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  1. So below are a list of Fandom topics that I would like to role play out. I am new to this site but far from new to roleplaying, with 10+ years experience. I average 3 paragraphs per character (I do prefer to double in fandom role playing) so please, do only apply if you can give a minimum of two paragraphs per character. I don't like anything anime, or emo or anything like that. Also, I do ask that you stick to the character as they are in the book/show/film and not change them. I do not do all OC's in a fandom universe, I find this gets very boring or just doesn't work. I would also prefer my partner to be 18+.

    I can play any character and will stick to how they were created. So next to the title I have listed who I would like a potential partner to play, paired with my OC.

    If you're after something that is not listed, just ask :)

    Vikings (Rollo, Ragnar)
    Harry Potter (Sirius Black, Viktor Krum, Harry Potter, Cormac McLaggen, Fred Weasley, Blaise Zabini)
    LOST (Sawyer)
    Spartacus (Gannicus)
    The Avengers (Thor)
    The Hunger Games (Gale, Finnick)
    True Blood (Eric, Alcide)
    The Tudors (King Henry VIII, Charles Brandon)
    Pirates of the Caribbean (Jack Sparrow)
    Camelot (Gawain)

    King Arthur (Dagonet)
  2. I'll happily play Thor if you'd return the favor and play Tony Stark for my OC?
  3. I most certainly will. Send me a PM to discuss more (:
  4. I'll totally play Fred for you if you want.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.