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  1. Hello! I signed up here some time ago and shortly lost interest in rping in general, but lately I've had the urge to start back up again.

    I have loads of ideas from fantasy to modern, with all sorts of pairings and juicy plots. I play tons of characters, but I generally play female roles for main characters in M/F pairings, sorry but I'm not a guy, I have no idea what goes through their minds when they're doing the deed.

    Anywho! I would like someone who is willing to give me books...okay, not really, but I do like detailed posts with lots of juicy adjectives and descriptions. I also like stories with lots of twists, turns and emotional roller coasters. No love at first site though, that gets really boring fast.

    Now, onto my ideas. =D

    Better than fiction (open)
    Two people mysteriously land into the world of their favorite book (Can be a real one or made up) and learn that they can change the way the story goes through their actions.

    Can you love me? (open)
    She's always been shy and bashful, but there was always one special person who could bring out her true personality, her best friend. It the summer after their senior year of high school and they're both preparing to head off to college. Before they go their separate ways, they decide to go on vacation together, during that time she realizes that she has fallen in love with him, but will she have the strength to tell him?

    Rocker's Dream (open)
    She's perfect. Gorgeous, smart, funny, everything a normal guy would fall for. Add one rock star who's been with every woman that's thrown themselves at him. She wants nothing to do with him. He only wants her more because of it, and he's willing to do whatever it takes to make her his.(Pending)

    The ex of my brother is my friend (open)
    She thought she had the perfect relationship. That is until the moment she walked in on her fiance sleeping with her best friend. He is her ex's older, hotter brother who has had a crush on her since they first met. When she's has no place to go after the breakup, he offers to let her stay at his place. Little does she know though, he's got more on his mind than being her roommate.

    Teacher's Pet (open)
    She's had her heart broken by her first love, and she's barely hanging onto her sanity by focusing on her classes. He's noticed her depression, seen the way that she looks as if she's about to burst out into tears at any given moment. Taking it upon himself to learn her story, she begins to open up to him and soon they become close. That closeness turns into something else that neither are prepared for. The problem is, do they ignore it? Or do they follow their hearts and suffer the consequences?

    And you are? (open)
    She's a small town girl (If you don't start singing 'Don't stop Believing' at those words you're an alien!) living in a little speck of a town in North Dakota. He's the hottest new actor, the one every girl drools over and every movie producer wants staring in his film. The latest movie he is starting in begins filming around her town and the two cross paths. She has no idea who he is and he becomes infatuated with the idea that she isn't trying to pretend to be someone else to impress him. The problem is, his fame isn't doing too much to impress her.

    Blast from the past (open)
    They were high school sweethearts. Everyone thought that they would end up getting married, but when they both turned eighteen they parted ways. She went off to college and he went off to join the military. She ended up getting married and moving back to her home town, while he went off to travel the world. It's been ten years since they last saw each other and a lot of things have changed. She's happy in her marriage, but when he comes back after his father dies, feelings begin to stir when he turns to her for comfort.(Taken)

    Summer Fling (open)
    They met when they were both sixteen, both of them sent off by their parents to help them develop responsibility. They worked together at a summer camp, and during that summer they thought they fell in love. But summer ended and they parted ways. She went back the next year, but he wasn't there. She soon learned that he had moved away, and she would never see him again. She moves on, but she still has a soft spot in her heart for him. Two years later she's off to college, moving halfway across the country to go to the school of her dreams. The first day of class she happens to look up and find staring back at her the vey man she had been looking for. The problem is, he's already got a girlfriend.

    Promise not to tell (open)
    She is madly in love with him, but he doesn't even know she exists. Then one day a miracle happens. He turns up at her house while his girlfriend is away and things happen between them. He thinks of it as a one night stand, but she's not so willing to keep it that way.(Taken)

    It's a thin line (open)
    They hated each other. She was the party girl every guy wanted. He was her nerdy next door neighbor that she laughed at every chance she got. When she gets into an accident and loses her sight, she's not laughing any more. He watches as the friends that she claimed as her own begin to dwindle down, and the party girl everyone adored turns into a bitter loner he can't help but feel sorry for.

    The grass ain't always greener (open)
    He broke up with her because he thought he found someone better. She moved on, going off to find a man who loved and appreciated her. Now he's back in her life after the woman he left her for robbed him of not only everything that he owned, but his reputation, and possibly his freedom. Can she forgive and forget to help him get through the ordeal he's trapped in? Does she stay with the man who truly loves her and let her ex fend for himself?

    And that's all for now folks! If you're interested, drop me a line here or send me a nifty little PM.​
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  2. I would be willing to do the 'Can you Love Me?' idea.
  3. Alrighty then. Send me a PM so we can work things out. =D
  4. Baby buggy bumpers~ Looking for serious people please. I don't own an Xbox because I don't like to play games. ^^
  5. Hey, are you still in search for an rp partner? I'd like the better than fiction plot or the can you love me?
  6. Can you love me is already taken, but Better than fiction is still open.
  7. Any other takers? >_> <_< I promise I don't bite....unless you ask me nicely. ^^
  8. Added a few more plots.
  9. I have room for one more!
  10. *Pokes the Heaven Sent Devil and points to Every married woman's dream*
  11. Alrighty! Send me a PM and we can hash out the details. =)
  12. Back after a week with no internet, and looking again!
  13. *peeks in* um..the teachers pet plot sounds interesting..
  14. I almost forgot about that one. =/
  15. Sooo...yes?
  16. Or is it taken/not open?
  17. It's open. Sorry, it's been a rough few days. Send me a PM and we can talk about the plot.
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