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  1. Hey! I'm looking for some literate, 3rd person posters who love plot, drama, and well-timed RPs. I'm generally a multi-paragraph poster, but I do understand that action can't happen all the time, however there should be enough that keeps the plot thriving. There's nothing worse than a stale RP, and I'm looking for character growth, multiple character interactions, plotting, anything to keep it interesting! So, I've gathered up a few plot ideas that have been on my mind, hoping that someone would take an interest. Also, I usually play switches if that helps, and that being said I do not correlate personality with bedroom position.

    Note: Some of these plots may include some taboos or dark themes, be warned! If you like an idea but if one particular thing is something you aren't comfortable writing, talk about it and I'm sure we can work something out. I'm flexible!

    For simplicity's sake, I'll stick to 'YC' 'MC' in the descriptions. If there is no specification, then any role is up for grabs and I don't mind playing either!

    *Taken*Idea 1: Loosely-based Indian or Arabian themes, fantasy-setting involving royalty. MC has the task of guarding YC, a prince, and has been doing a fine job of it for the past four years. However, he's hidden something from his young charge - and it's something he's not proud of. Before he becomes the prince's right hand man, there was an incident between YC and MC's homelands. Four years prior, a rogue lieutenant of YC's kingdom sent the orders to pillage MC's village, killing what they could in their path. The lieutenant only received a slap on the wrist, whereas MC lost his wife and was separated from his children. In both grief and rage, MC decides that he will take back what was stolen from him, and with a band of men alike they begin to plan the assassination of YCs royal family. However, against everything he's planned, MC has made an impermeable bond with YC in ways he didn't expect. Now, what was once his target is now the one he'd give his life for.

    *Taken* Idea 2: Medeival/fantasy-esque. Contains incest; MC is the youngest brother (however many siblings can be discussed), YC is the eldest and either a military man or a crusader. The two have always had the best of bonds their entire lives, but MC never took YC leaving well at all and writes him every chance he gets. Now that MC has come of age, he can only avoid marriage for so long and out of distress writes to YC begging him to come home and reason with their mother and father. YC has never been pressured to marry, as he's constantly traveling and on leave, but when he hears that his youngest brother is refusing and wants nothing for his return he can't help but worry and do what he's asked. Their parents want YC to encourage marriage, while MC wants his side on the argument. When YC does return, (after perhaps a year and a half since last seeing one another), MC isn't the same boyish brother that he remembers, and YC is heaven-sent to mine. Now there's some unexpected feelings and lingering touches, but that isn't what he came to do, and it's leaving both of them confused.

    Idea 3: MC is responsible for the transport and supply of alcohol into an underground speakeasy during the Prohibition Era and has danced around the law as if it were an artform. YC is the sheltered son of a fierce bureau agent who enforces the law at all costs. He comes from a family of wealth and class, and there would be severe consequences if the family name was disturbed. Despite the authoritarian rules of YC's father, the two meet when YC can't help but become curious of the parties and secret clubhouses that he hears so much about and decides to stray from his family's influences. MC is more than happy to show him what it's like away from the upper-class to live and let loose.

    Idea 4 pt. 1: Wild West; Set in the gun-slinging days where every man lived for themselves under their own moral code. One character is a criminal who has weaseled his way out of the eyes of the law and finds work with a peaceful rancher in the town over. The criminal lies about his name, conceals his weapons, and says that he's a weary traveler and will exchange work for food and a cot to sleep in. The rancher is happy to accept the offer, as he no longer has a hand that can help with all of the work. However, the past has a funny way of catching up, and the criminal can only stretch the truth so far. The rancher could be alone, or have young children if that's of interest.

    *Taken* Idea 4 pt. 2: Wild West; Instead of only one criminal, both our characters are outlaws - mean ones at that and are ruthless in getting what they're after. They will pillage, kill, trample over anyone in their way (or at least one of them will have no issue with it). They have to run from the law for their lives on a day-to day basis, staying in one spot for too long is dangerous. Yet when they start to have feelings for one another, will they embrace the thrilling life of danger... or want to settle somewhere they won't be shot, hung, or arrested for whatever else they're wanted for?

    Idea 5: Late 1700s-early 1800s France or Italy, Circus: MC is either part of an elite or seedy circus that travels through Europe, and while he puts up a front of loving his work, he wants nothing more than to lead a normal life like the people who attend the shows. So when YC is dragged along to see a performance and is either impressed or appalled by the conditions, MC finds a way to get YC to help him escape.

    *Taken* Idea 6: Multiple characters needed and can either be modern or non-modern; They say family is forever, but what if it wasn't always so? What if, instead of being born into one, you were chosen? A group of characters bound together into a 'forced family' of sorts, some more content to be there than others. Either way they are the kidnapped, and Character A has no intention of letting them leave. Main character B is the newest, and he'll have to learn real quick that character A isn't a force to be trifled with.

    More plots may be added later!

    Past or non-modern
    Pirates (enemies, captain, or crew)
    Nobility or Royalty
    Interracial (be it actual races or fantasy races depending)
    1700 or 1800 Europe
    Vampires (Maybe, talk to me about it and you may be able to convince me)
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  2. I really like idea number six and would love to play character B. And of course I can play multiple characters :3
  3. I'll PM you about it :)
  4. I'd love to do Idea 2!
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