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Britney-Spears-Criminal.jpg[URL=""]Elise[/url] sighed to herself, she had told everyone she was going to a meeting out of town and would be staying over night, the truth? She was visiting him again. She tapped her well manicured nails against the steering wheel of her Range Rover as she sat in traffic. She sat back against the black leather of her seat and glanced up at the roof, how could this be happening? How could she be falling in love with a criminal? Her of all people! She had just been an slightly wealthy stylist before he came along, they had met at a large dinner she had been attending with a friend, and from there, they hit it of.

But it all nearly ended that night. She had been planning on surprising him with a bottle of his favourite wine and perhaps dinner, she pulled up at his house, dressed to the nines, when she spotted a blacked out car near by, she hadn't thought much of it until she knocked on the door before stepping inside, she called for him, though he hadn't heard her, so she had placed the wine down and went in search for him, she found him in his study, with one of them. One of the gang, more like a maffia if you asked her, she would had paid no attention, except for the large amount of case sitting on the desk. He confessed that night, told her everything, and somehow, she managed to stay by his side.

The traffic finally started to move and she sighed happily, turning the music on, the sun hit her face and she quickly opened the compartment located between the front seats and grabbed her sunglasses out of their case and threw them on over her dark brown eyes as she turned the corner. She headed down the now familar route to his house, she glanced over to the passanger seat as she heard her iPhone 4 beep, she decided to ignore it, anyone important knew she wasn't to be called as she was in a 'meeting' But when it beeped again she sighed before slipping her hand inside her Chanel GST and pulling out her phone, quickly reading the two texts from her brother, one saying that their mother was worried about her, another asking her how she was. It was typical of her brother to get carried away with texts, he always did have too much to say.

She waited until the next traffic light before texting him back, saying that their mother shouldn't worry and that she was fine! She threw the phone back into her bag before the light changed and she started on her way once more, taking the last turn and pulling into his estate. All the houses were grand, each house had large surrounding space and large walls dividing them, but they were clever in allowing the front to be seen, as though to show off their wealth, she pulled the car up to the gate and hit the button to lower the window before hitting the code and watching as the large black gates opened and she drove the car inside, hearing the gates shut behind her as she stopped the car at it's usual space, she sighed when she noticed his car wasn't there, but he no doubt would be back soon, or at least she hoped he would be anyway.

She opened the door and stepped out, going to the boot and taking out her over night bag before heading to the passanger seat and grabbing her handbag before heading to the door, she pulled out her key, being one of a select few to have one, and unlocked the front door, letting herself in, she took her coat and scarf off, placing them on the hanger next to the door before heading into the large drawing room, she smiled when she spotted the fire still on, he clearly must have only went to pick something up from the store. She placed her bags down behind the door before heading over to the black chaise lounge that he had installed for her, and sat down, watching the fire for a few moments, before getting up and adding an extra log to the fire. She relaxed back on her seat, resting her head down as she waited for him to come home.

The biggest problem she had with their relationship, well, the only problem, was that her mother didn't approve. She had somehow found out about his 'activites' and stated how much she disapproved of their relationship, and of how dangerous it was. Elise then took the time to remind her mother how much she loved him, and how he loved her, how did she not see that? She sighed to herself as she glanced out the window. She knew this was dangerous, being involded with a criminal, but all reason aside, she loved him with all her heart, and she would do anything for him, and that meant anything at all, she had a battle on her hands to prove that to her disapproving mother.

[As you can guess, this roleplay is based off the song
'Criminal' by Britney Spears, I highly suggest that you listen to the song, it gives you the basics of the plot. Elise is in love with a criminal, think maffia style, but her family, mainly her mother, strongly disapproving, warning her how dangerous it is, but she ingores them, telling them how much she loves him, but can she really love a criminal and live such a dangerous life? There's no certain plot for this, we could go with the flow, but if you have any ideas I'd love to hear them. As you can guess, I need someone to play her love/the criminal, but other than that anyone can play friends/family, maids, fellow maffia members, the list is endless]
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Gabriel was driving through the town. He was on the exact opposite side. Everytime he had planned something joyful for himself, some troubles had to show up. How he hated it yet couldn't do anything about it at all. He was driving as fast as he could, making sure that he wasn't on the high street where he could accidentaly draw attention of the police. Speed cameras were ok as long as they didn't bother him. The inside of his car was quiet. Gabriel was a bit nervous for a lot of things, his brain was still thinking about the meeting where he was just few minutes ago. If it all was true and he wouldn't do anything about it then he is screwed. However, deep in his mind he promised to himself that once he'll be with Elise, he would let this issue go...hopefully.

