Male needed for (primairely) mental domination

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  1. Hi guys,

    Alright, here's the idea. I would be a psychologist helping people dealing with traumatic expierences. In what setting, I don't know. Maybe a company, maybe the firefighters... dunno, we'll work that out.

    The idea is that your a goodlooking, strong willed, dominant and manipulative male and i'm supposed to help you out with something (fill in the problem you have, a sex addiction would be ironic :p ). Though I'm supposed to be the most stable one mentally wise, the male will slowly but surely hook his claws in me/the woman and will try to control her. This, obviously, in a very subtle way so the woman/I will start doubting myself at first. I don't shy away from sex, though I know i'm submissive with that anyway, so I'd like to try it without sex at first. Perhaps some teasing or vague promises, but it's about the mental part at first.

    Don't expect me to bow after the 3th post, cause I want this to be a long rp, detailed, intense and draining my imagination. It has to be a challenge and I'm certainly not the most easy woman to get along with.
    Just a heads up :-)

    It's a RP i've been wanting to do for a really long time now.... make sure you fit the profile perfectly else you ruin it for me :p

    Few simple rules:

    - Same lenght posts. I post long posts, up to 3 or 4 para's. If I get 2 sentences back, I can't realy work with it.
    - Decent grammar. I know mine is far from perfect, but I atleast try.
    - Post preferably on daily basis, even better if it's more then once a day. I'll make sure I'll do the same.
    - RP is in PM. I've two threats, one for the RP itself and one for the OOC chatter/questions.

    So.... shoot me a PM if interested :-)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.