Male role-play partner needed!!!

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  1. Here's a list of some of the role-plays that I would absolutely love to do, but if there are other plots and changes that you would want to make if you're interested in role-playing with me, then that's find, just let me know! Thanks!:)

    • Step brother and sister
    -they dated before their parents even met and got married, but then the brother cheated on her and she hasn't liked him since then but they start to get closer and develop feelings for each other again
    • Two best friends
    - they're going on a road trip to the mountains and staying in a cabin during the winter and the boy has always had feelings for the girl but she never realized it until the trip and realized she likes him too
    • Brother's best friend
    -I don't know how to explain this one really, but it's pretty simple, I hope. The brothers best friend developed feelings for his friends sister and the same the other way around.

    These are just a few ideas that I really like. The first two are my favorite and it lime the last one a lot too. If you're interested in these, or even if you have different ideas, please let me know! Leave a reply, PM me, anything. Lol just let me know if you'd like to role-play with me, please! Thanks!:)