He turned left and got to the high street, he had to do it because at this point there was no other way how to reach his home. Nevertheless, he didn't slow down at all and that was bad. All of a sudden, he had seen a police car parked by the side of the road. Gabriel had to step on the brake and slow down rapidly. For a second, he thought that he is going to imprint his teeth into the steering wheel. Thanks God, he didn't. As he was passing the police car his speed was ok, nothing out of ordinary. He carried on like that for a little while and when he wanted to speed up again he saw that the police car is right behind him, not following him exactly but it was at least in the same lane. Gabe held the wheel tighter. Nervousness came back and hit his head with a force of hurricane. What if they stop him for driving too fast? If they were newbies in the police they will know nothing and he would be in trouble as he was a month ago. He couldn't allow himself to get into any troubles again.

Gabriel switched to another lane, ready to turn the corner into a rich part of the city. Once he was on the side road, he looked into the rear-view mirror just to find out that there was no-one behind him. He let out long breath of relief. So he didn't have to worry at all. Maybe he was being a bit paranoid. He tapped the code by the gate without knowing it and before he realized it himself he was parking in front of his house. Elise's car was already here so yes, he was late but he didn't mind at the moment. Gabriel slowly walked towards the main entrance to his house before stopping in front of it.

"Calm down. You gonna enjoy this night and once it's over you'll get back to work. Don't forget, it's for Elise you're here," he murmured to himself then opened the door. Nothing extraordinary in the hall but Gabriel knew exactly where Elise would be. She probably came in few minutes ago because Gabriel was still able to smell her perfume in the air and that helped him to find her. He leaned against the door frame, watching Elise relaxing by the fireplace. At least, his butler got a sense for making a good atmosphere. After few seconds of watching this calming scene he silently walked behind his girlfriend hoping she didn't hear him. Then he bent down and whispered in her ear: "Would you mind if I join you?"

Elise looked up at Gabriel when he spoke, she smiled up at him, a slight sparkle in her eyes. "I wouldn't mind at all" She said to him, she moved on the chaise lounge, placing her feet back down on the ground before crossing her legs, watching him for a few moments. "How was work?' She asked softly, wanting to hear something that might take her mind off her disapproving mother, the woman was starting to get too her, was this relationship tearing her family apart? But she loved him dearly, and she wasn't about to throw their relationship away, her family had been through much worse things, like her father's illness a few years ago, her Uncle's accident, to simply name only a few, they would get through it all, she knew it, she just had to believe in herself, and them

"You don't know how happy I am to see you" She told him, she watched as the butler came in with two glasses of wine, making sure to serve their favourites and move them from the server tray to the table before nodding and leaving. "Thank God for this" She said, picking up her wine glass and taking a sip, she sighed softly and held it in her hands for a few moments before kicking her shoes off and pulling her legs under herself, running her free hand through her hair, she turned to look at him and smiled weakily before placing the glass down on the table once more and moving to take his hand, interlocking her fingers through his.

"Gabriel" She told him. "Mum, she's been even worse later" She said, remembering their conversation a few weeks before hand when she told him about her mother's dislike for him after finding out what he really did. "She won't even speak to me at times, makes my father act like a messanger between the two of us" She told him "I told them all I was going to a meeting out of town, it was the only thing I could say to get them all of my back, Papa's almost worse" She said, she sighed and moved to slowly place her head down against the chaise lounge, lookig over at him. "But you're worth going through all that for" She said.
When Elise moved he sat close to her, putting one of his arms behind her just to make himself and Elise comfortable. He wasn't surprised by her question about his work, he was still wearing tie. So to make himself even more comfy he took it off and unbuttoned the first button of his shirt.

