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  1. This was supposed to be a simple job...with simple conditions. Abstergo was unsure as to who would he listening to this holographic meeting but the signal was going out publicly to anyone with a history of bounty hunting. And while he could have hired a small group to execute this specific assignment he wanted things done in a way that would benefit him. As head scientist of a project he had his own methods to how things worked. Its been at least five years since his prized creation L. He put decades of research into DNA modifications and dedicated his whole life to creating the perfect weapon without the use of primitive cloning. Billions of dollars put into this project, nearly every member associated with the project had their bank accounts linked to his. He had money yes he had lots of money. Money he needed to spend after five years of saving up for absolutely nothing!! Stroking his mustache Abstergo looked at his information on L since he last studied him. A model of his body on parchment and old video diaries with the child and statistics he had created.

    For the longest time he thought L to be dead until he got word that a man matching L's description was in that god forsaken city of Arc. And once he heard of this he hired assassins to find L and bring him back. None of them ever returned.

    He was desperate to get his subject back and thus would pay any price. The mercenaries he hired before requested double. All abstergo could think of was if he could take L and split him...create more of him! L was only the beginning. Deciding to finally relay the signal he started the call. Stepping into sight of the new bounty hunters he had assembled all stood before him. he wore a hood and he spoke. "Hello ladies and gentlemen of the underworld. My Abstergo. I am the head researcher of a new breeding program known as project 0. And i am in need of your assistance. Five years ago i lost something important to me and simply put i want it back! And to ensure i get it back i am laying down 5,000,000 coins for whoever brings it back to me alive...and i assure you...this is no bluff. The target you will be hunting is known as Subject L." He explained, holding the image of what L looked like from the left, the right, and front and the back. "Yes you are correct. He is a mere 'teenager'. He is taking shelter in the city of Arc. His whereabouts are unknown. What i want done is for you to capture him. And bring him to me.

    Rubbing his chin as he went on about the boy. "Subject L is a specially engineered weapon capable of welding the massive amounts of telekinetic energy with incredible influence. However there are limitations and issues with this." He told them, taking a deep breath. "I will leave you to it, first one to bring him to me here." He finished. Backing away.
  2. Rhelic Windcall
    Age: Two Hundred and thirteen (Human terms- Twenty)
    Height: Five foot Nine
    Weight: One hundred and Thirty Five
    Species: Drow x Darkside
    Occupation: Hired Merc


    It had been streamed all throughout the underbog of the underworld- a fairly self explanatory name of the gutter crawling hall that represented all those blood and coin hungry bastards that took any job they could. They didn't care about the repercussions or the fear of the law that tried to wrap an arm around their carefree sort of life riddled with gore and the devilish glee that all came with the brutal tasks often handed out.

    To say the mission that had gone out far and wide in those sewer lines of the hired merc's city was popular was hardly justification. And she was part of that quarry of men and women alike that were struck by their mere idea of five million coins. One could erase there past, pay off the preacher and a king alike and just disappear forever while living comfortably in a castle of their own. It was tempting and it had gotten a lot of attention. Too much if she had to say so, but where many had started out for this little quest were quickly deterred by the idea of the city of Arc. The mere mention could bring shivers to the cowards amongst the merc's, which was exactly what she had been hoping for. Weed out the flock of money starving parasites down here, so the ones who could actually prove some sort of worth were able to have less competition. But that wasn't her worry either.

    Rubbing the ebony blade through the long grass, polishing off the rent intestines from dulling her favourite katar, the curious two coloured eyes flicked upwards to the silky long pelt of her only companion. Her lips pressed tight in a firm disapproving impatient wait causing her to shove the katar back into its resting place up against her forearm. Resetting the spring that flipped it up into her fingertips, the obnoxious sigh came out of her mouth. "Finish up now." Motioning two fingers forward at the lumbering beast whose jade green eyes were currently focused on her, the two irises that rested in each eye widened to the dark light of the shaded undergrove.

