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  1. Hey guys. Okay, so, from the title I assume you know what I mean by it. Throughout my 4/5 years of Roleplaying (which I started at a young age) I have discovered my preference and the genre I enjoy the most is Gay Romance. Nothing ever get's me quite as giggly or emotional as that. I like to do interesting plots, sad, dramatic, or just damn right adorable.

    However, I also prefer to play the 'bottom' but I have played the 'top' in some scenarios (sadly I didn't like it quite as much) which is why, I hope that I find somebody who prefers to play the 'top' male- I do hope you guys know what I mean. I have many ideas which I do believe I am good at thinking of. I am always thinking of plots or things to happen, with this being said I do not want to be the only one who makes the ideas or scenarios just because I enjoy doing it. It does get quite stressful and annoying sometimes.

    Here I'll list a few of the scenarios which I have done in the past and enjoy doing (just because they're cute omg);
    1. Incest
    2. A love affair between a teacher and a student.
    3. An all boys boarding school. - Secret Relationship or An open relationship which causes conflict and drama in either of those two choices.
    4. Abusive and possessive.
    5. Teddy Boys OR Greasers. (YES there's a difference.)
    I love hearing peoples ideas, because listening to my own gets a little boring for myself sometimes. Anyway, I'm sure this will be enough info for you guys? I really hope one of you messages me. Thank you, and feel free to ask ANY questions. Thank you. .u.
  2. TeacherxStudent and the Incest rp sounds awesome to me. I've been craving to do either of those rps. What are your thoughts for them?
  3. I'm inter
    im interested in boarding school role play? If you don't mind and im a top
  4. Hey I am interesting I have an idea! If not that one I am sure we can work one out :3
  5. Sorry for the late reply, I've been incredibly busy with my life aha, and idk man
  6. Any of these sounds chill as long as you play dominant... Please...?
  7. The Incest one still open?