"It was fine," he lied and smiled at Elise. Soon after he got his drink. His butler always knew when Gabriel came back home so afterwards there was either food or a suitable drink served. Gabriel was grateful for having him. Actually, his family had sort of contract with butler's family or something like that. He never really got it and didn't plan to until it would be needed. He left his drink on the table for now, soothing himself by listening to Elise's voice. Though, she didn't sound happy at all. As she was telling him about her mother, Gabriel tried not to frown. He never met her before so he couldn't like or dislike her. He also understood why she was so worried about her daughter. Anyways, he would be more happier if Elise hadn't said anything to her family at all. It would minimize the risk. However, it was too late to complain about it.

"Are you sure I am worth all this trouble?" he asked her when she finished and gently palmed her cheek with his free hand. He had soft place for Elise and got into the stage when he didn't want anything bad to happen to her or he didn't want her to worry about anything. Was that called love? Probably. It was still a bit new to him as before the only love he knew was just for one night. Sometimes he wished he hadn't met her because some of his business partners complained and threatened him because of that. On the other hand, there were nights when his own bed seemed cold and empty if she wasn't there.

"I am sorry that your mum has been even worse recently. I guess she really doesn't believe me," he said. Basically, he paraphrased what he used to say everytime they got to this topic. Then he got a crazy idea. "But, she might as well be scared and uncertain of how I treat you," Gabriel began his thought, "so, what if she comes to my house with you one day so that I can meet her?" soon after his question was out, he felt like he was going to laugh. The image of Elise's mum, who probably despite him out of everyone, coming in here and chatting happily with was just ridiculous.

Elise smiled as he sat down next to her, she moved closer to him when he wrapped his arm around her, she moved her head down onto his shoulder and watched as he took off his tie and undid his top button, she smiled softly and kept her glass in her hand before moving up, placing her arm on the back of the chaise lounge and resting her head on her hand as she smiled at him softly.

She looked at him and moved to place her glass down on the table before letting him place his hand on her cheek, she looked into his eyes and smiled softly. "I've never been more sure about anything else in my life" She told him softly, she moved her hand to cover his on his cheek, and creased his knuckles with her thumb. "I can handle my mother, she'll come around eventually, I'm her only daughter after all, she can't dislike you forever" She said to him, she smiled weakily. "We never fight for long, I'll wait and let everything calm down then have a few quiet words with her, I'll be able to talk her around, I promise" She said softly.

"It is a good idea" She told him "I'll talk to her during the week, see if I can came her down, then I can take her here, we can have a dinner party, she loves her dinner parties" She informed him. "I can cook" She said, she had be brought up without an 'help' so she wasn't used to having butlers and cooks, though she was slowly coming used to it, though she did like to cook every now and again, it was a good passtime, and it gave her something to do when Gabriel was at work.

She looked at him and smiled softly. "I've missed you, you know" She told him before moving her head down to place it on his shoulder once more, placing her arm around his waist, sighing happily, she looked up at him once more. "I think the cook is making dinner" She told him. "I was thinking, we could go somewhere tomorrow" She told him, drawing little circles on his chest with her finger. "It'll probably rain though, but could go sight seeing, maybe see a movie or something, go to a nice resturant, see a broadway show, just somewhere with you, anywhere" She said, she looked up at him with brown eyes and kissed him softly, moving her hand to his cheek, creasing the skin before pulling away and looking into his eyes once more. "I don't care what anyone thinks" She told him firmly.
He was listening to every word she said. Every syllable and sentence made him feel happy and satisfied. It brought joy to him knowing that this attractvie young woman had such affection for him. Once she agreed with his offer, he was surprised at first and then burst out laughing. It didn't last long yet it was laugh of relieve and surprise all in one. When Gabriel calmed himself down he looked at Elise.

"Ok, then. I'll try to get ready for the big day and hide my guns under the pillow," he said in joking tone of voice and winked at Elise. As she placed her head on his shoulder again, proposing what they could do tomorrow, Gabriel placed his cheek gently on top of Elise's head, resting and thinking. All of a sudden he found himself thinking of the meeting. He frowned because he promised something to himself and now he was breaking it. Though Gabriel missed half of the list that Elise named out, he smiled. He was sure they will do something tomorrow.

