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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm new to the web sight so still trying to figure everything out so bear with me. But I'm looking to start up some rp's naturally.

    I'm active so will be replying multiple times threw out the day and semi- lit to lit so my posts will be minimum of two paragraphs and usually more then that but it all depends on what I have to work with.

    That being said I am looking for rp partners that are at least somewhat active. I know people have lives so cant be on all the time but a reply or two a day is not so much to ask for.

    As well as I don't do one liners very well I tend to loss interest really quickly and just drop the roleplay because I feel like I'm not getting anything at all from the effort I'm giving to it, Which I find fair anyway.

    Anyway away from that portion of it I am pretty open with the types of rp's I'm interested in pretty much willing to try anything at least once in way of plotting. So if you have an idea you want to try even if its not on the list I'm about to put on here, and I'll most likely be happy to try it out with you!

    With that the parings I have tried and like so far are:

    Human/ Mythical creature (vampire, werewolf, Etc)
    Mythical creature/ Mythical creature
    Slave/ Mistress
    Prince/ Princess
    Elemental knights
    Pirate captain/ Pirate crew
    Teacher/ student

    Like I said not very picky so by all means give me more ideas if you have them :)

    Some plots from books/ movies I like that I've enjoyed. I dont like to use the characters from them however just take the general plot from it please

    Harry potter
    House of night
    Percy jackson and the Olympians
    Mortal instruments
    Highschool of the dead
    Chronicles of Nick
    Hunger games

    I'm sure there are more I'll update it as I figure out the list. But as far as limits I tend to not really have much short of the more over the line things like feces, urine being overboard with the abuse issue things like that. If you need more clarification just ask and I'll let you know.

    I don't mind either way whether or not its PM or posted on thread. Though honestly have not had a rp over thread yet so idk how well I'll keep up with it just yet. But I doubt there would be an issue if there is I'll let you know

    I'm also not big on furries but I have been playing around with making characters for it so I am willing to do rps for it but just be warned I'm not really experienced with it.

    Well I think thats about it. Thanks everyone hope I get messages soon!
  2. Hmm i like to do Master/Slave Kidnapper/kidnapped and Human/ Mythical creature also Maybe just maybe Brother/Sister
  3. The first idea sounds great actually. What kinda creature did you have in mind for the rp? did you want to be the human or mythical creature?
  4. i like to be human if that's ok?
  5. Sure thats perfectly fine with me. Shall we move this to PM then? or would you like to do the rp on a thread?
  6. Haha lets move to the Pm's ^_^
  7. If you're interested, I'd like to do teacher/student, prince/princess, or kidnapper/kidnapped.
  8. If you are still looking for some one. I do not mind doing Father/Sister Master/Slave, Kidnapper/Kidnapped
  9. Here's an idea.

    Prince x Dragoness 8D

    Not sure if you'd like to give it a try or not. Let me know~!
  10. That sounds like that could be fun :) and I'm always looking for new people to rp with I'll message you in just a sec then!
  11. I'd you are still interested ill do a brotherxsister with you
  12. I would loves to do something based off the house of night.
  13. I saw you were interested in Percy Jackson and I was wondering if you would be interested in a Greek Mythology role play ( Not Percy Jackson because a lot of the mythology in Percy jackson is not correct)
  14. I'd love to look into starting an rp with you. But I am not gonna be avail to get far into it tonight
  15. That's fine. Pm me when you get a chance,
  16. I would love to roleplay any of these with you.

    Human/ Mythical creature (vampire, werewolf, Etc)

    Highschool of the Dead
  17. Harry Potter the next generation with original characters?
  18. Would you be interested in doing a spin off of Maximum Ride or the Golden Compass?
  19. Always up for Master/slave rp...I know others have already responded so no biggy but figured I would just mention it for later time. I don't usually rp as human characters however....but willing to give it a go if you like.
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