Maleficent Magicks

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  1. Description: Magicks are known throughout the world of Drakonspire as good, and if they turn evil? Well, you have to save them of course. Feel anger, fangirl, hatred, and good in this RP.

    Genre: Fantasy

    Places: In the world of Drakonspire, there are 7 kingdoms. Elvortell Kingdom, home to many of Drakonspire's population. I'm too lazy to create the names of the other 6 kingdoms, so if you wish to create a name for it, please start a conversation with me.

    Main Characters: I've come to a conclusion that there will be as many main characters as you wish to be. My character:

    Name: Isabelle Selim
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Description: Ash black hair and warm brown eyes. Wears a silk white dress and a woven gold leaf headpiece.
    Personality: Bold, spiteful, brave, caring, smart, thoughtful, and loving.


    Name: Aztec
    Gender: Gelding
    Age: 13
    Description: A smart caring black stallion with a white star and white socks.

    So yeah, that's basically it. :applause:


    - You may cuss a little in this roleplay, but not too much
    - You can make up things, like some kind of attack (ex; fire fist)
    - Ok, let's try to make things a little PG 15, instead of 18+. I do NOT want to see that. I mean, of course there's romance and stuff.


    Main Characters
    - Isabelle Selim

    Additional Characters
    (I don't really know)
  2. It might be a good idea to add some actual information about the RP. At the moment, potential players have absolutely no idea what this RP is about. The only information we have is that there are 7 kingdoms, and judging by the title, it's a magical setting.
  3. Yeah, I cut it off, I don't know why. I'll add more information, thanks for that.
  4. A gust of wind blew at Isabelle's face as she shielded herself with her arm, the other leading Aztec. Together, they ventured through the lanky fields of wheat. Beads of perspiration began to appear on Isabelle's face, and although high wind blew from every direction, it was still sweltering. "Alrighty, Aztec. We're almost there, hang on there bud." She declared as they marched. The equine nickered, as if to seemingly agree with her. And then, they came to a dead end.

    Well... Isabelle thought as she felt her mouth go dry. That was probably the most immense scream I've ever said. "Issy?!" Isabelle swerved her head backward to see her father, Jacobe Selim rush toward her, his golden straw hat flapping wildly behind him. The image searing into her mind, Isabelle almost giggled. "Dad! Watch out for the dead end!" She let out a shrill shriek. Jacobe skidded to a stop and motioned for her to wait. "I'll be back in a few minutes. Take a break and play with Aztec. I'm going to cut some of the wheat, and I'll take this." Isabelle handed the basket full of freshly baked bread to her father and patted Aztec's sweaty neck as Jacobe ran toward their cottage.
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