"I opened new restaurant few weeks ago. It should be secure and alright by now. We could go there, if you'd like to," Gabriel suggested just to join the discussion and show interest. Despite the fact that his partners were sometimes threatening him because of his girlfriend, Gabriel liked to show himself in her presence. In his opinion, they made a really good-looking pair. All of a sudden, Elise kissed him. He replied with putting his hand on the back of her head prolonging the moment. He loved the velvet touch of her lips. He smiled at Elise once they broke. Her words wrapped around his heart as a warm blanket. For a moment he didn't know how to reply. He assured Elise many times how dangerous this relationship was for both of them and how hard it sometimes could be to maintain it. However, she didn't mind and no matter what stayed with him, by his side.

"I admire you for that Elise. You're the most wonderful woman and I am the luckiest man to have you in my arms," his words were true and he meant each one of them. To confirm the meaning he bent down and gave Elise another kiss of affection. When he pulled away, he noticed butler standing silently by the door. Though he was used to this behaviour, he hated it when he was with Elise. It felt like someone was stalking them. Gabriel raised one of his eyebrows, demanding an explanation. Butler cleaned his throat and annoucned that the dinner is going to be ready soon. Gabe just nodded and turned his attention back to his precious one.

Elise smiled at him once more as he spoke, she closed her eyes for a few moments when he bent down and kissed her, she looked at him as they pulled way before following his eyes and looking at the butler, she sighed softly, it would take her another while to get used to having someone else in the room other than just them, with all the staff, it was possible for anyone to walk in at any given moment, she nodded her thanks to the butler before turning around to look at Gabriel once more. "We'll go in in a few minutes" She told him, taking ahold of his hand in her's, interlocking her fingers through his, looking into his eyes for a moment.

"Gabriel, You're alot more wonderful than you think you are" She said. "I know how dangerous this is, you've told me enough times" She reminded him "But I don't care about any of that, I have you, push comes to shove, it's you that can protect me from the others" She said. "Plus, I can keep myself safe, and if you really are worried, which I know you are, why don't you teach me how to use a gun?" She asked "I've got a good point, means I can keep myself safe if you're not around, I mean, I'm here myself most of the time" She said, she sighed once more and brought his hand to her lips, kissing it softly before slipping her hand out of his.

"Come on, we better get to dinner, I don't want to starve you" She told him, she stood up and smiled, leaning down and placing a kiss on his lips once more before moving over and picking up the glass, taking a sip of it. "The food smells delicious" She said, she left her shoes next to the sofa as she headed through the room to the door and let the butler lead her down the hallway towards the dinning room, she fixed her hair in the mirror as she walked past, acting as though this place was her second home, which in her mind, it was. She spent most of her weekends there, and the odd day during the week every now and again.

She walked into the dinning hall and took her seat at the bottom of the table and sat down after the butler pulled her seat out for her, she fixed her hair once more and crossed her legs, smiling at him softly. She watched as the butler returned with the food and placed it infront of them, she placed her glass of wine down infront of her plate once more, picking up her knife and fork and slowly eating, she smiled once more. "This is amazing, perhaps I won't do the cooking anymore" She told him, she looked up at him and smiled once more, she took another bite of her food before speaking once more. "Are you off all day tomorrow?" She asked, hoping he wouldn't be off the next evening.
He was quiet until they were both sitting in the dining room. He was thinking of her idea about teaching her how to use a gun. It was not a bad idea at all but still pretty strange. But Gabriel thought more about the question of him being able to protect her. Was he really able to do that with all the twists and threats that showed up today? Was he able to provide her with secure place where she could hide? And if there was someone threatening her directly would he be quick enough to get rid of the person? Uncertainity filled his mind and shut his mouth so he didn't answer at first when Elise asked him.

"Well, I should be alright," he answered after few minutes leaving the topic open because even he wasn't sure if he wouldn't get one of those emergeny calls. He placed another piece of the food in his mouth an chew slowly as he was still thinking about how to make Elise secure.

"Actually, I might teach you how to use gun," Gabriel said suddenly putting down his cutlery. "That will make you secure but the police can't find it and you shouldn't tell anyone as the gun won't be registred," he warned Elise because if it would happen that the police would find the gun, again, she would get into trouble...deep trouble. So basically whenever he had the chance, he advised her what to do in certain situations. Gabriel knew it might be annoying sometimes but when someone was doing what he was, you could never be sure.

