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  1. We have a hell of a lot of High School Rps here. O__O

    I was reading over one and suddenly went back to a memory of high school that I absolutely despised, realizing something...High school was probably the WORST YEARS OF MY LIFE. So much drama, gossip, rejection, pressure!


    What was your worst high school experience you have ever experienced?

    Didn't have one? Then what was your best?
  2. Give me a couple more years and I'll have plenty of craptacular stories.
  3. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior Year all sucked. So many people I wanted to kill.

    It was a mixture for me, I had some good and bad experiences.

    I met some girls who just made me miserable and my friends miserable. Besides, that..I was picked on until about Junior year. Picked on for being my own person, what I wore, and what I listened too.
    I was really anti-social, didn't talk to anyone outside of my crew of friends and didn't even try too.

    I took two classes that forever changed my high school experience, Drama and Horticulture. When I joined Hortilcutre, I became really involved with the FFA program and found myself volunteering to give up my summer just to work for my teacher for no pay whatsoever. It was a positive experience and I've learned much from it and would have continued helping out even though I graduated the school if I had not moved. And with Horitculture, I took Drama, which even further progressed my social skills and confidence. I always volunteered to be on stage and help my teacher anyway I could. I auditioned for the plays and had so much working with the rest of the cast to put on some great productions as well as build the sets.
  5. Middle school was worse. Fleeing class rooms crying....
  6. Um... I actually really liked high school. I went to a small school, so I still talk to most of my class. They are some of the best friends I have.

    Of course I've had bad experiences. I dated this older guy... he was a complete jerk. I was weak of course, and it took me a long time to leave him. What's even worse is that because my circle of friends are so tight, I don't think I'll ever be able to remove him from my life. He was the biggest, stupidest mistake I've ever made, and even though I never see him I'll always hear his name and know what he's up to, and I know it's the same for him.

    I did get some revenge though. He's got my name on his skin forever, unless he does some painful/costly removal >:).
  7. I liked high school as well. I actually miss it at times. During those periods for me life was simple and easy. It was a mix of positive and negatives. Small things like getting up early 5 days a week, school work, teachers whom you despised, and peers as well. Freshmen year was probably the toughest because I was new and it was hard to get use to a change of pace. Other then that, school became straight forward for me and was a time where I could hang with my closest friends. Now that we had graduated, we all went separate ways. And being a responsible adult is sometimes tiring with work, bills, and ect.
  8. High school was the three best years of my life :3 Good friends, awesome teachers and funny lessons ^^ There were some teachers (3) that made me angry though, they always said things and then did another and they used very complicated ways to explain things so we just had to learn from the book instead of from them. But except those few there wasn't anything wrong with my high school :)
    My horrible period was instead from grade school (1st to 9th grade) Was bullied all the time and I hated going to school xb DAMN YOU GRADE SCHOOL!!!!
    High school though, wonderful :D
  9. Bad:
    -Girl friends were just being friends with me in the beginning year to get close to my boyfriend, then when we eventually split, I had practically no friends.
    -Felt I couldn't embrace my nerdy side without being shunned.
    -Received glares from "Popular" girls, for unknown reasons.

    -Went to every single dance, and three proms, and wore classy dresses, and danced ALL NIGHT AT EACH ONE. And am proud. <3
    -Learned life lessons from each relationship I had in high school, and even if one was abusive, I don't regret any of them. They all were good kids in their ways.
    -Made new friends eventually, and A LOT of friends. Realized how many of my friends would jump to protect me in an instant.. It's.. the best realization.
    -Discovered Film/Video classes. <3
    -Was in Symphonic Band freshie-senior year as the only girl percussionist. And fuckin' proud, damnit. Earned my respect during the first year from the senior drummers around me - I was so scared. o ^o <3 but.. best years for band. <3
    -Musical Pit, played about ten percussion instruments at the same time. fuckyeah.
    -UHM... Learning. :D
    -Met my best best best friend and really hung with him around the last two years of High School, and now we'll be there fuhever as buddies.
  10. I began to drink and fucked it all up in high school so I got thrown out, fuckers didn't even give me a chance to stay lol
  11. I didn't really have anything like a truly bad memory of High School. I only really have one good thing. After elementary and middle school with no friends my Freshman year I was introduced to someone at the homecoming football game. The next day we talked again. I ended up eating lunch at his house right across the street from the school. The guy I was introduced to went on to become not only my best friend but also the brother I never had. And now here I am ten years later and he still both my best friend and brother.

    And as far as High School experiences go I don't think they get much better than that.

    There was also a time where in video productions class a few guys tried to duct tape my hand behind me. I blacked out and when I came to I was heaving a rather large table over my head and the guys were gone. As it turned out I went ape-shit, fought them off, stood up and proceeded to charge across the room where I heaved a rather large table over my head and charge back over. That very same week I learned I was very likely of viking and possibly berserker descent. So that ended in me getting the respect of quite a few guys who saw little scrawny Justin do that.
  12. From the look of things, I'm another one of those people that had a mixed experience with High School.

    -Freshmen year was terrible. People rarely give the new kids a chance. That feeling stuck with me and I do my best to treat others according to their actions and behavior, not how new they are to something.
    -I was in advanced science courses for a Freshman and the Sophomores and Juniors all looked down on me. This was made worse because I went in expecting to be accepted by these more experienced kids for being in their class. Nothing was different. Hopes were dashed.
    -I never got the acceptance from most of the people I wanted it from, no matter how hard I tried. It wasn't until later that I realized I didn't even need it, but it still made those days feel terrible.

    -I made my first progress towards being antisocial as a Sophomore. I haven't looked back since.
    -Tech Crew. A place for me to go and do something productive with friends and not deal with the other bullshit drama of school. I got to build sets for Drama club, manage light/sound boards for band and orchestra and other such things. It was a good experience and I've made lasting friendships there.
    -The science courses were fun and engaging for me.
    -I furthered my hobby of drawing With at least one art class a year. I also experimented with paint and clay (discovered my best medium was still pencil and paper) and had one of my pieces taken by my teacher (with my permission) to use as a display for art made by the students of my High School. That made me proud.
  13. High school really isn't so bad for me. My teachers are nice and the classes are fun. Although there are a couple of things that I guess you could say are bad.

    - Advanced Placement Art History, I hated this class so much. The book weighed over seventeen pounds and I had to carry it everywhere.
    - Gym class, I swear to god every time I turned around in this class I was hit in the head with a ball of some kind.
    - I used to get teased by other people about how much I read, since next to no one actually reads at my school.
    - I also got made fun of by the occasional person because of how quiet I was at school.

    - Book club, a club in which my friends and I hang out and talk about what we like to read and act like crazy people.
    - TAing for the library is incredibly fun, although it can get boring at times since it is like a ghost town.
    - I greatly enjoyed taking the computer animation classes that the school offered.
    - Has helped me to improve my writing.