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  1. Title says it all. My blog currently has six (now down to four) male characters that I'm willing to use. Each of them has a small background and a few potential ideas. I'm willing to roleplay any of them.

    Quick stuff:
    m/f only with this,
    mature = eh, maybe, takes convincing,
    sharing your ideas if you think my character might fit elsewhere (I have no problem with this),
    fantasy (modern/medieval/future/post-apoc/steampunk),
    cool lady characters to get along with mine (or maybe not, if that's the course of the roleplay).

    My Manly Men (listed alphabetically by last name, not order of desire to be played):

    Aerin Belsaiven
    (one idea, one taken)

    Shea Devereux
    (two ideas, two taken)

    Keiran Hir-Morana
    (two ideas, one taken)

    Valen Lockhart
    (two ideas, two taken)

    Aiden Stille
    (two ideas, one taken)

    Saraph Vireo
    (three ideas, three taken)

    Click the links to check them out, and if one of them catches your eye, post here or pop me a message. :3
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  2. Like the Valen Lockhart setting, I will send you a pm, if that is okay?
  3. Go for it. :3
  4. There are plenty more to go around! :D

    totally not whoring them out why would I ever do that
  5. I like the second idea for Saraph. Pm me?
  6. I'm interested in the first idea for Shea. Still open?
  7. Yep. :3 he's still open. If you want to message me, we can talk it over.
  8. I LOVE Saraph Vireo's 1st idea <3
  9. That one is already taken. I forgot to update my post. >< that's my own fault. If you're interested in Saraph still, maybe we can do his third idea or come up with another one.
  10. awe :( well if you post an updated version of the lists I can see if I'm interested in any one else :)
  11. My first post is completely up to date, along with my blog. :3
  12. kk thanks :) I'll go take a look now.
  13. I like Keiran's idea but I kinda got lost reading it >.< Saraph's remaining idea is sorta interesting too... :/
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