Man beats WoW

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  2. Only in Taiwan.
  3. I was surprised, I was expecting a Korean or Singaporean.
  4. Yay......
  5. Okay... this is going in a direction that I can dig. Approved... Star, Terry, and Ryoko seem like an... Adventuring party! Please repost in theApproved character thread

    Evil GM Plot lightning bolts and special effects ensue...
  6. Either that or he looks like an Asian Eric Cartman.
  7. I'm intrigued... post up more details about the toon-not-toon in the Drawing board.
    And Aang would... really fit in to the starting group we have so far, oddly. I like the idea.
  8. I've known about this for awhile now and would have posted but when I even so much as think of something WoW related I get mocked here...>:/
  9. ....That is awesome....
  10. Chaos has a new goal to set then. Here's to seeing him log in once a year now~
  11. Fuck that. If I went for every achievement in the game you'd never see my sorry ass again.
  12. I can tell a few jokes about people missing you?
  13. No. No you may not.
  14. Fuck what Chaos says, Darkness.

    Tell away!
  15. Hahahahaha.

    Take that, you Koreans-

    oh wait.
  16. Yes, yes you may.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.