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  1. WARNING : I am very explicit in these Plot their will be
    Intense blood gore
    Very Explicit Consensual and Non-Consensual Sex and S&M

    If any of these things Will prevent you from wanting to play run away Now XD Pre-rape Is AS Auriasan Said the chracter denies it but secretly wants it. XD If you still here read on

    This Plot idea is not me , I found It in Iwaku Grave yard Request and loved it , I will the proper creator of the plot her due I have asked her for permissoin but weeks have passed and i dont belive she is an active user anymore none the less , It is not mine I give the credit for this Brillant plot to its rightful maker


    I would like to be the submissive and will further add to this amazeing plot

    How to Kill People 101
    MC is an early college student, a nobody on campus and a complete loner. No one finds him particularly creepy, but then again, most people don't even know he exists. It doesn't bug him much and, honestly, it makes his nighttime hobby a little easier for him. You see, the quiet college boy is a diligent student by day and a serial killer by night, taking out the 'scum of the earth' while everyone else is asleep. YC, another college student, manages to find out what he's been doing and approaches him on campus one day. However, instead of threatening to turn him in, he asks to become the killer's accomplice

    How to kill people 101 Chracter
    Name: Jensen

    I have many other plot idea i crave to do,

    I would like to do a spin off from wicked the musical and frozen the disney movie. The genral idea of both Plots Is what im useing. A person with hidden power , But Not ice Blood :) Which is much much more on edge and dangerous , Imagine if you could control blood but had no control over this cursed power it would make you into someone dreadful and Evil , After Mc loses control and kills your chracter's Lover, Family member ,( Someone of your chooseing ) And goes missing you chracter Vows Revenge the king and queen Hire your chracter to find mine and Kill Him , You must come back to the king and queen with a heart in a box (Old school snow white XD In here ) Will you become a prisoner and fall for your most hated Enemy. Will be a dominant in this one but wouldnt care if i had to be submissive

    Wicked /Frozen spin off Character
    name: Salus (named after roman roman Goddess of salvation XD)
    Age: 18

    After getting into the house of night series by cristen and P.c Cast I would like to my own Little spin off the original plot as a whole is theirs , I am putting a spin on it

    Teacher X Student

    This is not regular teacher and this is no regular student. In the school Of Finder, only Changed Creatures Called Night walker's Dwel Humans , Do not go to these school. To enter The Campus House of finder's One must frist be marked. When marked each student's Emblem burns into a place on their body the most comment place In the v neck line of the chest but In other cases the marks Brun into the forehead back wrist and Fore arms , and In the rarest case Their tongue. Once choosen the Once human Teen Is booted out of Human Soceity and Into the Soceity of the night walkers. Night walker live for longer periods of time thens humans , They do not burn in the sun they are not vampire's they are Night walkers When in the sun they grow weary but not weak a night walker's eyes is adapted better to darkness and the light of the moon then the lgiht of the sun.

    One the night walker had been Assisned to their campus In their state they live on campus. In this school is a wide selctoin of classes good and bad , Night walker can choose to inbrace the light of the moon or shadow step into darkness, Their is both light and dark Night walker , the dark tend to bring good by accepting the affinity to the darkness , The lights Reek havoc With their powers and Curses they have been given affinity's too.

    The profferer at The school of finding , Are wise and Ageless and grown Night walker all of them skilled in dark and light arts to the highest degree each teacher like every night walker does have a strong point an affinity to an element of lights or an element of darks.

    I would like to be a submissive In both plots yes that means the proffeser would be the submissive , I can switch and play a dominant proffeser if you really like the idea and Dont want to play a dominat i understand comepletely

    If i am the teacher
    Name: Trent
    Age:25 (had harder time getting respevt becuase he close in age to his students)

    If I am Student
    Human Name:Tony
    Night walker name:Ronan

    other plots I like to do (I Hope you enjoyed the picutures Visuals Are fun :) Hope You nejoy my Picture book Request XD)
    Batman X Superman

    Badman X Nightwing

    Anime pairings


    England X America

    Italy X germany

    Russia X China

    Hope i get some bite :)
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  2. I am actually quite interested in your Wicked /Frozen spin off.
  3. Awesome :) Just to warn you Very Im a very expilcit Mature rp'er their will be
    Intense Gore
    And Pre-(If you dont like the R word unconsentual sex :) ))
    Is that alright With you I can mild it down a little bit If certain things on the list freak you out to much
  4. Well, hmm, for the r word stuff could it just be that he denies all of it and what not, but actually likes it?
  5. yes that what Pre- Means :) That is perfectly Fine
  6. You know what I am interested in the first idea and the Frozen idea. I've never seen Wicked though.

    Hell I wouldn't mind doing both even. :D
  7. Awesome :) We can do both If you would Like

    So On the frist Idea are you A dominant or a Submissive? They are switchies So it would switch but if Your Uncomftrable being a dominat i completly Understand

    And Id Love to do the frozen One as well wanna further Discuss it In a Pm Or can I open The two Threads and Post the Links Here
  8. I feel better when the roles switch, fighting for dominance type of deal.

    You can go ahead and post the threads if you wish unless there is anything you would like to dicuss?
  9. Oh yeah I knew that. >.> I was just really tired last night.
  10. That fine Let me know if you want to Dicuss things Futher ausriasan or if want me to open a thread for us.
  11. I think that would be just about it. I'm usually used to doing character sheets but that is entirely up to you.
  12. Awesome ill post it real fast then send you the link In a Pm

    I Like to make Pm's so that way if one of us cant understand a post or wants to something big we can talk about :) It
  13. That is totally fine by me
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