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  1. Okie so I'm a little tired of the whole master slave thing but i still realy like that idea so i wanna give it a twist: A CEO's daughter who lives in the mansion while said father is out traveling the world, the most handsome (and probably youngest) butler on staff who is her main butler, kind of a secretary i guess, he's like her shadow. Anyway, she is kind of a bitch to him, she teases him in seductive ways, but then he gets fed up with it and takes advantage of her, making her call him master, and she finds out....she likes it. so in short by day, he's her butler, but behind closed doors, he's her master.

    Name: Eveangeline "Eve" Tsukizawa (Her deceased mother is Japanese and said mansion is in Japan and in the traditional Japanese style)
    Age: Early 20's
    Appearance (open)
  2. Sure I'd give it a go ^_^ Do you have a preference as to how the butler should be? I'm thinking not too young and not too old. Also it would be quite interesting if he's not overtly "handsome" but not the unattractive kind either. He has to have the kind of trait that would make her inherently want to tease him knowing full well he can't do much about it... or so she thought.
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  3. Hmm~ well i think handsome was the wrong word, maybe cute or adorable, he's gotta look harmless which is why she teases him xD
  4. Ah maybe I'd be like this one.

    Name: Arata Fukamori
    Age: Mid 20s but looks quite young ^^;
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  5. hmm~ i guess he'll do~
  6. I'm open to other appearances if you have something in mind. I just came up with it on a whim since I'm so sleepy ^^; maybe we can start it up tomorrow after I get back from work.
  7. BUMPER, im still accepting other requests~!
  8. I would love to give this a go! Sounds very fun!
  9. Coolio send me a pm :3
  10. I would be willing to do this.
  11. are you still looking for rp partners?
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