LESSON WORLDBUILDING Malkuthe Highwind's Cartography Tutorial - Part 1

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  1. Mapmaking is as essential to worldbuilding as making the world itself. You have to visualize where everything goes one way or another, and creating a map of your world is one of those ways and this tutorial aims to help you do just that.

    I apologize for the format, but the tutorial itself is so large that it would be inefficient to put it into a post. I have prepared a PDF file that is available for download, however.

    Malkuthe's Cartography Tutorial - Part 1
  2. This is great help, I already have a map in colour but it's hard to read the names on it so I will definitely use this as a help to make an easier map:D
  3. I love this! It's a shame I don't have PS anymore. My copy was old it didn't work with my OS upgrade. Boo. When I finally get a hold on another tablet with a copy of PS, I'll give this a try.