    Seeming to be equally impatient with her though for different reasons, the forerunner turned it's lanky body right around to follow after her, leaving its abhorred feast behind for the flies and maggots - one of her competition that assumed she was nothing to fear due to her femininity. That proved fatal in his court and his own retribution would be the hell that was easily where his spirit had gone to quarrel over the stupidity of his actions.

    Straightening out his neck giving it a burly shake, intelligent eyes were watching her. "Arc is nothing more than a jaunt further," she cleared her throat ignoring the penetrating gaze from the beast. "You have your orders," she swirled a hand around in a large circle, "Stay out of sight, keep the city cleansed of my fellow merc's until I can bring in this so called teenager." grinning widely to herself to the idea of the coins she would get for this, the glimmer of the fangs crested well against the deep rouge lips. This was going to be simple.
  3. Full name: Lars Sephiroth Darsha
    Alias: Subject L, L
    Age: 19
    Height: 5ft8
    Weight: 200lbs
    Affiliation: Good/Evil
    Species: Angel/Demon
    Occupation: Nothing

    "I wish the king pieces fight each other...they should change that rule." Lars said to himself moving his pawn a space forward. He loved this damn city...the place was absolutely huge. Each building was like a castle and it made since seeing as the city was far more advanced than most. Temples, shops, and many other places that seemed to strike the mind as fancy. Lars was enjoying a small game of chess with one of his old rich buddies Arvol in the main courtyard. The earth beneath them was bade of carefully chiseled cobblestone and there were not to many people wandering the city this day. Odd, place was normally flooding with people. Looking to his friend as he made his next move Lars laughed. "And thats checkmate..." He told him. Ending the game. Arvol shoot up and groaned. "Awwww man how do you win every time!? You have to be cheating." He accused. Lars snickered and waved him off casually. "Because I'm awesome." He replied simply, watching as the sun above them lit up the city. "Nice day eh?" Lars asked innocently as Arvol pouted.
  4. Cupping a hand over her eyes shielding them from the irritating shine of the sun looming overhead the city; it was times like this that often served to remind her why her breeding rarely left the caverns of Cata. The sun was annoying at best and painful to the worst. It took many years to grow enough of a tolerance to be at least mildly irked by the damnable thing that rest in the sky.

    But all of that meant nothing. She had her set focus to this moment and it required her attention even with that ball upwards.

    It had been almost eons since she had visited the city, perhaps not that long but it felt that way and a way she would have liked to keep as is. But the statement stated the subject had fled to here - of course- and that only meant she had to return to get her quarry.

    The streets were quiet, almost eerily so nearly causing her to wonder if it had been the day of cleansing that forced almost everyone into their abodes until the ruling sack of royal-ness deemed it was alright for the public to venture out again. But that thought was removed when she seen a few of the patrons that were tending to their wares throwing glances to her, twisted with confusion. Leave that up to the tone of her flesh that brought about their wondering eyes, she would have to be fairly out of her mind not to know her breeding was rare here. It could be a honor or a horror. Some could even seek out to poach her for the slavery market with the likelihood of her earning a wealthy coin, or on the other side she could be revered due to the natural affinity that her bloodline carried as shamanistic sort.

    All of that was of little thought and yet she had been invoked to think thoughtfully on it. Perhaps it as the nostalgic feel this place brought back to her mind, or the mere idea that this mission wasn't going to be long enough to bring her any real interest that she had to toddle and meander her thoughts to the past. Either way, it matter little in the end.

    The soles of her boots clicked on the cobblestone leading her way into the center point of the city and the point of place she could start her tracking to this mission; the main courtyard. It was the best place that could lead in all directions of the city and honestly the place where everyone who arrived went firstly.
  5. "Well Lars I'm going to go get something to drink you want somethin?" Arvol asked walking away from the table in the middle of the courtyard. Lars shook his head and leaned back in the chair, setting it on two legs and balancing himself without touching anything. "No. I have tea. Tea makes the world go round." He joked, taking a sip from his cup as Arvol chuckled and walked away, leaving Lars to his own devices until he returned. Sipping from his eat L tried to remember how he came to be...a young child that was an interbreed between two species that were for millions of years mortal enemies. And he was a hybrid of the two...and outcast amongst all races. L sighed and drank more from his tea as he moved his hips to put the chair on back leg. As if preforming a magic trick he rotated to he could face behind him.

