybody to have a past like he did.
    Cloud is in the school gym, practising his sword styles, trying out new techniques, his face was dripping with sweat, he put his wooden bamboo sword down and forced himself to do push ups 10 times, then he got up and sprinted around the gym, he saw somebody come in but he ignored them.
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  2. The other was a small girl, wearing and over grown dog hoodie. She came bolting in out of nowhere as she skids to a stop just before colliding with the wall.

    She looks around quickly before barreling towards the young man on all fours, flipping over and flat on her face!

    "Sorry, bout that...." she barks slightly dizzy.
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  3. -he ignores her for a moment as his head spins around because he trained way too hard, he told himself not to train like this but always disobeyed it, he sits down on the floor with crossed legs and looked up to her- its okay dont worry, -he smiles and his head feels dizzy again, he was very tired- what are you doing here?
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  4. She sits up and smiles "I usually like coming in here for it seems to be the only place that gets really cold out of this entire building...but-" she trails off sensing his dizziness.

    Worrying was her fault, it could be the worlds most wanted serial killer, if they were looking a certain way she's going to ask if they were feeling okay.

    "Are, you okay? You need some water?"

    She quickly tugged off her draw-string backpack and rummaged through it.
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  5. Ready to work out, Amy strolls into the gym unaware that there may be others there. She puts on her headphones and sets her music to shuffle. Her athletic and curvy body gave an appearance that she had went to the gym often. Amy was 24, intelligent, beautiful, anti-social, and hated when someone interrupted her time in the gym. She was a skilled jujitsu fighter that trained every Tuesday and Thursdays at that gym.

    Amy came from home without the support of a father figure. She took the role of being the protector of her mother and young sister. After a horrifying event in the Fall, as her father tried to hurt her mother at home one evening... drastically her life had changed. Running downstairs from her bedroom, she heard her mothers cry and glass breaking. She stumbled upon a scene that shocked her. Her father hovering over her mother with a knife. She manages to sneak behind him, grabbed a knife nearby, and she stabbed her father in the back. She wanted to watched him suffer for the bruises he left on her mother past and present. Her mother began to scream and tears fell to her feet. Amy called the police and forced her father to apologize... as he laid there helplessly. " You wont ever hurt this family again.. not ever.", she said as she pulled the knife from his back. She dialed 911 and waited for the police to arrive and they arrested her.

    6 months later...
    She was released and her father was still at their home. Without a word, she packed her belongings and left her family behind. Now living in a loft in the city, a successful technician, and a single woman. She still remembers that night and never will forget.
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