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  1. Hai! I am personally looking for a female partner interested in medieval roleplay, and due to this site's rules, preferably female. I personally am a straight male, but am capable of having slightly bisexual male or female characters, albeit in this scenario I will no doubt have a male character... What I feel like doing does adjust to the other person and their desires to an extent, albeit whilst still matching my own...

    Here's a basic guide on the terminology I use, and also my style of roleplay... (CLICK)

    My lore is something I generally explain in chat, but to give a basic understanding, it is a medieval fantasy lore centered around humans, with only one other currently established race.. I establish more details to the lore as it goes on, and make it an adventure in it of itself.. I like to lead characters on an adventure, rather than just play it like an RPG.

    If you are even somewhat interested but need more information, just let me know!
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  2. Hello sir! I am very much interested in this Roleplay though I do need a tad more information as far was what precisely you're looking for. I play females only.. well.. with the exception of male NPC's or things of that nature. I didn't see a length restriction or guide. I tend to post one solid paragraph.
  3. Ah, I understand... Well, I'll probably wait a small while and see who I see as the most fit for what I think would work. Thanks!
  4. That's completely understandable. I hope you find what you're looking for!
  5. I would love this, if you haven't found anyone else yet. I know I don't have any role plays going yet that you can look at for reference, but I've been writing a long time and if you don't like my style once we start, I won't be offended if you'd like to stop.
  6. i'm interested and i'd play female
  7. Medieval you say? I would be very happy to play either male or female characters. I am quite fascinated with this time period and I would enjoy an ARP immensely. I would be able to post multiple times a day.
  8. Hello! I am interested in this type of rp. It is a bit vague, and I'd like to know the plot, but before you bother with that here's my rp style

    I do and expect at least 2-3 paragraphs minimum, generally keeping to more.
    Decent grammar.
    Creative freedom to a degree.
    I am generally pretty active when i'm on, but my schedule's a bit funny, so I can be patient too.
    I usually play female, but am willing to play a male character as well, of any sexuality for both sexes.

    lemme know if it sounds like we'd mesh well ^-^
  9. Well this could be fun I enjoy a good adventure just as much as the next person but need a little more information but I also only play female in role unless its an NPC I can do that as well. Please let me know if you are still looking.
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