After the warning he got this urge to tell Elise about his worries too but then made a quick decision not to. It would only set him into a business mood an bad mood as well. He wanted to enjoy the time with Elise not worry both of them. He picked up his cutlery again and started eating. All his worries might have been a bit premature because still he didn't have all the information. Thanks God, his guys were working on it. Yes, maybe he might get a short call tomorrow but it shouldn't mean that he had to leave Elise in the house all alone. But if that would happen, he was going to make sure that the staff knew what to do in case something would go wrong.

Gabriel finished his meal and smiled. Before they left for the dining room he got his glass of wine and now took sip of it."I hope you liked the food Elise," he looked over at her with slight smile on his face. His eyes were sparkling with cheerfulness. Once more, he managed to suppress his bad thoughts.

Elise looked up at Gabriel when he spoke, placing her fork and knife on her plate as she listened to him speak, she nodded her head, well used to him acting like this, it had been annonying at first, but then she reminded herself that it was simply to make sure she stayed safe. "Okay, trust me, no one will find it" She told him. "Why would I tell anyone?" She asked "They wouldn't believe me anyway, picture me with a gun, sweating in my Louboutins" She told him with a smile, trying to add some humour to the moment.

She stayed silent for the rest of the meal, soon finishing her food, placing her cutlery down into her dish before picking up her wine glass, taking a sip, blotting her lips as she did so, she looked up at him as he spoke. "I always like the food, it makes me wish I didn't have to cook back at the townhouse" She told him, she never called her house 'home', yes, it was where she mainly lived, but it never felt like home, she had no connection with the place, no memories, not like here, where she had all the memories of her and Gabriel, good and bad, the moments that made them what they are, and the moments that nearly tore them apart.

She stood up and smiled softly, carrying her wine glass out with her, she wasn't a huge drinker, only having a glass per night if she was drinking, she usually kept the same drink in her hand all night, just taking small sips of it, there was still over half of the wine left in her glass. "I hope the fire hasn't went out" She told him, she smiled as she walked in, while they had been eating, one of the maids had started the fire again and had taken her things up to Gabriel's room, she smiled as she looked out the large windows for a few moments, it was pitch black now, given the fact they were now in early winter, she placed her wine glass down and wrapped her arms around her waist, looking out for a few moments before heading to the curtains and pulling them over once more.

As she finished shutting them, a thought came into her head, she turned around and looked at Gabriel "What are we going to do for Christmas?" She asked "I mean, it's little over a month away" She reminded him as she headed over towards the sofa, sitting down and pulling her feet under her slender body. "We should make some plans, perhaps I could stay here, we could decorate the place, go out and buy a massive tree, place it over there next to the window, I could use my styling skills and do it all up" She said with a smile as she watched him for a few moments, should she tell him about what happened at work? It had been nothing really, perhaps she had just been over reacting, she couldn't have known if they were watching her, but she still couldn't shake that feeling off, but she decided not too, he didn't need the added stress.

He was happy that Elise understood his reasons and didn't try to argue with him because at that moment his reply probably wouldn't be nice at all, at least it wouldn't be friendly. As they returned back to the living room, where the fire was burning again droning quietly, Gabriel sat down on the couch placing his glass on the table. He watched Elise as she pulled the curtains. To be honest, he hadn't thought about Christmas yet.

"Well, I haven't thought of anything yet. Actually, I've never really celebrated it. My family just didn't believe in such stuff but I would be happy to have Christmas again...with you. However, I have no clue what has to be done," Gabriel was completely honest with Elise. His father, as he was a busy man, was rarely at home every day. He missed Gabe's birthday, important football matches and other stuff that keeps normal child happy. Gabe didn't get that and at the age of six when his dad wasn't at home for Christmas again, he gave up the celebration. Actually, it was really strange for him imagining this house all decorated once more but it would make Elise happy so after all why not.

"Actually, my first plans for that part of the year were going somewhere warm, like Hawaii, but that is not fixed," he shrugged and smiled at Elise. He was looking into her eyes before he held out his arms towards her, inviting her to hug him. To hug him and never let go as he sometimes thought and whenever that came across his mind he smirked.

"Well, why don't celebrate Christmas here, and then go to Hawaii after boxing day?" She asked as she stood up and slowly walked over to him, heading towards his open arms, silently stepping into them and wrapping her arms around his waist, resting her head down on his chest, taking a deep breath, taking in his scent before shutting her eyes for a few moments.

