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  1. I assume some Iwakuans know about this web series, where the blacksmiths make real-steel versions of famous weapons from games, movies, anime, and shows.

    And they FINALLY did Fate Stay Night's EKUSUKARIBAAAAAAAAAA:

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  2. I wanted a He Man discussion. Fuck you.
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  3. Sabers more of a Man than He Man. :P
    And more of a Woman than He Man too.
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  4. Heman to that
  5. Pretty, pretty swords <3
    I'll be back to Iwaku after some ogling of pretty swords~
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  6. I thought the show became pretty mediocre after Tony left or wherever he went, and they STILL have not forged the Greatsword of Artorias
  7. Tony was a wonder. The stagmers are getting better I believe
  8. I don't have a problem with their abilities, I just don't feel their personalities are as entertaining, nor is it as fun to listen to them as it was Tony, I have no idea why
  9. I stopped watching his series because he wasn't really making swords I cared about.

    After what I have just witnessed I am going to have to go back through to see what he has done.
  10. Honesty the Geek/Nerd realm is wide enough that the majority of his swords ends up being something I don't care for.
  11. Who cares if they're not making swords/weapons from your favorite fandom? They're making weapons made by human imagination and turn it into real life semi-usable weapons.

    Well, that's my opinion at least.
  12. Who here wants to see Kanshou and Bakuya next on their list?

    I certainly do!

    But it took them like 2 years to get to Excalibur....
  13. I propose they make every weapon in Gilgamesh's Gates of Babylon. :3

  14. That would take a long time yp
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