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  1. So, I think I'd like to step out of my boundaries a little and try my hand at a male protagonist whether he be gay or straight! Therefore, if someone who usually plays female lead or prefers to and doesn't mind a newbie playing their love interest, please check out my roleplay resume and we can talk! Keep in mind the guidelines I'm posting down below and the content ratings.

    1.) Be patient with me. I'm dually enrolled in a collegiate high school program so that means double the homework (i.e. high school and college homework) so my replies will be slow. The minimum seems to be one post a week, if any at all. Don't nag me for posts, I'll keep in touch and I want you to do so as well.

    2.) If you can mirror post with little to no "fluff", advance the story with action, and put in lots of sensory details and vivid imagery, that's great! I usually type around the equivalent of semi-novella replies (around 4-7 paragraphs), so I would appreciate it if you do so as well.

    3.) I can understand typos. What I can't understand is grammar, punctuation, and spelling that is obviously wrong and disturbing. Therefore, keep them to a minimum and to the best of your ability.

    4.) I am selective with my partners. If your writing style isn't what I'm looking for, please don't be offended. There are plenty of others who would be willing to roleplay with you.

    5.) Be collaborative during plot creation and during the story itself. I don't want to be the only one driving the story forward with awesome plot twists, crazy action, et cetera.

    6.) I am a sucker for pretty posts. Character banners would be awesome but they're optional because I don't have knowledge on making them. However, the least I request of you is color coded speech and a colored fieldset. It has helped me distinguish immensely between the main character and secondary characters.

    7.) If you only play males or only play females, I suggest you step away from here.

    Other than that, please, if you're willing to let a newbie play a male lead, I will do my best not to disappoint! Keep in mind though, that if you want to do a male x male, I will be the 'submissive' one in the relationship. No exceptions there.
  2. Anyone interested? :)
  3. Anyone willing to try this out with me? :)
  4. I'd be willing. Let me take a look at your roleplay resume.
  5. @DOMEN Sorry hon. I don't think our writing styles will work well together. T^T

    Thank you for the interest though.
Thread Status:
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