She felt safe here, like no one could touch. She loved being in his arms, she often found it hard to sleep at home without knowing he was okay, she put it down to the fact his work was hardly the safest, but now, she put it down to the fear of losing someone you hold so dear. "Well, we'll just have to make up for all the mixed Christmases then, my love" She told him, she looked up at him and smiled softly "Trust me, this place will look amazing when I'm finished" She said to him "I'll order the tree during the week, it should be here in ten days, have it up in time for December" She said.

She sighed once more and made herself comfortable in his arms, she yawned softly "Sorry" She said sleeply "I'm just exhausted, it's been a hard week" She said to him as she cuddled close, moving to place one hand on his chest, looking up at him once more before shutting her eyes for a few more moments, peaceful and content where she was, with no plans on moving any time soon, she listened to his heart beat, the sound was a calming one, resurring her that he was really there.
"Yeah, we could do that," Gabriel agreed and let her make herself comfortable on his chest. Everything felt alright and great, that for the time being Gabe forgot about everything, even where he was, and memorized this feeling to recall it back when he would be feeling blue. He felt her body getting heavier as she was more and more relaxed. Even he started to feel tired and found that his eyes were closing.

"Maybe we should go to bed," he whispered to Elise and without waiting for her reply he lifted her up without any effort and made his way towards the bedroom with Elise still in his arms. Once in the bedroom, which was quite big with king sized bed in the middle, he placed his precious one on the bed and kissed her forehead, smiling at her. Afterwards, he got changed into his sleeping trousers. Gabriel rarely had a shower in the evening, he prefered to have one in the morning so as soon as he was done he literally jumped in the bed and quickly got under the covers. He waited for Elise to lay down too and once she did so, he moved closer and hugged her again. Gabriel loved those nights when he was falling asleep with Elise in his arms. "Good night sweetheart," he whispered basically falling asleep while saying it. He didn't notice how tired he was.

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Elise nodded her head at his suggest "That's the best thing you've said all evening" She told him, and sighed happily when he carried her up the stairs, she wrapped one arm lazily over his shoulder and kept her hear next to his chest, looking up at him happily, she let him place her down on the bed and waited until he headed off to get changed before she changed down into her tank top and PJ bottoms, she headed back to the bed to find him waiting on her already under the covers, she smiled as she headed to the bed and slipped under the covers, watching as he moved closer and hugged her. She placed her head between his shoulder and neck, wrapping her hand on his chest and her other one over her stomach, making herself confortable, she watched him as he started to fall asleep "Goodnight, my love" She whispered softly before placing a kiss on his lips.

She watched him for a few moments as he slept, he was so peaceful, she sighed happily before putting her head back down again and watching him for a few more moments before her eyes became too heavy and she fell into a peaceful sleep, cuddled up close to Gabriel, the covers up to her shoulders, keeping them both warm during the early winter's night.
Gabriel would sleep through the night like a little baby...if something didn't happen. He got woken up by an annoying loud noice. Half asleep he grumbled and turned in the direction of the sound. Suddently, he understood what it was. His eyes shot open and his heart started to pound quickly. He looked down at Elise and at the dark she seemed to be asleep. He carefully but as quickly as he could, got out of the bed and almost sprinted towards his phone although it was on the table just at the end of the room.

"God, damnit," he hissed once he saw the name and answered the phone. He didn't even have time to say something as the voice on the other side began talking immediately. Gabriel's eyes widened even more. "What?!" he nearly shouted but then remembered that Elise was in the room and brought himself to whispering.

"What do you mean they set it on fire? How?" he fired away the first question that appeared on his mind. Gabriel was probably still half asleep because his brain couldn't take in all the information. He listened to the other voice. It spoke quickly so sometimes even Gabe had troubles to follow. There was fear in the voice on the other side.

"Are you sure it was them?" Gabriel asked suspiciously and straighten up. All the time as he was listening he was in a sort of a crouch. However, after his question there was a pause from the other person. Anyway, the answer Gabriel got, set him on fire...a fire of anger. He clenched his teeth together so hard that it hurted himself but at this moment he didn't care. The situation was getting worse more rapidly than he liked.

