Male looking for yet another female partner

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  1. Rules first :)

    1. Please be able to post at least once a day. (Exception can be made. Sometimes life interferes with storytelling)

    2. Do your best to use proper grammar and spelling. (I fail at this too at times so I am understanding)

    3. Post at least two paragraphs, the more the better.

    4. Be willing to bring your own ideas to the table. (We are a team and as such, I love to work with my teammates on building the story)

    Okay here is what I need

    The pairing:

    Human (My Character) x Succubus (Your Character)

    What I nene from you as a player:
    I need you to be sexually aggressive BUT passive every other time. Succubi feed off of sexual energy. So just like a human is aggressive food wise when they're hungry so are Succubi.

    Here is the plot:
    Succubi were once royalty in a time where fairy tale creatures and nightmares existed out in the open. When humans revolted in fear of the fairy tale creatures and nightmares driving them into the shadows, most of the Succubi were murdered along with the only race capable of surviving the feeding of Succubi, the Kai.

    Now, thousands of years later in the modern world, fairy tales and nightmares blend in in hopes of just surviving. Word spreads that a succubus has arrived in town as bodies begin to pile up. And a young detective is put on the case.

    What happens when he meets his murderer at a bar, is seduced, sleeps with her and survives? Will she share him with other Succubi in order to ensure the survival of her race? Will she keep him to herself so as to protect the only Kai known to exist? And what happens when the Hunters pick up her trail?

    If I've struck your fancy and you have questions and/or would like to participate in is story, please, shoot me a Private Message.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.