[ Male partner request] [FxM] New and eager to start a story.


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" If you like Pina Colada,
Writing stuff when it rains,
If you are into role play,
While enjoying Champagne,
If you obsess about creating plots at midnight
Sewn with thrills and eloquence
Then I am the partner that you've looked for
Write to me and escape "

I am really excited to be here with you, beautiful people! It's my first time on a role play site. I hope to get the hang of this ^_^.

I write for my own pleasure from time to time, but I am really looking forward to do it with someone, and challenge them and getting challenged back with plot twists, difficult situations to escape through, lustful scenes and the list goes on. I want to write with a male partner.

A bit about myself: Female, age - 30 and unashamed, I like to read mangas ( mostly because I find value in the quality of the stories and prefer them to TV Series)
When I write I like to listen to CyberPunk synth.
Favourite mangas : Monster, Erased, The Promised Neverland, The Fable, Canon, The night of the beasts.

I usually write about this vampire character of mine, Liv. However I am not hooked on vampires ( I just think it's hot form of super human, and I am mostly influenced by Vampire The masquarade )
I am open to themes, all I will state that I want strong willed MC's. Other than that, I am open to try something new. I mean, let's improvise on the spot and see where it takes us ^_^

I am not a native English speaker and I make a lot of typos ( mostly because I write in NotePad - no spell check ). I do appreciate when I am made aware of my typos, or grammar errors, and whatnot.

Can't wait to discover your world and share this passion in creating stories.
Make me think of nothing else but writing back to you at times when I should focus on my job. I definitely want to blow your mind and ignite inspiration in you that you were not aware you possessed.

A dance of words
With thrills and ... swords
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