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Male wanted for hybrid rp!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Brie_Marie06, Jul 8, 2014.

  1. Hello there! I'd live to do an rp involving a male and a female kitten hybrid! If you're interested, please let me know:) thanks a bunch!

    Plot:"This is Brie, she's one of our finest," the auctioneer introduced me to the crowd. I stared wide eyed at the large amount of people, wondering which one would be taking me home with them. "She's a kitten hybrid with blonde hair and big grey eyes. Her ears and tail are slightly darker than her hair, and she stands at about five foot two." I wrapped my hands around the bars of my cramped cage and stood on my toes trying to get a better view of everyone. "She's available for any use you may have for her; she's very playful and is always up for anything. She's a very curious one, and often gets into mischief, but who's to say she can't be taught?" There was a lot of nodding and mumbling going on throughout the crowd, but I couldn't really make sense of it. All I knew was that someone, probably a man, was going to buy me and I was going to have a new home. All I could hope for was that he would be more kind to me than my last owner. "Let's start the bidding at forty thousand dollars!"
  2. This is interesting. I was wondering what direction you were looking for?