Male x Male , Rape Roleplay.

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  1. Chracter you will be working with should you respond
    Name: Riley Hirgunyoung
    Age: 26 (i know that;s it little older but it plays into the plot)
    Bio: He tends to be at the bottom and at the top, Depending one where he is and who he is with he can either light up a room when he walks in or he can sit in the back and hide. He Has Ocd so things tend to be difficult when it comes to order and such for him everything needs to be just so with his O.C.D , His O.C.D is balanced out with, even numbers and symmetry. He tend to not speak or Be close with his parents despite how loving and accepting people they are, No body ever knew why he never really bonded with his parents, and his parents do not know either, they took him to therapy , Councilor, even family psychology but they never found a reason, so they gave up once he turned 16, In their grief of their only child not really having an insterest in them they had another, his little sister Ariel.

    Plot: Their are alot of gaps In Riley;s life that were never asnwered or filled , so he fills the multiple gaps in his personality;s and relationships with self inflicted pain in a healthy mannor, or Pain in the bedroom..which is where (________) Come;s in. Riley see;s (__________) as someone who can solve him, Someone who can fill in all these gaps he had his whole life.
    so he dangerously persues him in a rather unseemly manor, saying he will do what ever this person wants of him for how ever long, if He can answer one question.

    *Wanna find out what the question is?*
    Notes: if you like to think deep, and love dramatic deep plots please respond, i will be sure to surprise you, thrill you, make you cry, make you luagh, make you angry , all the good things so please feel free to reply if your confused about the (_______) You put your character;s name in that blank.

    I want A very intense , drama filled story, but i also really want to be sub, I get sick of being a dominant and want to be a submissive....At time's, not all the time.... ., but at time's, so this mean this might be a switch pair at one point so yes the dominant person does not have to always be the dominant person cuse i might step up and turn the tables. 0.o I Prefer Male X Male

    So i want a Dominant that will tie me up and do terrible things to me, if your one who has a light heart , who cant write about hurting people, then this plot will not be for you.

    I want their to be a very cruel lover , In my plot line, but one that can be sweet as well ,not all cruel all the time, of course Lolz.

    Know this person(or My character) will not be a slave, nor a kidnapped victim, Nor someone trapped in prison, or trapped anywhere for that matter, they will bring this upon themselves due to their inability to problem slove. This Rp will be strange in the sense that most of things that happen could be avoided if my character had common logic, which is where the comedy come;s in.

    If you not on very often ,take more then a day or two to respond on multiple occasion or like to drop off the face of the earth after i set up a link, please dont reply , it makes me and everyone who has the same circumstances as me on this site, really angry, if you not gonna stay and respond to it, please don't sign up for it, now breaks and slips up's of life are fine we all have lives i understand ^.^ I just need to know why your gone and that you leaving so I'm not waiting forever, for you to respond, and i will do the same for you out of courtesy.
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  2. Name: Gilligin Ross
    Age: 26
    Bio: He grew up as a millitary mans son. Never allowed to go out an d 'play' as a kid his father beat him ruthlessly. Years of beatings toughenednot only his hard exterior but his mind. Closing the world out was his choice. He found pleasure in the way his father had beaten him, experimenting he tried it on his prey. Meeting women and men after months of talking, planning he gotinto controlling them. HIs touch was never gentel but he tried hard to never leave a mark.
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  3. Perfect X)
  4. This is still open Ps. So if other's want to reply feel free X)
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