    Once he did the first thing he saw was a figurer making its way down the cobblestone road. L tilted his head and let his ice blue eyes narrow as a small smile crept onto his lips. "This promises entertainment. " he said to himself.
  6. Letting the arch way that casted the softer shadow before the courtyard help her gaze momentarily, a perk of her brow spread over her face as she was hardly expecting anyone to be in the open space, considering how quiet the rest of the city was.

    Yet she could only feel the grin linger upon her lips as she flicked the silver hair from her shoulders; she was about to even chalk up the person as nothing to be concerned with but that proved fleeting. Rather her sights became more poised on the sight before herself.

    Balancing the chair on a single leg was a feat on its own but that was hardly what had her attention. It was the absolute dumb luck of her find. The picture that had been provided did well to recall over her thoughts.

    Pulling on the leather strings around her biceps to make sure they were tight and wouldn't loosen in the happenstance of a struggle, she chuckled openly as she re-entered into the sunlight, eyes peering to her string over him. "And here I thought it might be a bit difficult to track your sorry ass, yet you are willing out in the open letting every dick and jane see you. Mustn't be all that afraid of your fate then?" the thin accent of a high dialect dribbled over her tongue proving that the common tongue was not her first language.
  7. L tilted his head ever so slightly at the sight of a rather ashy women who approached the courtyard. His eyes dilated to slits for a moment as his interest peaked then returned back to normal as he drank some more of his tea. The women came closer and started to speak to him like she had been looking for more of w challenge. L smiled and spoke sadly in a sarcastic way. "But, its chess night. And sunday..." He told her. Letting the chair fall to all fours.

    Crossing his legs and placing a hand under his chin as he leaned his arm on the arm of the chair he cocked an eyebrow at her and chuckled. "So....i guess your here to 'hunt' me and take me back to Abstergo yes? Weeeeeell i wont fight you on it. Not physically anyways." He told her, taking his free hand with the cup of tea and holding it forward. Then letting it go and watching it simply float in mid air. He smiled and pushed it slowly over to her. But before it could reach her the cup dropped and shattered on the ground. L frowned. "Awwwww man. Thats my favorite cup..." He said disappointed.
  8. Rolling her eyes to his sarcastic dialect she finished tightening the leather bound strings with a slow shake of her head. "I've heard some better excuses, even some pleading but either way I could careless to what your reasoning is to stick around here."

    Holding her ground a bit away never really knowing if someone is going to lash out or just beg at her feet, she poised herself ready for a strike just in case. Rather than going into a full crouch, she stiffened her body touching bases with the internal realm of her mother's bloodline readying it for and if she actually needed it. An familiar welcoming feeling that could easily be described as pins and needles in her limbs, Rhelic didn't seem too impressed with his little tricks. "Hunt would imply I would kill you pint size, i am merely here for a capture. Do your research firstly before you start throwing out my objectives." giving him a matter of factly looked she smiled some watching the cup break on the ground. "Aw the wee misfit break his wittle cup, well you ought to know better than play with it so willy nilly."

    Flicking her hand up to gesture for him to stand up, "Come on now, let's make this easy for the pair of us. Keep your little circus tricks under wraps and come on, I don't really want to waste my energy playing with a child."
  9. L stared at the women for a moment as she spoke to him some more and he frowned. "Well your lack of caring is always good to know about." L told her teasingly as she continued. Talking about doing his research before throwing around her objectives. L held a finger up and shook it. "Ohhhhh nononono. You shouldn't he rude to those you know nothing about. It might male them upset." He told her, standing from his chair and placing his hands into his pocket and walking over to her calmly.