"Ok, I want you to send me every information you have. If you miss out something you can say goodbye to the world... No, I will tell them myself," he said curtly and ended the call. Straight after, he felt like his stomach was going to give back the dinner. Gabriel let go of the phone which fell on the table with a thud. He placed his hands on the edge of the same table and bent down a little bit, breathing heavily. His hands took a grip of the edge as he was getting all the consequences and what was really going on.

"God, damnit all!" he hissed again now royally pissed off. Still, he knew that Elise was in the room, sleeping. He left the room for he didn't want to wake her up. On his way to his office he banged on butler's bedroom and through the door gave him an order to get ready for accepting guests. He didn't care if the man in the room was asleep, Gabriel needed him now so he better do as he was told otherwise he could be sorry afterwards. Once, Gabriel got into his office he sat down behind his desk, switched on his laptop and started to think how he was going to tell his partners about the catastrophe that was about to happen.

Elise felt Gabriel slip out of the bed but didn't move, she turned slightly, she kept her eyes shut, but listened to his conversation, bitting her lip when she heard that something had been set on fire, Gabriele seemed to be extremly pissed off, and only one thing would do that too him, the business, she listened as he seemed to shut the phone off and stayed still, opening her eyes as she heard him exit the room and head towards the butler's room, she sighed as she heard Gabriel speak, this would be him for the night, in a royal mood, she stayed in bed and listened to him as he headed to his office, being in the house so often meant it was easy to tell where anyone was at from listening to their footsteps.

She started getting worried so she slipped out of bed and headed over to her bag, pulling out a black lace dressing gown, slipping it on and doing up the belt of it before heading out of the master bedroom, walking past the butler on the way and giving him and understanding smile, the man nodded back and she went back on her journey towards his office, not knowing what to expect when she stepped inside, if it had something to do with the business, her plans may as well fly out the window, she felt like business came first, she came second, and it was hard to accept at times, but she knew she had too.

She came to the door of the study and took a deep breath, fixing her hair and pulling her dressing gown down, she knew she woud have to be quick, if the butler was up and in the guest rooms, he must have been setting rooms up for guests and she didn't know if Gabriel wanted her to be seen or not, she knew it would depend on who it was coming over.

She opened the door of his study and walked inside, shutting the door behind her, she looked at him and sighed softly, he looked beyonce annoyed, she slowly crossed the room too him, knowing she would have to be careful with her words, she rounded the desk to stand behind him, placing a supportive hand on his shoulder. "You need a cup of coffee, give me five minutes and I'll have one made for you, unless you want something a little stronger" She said softly, trying to be supportive.

"I heard your phone conversation" She said, she leaned back against the desk and looked at him "What happened?" She asked worriedly "It's the business, isn't it?" She sighed to herself "Is there anything I can do?" She asked "I guess that we're having guests, would you like me to stay hidden until they leave?" She asked, not knowing if the people staying over would accept her or not, she pushed some hair out of her face and looked at him once more, glancing down at the laptop then up at him.
"...heck, I have no clue!" Gabriel noticed that Elise entered the room and raised one finger to shush her even though he didn't know if she wanted to say something or not. "Just get your ass here as soon as possible," he ended the call and looked at Elise. His face was had an expression of mixed feelings but quickly changed to straight-faced. He let her walk around to him and place her hand on his shoulder. Her offer of coffee sounded ridiculous at the moment. If she could get him a bomb that would be more useful. Gabriel cursed at himself in his mind for being such a jerk. He knew, she was just trying to help but right now his head and thoughts were somewhere else.

Once she mentioned that she heard his conversation he clenched his teeth again and his eyes were full of supressed anger. Yes, he was angry but basically he didn't know what was the main reason. If it was because of her hearing it, or because of him waking her up or all the other stuff. He had to calm himself down. So he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes for a while, steadying his breath.

It was hard to decide how much he could tell her in order to keep her safe an without worries. At the end he said: "I have a strong competition. That's all," simple. Gabriel opened his eyes again. Admitting the fact that his enemy is strong helped him to calm down too.

