Males vs Females count to 1000

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  1. Males -1, Females +1, Gender-neutral either way.

    Male goal: -1000
    Female goal: +1000
    Count returns to 0 when you've reached either number. Message me if you want me to announce your win.


    Male: 999
    Female: 998
    Female: 997
    Male: 998

    etc, etc. I'll start:

  2. +2, because I feel like it.
  3. you guys need help counting to 1000? I mean.
    It's pretty easy once you get to the first hundred, you know? Pretty much repeats itself.
    Still, don't say I never helped you guys out, okay?
    Try this.
  4. xD

    +2 :3 (let's see if this gets rolling)
  5. Just trying to ensure we never actually win this game. ;)

  6. +6 whoa there, gettin' ahead of ourselves, eh? :3
  7. lols +1000 jokes
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.