    "Why are you talking like that are you 3? Grow up." He told her as he yawned, walking until he was about a yard in front of her. "And now I'm here. Are you going to try and hit me now? Or can we act like civilized people?" L asked, smiling devilishly.
  10. Growing increasingly bored with his ramblings already, she began to pick and preen over her attire making sure she had all she needed and growing a rather dull ear to him, it was only when he came closer to her that she drew her eyes down to him. It wasn't often she dealt with many men who were even the least bit shorter than herself without her heels on as she could only assume it was fairly natural for the human sort of mix genes to breed shorter.

    A scoff of a laugh riddled with her own self confidence came out in a bark when he told her to grow up. That was odd assumption to make when he clearly knew nothing of her own species or the fact that she was a bit taller than his own stature. It had been amusing.

    Letting the glint of her own feral gaze peer to him, the irises of herself following the suit of his had prior into a thin state; Rhelic opened her hands in a mocking stature. "If you wish to be calm and poised then I offer no objections, but I have no qualms about dragging your little gremlin ass kicking and screaming either. It's all in your court small fry."
  11. Lars frowned when she simply showed more and more disrespect witch each passing moment. As if he were nothing simply because of his size. Giving a slight chuckle L rubbed his chin and learned in slightly. A devilish smirk on his lips but his eyes became slits and part of his expression showed dominance and fury. Violence and a thirst for respect. "Ok. I am going to say this only once. Be nice, or else. Because my dear its not the size that matters. It whats you do with it." He lifting his hands to move the bangs from his head he shook his head. "The disrespect shown these days is disgraceful." He whispered to himself, waiting for the women to insult him once more.
  12. "Be nice or else? Is that the best you've got? I've heard nastier comments from the flora," she chided easily enough, her poise showing that she was not easily intimidated by a little magic nor a flick of a eye. He would have to do a lot better to ever get her to give an inch.
  13. Lars stared at the women with a displeased frown and his eye cocked upwards. "How rude. Bounty hunters these days have no class. No matter, have it your way." He said sadly, rubbing the back of his neck and limbering up. Cracking his joints and standing in a battle ready position that looked kind of goofy and took some deep breaths and threw out a few practice jabs a few inches from his chest as if to prepare for combat. He then shook his head and laughed. "Now watch this." He said, lifting a hand he pointed a hand at her and connected his middle finger to his thumb and smiled. He then flicked thin air in front of her head, but silently sending a massive wave of telekinesis directly at her head. The force of this would send her flying backwards and through the window of a furniture shop behind her. If that for some reason failed he would just say oops.
  14. A brow rose with little more than a struggled groan to this. Watching him act like a washed up fool, strutting around as if he was about to actually make a move upon her with ease, she grumbled pinching her nose between her fingertips. It was never just easy to get any sort of creature of worth to just do as she wanted in the first place. It'd be easier just to bound, gag and stuff him in a bag rather than give into his silly little whims.

    Then she realized the error in her ways. At least a partial error.

    Ears flicked upwards as the rise of her flesh gave birth to the prickled feeling, as promptly as the tapered appendages rose they fell. Whatever he was doing was enough to alert her. It was there that she was more than grateful for her fathers genes. She was not a mere mortal who could easily be caught off guard, honed senses were like the spiderweb of a trap door spider, the minute shift in air or in this case ability set off her triggers. And not a moment too soon for that matter.

    Slamming her chest down into the cobblestone beneath their feet, positioning the flat of her soles against the grain of it in a arch of a bend that most would consider an acrobat bridge- the lithe muscles quirked and bowed to her whim. Shoving herself barely out of the point of collision, swinging again right over herself regaining an upright position eyes shot across her shoulder to consider the mess of the glass and furniture that had just been destroyed. By what, she had yet to figure that out. She seen no flame, no wind but she certainly felt something prickling her body telling her to get the sam hell out of the line of sight. Perhaps this one would be more of a challenge than she prior thought.

    No matter, it just meant the bigger they were the harder they fell.

    "Nice little palour trick,"
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