Male/Male + Dominate Female and Submissive Males

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  1. I play the submissive male in every role play. (Or possibly a shemale, or a male with penis, testicles and boobs).

    Jacob (Jake) Phillip Summers has fallen on hard times. He cheated on his girlfriend Anna, and she had her father sue him on bogus charges. His reputation was ruined and he couldn't be hired for a good paying job.

    Jake was persuaded to go into porn. He's taken to what he thinks is a Porn audition and he is mysteriously vanished into another world, an alien world. He is raped and brutally emasculated before being made into a concubine.

    Your character would be his owner. me.jpg
  2. I am interested in this, though I am not well at playing dominant. I can try.

    To ask about the aliens, will they look human?
  3. Yes. :D
    Some might not, but no one who looks completely bizarre and inhuman will be involved in the sexual activities.

  4. That's completely fine. I was wondering after a roleplay I once had. The aliens looked nothing like a human and it confused me.

    Pm me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.