"As for you hiding away," he touched the other, more sensitive topic, "there are going to be two guys who are against our relationship. I can't order you to hide. No. Just try to stay out of sight," he said and then remember something. "Do you remember your first time here? Those two guys that were in here when you found out who I am? Those are the guys who don't like me and you together. Stay out of THEIR sight. The rest is ok," he stressed the word 'their' because if they knew she was here, they would probably leave immediately and Gabriel needed their support the most.

Elise sighed softly before nodding her head. "I remember all right" She told him. "Don't worry, I'll stay out of their sight" She informed him, she didn't want anything to go wrong in his business because of her, she would never be able to forgive herself, he had worked so hard for all he had, he didn't need anything to go wrong.

She smiled weakily at him and took ahold of his hand. "Everything will work out" She told him in a soft, calming voice. "You just need to believe in yourself, believe that you can do it" She said, she looked down at him. "And no one believes in you more than me" She said, hoping that she had said the right thing, she ran her thumb across his knuckles with a weak smile on her lips playing on her lips, she bent forward and kissed him softly, she pulled away and looking into his eyes. "I believe in you, Gabriel, I.." She was cut off by the sound of the door bell ringing and the butler heading towards the door, she frozed for a second before looking at him and sighing softly, thankfully she could take the back stairs back to their room.

She smiled weakily, unable to say what she had desired to say, and turned around, heading out of the room, thankfully the butler was holding them at the door, taking their coats, so she managed to slip up the back staircase and into the upstairs, she padded across the floor carefully, heading into Gabriel's room, walking over to the bed, she slip on top of the covers and pulled her legs close to her chest, listening, just listening, the worry clear on her face as she tried her best not to be heard.

She knew she would have to get used to this, but it was hard. She loved him, she was about to tell him for crying out loud. She wanted a life with him, she wanted a normal life, a marriage, a home and children, but that could never work, and it killed her to think like that, to want something more than anything else and to have it made impossible to have. They couldn't marry, it would turn people like the two men downstairs against him. This could never truely be her home, right now was an example why. And they couldn't have children, she would never force a child into a dangerous world. She sighed as she leaned back against the pillows, trying to hear what was going on downstairs.
Gabriel was happy for all Elise's support. How she believed that everything was going to work out just like in a fairy tail. The truth was that this was a nightmare with ghosts. The truth was that his territory was slowly being attacked and destroyed by Triada. Those people didn't care, didn't think. They just killed and took anything they wanted. Now, they wanted his wealth, his life...and Elise. He wouldn't mind a little war with japanese hobits if his love wasn't involved. Once that happened everything got dangerous and complicated. Basically, that was the reason why Peter and Jack were against his relationship with Elise. They saw Elise as the reason for all the trouble. However, Gabriel could see deeper into this fight. He knew all the consequences that led to this moment yet if he would say them aloud, he would get into fight with his own men. That just wasn't needed right now.

Few minutes after Elise left, the door to his office opened and Jack came in. His face was frowning and it was obvious that he was in a bad mood. It was up to Gabriel to set him back on tracks and show him the real problem. Though, Jack was old, succesful and powerful man in the blackmarket, you wouldn't say so from his appearance. Jack was small, fit and always wearing ordinary clothes. His short grey hair was always neatly brushed to the left. Jack was famous for his poker face, you never knew exactly what he was thinking or what command was his next one. Gabriel was sometimes really surprised how he could get this man to his side.

"So what's the matter?" Jack asked and sat down in front of Gabriel who was still wearing just his sleeping trousers. In a situation like that, appearance wasn't sometimes that Gabe cared about.

"Our casino was attacked by Triada. They set it on fire, killed almost everyone. Thanks God they didn't find the vault. I gave orders..." Gabriel was interupted by slammed door. Peter stormed into the room even angrier than Jack. His first sentence was, What the hell is going on! He was shouting so there was no wonder that Elise couldn't hear it.

"If you just calm down and let me explain everything it would be more helpful than you shouting all around. So just sit down!" Gabriel said, his voice more firm than angry even though he hated Peter yet the amount of money he brought into the business was unmissable. Peter was looking at Gabriel and if it was possible, Gabe would be dead on the spot. However, after few minutes of this eye fight, Peter finally sat down. Gabriel replied what he said to Jack and then carried on with general information about the damage that was caused, pointing out that one of his spies is going to send him more information soon and that Grey was on his way here. Mentioning Grey calmed both of them down. It always did.