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  1. We are from different worlds

    That's the theme I want to go by with this rp. Each plot brings together each character from a different world into one world. This will be a romance themed rp. So 18 and older only.

    Plot 1: Werewolf X Vampire

    Plot 2: Werewolf X Human

    Plot 3: Human X Vampire

    Plot 4: Ghost X Human

    Plot 5: Gangster X Kidnapped victim

    Plot 6: Creator X Created

    Plot 7: Lamp Holder X Genie

    Plot 8: Brother X Sister

    Plot 9: Demon X Human

    Plot 10: Demon X Priest

    Plot 11: Mistress x Butler

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  2. I'd be interested in your Werewolf x Human or Werewolf x Vampire
  3. Still looking
  4. Looking at the werewolf x human if you'd be interested to discuss about it in the PM
  5. Hmmmmmm creator and created sounds like fun if your still interested
  6. Of course I'm up for it ^^
  7. Still interested
  8. Just pm me I'm always interested :)
  9. Still looking
  10. Still looking :)
  11. Brother x Sister / Father x Daughter. I'm into age play themes.
  12. Send me a pm and we can get started
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.