Mama Diana Day

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  1. Time to give thanks and appreciate our wonderful Iwakuian Mother, Diana.
    She cares, nurtures, and watches over us and the site like any good mother would do. With a Tough Fist and a Big Heart. Give her a hug, a smile, a hand drawn card covered in pink, hearts and sparkles! Do what you must to make her understand the love (And from Anonymous sources, Diana would like the cash moneys).
    Even though she would most likely put us all up for adoption the second she reads this, she still cares.
    We all love her, so here lets tell her a Happy Mothers Day like good children do.


    (Given that a thread will be made for the Daddys of Iwaku in June.)
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  4. We do love our Diana here. So very much. So I drew a picture of you, the way I imagine you when you read this thread. Enjoy. Okay so I didn't draw it I googles it... still enjoy![​IMG]
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  5. All joking aside, no one can deny that Diana is a motherly figure to us here at Iwaku. You know it's true, Diana. You've taught some of us so much about roleplay. You've lent an ear when there was something bothering us and smacked us upside the head when we were being asshats.
    Thanks for being our internet mother!
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  6. Gay.
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  7. Diana is more like a creepy aunt to me...
  8. Thank you Diana for being awesome and stuff. If it weren't for your hard work we might now have such a wonderful roleplay site and ~offers up a dead plot bunny he caught earlier ~ =o.o=
  9. Diana's more like that weird step-mother with cats for children that we all feel awkward around, since she isn't the one who birthed Iwaku.
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  10. HA HA, Dianerp is OLD

    She's more like a boss though.
  12. Good heavens, Diana, it may be something to do with the date but you seem marginally adequate today.
  13. you only say that cuz you got fired for being lazy


    oh wait..

    (Evil Stop Mother sounds about right)
  14. Good heavens, Diana, it may be something to do with the date but you seem marginally adequate today.
  15. All of you are butts. >:[
  16. But we are your butts Diana :3
  17. We are the cheeks that help support you, when you need to sit down. ;D
  18. Happy mother's day, Diana forum-mommy! I sure hope that you get a lot of nice presents from all your forum-children and I wish for you to enjoy every single moment you spend on Iwaku!
  19. Fuck all of you.
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  20. I can't tell if Vay is jealous or angry that we didn't make a "Happy creepy uncle" thread for him. =(

    Better get on it W.